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  1. Guest

    I Really Need Your Advice...

    WJKK WJKF Okay let me explain quite a long time ago i was sexually touched up by someone i knew. it really did mess with my head in so many different ways. i cant seem to stop getting bad thoughts in my head and i think you can kind of gather which thoughts they are, i have a very big problem with constatly daydreaming, i know this sounds crazy but i daydrream all the time and it is really bad! i do have anxiety and depression but its not a thing where it has been diasgnosed. im finding it very difficult to feel normal and im so afraid hat one day i will just explode or somthing bad will happ
  2. Guest

    Sexuality Life...advice?

    Im not here to discuss what Sikhi or anyone has to say regarding homosexuality. I just want some honest advice, less of the preaching. So I am in a relationship with a guy. I also happen to be kesdhari. A decision of my own, not forced upon by parents etc. Long story short, I was on a path, decided being gay was "curable" or "forgettable", decided to keep my kesh and then i met my partner and now im stuck. Erm basically i have come to accept who and what i am. And the way i see it, my actions, my consequences. "Ohdi o jane, minu apni tohr niba lehn de". But...as a kesdhari guy i also repres
  3. I was a Singh for about 3/4 years and had been blessed enough to take amrit, it was hard but I managed for a year or so.. but suddenly everything changed, how I thought about things, the things I done. I was smoking, drinking, having sex. I thought I didn't believe anymore, i thought long and hard for 5/6 months and so Like a pappu I cut my kes. my Singh friends pushed me away but afew are still close but I can't even look at them without feeling bad. It's been 2/3 years since and iv always had this feeling deep down inside that I cannot explain. I look back and think what a TW@T, what have
  4. Guest

    Advice Needed Quickly

    What is the best way to control kaam ie the m word? Help this sinner pls
  5. Guest

    Help For A Writer

    Hello everyone, I'm a writer looking for some help on Sikh names for a forthcoming short story. This forum looks like a friendly place with lots of helpful people, so I thought it'd be a good place to post my question! My story is a science fiction tale set in the far future, and a lot of the characters in it are descendants of Sikh heritage. The hero of my story is a scholar of ancient texts - both holy and historical - and the people of his city come to him for help when no-one else will help them. I need a name that kind of sums up his character. He's learned and quick-thinking. He's not
  6. Guest

    Punjab holiday

    maybe going holiday to punjab soon, jalandhar phagwara area, but very worried about going as i have health problems, and not sure wat to expect once i get there, although will be staying with family but worried. could somebody plz answer my worries and queries? 1. where can i get dried food like in uk, eg: cereals, bread etc? groceries, jalandhar phagwara area? 2. is the bottled water okay to drink there, as heard some stories even that is tampered with. 3. When going to gurdwaras i guess its okay to have langar? As i will be eating mostly at home and try not to eat from outside. 4. W
  7. Some members of the sikhsangat.com may already be aware of this. HM Prison Ford (informally known as Ford Open Prison) is a Category D men's prison, located in West Sussex, England. Within the prison is a Chaplaincy which is used by all faith groups. Within the prison chaplaincy is a section where the permanent parkash of Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji Maharaj is kept. The section is set up with a tabya, cushions, rummala, canopy as you would expect. However, the sewa only takes place once a week on Thursdays, when the actual parkash of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji’s Saroop is carried out. The rest o
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