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Found 19 results

  1. From what I understand Sachkhand is a state of mind and a spiritual realm, so when everything is destroyed, where does Sachkhand and other realms go?
  2. Are we allowed to wear a dori and what is the history behind it? Am I allowed to wear it if my panj piyare have forbiden it but I have joined nihung singhs?
  3. Guest

    Tarna Dal uk

    Vjkk vjkf Could someone help out how to join tarna dal in Uk?
  4. Guest

    Nihang Singh Nitnem:

    WJKK WJKF, this is the nitnem of the nihang singh, whoever calls themselves a nihang should recite these baniyan if not then they are just abusing the name and playing dress up in their bana. In fact, anyone and if not everyone should strive to do this nitnem, rthe amrit vela nitnem may seem like a lot of baniyan but trust me its not. its just puranparmaanand. GURBARAKAAL morning (in the following order) dumalla da salok, jap ji, shabad hazare, jaap, shabad hazare P10, tva prasadi, tva prasadi dinan ki, nihaklanki avtar, 33 svaiiye, sampuran chaupai sahib, anand sahib, chandi di vaar, ath chandi svaiye, Shastra naam mala, bhagauti astotra, karninama, khalsa mul mantar, khalsa rahitnana, khalsa maihma. ALL TOGETHER TO COMPLETE THIS NITNEM 1HOUR 30 TO 1HOUR 45 MINUTES. but trust me time goes so fast, please everybody should strive to do this and much more. if not just add one of the baniyan to your nitnem please benti at your charan from a low soul. optional: sukhmani sahib, asa di vaar, ajal ustat. (However mandatory if the singh is a farladhari). simran evening: Rehiras sahib, arti arta night: rakhya shabad, kirtan sohila I think we concentrate so much on the shastarvidya and warfare side of nihangs forgetting the amount of baniyan they read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I got extremely curly hair that is hard to keep un tangled and un knotted. Any one got any tips for keeping curly kesh under control between washes?
  6. Vahiguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vahiguru Ji ki Fateh, I am based in central London, and I have always been drawn to Drupad / original raag gurmat sangeet kirtan but I have never had the confidence to pursue further. I am totally lost in terms of knowing where to go to seek help for learning and I would really want to become a student of a Ustaad / teacher and dedicate myself to being a loyal student. The other major fact and element is that I am financially not secure currently and do not have enough finances to fund private expensive lessons and would humbly ask to be taught for free or at a very reduced amount of price of funds if need be. So I have a humble Benti if anyone can help.
  7. Guest

    HELP With BOOK

    WGJDK WGJDF Khalsa ji, i will be writing a book which has my views , question and answers , details ,resources and activity about sikhi .So, i request you to give me some questions about sikhi which i can answer in the book (you can also give answers ),topics i should give my views on in the book(you can give ur views too) ( i dont want people to fight because of different opinions so please dont do that )( even controversial topics) ,resources , activities,saakhis ,sikh stories (any good story with sikhs in it)that i can write about in my book . I wont write your names in the book though (not even usernames) ( privacy 100 %).Please help your brother in this mission. Also you can give me suggestions for the title of the book.if you have any doubts you can post below and ask me i will surely reply.I will see your suggestions and select from them . I hopee you will like this thanks, love, bhul chuk maaf peace Regards Daas Guest Singh WGJDK WGJDF KHUSIAAN DE JAIKARE GAJAVE NIHAAL HO JAAAVE, NIHAAL HO JAVE ,NIHAAL HO JAVE ,NIHAAL HO JAAVE ,BAIRI NU BHAJNA PAVE , KALGIDHAR SWAMI SAHIB SRII GURU GOBIND SINGH JI DE MAAN NU BHAAVE ,SHAHIDAAN SINGHAAN SINGHNIAAN DE MAN NU BHAAVE NANAK GURU GOBIND SINGH DE MANAN NU BHAAVE NIHAAL HO JAAAAAAAAVE SAT SRII AKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL
  8. Guest

    Saas giras simran help!!

    When i do saas giras simran, i feel as if there is no body any more and i get scared when i lose the senses for a few moments. I feel only sound and thats it. Once i open my eyes i have to feel my surroundings because i have to get back into the other senses of the body and try to become aware of the world again and if i am here. i get depersonalisation. Can someone help. What is happening to me and what do i do??
  9. http://dailysikhupdates.com/uk-police-dismisses-charges-against-bhai-harinder-singh-after-investigation/ Well that settles that.
  10. I am asking this question as I am unsure as to whether Shaheed Singh's or Kaur's actually get mukht/liberated from becoming shaheed, as Gurbani provides no evidence of this? I understand that the Chali Mukte got liberated by Satguru Sri Gobind Singh Ji, and other shaheeds like Baba Banda Singh Bahadur. But lets forget puratan times because I know all the shaheeds then were brahm gianis but what about from 1984 and ownards? The reason I am asking this is because I recently attended an akath katha where the guy was standing up and explaining how to meet Vaheguru through Gurbani. He even went to explain what manmat is, showing a presentation slide full of manmat 'tools' like a mala and presented Gurbani pangtiya which state and show that using a mala is wrong. However what struck me most is when the guy doing the katha clearly stated that someone who becomes 'shaheed' will not get liberated and not meet Truth, as they have not recognized naam. As before, he presented the Gurbani pangti to prove what he is saying. I can't remember the pangti in Gurmukhi but it translates in English to something like "and they who die on the battlefield, will also not become liberated". It translated to something along those lines. I personally think that he misused the pangti to suit his own needs for the sake of the presentation. But thats what I want to know, is it true that a Shaheed won't get mukht? Is he just dying for the sake of the panth? However before I heard many times that Guru Gobind Singh Ji said something along the lines of "He who dies fighting for the panth will instantly get a throne in my kingdom, or God's kingdom" even though I haven't found a direct source to this. Is this true? Did Satguru Ji say this? I'm surprised nobody in the sangat spoke out against this, they all seemed to be under some kind of control as they guy seemed pretty intimidating to say the least.
  11. Please read full PDF of Sant Isher Singh JI Rara Sahib Wale And Pir Suleman the ghost... Also provided is audio of the ghost speaking to sangat. PDF http://www.rajkaregakhalsa.net/audio/Katha/Sant%20Isher%20Singh%20Ji%20%28Rara%20Sahib%29/Exorcism%20of%20Suleman%20Ghost/Reincarnation_of_a_ghost_ENG.pdf Suleman
  12. Baba Ji used to recite the prayer called Chandi di Vaar daily, as part of his Nitnem This is a prayer composed by the tenth Guru, describing a battle between demons and the Goddess called Chandi. It is usually recited by Sikhs during war. Many a time, a question would arise in his mind as to, how many times and at what time one should recite the prayer of Chandi di Vaar? Baba Ji asked many Saints and sadhus regarding this question, but could not get a satisfactory answer. One evening, at his room in the fields, after reciting the evening prayer of Rehras, Baba Ji went on to recite the prayer of Chandi di Vaar. After completing this prayer, he prepared to retire by saying his last prayer of Sohila. It was a moonlit night and the doors of the room in which he was sitting, were open. As he had just lain down, he noticed two men approaching at a short distance. Baba Ji thought to himself, that if these pedestrians were just travellers, he would offer them food and shelter for the night and if they were robbers, then he would challenge them in combat. No sooner had this thought entered his mind, than miraculously one of the Singh’s came beside him and grabbed his feet. The other one seized Baba Ji’s head and pinned him down onto the bed. Baba Ji used to tell us, “I was unable to move from the bed. A thought entered my mind that these two, who have moved faster than the speed of light in order to grasp me are neither robbers nor travellers. These two must be Shaheed Singhs (the immortal souls of Sikh martyrs). I began to recite the Mool mantar I had only uttered the Mool mantar twice when the Singh who held my head down, let go, followed by the second Singh who was holding my feet.” Baba Ji got up and the Shaheed Singh explained, “We did not come here to fight with or seize you, but to answer your question, regarding the correct time to recite the prayer of Chandi di Vaar. As you thought about offering us a fight, we came and immediately seized you, as we did.” The Shaheed Singh continued, “If you start reciting the prayer of Chandi di Vaar after sunset then, one must keep reciting it 64 continuously through the night until dawn. Two or more Singhs may take turns to recite this prayer through the night, it is all right to do so. One must sit upon a clean mat or bed, bathing before reciting the prayer. An oil lamp lit with clarified butter should be kept alight throughout the night. During the day, one can recite Chandi di Vaar as many times as one wants. There is no specific practice to reciting the prayer except that one reads the prayer with devotion and understanding.” After explaining these instructions, the Singh’s disappeared through the doors towards the direction they came from.
  13. Iv ebeen thinkin recently about how every1 takes what the akal thakt leaders say accept the random sandeshs like 4 kids minimum, only singh and kaur names can marry, etc etc i FULLY respect what the akaal thakt represents, the throne, the historical significance. but cant help feel the people running it's decsiions are not thought out, and practically a jokes sometimes. should we even take anything they say serisouly? my hearts tellin me its BS. and i ent no puppet to follow blindly. thoughts?
  14. Any videos or books to learn gurbani vyakaran so I can do arths myself. Preferably not a missionary source. Maybe something from DDT.
  15. What is the most accurate teeka of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji in your opinion?
  16. Where can I buy a longer Kachera (Kachera for Chola) Online??
  17. We all know of this upcoming film... Much beadi needs to be Banned. Big Hindi singers and actors supporting it. Damdami Taksal - Movie needs to be Banned. Please do not ignore this film is already being showcased at events. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=966602766691718&id=100000260125217&notif_t=like&ref=m_notif
  18. He was invited to Ludhiana to lay a foundation-stone of the Guru Tegh Bahadur Charitable Hospital. When the Sant reached there, about fifteen to twenty people got up from the gathering and wanted to garland the Sant. Seeing this the Sant came back. The organisers went behind him and asked for the reason. The Sant replied, “To get up from the gathering and to garland an individual in the presence of Sri Guru Granth Sahib is the direct insult of our great Guru.” On this all the organisers apologised. All of them were sent to the congregation by the Sant and he himself went alone. First of all he bowed before Sri Guru Granth Sahib. He told them that none is greater than Sri Guru Granth Sahib, does not matter he may be on some very high official position. The 300th martyrdom day of Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur was celebrated on 7th December 1975A.D. in Ram Lila Ground, Delhi. There was a gathering of about 22 lakh people. Everybody got up when Smt. Indira Gandhi, the then Prime Minister of India came there. It was only Sant Kartar Singh Ji Bhindranwale who did not stand up and kept sitting. He condemned it in strong words from the same stage. Certain people spoke from the rostrum and said that Smt. Indira Gandhi has established relationship with Punjab. The then Prime Minister Smt. Indira Gandhi said, “The same Delhi Darbar which had martyred Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur is bowing towards him on his 300th martyrdom day.” The Sant Kartar spoke after Smt. Indira Gandhi. He started his speech with the slogan : I may sacrifice my head but not Sikhism. He said in his speech, “In medieval period Rajputs used to get bounties after giving their daughters. Today this will be a curse on the Sikhs if they follow them suit. Therefore none should give his daughter to such a person who has himself insulted his hair.” He said the following lines from the Rahtnama ‘One who gives daughter to a Sikh and does not take anything, only he is my Sikh and would go to heaven.’ In an other sentence the Sant said, “We want to ask Indira Gandhi, who has managed the throne of Delhi for you ? If you have come to bow before Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur this is not a favour to anybody. Had Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur not sacrificed himself, some Muslim might have been on the throne of Delhi, who must have been circumcised. There would have been Islam on every side and Bibi Indira might have under some veil. “If the Prime Minister sacrifices her head as many times as there are hair on her body, even then she cannot pay off the debt of Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur’s sacrifice. Howsoever big a Prime Minister might be, he is not bigger than our great Guru. Such a big Prime Minister should bow before Sri Guru Granth Sahib and we should not get up to greet him.” There were slogans on all the four sides on these words of the Sant. Only these words were the main reason of the tussle between the Damdami Taksal and Srimati Indira Gandhi. The Sant would never tolerate anything against Sri Guru Granth Sahib. Via Damdami Taksal
  19. As per Rattan Singh Bhangu, Translated by Kulwant Singh. After getting information about the war camp of Banda Singh’s forces, Wazir Khan’s forces launched an advance attack from the front. His army, led by formations equipped with heavy and medium canons. Was followed by large contingents of infantry formations. (1) Adopting a military strategy to wage this war against the Singhs, The camel-loaded guns and light handguns provided cover from one flank. Approaching Banda Singh’s camp they opened such a volley of gun fine, As if a hailstorm was let loose on earth from the skies. (2) All canons, light guns and long-muzzle guns opened fire all at once, Which formed the total arsenal of Wazir Khan’s Mughal army. There was such a chain firing of hand-grenades from their side, That it mutilated and tore through the trunks of big trees. (3) Bullets were fired with such ferocity of a lashing rain, That one could neither sit, stand nor lie down on earth. So much din and dust was raised by the horse’s hoofs, That there was a pitch darkness even during the day time. (4) So many sparks flew out from the firing of canons and guns, As if glow-worms were flitting around in the pitch dark night. The whole battlefield was engulfed in a thick pall of smoke, As the guns sent out balls of smoke and fire after explosion. (5) The menials and non-combatants started deserting Banda Singh, And started seeking refuge behind the Banda Singh’s camp on a hillock. The robbers and plunderers who had joined Bands Singh’s force, Also deserted him for fear of being killed by the enemy fire. (6) They cursed the mendicant Banda Singh for landing them in trouble, And felt they were better off while earning their livelihood through labour. So while all these menials and robbers deserted Banda Singh, The brave Singhs did not budge an inch from their positions. (7) So there was a fierce encounter between the two forces, Although Wazir Khan’s army was equipped with all kinds of weapons. But all the robbers and dacoits in the Banda Singh’s camp, Deserted him without laying their hands on any treasure. (8) While Wazir Khan’s army was well provided with ammunition and provisions, Banda Singh had not stored anything for fighting this war. Neither had he supplied any weapons and ammunition to his force, Nor had acquired any canons and medium guns to fight this war. (9) While the Royal Mughal force was equipped with full provisions, The Singhs did not have provisions even for the next meals. While the Mughal army possessed bags full of gold coins, The Singhs arranged everyday’s provisions through loot and plunder. (10) It was indeed a rare miracle of the supreme Divine, That a mendicant stole a victory over a powerful sovereign. God’s Divine Will can lift a mountain with a twig of grass, As well as suck up an over brimming ocean totally dry. (11) The two veteran Singhs, Aali Singh and Baaj Singh asked Banda Singh humbly: Why was he not mounting his horse to take up the command? Then Banda Singh exhorted all the Khalsa Singh warriors, That they alone should hold the ground for a few more hours. (12) Thereafter God Almighty would Himself come to protect them, And all the Mughal forces would be defeated and destroyed. Then all the Singhs beseeched Banda Singh once again, That, they, on their own, could not hold on even for moment more. (13) There were two veteran Singhs S. Baaj Singh and S. Sham Singh, Who were sent with Banda Singh by the Guru Himself, They and all other Singhs pleaded with Banda Singh with folded hands, ( That Banda Singh must lead and participate in the battle). (14) They told him that they could not fight without his leading them, But they would make the highest sacrifice under his command. Since the Khalsa Singhs alone had stood while the mercenaries had deserted, It was upto Banda Singh either to protect them or to get them killed. (15) Since they had no other place where they could escape and take refuge, They would prefer to sacrifice their lives at his bidding. (16) Then Banda Singh instructed those pleading Khalsa Singhs, That they should continue to fight alone for a few hours more. After that he would offer a prayer to the Guru to bless them, And seek His blessings for their victory over the Mughals. (17) The Singhs replied that they could not resist for such a long period, As they found it impossible to hold on even for a minute. Since they had come to make sacrifice at Guru’s instructions, How could they survive Mughal’s onslaught without His protection? (18) Since their ship of life had been caught in mid-stream, Now it was upto Banda Singh either to sink them or save their lives. Being Guru’s blessed One he alone could offer them protection, Since they were in extreme minority against the Mughal’s vast army. (19) How could they fight with the Mughals, being in such a minority? As they were likely to be blown up by the enemy’s canon fire. What to talk of resisting the Mughal’s offensive for a few hours, They could no longer survive even for a minute without him. (20) Since They could not fight without his command, They would perish in a moment without his protection. Since they lacked the nerve to fight without his protection, They were likely to be blown up by the canon and gunfire. (21) They reminded Banda Singh of his earlier promises of protection, That the Mughals’ canons would not be able to hit them. That the fire from Mughals’ weapons would hit them back, And that they would be destroyed by their own arms. (22) But the bravest Majhail Singhs assured Banda Singh, That they would fight with the Mughals even without his participation. So as Banda Singh’s own followers started deserting him, The Majhail Singhs kept on fighting with the Mughals from the front. (23) Selecting a hillock after a thorough surveillance of the battle field, Banda Singh positioned himself atop that hillock. Whereupon Wazir Khan ordered one of his best gunners, That he should target and blow up Banda Singh atop that hill. (24) But Banda Singh kept sitting silently despite this gunfire, Even as a fierce battle ensued between the two sides, Even in the midst of intense hail of bullets from enemy guns, Banda Singh did not budge an inch from his position. (25) Feeling highly concerned for Banda Singh’s life in this situation, They reckoned that he would get killed while sitting there. While his followers kept on running for cover to save themselves, The bullets kept flying past them with hissing sound. (26) While some surmised that Banda Singh would get killed there, Others believed that he, being a saint, would disappear. Some other remarked that they would be the worst sufferers, Since they had large families dependent on them. (27) But the Khalsa Singhs being highly motivated and provoked, Kept up the fight from the front in the true Khalsa tradition. They asked Banda Singh to keep sitting atop the hillock, And assured him of his survival till they were alive. (28) Then a traitor among the Khalsa force tried to betray them, As he prepared to run away after a lot of loot and plunder. But he fell down from his horse and died instantly, As Divine justice struck him for the sins he had committed. (29) At this Banda Singh smiled and called for his horse, With a remark that God Himself had arrived to protect them, Directing the Singhs to loot, plunder and slaughter the Mughals, Banda Singh shot one (of the Guru’s gifted) arrows. (30) A lot of dust and din arose as this arrow was shot, Which blinded the Mughal army’s eyes of their vision. Since they were blinded by the intense dust and smoke, They perished after fighting among their own ranks. (31) Soon the Khalsa Singhs roared and attacked the Mughals, As a lion attacks a flock of deer (in a dense forest). Those commanders of the Mughal force who confronted the Singhs, Were slaughtered by the Singhs on the battlefield. (32) Nawab Wazir Khan was found grievously wounded and crying, As a Singh warrior had fixed a sharp wooden peg through his body. After dragging his body with a pair of young bullocks in the fields, Banda Singh ordered Muslim tyrant’s body to be burnt in fire. (33) So was Wazir Khan (the killer of Guru’s son), murdered, In the moonlit night of the Indian month of Jeth 1 (June). The year of this tyrant’s execution was 1767 CE or 1710 (B.S.), And the place of his execution was Chappar Chiri
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