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  1. its not wrong to give muslim langar because the fact is not all muslims are bad majority are good but there are few bad ppl in the mix and the authorities clearly control the situation so its best to leave, if rule of law cant be upheld similarly in india sikh are attacked in both Hindu and Muslim dominated areas due to high amount of uneducated population. India claims to be democracy but it cant even enforce or uphold basic laws. As bad as the west can be atleast we can live comfortably and all you need is laymen knowledge on the hidden agendas of the west to not be a victim (which many apney lack) if things ever go sour here minority of woke/about that life apney bandhey can mobolize quickly and fight back
  2. its time sikhs leave pakistan its not worth its becoming like afghanistan i bet in time muslim majority areas in india will have same things happening
  3. oh yea this is a taboo in our community here in canada. though many own houses some of us though we dont like to admit it are living pay cheque to pay cheque coupled with ageing parents who need looking after but many of us have fallen down the social mobility ladder and are stuck at dead end jobs like warehouse uber security cleaner etc and these are the children of immigrant punjabis who are canadian born. I dont think many of uk ppl are aware of this because in canada it is seen as apneh are more high class or upper class but that is just a small and vocal minority there are is a silent minority of us regardless of caste who are livining in hard times
  4. i wouldnt really say there just getting religious type tattoos but all kinds seen a guy with even a semi truck as a tattoo ??
  5. As title suggests. I have noticed an increase in ppl from punjab rocking tattoos infact i noticed this for a while and just shrugged it off for some reason. Anyways do you guys also notice this I also seen women having tattoos as well. To me personally i am not a fan of tatoos and they kinda look immature and childish but i would never think of someones opinion to be lesser just because they have a tattoo i even have friends with it
  6. yes so it seems rather then a city or rural thing this could possibly be a result of living in the west for a couple of generations? most rural background ppl i know in real life who r first generation are alot more well rounded and have there head on there shoulder but after a few generations there is a greater risk of being gorafied
  7. some of these last names are found in punjab though like Dadwal but they too are from the same lineage as mirpuris. what i want to know is that are these type of attitudes towards women and grooming accepted by the few sikhs of this lineage? As these ppl share the same ancestor or did religion turn them completely different from one another
  8. pretty sure there all from califiornia and ones who behave like this in canada mostly come from BC. They r the cousins of the UK jatt sikhs so there is a connection mostly same surnames of women (Grewal, Dhaliwal, Gill etc) that get up to these sort of behaviours
  9. i wouldn't neccesirally agree. My family came to Canada in the late 80s or early 90s. i was brought up with sikh morals but never got was steered towards amritdhari or orthodox path. my mom especially taught me about sikh ethics story of our gurus treating everyone equally, morals like no drinking no smoking treat every creature good. respect women upon entering junior high i was shocked when i my family moved me from my public school to a private school which mad mostly apney. during the time i made friends with few apney i remmeber being asked if i was jatt i didnt know what that meant. i also was told that a girl like me and to me this was all foreign i replied innocently i dont date im punjabi ahahaha. even going to SOME weddings of friends i have seen things that are messed up from the way the women dress to the antics but this is not really for all apneh. and i must note tht most apneh in canada r from punjab directly hardly any from africa here. most r rural sikhs from doaba or moga
  10. so ever since i heard tht majority of groomers are mirpuri i started doing research on this ppl. what i found was interesting in that alot of mirpuris and kashmiris are classified as chib rajputs and these guys r descendants of the katoch rajput who converted to islam. the interesting thing is tht the dogras who betrayed the Sikhs are also of katoch lineage. Furthermore, it was there conversion to Islam that also led to many other tribes such as the Bhawpal, Domaal and Kamlak following suite. They are in essence Dogras who have converted to Islam. The Chibs trace their descent from Partab Chand, a Katoch Rajput prince of Kangra, who said to have ended Thakial rule in the Mirpur-Bhimber region, and established the Chib dynasty The other major clans are Jaswal, Guleria, Sibaia and Dadwal and Pathania who are also desecendants of partab chand who are today hindu sikh or muslims it must be noted tht i have never come into contact with people of these clans in real life so i dont know how to compare them with mirpuris and if they share similar cultural attitudes towards women and SIkhs etc
  11. how bro is it cos this whole comfortable life uve been living has been exposed as a mere sham and that the western countries we live in are not at all for freedom does this scare you so u resort to name calling
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