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Found 10 results

  1. Guest

    Upcoming Amrit Sanchaars UK

    Can someone please tell me when the next amrit Sanchars are please ?? UK urgent.
  2. is there a Amrit Sanchaar this weekend in or around Birmingham Area?
  3. Guest

    Amrit and Rehit

    WJKK WJKF. I want to take amrit to try it and see what it's all about but I don't think I can keep rehit and not sure I entirely want to. Would I be allowed to do this? And when is the next amrit sanchar in London Gurdwara.
  4. Guest

    Amrit sanchaar

    When's the next Amrit sanchaar in the UK? Can't wait any longer please urgent
  5. Is there any upcoming Amrit Sanchaar's in the UK? Please let me know if there is any (esp on Weekend)
  6. Waheguru Jee Ka Khalsa Waheguru Jee Kee Fateh I have done a horrible mistake and wish to take amrit. I have not had sex but me and another amritdhari individual engaged in mutual manual sex (hand jobs, fingering...). My punjabi is not too good and I am SO ridiculously ashamed. Please someone help me and explain to me how I would word this in Punjabi to the Panj Pyare - what do I have to say? How in the world do I say this?
  7. So basically, with Maharaj ji's Kirpa I will finally be blessed with Amrit next week and honestly I can't wait I'm just so so excited. Thing is, I don't know how to do my dastar on that day considering the panj piaarae put Amrit in ur kesh as well. I don't want to do a joora I want to do my dastar I just don't know how to tie it so they can still put Amrit in my kesh. Any ideas? Please help.
  8. Guest

    Amrit Sanchaar

    Vjkk Vjkf When, Where & What time is the next Amrit Sanchaar?
  9. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa! Vaheguru Ji Ke Fateh! Piyaari Sadh Sangat Ji... Daas was asked today by a fellow Sikh that wants to take Amrit within the coming months. Does anyone have any info on Amrit Sanchaars taking place in the London area? I would appreciate your help so I can pass on the info. Thank you. Vaheguru!
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