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  1. yeh it was a sect who used bhang and macchli to reach a higher state, maybe it was shaktas but I can't remember as I don't have the source where I read this from. This pangti is talking about the sect who used these to get high basically, as opposed to naam simran!
  2. I mean a very simple sikh wedding would be something called chadar paouni where Anand Sahib is read, but it's not something performed at gurdwara sahib!
  3. ok fair enough, but yeh cutting out those lines from benti chaupai is MANMATT, how can jathas and committees justify it, the reasons they give are so lame and stupid! Salok of Japji Sahib is actually written by Guru Angad Dev ji, found that out recently.
  4. accidentally posted, edited my last post EDIT without bhagat bani
  5. yeh cutting the bani off IS MANMAT! However the reason. say to read ARRIL is because mahapurash and gursikhs say that ARRIL must be read as well, and therefore I will say the same thing! Teja Bhasauria got benti chaupai cut, he collaborated with his student to force harmandir sahib sangat into reading the cut version during Sodar Rehras, and this now continues to this day. He went crazy, started printing Guru Granth Sahib saroop WITHOUT bhagat bani, and changed sri bhagauti ji from ardass into sri satnam ji. BHASAURIA'S SON wrote a book trying to say the rest of the pauris in benti chaupa
  6. what is sikh dating? sikh partners are supposed to be life partners living grihast jeevan. why is your site promoting dating? Also besides caste, isn't there a worse problem where turban wearers are being discriminated towards for marriages?
  7. read the first post and understand what Guru Gobind Singh said. We are being told to practise our shastar on these days, nothing dubious about this except being Guru maryada!
  8. reading all these comments. There's sikhs who have had multiple partners, ex-boyfriends, ex-girlfriends. They didn't even bother with marriage or Anand Karaj. We are talking about polyandry and divorcees, but situations are so bad that there are many sikh girls who already have had ex partners, as well as many sikh guys. If a Singh did take a 2nd wife, it can't be as bad as the divorce culture and trashy dating culture?
  9. I don't think shastar puja is banned by sgpc as such.I just think sgpc don't put any emphasis on shastar pooja, or enough emphasis on shastar, since they have removed many sikh traditions, and don't focus as much on Guru Gobind Singh's bani. Singhs wearing bana were hunted via shoot-to-kill policy after the anglo-sikh wars. So Nihang Singhs had to emigrate, but perhaps there were pockets who were left behind, or they emigrated back when things calmed down? The Nihang Singhs' main body, Budha Dal, split from SGPC when SGPC was created. This was because the British demanded that Khalsa
  10. yes, the problem is they are not willing to learn!
  11. these girls playing mind games, it's not like they are taking grihast jeevan seriously either. Their vikaars are getting in the way, the 5 vikaar/ panj chor affect a lot of people, married, not-married, everyone lives under this maya
  12. if sikhs continue talking about gatka, then he is going to be brought up as well. if gatka teachers can fix up, then, only then, will we not need to mention the name!!
  13. I think he wanted to delete his account, as he told me he found people on here rude.... I mean it is true, there are rude people on here
  14. lol I replied to this, but I think my comment got deleted. But because you said no controversy and your comment is allowed to be posted, then I have to say yes controversy. If I write more, then my comment will be deleted again
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