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  1. yes it is important even now and tomorrow. Terrorists and extremists don't stop on Gurpurb. Do you think the Khalsa took a break during war when a Gurpurb occured?
  2. how pakka are you in your rehit, how regularly do you practise shastar?
  3. which religions have just one prophet? Jews have many prophets, which are also shared by Christians and Muslims!
  4. unfortunately a lot of sects, deras and jathebanddis ( and also some of the admins on this forum!) are "harsh" towards those sikhs who eat meat!
  5. you will get more dodgy girls with ex partners and alcohol habits if you try to marry with cut beard or haircut, no joke! It removes a lot of the wrong girls if you go into rishta as sabat soorat.
  6. trust me it will. you will learn to leave the sheep mentality behind that comes with those who visit the barber or use the kenchi on kesh need the sher mentality where the pedh chaal stops!
  7. But let's not forget that Kuttha (halal) is bujjar kurahit, and this is in Akal Takht maryada. so it's not a choice it is a kurahit Manvir Singh is not a trustable person. Also he is jatha biased towards dietary chocies. Also this hukumnama is unverified and is also associated as being "discovered" by this jatha/jathebandi as well instead of being mahapappi, eat mahaprasad... Read some of Guru Gobind singh baani such as Chandi di Vaar, Ugardanti, Shastarnaammala, long length Chaupai Sahib (starting from Mahakal)
  8. Bhai Mardana is a start. However he was never known to leave islam, instead a Muslim-sikh and soem would term that as a Nanahshahi as opposed to a Nanakpanthi.
  9. is this a result of us not follow grihast jeevan properly? marrying a life partner at a late age so people "experiment" instead when they're young, and become prey to the panj chor? And during the experimenting they find out which gender they prefer more for their pre-marital non-grihast activites?
  10. learn to use shastar and sports.
  11. just heard the accents, not I am definitely convinced about the waste-hole areas. Good thing is most of the women are dressed respectfully, except the tall one behind the girls asking for money.
  12. how can you say everyone was present if Budha Dal and Tarna Dal were not present? The kurbani of everyone else should never be forgotten, but the lack of experience in rehit means that a maryada is incomplete unless fully rehitvaan Singhs have their say in it. Without the experience of Dal panth and Hazoori Singh we can never have a full rehit. Also the fact that this maryada allows you to normalise skipping 2 lines from Kabyo Baach Benti is just really disgusting!
  13. I don't think Budha Dal and Tarna Dal fauja were present, so the main practitioners of rehit weren't even present, everyone else was just not good enough to make any authentic type of maryada!
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