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  1. I am sure sikhni and Singhni is used by puraatan sikhs. I think I have actually heard this term used in bani Never heard Kaur used by Puraatan Singhs....
  2. yes honsla rakh song with Sonam Bajwa, and also the credits song with the main character's wife and ex wife.
  3. is it possible for you to just tell his manager the complaint, since you already know him? to take the bad influences out of family movies, to keep them more sanskari and respectable? To go just a little extra mile?
  4. I am confused, are you talking about Ravi Ranjan Singh who is mentioned in the article, or Ravi Singh Khalsa Aid?
  5. I have seen portraits of puraatan Singhns though, there's no obvious distaar. I think it used to be a mixture of Singhnis wearing distaar or chunni or some other head covering. Things have changed now where some amrit-dhari bibis leave their head naked.
  6. yes, there is maryada of there just being a shastar to matha tek, as was done for the gurdwara created by puraatan Singhs at Sirhind in memory of the 2 younger sahibzadas. There were instances when such as the one I mentioned where a gurdwara did not have a sikh to manage it, and there just weren't enough Granth sahib saroop for every smaller gurdwara, and of course they were all hand written. Obviously, this also changes how Anand Karaj would be done as opposed to modern times...
  7. Puraatan sikhs would probably be surprised to see that their is a saroop of Guru Granth Sahib in the majority of gurdwaras, as those sikhs came from a pre-printing press era. They will find the saroops strange due to not being larrivaar (ie nowadays we have spaced out words) Also they would hear a strange sound coming with keertan due to the harmonium, which would look and sound really strange to them. Probably also be shocked at how many sikhs uncover their head outside gurdwara, and how many have haircuts etc.... dil saaf hona chahida?? no need for tattoos when we have kesh bros
  8. it's also confusing. Without a photo, when someone uses Singh or Kaur without a photo, it gives the image of someone who is into sikhi prinicples and therefore forgoes the surname. In the case of Singh you usually have an image of a man wearing a turban. In these cases, I am all for them using alternative surnames. Also when someone does something wrong while using Singh/Kaur surname, it still tarnishes the image of sikh community.
  9. city sikhs are a bunch of jokers. The original people aren't even shown on the site anymore: Our People | City Sikhs Param Singh, I think he was one of the founders, he's a proper joker. Seemed like people willing to make money and fame but selling sikh principles down the drain to get these.
  10. it's similar, but the fact people like these still call each other as boyfriend-girlfriend still doesn't show the same level of respect. I have seen some people use titles such as partner or significant-other to make their partnerships seem more respectable.
  11. you should see Diljit's early songs, the girls dressed just as bad, or probably worse. On Friday I actually watched his new movie called Honsla Rakh, a good and funny movie. However, for some of the songs they make Sonam Bajwa get adi nangi half naked kapre. And to be honest there is no need, they just do it for the sake of it. They could easily just lengthen the clothes to make them more respectable, but jaloos. kadna honda!! Someone really needs Diljit to banda banja. I mean I know it's the movie directors and producers who do this, but Diljit is a big enough actor now to in
  12. It's good to respect Sant ji, however Sants and bhai sahibs aren't Guru ji, so we don't have to follow them 100%. Remember that he is not part of the sampradaiye associated with kripaan pahul either, and more with Nirmala like deras associated with santhiya and learning bani etc. Even the Guru's children made mistakes. So anything that is not said from Guru ji, then we have to understand that any sikh can make mistakes. Also remember that he is I have been reading stuff that maybe kripaan Pahul was available during Guru Gobind Singhs' times, I will have to look back and find my sources.
  13. still not enough for me to bother to watch eastenders
  14. I think Hajoor Sahib Singhs practised kripaan Pahul so that the local hindu women they married could partake food from them. another thing I heard of is called choola, so that wife and children can share food.
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