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  1. The reason I want to get married now is because I don't want to chase girls and get empty situations . I also feel like I seen what the single life has to offer and am ready to settle down and take the next step in life. I don't want to wait untill I'm 34 and marry a 32 year old I'd much rather marry a 19 to 21 year old . The only problem i have I don't go to uni but I work full time in sales. I just want a girl who isn't matrealistic and is real I am not going to be the type of husband that makes her clean up everything and cook I will help her but I also won't be a push over I will not tolerate partying drinking or dressing skimpy I have heard so many horror stories of guys married who are older then me that get treated like a door mat by their wives I don't want that. I don't even know if the type of women I want exists anymore
  2. I am 23 and i want to get married but the problem is that I can't find the type women I am looking for here. I want a girl who dresses modestly isn't into partying one who enjoys books helping her mother etc the girls in my area are not like this and are all into parties and functions and being all show offy. Does anybody here have similar problwms?
  3. Could some sikhs from these areas have Muslim ancestors? I ask this because I am always being mistaken for being a middle eastern by not only punjabis but middle easterners themselves. I am from doaba area maybe during partition one of my ancestors were Muslims ? Is this possible
  4. Should we really be proud of these soldiers who were fighting for the occupiers in lands they had no business in l persoanly am ashamed of them for being lap dogs to the Brits
  5. I used to smoke weed at first its good but then it starts turning intl a habit and wasting of time. I remember k used to smoke a joint amd just sit in the park bench for an hour doing nothing
  6. Look into nofap on Reddit very good community there to help kick this habit
  7. I have noticed this too the punjabi males in the west we are getting more simple well the ones back home are going over board rememeber seeing a punjabi student on the train with huge spiked red hair eye brow slits wearing blue army pants and rocking fake chains and some flowered dress shirt talking super loud on airpods was very cringe
  8. The sikh community as a whole has been here for many generations but the population hasn't really been significant enough untill I'd say the mid 2000s when the children of punjabis who came in the 90s started coming of age. We are the most significant generation population wise as the ones before us didn't really have much of a community and easily became gorafied or white washed. Sikhs r active in politics law enforcement health sectors business owners and few are in show biz. Also many youth have stopped getting into drinking culture before it starts becoming a problem.
  9. Yes BC is very different from the rest of Canada there are so many punjabis everywhere it's like the other cities but instead of Muslims/blacks everywhere it's our ppl. But the thing is unlike the other cities the apneh don't live in rough areas but instead million dollar neighborhoods and they still resort to crime. I don't know much about Alberta but I've heard there's decent sikh population but the praries are dominated by Muslims mostly and Chinese . In Ontario it's the second largest sikh population
  10. I don't find white women that attractive I find that most western women to be shallow I am more attarcted to women who help there mom's and like to cook and want a provider rather then girls who r all materialistic. Ethnicity wise I'd have to say the most beautiful women I've known have Been middle eastern Ethiopian and Punjabi I've just never been attracted to white women
  11. Where I live in Canada punjabis r just street dealers and are considered bottom of the criminal hierarchy the blacks and somalis moved in and are quickly taking over the blacks and Africans have much less to lose. I think u guys r over exaggerating the wrong in the community here we are now into the second generation and we have already started using English at gurdwaras so the young ones can understand better the drug dealing gang problem is way over exaggerated by elders in the community sure it used to bad in the 90s but now it's only a handful of individuals other groups have immigrated and are taking their place now some apney however try to reinforce that label to look hard sikhs r considered a prosperous and hard-working community here with a backbone who won't let others walk all over us
  12. His last name was minhas that's a rajput last name not a ramghariah
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