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  1. yes, the problem is they are not willing to learn!
  2. these girls playing mind games, it's not like they are taking grihast jeevan seriously either. Their vikaars are getting in the way, the 5 vikaar/ panj chor affect a lot of people, married, not-married, everyone lives under this maya
  3. if sikhs continue talking about gatka, then he is going to be brought up as well. if gatka teachers can fix up, then, only then, will we not need to mention the name!!
  4. I think he wanted to delete his account, as he told me he found people on here rude.... I mean it is true, there are rude people on here
  5. lol I replied to this, but I think my comment got deleted. But because you said no controversy and your comment is allowed to be posted, then I have to say yes controversy. If I write more, then my comment will be deleted again
  6. well since Guru Nanak recommended grihast jeevan, and Guru Sahibs and gursikhs practised this, then I guess a lot of sikhs do care!
  7. no, marriage is part of grihast jeevan, life of a householder. People can have sex in their boyfriend-girlfriend relationships if they want to to be honest. Why did you bring this up anyway? I am just saying you mentioned marriages with expiration dates, and muslims do indeed have these available!
  8. Isn't that just the same as having a girlfriend-boyfriend? Some sects of islam have contract marriages or pleasure marriages, they last for a contractual amount of time, is that what you're looking for?
  9. oh yeh forgot to share: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChAwopDWihM4QD517Quj1nA/videos
  10. Actually I have other channels where I make videos. I do have a youtube channel where I uploaded some paat from Hajur Sahib. have uploaded 6 videos on there so far. Ongoing project is to get Sampooran Rehraas and Aarti videos on there where Raag instruments are used throughout, except maybe for Pauris and Chaupais etc Trying to cut and edit from various videos to achieve this But I have created channels where I will be creating content for Tik Tok and instagram as well (and should go to facebook as well), as I have some experience of this. Also less copyright problems making cl
  11. yes but they restored it to a higher quality than what we would have gotten on our home equipment last century! They must have recorded the movie using high quality film, and it's nice they had it handy to restore to something like 720p or maybe even higher? would be nice to see a blu ray release! it would be a blu-ray I would watch! Also thanks for the link, I will try and cut it for my tiktok and instagram. I wonder if I can get away with posting the clip on youtube as well without getting. a copyright notice?
  12. wow the recording quality was so good! Movies like Lawrence of Arabia were recorded to high quality equivalent to 8k/4k I believe. I wonder if the movie you posted was recorded to such a high quality?
  13. please make sure you get time away from your husband, like take your children to another room where you can do nitnem or paat or simran, listen to katha, watch sikhi kids programmes on youtube. I know it's coronavirus so it will be difficult to go to stuff like Kiddie Sangat in your local gurdwara. At least try to attend online stuff, maybe there is Zoom stuff. Make sure after lockdown you go to gurdwara with your children, get out of the house often.
  14. I am confused, who is replying about what?
  15. oh yeh I actually remembered Tuhon Pat O'Malley, he used to hold seminars with Nidar Singh and Master Mau
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