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  1. you do know you will have to get water from a well if you start following full Sarbloh bibek rehit? Still it's good to use Sarbloh utensils regardless!!
  2. ipledgeblue


    you need to put your phone in airplane mode you seriously don't want that radiation overnight time. I usually listen to Keertan Sohila on my phone, but always on airplane mode. The music files are downloaded offline.
  3. wow this is before Salman started his gym workout. Looked very uninteresting back then!
  4. @Guest Jigsaw_Puzzled by the way, since you are a write, you definitely need to start posting your stuff on sikh Subreddit. You will get more exposure to sangat on there as opposed to this forum. It's a site much better suited to writers. And it's for more intellectual people compared to the Facebooks and Twitters, lol nevermind Instagram. many knowledgeable sikhs on there!
  5. I think sikhs need to start a self sufficient lifestyle, instead of relying on the economy for food. If we're growing our own food instead of working 8 or more hours a day to be able to buy food then we can improve our sikhi, I am sure! Also theres a Facebook page run by some Birmingham East Africa sikh Nihangs who also promote growing onw food and post lots of photos from their alotments and organic sabjis. Oh yes there Facebook is called Khalsa ethics. Please post your blog!
  6. I would straight up tell women they're being sexist, same goes dor any woman that tells us to shave/trim our beards
  7. yes for sikhi, it's more about equity than equality. however, for freemasons, I don't see the need to exclude women.
  8. please use smartphone apps and Youtube videos to assist with this
  9. if sikh community could in uk could promote jhatka and shikaar instead of going to the shops, we could avoid so much of this. Just last century pre-partition, Singhs in punjab did jhatka, even doing it behind doors in areas where muslims had banned it. It is so unfortunate that these baba cults and jathas have put us in the mentality to either be veggie or eat meat from anywhere, and also not to bother carry an shastar beside a kirpan, it's so sad to lose Khalsa rehit like this. As soon as a sikhs listen to katha such as Suraj Prakash, they will understand the maryada they have lost and need to bring back to Khalsa!
  10. we will only be feared when we follow rehit again. at least follow the shastar rehit, obviously there's still too many manmattis doing nindya of Singhs doing jhatka and shikaar. do more sangat of Singhs who preserve Guru Gobind Singhs' bani, such as reading Benti Chaupai as shudh, instead of skipping a few lines like a hinduphobic. Also other ways such as reading Guru Gobind Singh bani in Aarti Aarta, reading more dasam bani in nitnem, reading Ugardanti in nitnem even though the hinduphobics removed this bani from Dasam Granth prints. With this mentality, getting bir rass, people will fear us. We have to collectively make an effort. Forget the SGPC, us sikhs in places like UK can propogate maryada, we have enough knowledge to stop the elders talking down to us from the sant babas and jathebandis which have corrupted them against gurmat.
  11. There was an uncle I worked with, he told me how when he came to England he used to get beaten up at school by goray. Then the bigger apney would come around and beat up the goray. Things were so bad he had to remove his kesh. You can hear similar stories from the Kohli documentary,
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