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  1. nothing wrong with marrying a black girl i think personally aslong as shes down with sikhi. if u put ur sikhi first before your punjabiat it should be no problem. most materials are now found in english so kids not knowing punjabi is not really excuse ofcourse to read GGS DG ETC u need to learn punjabi but that can be done in schooling
  2. im telling you this generation of sikhs are the ones brainwashed by the school system and these kids werent even around when they forced the sex ed classes imagine how worse its gonna be in the future we need to take direct action instead of typing away. the gov will come for our kids this whole society has been infiltrared by cultural Marxists and ((the tribe)) they want to ruin everything and make everyone a degenerate just to serve them
  3. wow thats actually messed if you go their page the article mentioned they also say that guy and white religious garb and cap was taking pics of kids ( this is not sikh wear) and there are girls as young as 11 being followed
  4. that was very hard to watch i cant believe this sad state of affairs
  5. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/saskatchewan/indigenous-immigrants-stereotypes-human-trafficking-1.5171397 in the article they refer to east indians but having been to the area i would say it is infact alot more pakistanis and middle eastners living there the amount of apney is negligible
  6. it takes 2 to groom bro im pretty sure alot of these girls who were groomed have shady pasts and were known as being loose idc if shes a punjabi and she was groomed if she was known as loose she ain my sister just another rundi to me
  7. Noticing lot of these gays trying to be accepted by the wider community there's a turban wearing ''singh'' in who posted on insta recently and getting a lot of support. Only thing for them should be sit down and actual solid argument on how they r and forever will be wrong. Mode Note - Title and some part of post Edited.
  8. Only like 2 cities in Canada where <banned word filter activated> have upper hand against apney in the rest of the country it doesn't happen alot of Somalians r cool with punjabis they only ppl we don't get along with r the Pakistanis and afghans but we all know at the end the Somalians would pick them
  9. This is why I like Canada we will never fall to Pakistanis here
  10. When I was in Punjab the bahiyas were ok but they don't speak Punjabi at all and smoke cigarettes all the time even near gurdwarey my Mami told me that bahiya in there town gurshankar r known to be thieves any one else have other similar stories or how the bahiyas are behaving in punjab
  11. Sikh women have a rep of being drinkers dating at young age baisically same as goriyan
  12. The reason I want to get married now is because I don't want to chase girls and get empty situations . I also feel like I seen what the single life has to offer and am ready to settle down and take the next step in life. I don't want to wait untill I'm 34 and marry a 32 year old I'd much rather marry a 19 to 21 year old . The only problem i have I don't go to uni but I work full time in sales. I just want a girl who isn't matrealistic and is real I am not going to be the type of husband that makes her clean up everything and cook I will help her but I also won't be a push over I will not tolerate partying drinking or dressing skimpy I have heard so many horror stories of guys married who are older then me that get treated like a door mat by their wives I don't want that. I don't even know if the type of women I want exists anymore
  13. I am 23 and i want to get married but the problem is that I can't find the type women I am looking for here. I want a girl who dresses modestly isn't into partying one who enjoys books helping her mother etc the girls in my area are not like this and are all into parties and functions and being all show offy. Does anybody here have similar problwms?
  14. Could some sikhs from these areas have Muslim ancestors? I ask this because I am always being mistaken for being a middle eastern by not only punjabis but middle easterners themselves. I am from doaba area maybe during partition one of my ancestors were Muslims ? Is this possible
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