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Found 3 results

  1. WJKK WJKF ji I'm planning on visiting amritsar this summer, wondering if anyone has crossed the border by foot or bus/coach into lahore? I'd like to go for a couple days and then cross back over into amritsar. As a british national, should i apply for a PK visa whilst i'm here in uk, or india or is there a visa on arrival in pk? Once i've got my pk visa, whats the process? Any advise from those who have crossed the border would be appreciated. Thank you :)
  2. Interesting scenario shaping up with china's peoples liberation army allegedly incurring into Indian land? I was thinking the India media is telling the truth maybe china did invade 19km into indian ladkh but then now im thinking its all geo-politics with america fingering Indian govt and in turn the indian media barking like it usually does to get the indian population to protest all to make a fuss about nothing in order to check china's lack of action on north korea (its ally). And thus the net result will be america will have closer ties with India. It's also interesting for us Sikhs who want to have a separate nation state as only with China invading and having a war with the Indian army will nations seeking self governance like khalistan can rise up to liberate themselves from the Indian Union. Whats your analysis?
  3. If as I see here: A quote from Kute Di Pooch Singh Gill: "The combined impact of these initiatives was that, by January 1989, the terrorists had been pushed into a thin strip along the Pakistan border, with over 70 per cent of their strikes restricted to just three of the twelve districts in Punjab – Gurdaspur, Amritsar and Ferozepur." Then it is not too far to assume that 70%+ of all deaths were also in those three districts. With a current day population touching about 7 million it is not too far to assume about half that 20-30 years ago. 3-400k dead; Being from the Doab, my mom for example can tell me about stuff that happened, she doesn't talk about it a lot, but it seems that no-one directly from my nuclear family was killed. I am wondering how different it is for those three districts, as in if I assume that over 1/3rd of the male youth for example (below 30-35? above 12??) were killed is thaat about accurate. The reason is, I'm trying to see how much of India's strategy is literally butchering everyone and if there's any order to it. They talk about 4 point plans, and in the end they did kill many of the mukhis of the jathe but how much of that is luck. Seeing this man's interview (former BSF officer) it points to just a butchering, but then why is it only Punjab's insurgency that was 'quelled'. Is it due to us cutting down the jungles, so therefore not having cover of those like in the NE (possibility). Or what? I understand I can be 90% sure, but would rather have more voices to hear and yea.. Pretty much that's it.
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