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  1. use tiktok, you will get more views. I have got a mobile gaming channel on youtube and tiktok, we can follow each other.
  2. I am still sorting out my sleep schedule, but I feel 6am maybe too late now for amrit vela during the summer period, and actually 7am is better in some parts of winter.
  3. It's been a few years since I stopped home console and PC gaming. I stopped portable 3DS gaming a few years ago and have been mobile gaming for some years now. I have been trying to get back into gaming on my XBOX one S, but things keep coming up, or sleep time keeps coming up lol I wouldn't mind getting into multiplayer gaming where we can make money from competitions such as League of Legends, Fortnight or creating Roblox games, can we make money from Apex Legends and Minecraft? We should create teams which sync well for competitions. Other games we should just play really c
  4. sexual predator against women, and hatred against jews.
  5. in this fun, innocent way it's kind of ok. they are also preserving some folk stories and sayings in their boliyaan. It's only when people start obsessing over bhangra competitions and also these bhangra songs and videos which objectify women and use lyrics which dumb down our community, that's when things are going bad and we need to concentrate more on our sikhi, learning bani and history, and even preserving raag music and raag keertan etc.
  6. Jawaddi Taksal - YouTube Raj Academy - YouTube GurmatSangeetNetwork - YouTube BaruSahibHP - YouTube Anahad Kirtan Society - YouTube And this may not be to everyone's liking, but they are doing keertan of bani and keeping raag maryada, so this is no problem for myself: Sri Bhaini Sahib - YouTube
  7. https://historyofyesterday.com/buck-breaking-the-use-of-sexual-violence-against-enslaved-men-as-punishment-for-wrongdoing-897647489732 Buck Breaking: The Use of Sexual Violence Against Enslaved Men as Punishment for Wrongdoing Trigger Warning: buck breaking may have been the worst form of punishment
  8. meat only applies to certain jathabandi, budha dal, tarna dal, takhts patna sahib + hajoor sahib and EVEN sgpc Akal Takht rehit maryada are excluded from these rules. IT's the akal takht maryada yo
  9. please read 52 hukumnamas of Guru Gobind Singh, it says not to start grihast jeevan without anand karaj, so you cannot have partner without anand karaj, so you cannot have a girlfriend.
  10. I know that Baba Dyal Das' son mass introduced Anand Karaj ceremony to sehajdharis, and then the Nirankari sect performed first Anand Karaj around Guru Granth Sahib which was probably at a stage when Nirankaris were mostly keshdharis or perhaps amrit-dharis too. I am unsure at which stage Guru Granth Sahib started getting mass printed in pad-ched saroop. It would probably have been difficult to do modern style Anand Karaj when there were only a few hand written Guru Granth Sahib saroop, such as during Guru Gobind Singh's time there was literally only one Guru Granth Sahib saroop for the whole
  11. https://marvel.fandom.com/wiki/The_Amazing_Spider-Man_(TV_series)_Season_1_3 Peter Parker visits Rita Conway in her apartment, and they talk briefly. He tells her that he's going to go down to the university and check out a new exhibit in their museum, the statue of a god from Khalistan, Rava, which is the religion of a Khalistan cult that has become prominent on the campus. CIA and mi5 are both actually of khalistan movement. CIA have documents noting that khalistan is an egalitarian state that sikhs are fighting for. The british know that khalistan or independ
  12. like even many times in real life and imitated a lot these days on fictional tv shows, people seem to turn gay/lesbian because either they were "experimenting" because teens and 20s are considered too young for a life partner these days, or because they had an experience with someone of the same gender and decided that they are into gay/lesbian. Also some of these experiences are due to being drunk or high on drugs. Discounting all those people who have had same sex feelings from a young age, the people I mentioned above seem to have a lack of control on their 5 vikaar/ chor such as lust
  13. Spider-Man Strikes Back | Spider-Man Films Wiki | Fandom just saw this here (1) Evolution of Spider-Man Movies w/ Facts 1977-2022 - YouTube Spider-Man Strikes Back is a 1978 made-for-television film directed by Ron Satlof and starring Nicholas Hammond as the tile character. It combined both parts of the two-part episode of the conteporary TV show The Amazing Spider-Man shown on TV in 1978, "Deadly Dust". https://marvel.fandom.com/wiki/The_Amazing_Spider-Man_(TV_series)_Season_1_3 Peter Parker visits Rita Conway in her apartment, and they talk briefly.
  14. To be honest, when lgbtq+ stuff starts happening by prachariks like dhadri, nsj and sukha, then we also need to bring these personalities into the conversation. since dhadri and his associates nsj have alreadybeen excommunicated by akal takht, should we not be bringing them into conversations. Also Sukha's situation, where he mentioned to someone that a Singh in a dera, maybe a Nihang Singh, put his hands down his pants. Then we need to mention this negative behaviours that probably turns people like sukha into doing gay stuff. Similarly, dhadri influenced the nsj Harinder into doing the gay s
  15. putt jattan deh with ancient greek and egyptian imagery, so what is their message exactly?
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