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  1. why do you think Guru Sahib told sikhs to wear pank kaprey, which includes Hajooria? We can cover our mouths with Hajooria when trying to be hygienic when serving langar or prasad, or covering while reading bani, or even to stop dust or keep our faces and beards clean! How do you think you caught it, weer you out in public somewhere with lots of other people around?
  2. yeh, I mean I sometimes fall asleep listening to Rakhiya de Shabad and Keertan Sohila, usually on a phone speaker. Often I am late listening to Aarti, so I sometimes have Aarti Aarta queued up to play first and may just fall asleep listening to Aarti.
  3. I listen to paat more than reading. But most times my nitnem is: --morning-- Japji (also occasionally might listen to Asa Di Vaar beforehand) Shabad Hazare Jaap Shabad Hazare patshahi 10 Tav Prasad Swaiye Tav Prasad Swaiye (Deenan ki Pratipal) Tav Prasad Chaupai (Akal Ustat) Chaupai Sahib (Mahakal and including Arril) Anand Sahib Chandi Charitar Ustat Chandi Di Vaar Ugardanti ShastarNaamMala (1) --evening-- Sodar Rehras (Hazoor Sahib or Budha Dal) Aarti Aarta (Normally Budha Dal/Tarna Dal starting Lop Chandika, and in the end including last pauri of Chandi Di Vaar, and a part of Salok Mahalla 9 - however I alternatively listen to Hazoor Sahib Waddi and Chotti Aarti) Keertan Sohila and Rakhiya De Shabad SORRY I FORGOT TO BE ANONYMOUS. did not see that part of the post and I hope that is ok? lol
  4. how can you tell if someone is gursikh just by seeing if they are wearing bana? Sorry I don't understand what you mean by caveats?
  5. I think try biphasic sleep, or try taking naps.
  6. To be honest, I would prefer more panthic sikhs to run the forum and less of those that are protective of jathas.BAsically, something more representative of the sikh sangat, and also more representative of the Dal Khalsa we read in our sikh history, instead of closing threads which relate to dal khalsa maryada but disagree with these "jathas". Seriously why do people follow "jathas"?
  7. now here's the problem. Pre-marital sex is what the abrahamics look at as a sin. For apney dharmik people, we know that these non-marital girlfriend/boyfriend partnerships usually have stuff like sex. For us the non-marital partnership is already bad enough, we don't even need to go into it being sexual or not. That is why it was not clear what you meant...
  8. yeh, but then anyone who doesn't understand is just being ignorant as well!
  9. Sorry, that's a big ignorant that they do weed. You know they don't smoke and instead do Shaheedi degh and Shardai. In the sakhi, Joga Singh wasn't doing any of that stuff though, he was just getting horny due to being attracted to a dancer/kotha girl. Basically his Kaam vikaar was getting the best of him, which is not exactly boyfriend/girlfriend stuff lol but more like a one-night stand or using a prostitute!!
  10. those are the 4 of the 5 Hahay, or the 5Hs. I keep forgetting them, do you know the names of all 5?
  11. lol I don't understand, why ban people from a forum just for downvoting?
  12. when it comes to getting a job in the uk, work experience and a good Resume/CV is much more important than having a degree. Degrees don't guarantee jobs in the uk unless it's something like medicine.
  13. lol they probably done it in Guru Nanak sikh Academy or at the other gurdwara the school owns down Springfield Road, called Garib Niwas. Since those places aren't public people can get away with doing interfaith Anand Karaj. The only public gurdwara in Hayes is Ramgharia gurdwara, and there would probably be protests there!
  14. they are religions, they simply just do not follow dharam. They adharmi peoples!
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