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  1. there are so many free courses online, so I am training in courses slowly. Also doing a slow sehaj paat from my phone. Try and do at least one ang page, but sometimes miss some days.
  2. ipledgeblue


    harmonium will never be good. if you are interested in keertan learn a proper sikh instrument like sikh rabaab, saranda, dilruba, saranghi etc Please, too many sikhs use harmonium and it will never be good enough to properly do keertan!
  3. I don't understand, is Khalsa Yodha an event?
  4. Just how, coordinated effort??? gross. how old are they? is your cousin married? If not I can see the results of marrying later, it's really messing up the boys in the pends as well!
  5. eww, from the people I met in in India Punjab, they don't even properly know how to be safe. Pretty easy way to pass around nasty infections.
  6. here's another insta page exposing this stuff:
  7. read the article, both Teja Singh Bhasauria and his son are involved in this business of leaving out lines from Benti Chaupai !
  8. And again you see it's the notorious Bhasuaria teaming up with the British to destroy bani. You will see in many places that Bhasauria has interfered and caused a lot of issues which are still prevalent in the sikh panth today!
  9. Pakistanis are not less racist. Even their education is system, they are taught a lot of racist stuff at schools!
  10. Had to come back to this topic as it is literally one of the top results on Google, when searching for skipped lines about Benti Chaupai: https://www.sikhnet.com/news/chaupai-sahib-broken-bani I used to use that app, but I started using: Sundar Gutka (Damdami Taksal) This app has choices of reading Taksali, Budha Dal and Hajoor Sahib versions of some banis. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.damdamitaksal.sundargutka&gl=GB
  11. Just heard this on Panjab Radio this morning in the UK. There was a consultation on changing the name for Havelock Road, Southall - this is also where the famous Singh Sabha Gurdwara is situated (which you will sometimes see in media and some British TV movies and documentaries), there is also another popular Singh Sabha Gurdwara on Park Avenue in Southall - just explaining to avoid confusion. Here is an article from 2002 to show context with regards to Major-General Sir Henry Havelock and issues with the name of the street. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/2003119.stm So anyway the radio station was congratulating everyone as it seems the name change has been approved! Just found some Singh Sabha Gurdwara facebook posts regarding this now: https://www.facebook.com/sgsssouthall/posts/2646454702122065 Also on the gurdwara Facebook story https://www.facebook.com/stories/1817655594943329/UzpfSVNDOjI2NDY0NDAwNTg3OTAxOTY=/?source=story_tray A few days ago in Bristol, a slaver trader's statue was toppled by the protestors. Yesterday, Robert Milligan was taken off plinth in London by the Tower Hamlets Council in East London. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/jun/09/sadiq-khan-orders-review-of-all-london-statues-for-slavery-links It looks like these protests about #BlackLivesMatter which erupted due to the shooting in USA are also useful for sikhs. This is already helping in pushing the case for Havelock's name to be removed from the street in Southall, whereas before no progress was made. The uk will now be looking at colonial statues and memorabilia to see what can be removed. This is important as many of the colonial related people affected sikhs in negative ways! NOTE: I know protests are going on, but as it is COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic, please be safe and observe social distancing. There is too much crowding at these protests, and could lead to increases in cases for the virus!
  12. some muslims see him as being religious or a holy man.
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