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  1. ipledgeblue

    Sikh Father and Son beaten by Delhi police

    lol that was a wrestling entertainment promo like Indian version of WWE
  2. ipledgeblue

    very Random Historical Photographs

    probably earlier on in british raaj?
  3. ipledgeblue

    What if Punjab was in Pakistan ?

    alot of milk donated to uk gurdwaras is from non-organic gurdwaras, where the cows are more or less abused. Unsure about ghee, probably the same?
  4. ipledgeblue

    Depression from Horrible Arranged Marraige

    no it's actually about teaching children sanskar, and they continue the behaviour to adulthood!
  5. If you cannot reach a gurdwara, you can instead do ardaas to shastar as well. Remember as a Singh, shastar is also our pir and we do matha tek to shashatr.
  6. ipledgeblue

    Unable to forgive myself

    how is it bujjar kurahit? THIS, please read this bani!
  7. ipledgeblue

    very Random Historical Photographs

    If amrit dharis followed maryada, they would eat a health diet. instead they only follow "their" maryada, or the vague SGPC one. I don't think every non-amrit dhari wears kara, not even all keshdharis.
  8. The fact is the benti chaupai is still not completed properly even before getting to Arril. It's only a few lines including Kripa karee.. ਕ੍ਰਿਪਾ ਕਰੀ ਹਮ ਪਰ ਜਗਮਾਤਾ . Seems some kind of mischief which some colonial era sikhs believed in and added into SGPC rehit maryada! I am pretty sure some groups and jathebandis were allergic to shabad such as Jagmata in colonial times. This is why Benti Chaupai is abruptly ended, without finishing a few more lines. I don't see any respect in this, it is some weird kind of paranoid beadbi.
  9. ipledgeblue

    What if Punjab was in Pakistan ?

    read the history of what it was like British Raaj in muslim majority areas in Punjab. There's history involving Kartar Singh Jhabbar. Also I wonder what would have happened during partition? I think there would have been the same battles no matter which side we stayed on. Look at Action day and the terrorism committed by Muslim League in Punjab before partition days.
  10. shouldn't an amrit dhari join a Dal anyway for their training in how to be amrit dhari (which is missing from many amrit dharis now) I don't think a Sant dera has the correct training for amrit dhri as opposed to a dal or Shauni which does.
  11. so we need to tackle if head-on. At the moment, most of the sikh community doesn't seem comfortable with calling hates as haters, instead we are just watching things slowly. When it's people from outside the community, whether it be white racists, or islamic groomers, we seem to stand up aggressively. But when it's our own community, we seem to just try and let things slide as the hatred seems to be transmitted to further generations. I would say the anti-Singh feeling has at least reached grandchildren generation now. But since even the lost sehajdhari sangat still seems to be using Gurdwara at least for ceremonies, we can still bring them back even by this small thread. As they are still connected to Guru in a minimal way, we can still bring them back to respect the community. Also some organisations like university sikh societites, Basics of Sikhi, Nanak Naam and others seem to bringing some sikhs back and sometimes these sikhs even take khanda dee pahul. I been seeing amrit-dharis doing this dating mentality as well. 2nd best or whatever is for dating mentaility peoples, trying to do grihast with ex partners, not good
  12. you want a sikhni that wants to follow grihast jeevan, someone who wants to be grihasti. Some"virgins" have ex-partners and are stuck in vikari dating mindset, trust me you don't want that in your grihast jeevan!
  13. 3. There is Katha I listened to from I think Suraj Prakash. In the katha Baba Santa Singh said that keshi ishnaan should be done every 4 days. There is also something called panj ishnaan. 4. For an amrit dhari who is has taken khanday dee pahul, it is also very important to maintain and shastar and do shastar abiyaas, which is also bhagti. Bana is also important with bani. 5. I don't think there is much sucham with street sellers in India. However I see amrit dharis in India eating food at functions where the flies are sitting on them, so what do I know? Some amrit dharis follow Sarbloh bibek, such as the more strict Singhs in Budha Dal,, where food is eaten in Sarbloh utensils and all water is drunk from a well. This is more easier to do in India than in the west.
  14. ipledgeblue

    Taking Amrit

    make sure the panj pyaray giving you pahul aren't poor in rehit, many amrit dharis these days only follow a partial rehit from "jathas" or SGPC etc if they don't have a clue in following the extremely important martial rehit and don't know what to do with their shastar,, or only wear bana for special occasions, I would look elsewhere...

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