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Found 2 results

  1. Just heard this on Panjab Radio this morning in the UK. There was a consultation on changing the name for Havelock Road, Southall - this is also where the famous Singh Sabha Gurdwara is situated (which you will sometimes see in media and some British TV movies and documentaries), there is also another popular Singh Sabha Gurdwara on Park Avenue in Southall - just explaining to avoid confusion. Here is an article from 2002 to show context with regards to Major-General Sir Henry Havelock and issues with the name of the street. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/2003119.stm So anyway the radio station was congratulating everyone as it seems the name change has been approved! Just found some Singh Sabha Gurdwara facebook posts regarding this now: https://www.facebook.com/sgsssouthall/posts/2646454702122065 Also on the gurdwara Facebook story https://www.facebook.com/stories/1817655594943329/UzpfSVNDOjI2NDY0NDAwNTg3OTAxOTY=/?source=story_tray A few days ago in Bristol, a slaver trader's statue was toppled by the protestors. Yesterday, Robert Milligan was taken off plinth in London by the Tower Hamlets Council in East London. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/jun/09/sadiq-khan-orders-review-of-all-london-statues-for-slavery-links It looks like these protests about #BlackLivesMatter which erupted due to the shooting in USA are also useful for sikhs. This is already helping in pushing the case for Havelock's name to be removed from the street in Southall, whereas before no progress was made. The uk will now be looking at colonial statues and memorabilia to see what can be removed. This is important as many of the colonial related people affected sikhs in negative ways! NOTE: I know protests are going on, but as it is COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic, please be safe and observe social distancing. There is too much crowding at these protests, and could lead to increases in cases for the virus!
  2. When it comes to sikhphobia these kinda sikhs are very quite there slience speaks volumes they don't post anything on social media . When islamists attack and genocide Sikhs in afghanistan, pakistan, kashmir these fake sikhs stay quite. When blacks are being racist to non-blacks they are quite. As soon as a non-black says anything or does anything out of the wood work the dhimmi whites, dhimmi Sikhs and dhimmi south asians come out to jump on the bandwagon. Can someone explain who are these people and what brainwashed them to be self hating and anti-their own people? The black community is very strong very vocal and do not tolerate injustices they know how to defend themselves. They do not need our support or help, they are not enslaved and oppressed like they used to be pre-1960s. The amount of black celebs/film actors/sports stars/music stars and promotion of white women with black men all over popular media is testimony they are far better off place than other most non-white minority groups. Huge black population in non-indigenous black lands like north and south america, in europe proves this that they are a community on the rise and not being genocided by muslim arabs or white europeans any more like they was in africa and slavery days. Yes there's isolated cases of discrimination by the white state authorities but on the whole the black community is not oppressed like they used to be back in days. The muslim community is very strong very vocal ,do riot do know how to defend themselves they do not need our support. They are 1.8 billion strong 50 countries to their name. No muslim or black group or people stand up for us when Sikhs are attacked only a handful of sympathetic whites here and there and some token muslims who do not openly and loudly condemn their fellow muslims for attack on Sikhs rather they say all religious places should be safe.
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