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  1. yo I . know, but I still like to question people. It kind of opens up why we ended up with the jathebandis in the 1st place... I am only questioning the sangat, not the Guru about this...
  2. do an ardas.... please spend more time on bani and simran than worrying about having jooth by mistake....
  3. maybe us western sikhs should get together and start professional youtube channels similar to the style of JusReign, and then take the absolute mick out of these mental hairstyles the punjabi sikhs are sporting in modern times!
  4. ipledgeblue


    yo mate... learn to be poetic and write romantic stuff. be a bit more literate if you need to express your feelings through text/instant message...
  5. you may be able to define some aspects of dharma into English, but English is too basic to properly translate dharma. When something is a religion as opposed to dharam, then it is more based on ritualism than dharma. Unfortunately some jathebandis and SGPC (and their decisions and rehits) seemed to have started with looking at sikhi as a religion called sikh"ism" as opposed to a dharmik panth....
  6. ... or also a rehit where shastar is either very important to practise or shastar abiyaas is just an afterthought!!! Also, whether you need to read all the pauris in Benti Chaupai or you can skip the last 2 or 3 because it doesn't fit in with some propaganda of SGPC and certain jathebandis etc! I wonder what Singhs like Nawab Kapur Singh and Akali Phoola Singh would have thought about these stamps and rehits when they were serving as leaders of the dals....
  7. It's because their fathers and grandfathers fixoed their dharis to the max, and were too colonialised to have a khulli dhari like a real Khalsa therefore not following rehit even though many of them have taken khanday dee pahul and try and get their children to take pahul at 6 years old. So even with a pagh, they still behaved in a servitude manner to the british/goras. The descendants are just imitating that, but just doing beadbi of their kesh instead of inhaling toxic fixo fumes!!! oh yeh, also the super-starched pagh that can be taken off and on is also against rehit. A pagh should be tied freshly each time and never taken off like a hat!
  8. yes, but as sangat we must question why we put jathebandi stamps on khanday dee pahul, why do we put emphasis on believing in jathebandis and their practises such as giving naam dhrir, over Guru sahib and gurmat.
  9. so when the amrit sanchaar or khanday dee pahul ceremony needs to have a jathebandi stamp, then what does this mean?
  10. Damn I didn't know they got rich from selling heroing. I thought it was because they got these startup loans from the government to open businesses. So what do we do about this?
  11. Funnily enough, I recently saw a hukumnama from Guru Gobind Singh calling it Diwali
  12. to be honest, our community should start looking for potential partners for their children, when the children are studying undergrad. Although, to be honest, many children will already have started doing something which is anti-grihast before they even reach uni. It would be more optimal if the community started looking in the teens for a potential early 20s marriage. In the villages, I hear the youngsters were married off early but they couldn't meet their partner until they reached their late teens, where the wife was brought over to her husband's house as a muklawa. So it was like finding a potential partner early except the marriage ritual/ceremony such as laavan / Anand Karaj was already done beforehand! And when you're in your teens or early 20s you can grow with you partner, instead of becoming fussy with demands which is what happens when you grow too old looking for a partner!
  13. yes, but even being unmarried in late 20s makes for vikaari people, nevermind 30s. 30s some people go really downhill
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