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  1. I know this has nothing to do with this topic, but I have a question. So, when I comb my hair, tuns of dead kes fall out, so what should I do with the hair that comes out? Should I just throw it away or do something else?
  2. Ik this isn’t related to the topic, but does anyone know where I can find English Suraj Parkash online
  3. Yes bibian should keep their heads covered at all times. And I believe it should be Nd normally is same for the men. I think a Amritdhari Sikh should keep a keski on at all times instead of jus a cloth, but some believe different. I believe that just like u need a gatra with a kirpan, we should have a keski with our kesh
  4. I’m not in support of dhumma and I will never be. That man is not a sant I would never call him the mukhi of the taksal. He’s the same person who said Sri dasam granth wasn’t by dasam patshah himself. Today’s taksal isn’t the same as the real one that had ended with Sant giani thakur Singh jis death. People like dhumma r ruining the taksal. Nd I still do not support sgpc cuz the other stupid things they have done
  5. yeah there was probably some problems between them since then. but if u look at the cops record, theres a lot stuff on there that just tells u hes racist
  6. Toofan singh, mastermind jinda sukha, dharam yudh morcha,
  7. I’ve never been to uk, but ur point is very tru.
  8. idk bout housing food ect. but abbotsford is like a more quieter surrey nd theres 4 gurudwaras in our small city. also, one of the oldest gurudwaras of canada is in abbotsford
  9. Nihang chola are better for gatka and jangs. They provide more free movement of legs as they are normally shorter from the bottom. they seem to be more in width at the bottom too. nihang singhs tend to wear longer kashera. taksali chola are like long kurtas. they look almost the same but i think nihang cholas r shorter at the bottom
  10. my parents always told me nihang singhs survived of eating lots of sholay (chickpeas) they have lots of power in em. also shardai (without sukha) its full of power
  11. i would say dhadrianwale. he says hes not missionary but the things he preaches sound exactly like a missionarys preaching.
  12. anyone know that there were actually 2 hindu men that decided to fight alongside sant ji during operation bluestar!? I just found that out. its good to see that many hindus knew what was right, and decided to agree with sant ji. but these 2 brave hindus, fought alongside sant ji! I feel great to see this.
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