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Found 3 results

  1. there are some Singh's who tell me that there is no such thing as black magic it is all fake, others have told me that it does exist but but keeping ur sikhi strong adoing paat etc always protects you from it so there is no need to worry about it. My family and i Believe in the latter. When i was a teenager me and my friends were hanging out after school in the school field. the field on the left side was connected to a back alley. while we were hanging out a car pulled up and motioned us to come close. inside were a man and lady who just told us to take this bag of samosas. we found this strange but took it. for some reason we felt wierded out and just threw them out when we saw the car leave.
  2. Guest

    Black Magic

    Hi All, I am just curious about Black Magic has anyone ever come across this or experienced it happening to them ? Does anyone believe in it? Does anyone know how to stop it from happening?
  3. Can u please help me with the following problem that i am facing I am from USA and i have my lover back in india i came to see her here in india, we both decided to marry each other and were together from last two years. I came India, we met each other she was very happy and excited to see me but all of sudden she behaved differently and she asked me to meet to solve the problem when i went there to see her she just said i cannot meet you again after this i tried to solve the problem but she said i do not want you to bother me in future. After this incident i went to a pandit to ask about all this he said Vashikaran( a kind of black magic has been done on her by some other guy close to her and her family) i was surprised but i was helpless because no one in her family was going to believe me as they will think bad about me for sure. But i hav tried everything to solve thw problem taken help from lot of people but no solution. I am currently doig sukhmani sahib followed by a ardas and jaap sahib chaupai sahib to protect her and get her back. Can u please suggest me something because it is been two months there is no contact between me nd her.
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