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  1. Though so as well, I read an interview with KPS Gill where he said Ak-47 didn't come into Punjab until after 86 or 87 he said I think. Before that it was mostly older rifles looted from armories as police in india are limited to .308s from brit times no? I notice in older photos it is rifles or shotguns.
  2. Sorry for the insults, etc. I will be more polite and check myself twice before I make a post. I thought it was an 'open' forum but I see that there are rules to it. I don't mean to sound sarcastic either, just I'll try to put my words in a different way. Or just stay off it, and do things in other ways for the panth. Hope mod sees this and forwards to whoever. VJKVJF
  3. Veggie aren't nessecarily stores of energy depends on metabolic type. There is a lot of gain without physical pain. We are in a life of pain as we are disconnected from guru. Mods, you may think me an agent, a moorakh, or many other things but please for the benefit of this gursikh so he doesn't have to aimlessly break his ankles and knees running post this message.
  4. Sorry, veer ji some mod ( ) must approve my posts before you can see them. I already replied to you, and I am trying to do many things. A few facts: Born in 'Canada'. Turning 20 soon..
  5. Canada has some of the softest water in the world from the tap, probably why. Especially if you were in Toronto. I saw this company randomly from a tech site: http://www.bwob.ca/profiles/water-filtration-firm-brings-manufacturing-home-from-china/ Other then that, Idk because I just drink tap water. My eyes hurt, but let's turn this thread into one about simple readily availible water filtration methods to turn even industrial waste water into 90% drinkable. The state in Punjab where water turns red left over-night, is one we cannot have our troops deployed in. Without a solution,
  6. Btw, Since I'm on moderator que I can't edit my posts as they don't show up; eating less will make you fatter. Read why we get fat by gary taubes maybe you can find it on TPB. Over-eating, and laziness are symptoms of obesity not causes. Your body is out of balance for w.e reason; cut out pop, that is a big thing. And, try to eat foods lower on Glycemic Index for another. Your diet should be primarily proteins, fruits, etc. wholesome foods not like grains which are pure sugar. -- Eat your roti it's w.e and fat is actually good for you. As a food the best (as protein is more like a supplement, you'll get sick with too much protein). --- Running 5 times a week will only mess up your knees. Nothing else, -- I take b100, centrum forte, and maybe omega 3 if I feel like. This is against sarbloh bibeki but I'm not on that yet, but something to keep in mind. -- If you trust me, for only 2 or 3 weeks (I havn't done seriously from start, so Idk how quick results are) than I guarentee you will notice big difference. With god's will, let me say Guru Ji Di Kasam. -- Maybe even less give it the first two workouts so you can find out how much weight to use, and maybe one or two after-wards. So like two weeks. /// ONLY OTHER ADVICE: Do not push it recklessly. For example, you should start out at 2 times a week, you grow during rest phase not inside gym and working out too much is counter-productive. Akin to picking fights for no reason. Depending on your mental state, and how overweight you are you may feel frustrated and want to 'tear it up'. Don't, it is god's will that you are fat; but now, that you are on forum and we have this meeting it is god's will that you be skinny. But only if you allow yourself to be. Bhul Chuk Mauf (I'm moorakh who doesn't know god's will but I only say) Hopefully mod finds that ok. And, doesn't delete/block this post.
  7. Static Contraction Training: Do that, and as far as diet goes. Just cut out, or cut down on junk food till you get bored of doing that, but by that time you'll be skinny anyway. Only thing is make sure you get enough protein per day: .6g per kg + How you do that, is up to you but if you are veggie makhan, and milk is your best friend. ---- All that dieting stuff, is bull-crap. Just like as a sikh you are supposed to be forever learning, your body should be forever growing. When you are in a workout mode it doesn't matter much what you eat, as you'll get there (to six-pack w.e) and difference may be a couple of months. -- However, workout is not your main priority becoming better sant-sipahi is so even fi you don't eat the bodybuilding rec. foods you gain so much more even if you 'lose' those few months. --- I was down to 180ish last november from around 275 late 2010/early 2011 ish. I didn't workout with static seriously either, so you could probably do it faster. I have a variety of injuries for one, example I can't touch my entire back with my right shoulder at 19 but it is getting better. --- That really is all, you can add cardio to probably lose 'weight faster' but I didn't. I've found that being overweight the best way to improve your endurance is simply to lose weight. And, from testing you'll get strong enough doing static that while you may seem lazy normally (I do) you'll be able to run a mile at fast speed when needed (when goliya fly, and when situation is FUBAR). So, don't worry. edit - Site uploader not working here you go veerji or paanji: [Mod note - no 3rd party downloading websites with unknown files]
  8. Yet, looking into those mass shooting veer ji, they are mostly because of prozac and other anti depressants and not people themselves. Therefore no drugs but keep weapons is again a universal truth. Also, can't exact case at, supreme court also ruled that private people not parties to constitution. Especially the one since Lincoln. Simply put, the only law is the 10 maxims http://loveforlife.com.au/content/08/01/24/ten-commercial-maxims-jack-harper If you do not harm someone no reason to not have gun. Sikhs are not separate from humanity, what is good for us is also good for them. Now, lawfully cali cannot ban anything there can be an individual punishment on a murderer for example but a jury decides that. We should not be involved in changing the codes of things which don't actually exist. We must assert the law, that is already there. Many died for it; I can explain in five minutes verbally but typing it becomes hard (for me). I will not argue for or against a ban it is a nonsensical argument. A ban can't be done, lawfully and only way to enforce would be to have martial law and even then.. I will put further detail later as well as the exact stuff I beat the government with. There can be an effective ban as if they tell avg you can't and avg doesn't know the truth, they will go along. Bus. Won't sell etc. But, I mean are availible down the street in C.anada Just will post details later.
  9. Chat and video ask for password; I enter my info and nothing happens. Also the layout doesn't seem to scale properly in landscape, when doing pms you have to turn back to portrait to send. Small in convince, but if it small thing to fix; could admins look into it? VJKVJF
  10. I remember Khalra saying 25k in tarn taran alone which is 1/2 the population of the city today so maybe not from Tarn Taran alone. I want to get a scale of how far they went, as I was only born after 92.
  11. If as I see here: A quote from Kute Di Pooch Singh Gill: "The combined impact of these initiatives was that, by January 1989, the terrorists had been pushed into a thin strip along the Pakistan border, with over 70 per cent of their strikes restricted to just three of the twelve districts in Punjab – Gurdaspur, Amritsar and Ferozepur." Then it is not too far to assume that 70%+ of all deaths were also in those three districts. With a current day population touching about 7 million it is not too far to assume about half that 20-30 years ago. 3-400k dead; Being from the Doab, my mom for example can tell me about stuff that happened, she doesn't talk about it a lot, but it seems that no-one directly from my nuclear family was killed. I am wondering how different it is for those three districts, as in if I assume that over 1/3rd of the male youth for example (below 30-35? above 12??) were killed is thaat about accurate. The reason is, I'm trying to see how much of India's strategy is literally butchering everyone and if there's any order to it. They talk about 4 point plans, and in the end they did kill many of the mukhis of the jathe but how much of that is luck. Seeing this man's interview (former BSF officer) it points to just a butchering, but then why is it only Punjab's insurgency that was 'quelled'. Is it due to us cutting down the jungles, so therefore not having cover of those like in the NE (possibility). Or what? I understand I can be 90% sure, but would rather have more voices to hear and yea.. Pretty much that's it.
  12. May, do further reports based on my own research into police and solidery but I think it is not needed as destroy rulers and servants have no interest to fight you. I realize we will have to fight, but for panth to undestand government and how it works is very important. -- For those who think they understand government and how it works by knowing how mps are elected; it is akin to reading the ingredient list and claiming you know how to make the food, without HAVING THE RECIPE.
  13. Let me add: Path of Evolution 1. Whereas, other systems tried and failed to set populace against each other this one is doing opposite (i.e east germany) (see 2) 2. It is attempting to exert control over regular people, and have tech (drones, etc.) to target the 'problems' 3. The minimal amount of control has 2 main purposes: 1. a person who believes they are free is more productive 2. Fear/Respect are powerful things and do the job by themselves 4. Path of evolution is towards minimalization instead of maximization 5. It is allowing people to be own worst enemies (i.e smart tv records you) 6. It is making the very weaponary we would use against it, work against us. Strategy 1. It is evolving to point where it, is less and less effective to have armed struggle as primary means of attack 2. Self-defense, which is what guruji advocated as well, is best for too many reasons to put on here 3. Following rules of keeping the peace i.e don't go after police for revenge, but if you see crime being committed fire works best for many reason i. Limits Liability ii. Improves image iii. not counterable with propoganda (you'll see why) iv. within law, (real law) so pen will not work either v. defensive actions allow for more resources to be kept in case of need for offensive action. Real World Examples: Khalsa fought many defensive wars until mughals were exhausted before embaring on offensive battle to secure just rule. Reasons: Worldly Maxim (rule which is always true): 1. There will always be mistakes Strategy: 1. Much easier to make mistake attacking than defending 2. Let them attack, you get to see what they have, and let them make mistakes let's you remain in control (we are out-numbered just like old-times remember that) 3. They are arrogant they will attack with full force 4. If they don't they will lose anyway Jo bole so nihaal, sat sri akal. 5. Use 2 and a half point method of sikh warfare ( I need to study this more) i. 1 point for raids on camps ii. 1 point for hit and run warfare iii. only half point for pitched battles where risk of losing own troops is higher. VJK VJF Further evolution and refinement of system: Traditionally 3 castes in a society: 1. Rulers 2. Warrior Caste to Protect ^ 3. Masses --- This 3 prong system is scalable to a sitution. It is a natural course of action to increase warrior caste, shed petty rulers, and keep masses thinking they can join ruler or that it is just or even just cool for warrior caste. Again points back to limited liability, and they are willing to sacrifice many of their own with the false belief that more will join later. We bleed their manpower, rest falls into place on its own. --- Biggest strategy of system is to make us think we are fighting against ideas, and not people. Makes you think the war is un-winnable. Targetted strikes, maximal effect minimal effort. --- What humans do naturally, most efficent and on the cutting edge. VJK VJF
  14. To begin: Why do I post stuff like this: Most are scared not of 'death' but of a 'charge' for which they do 'time' knowing 'law I know with god's will I can always beat the charge; the only alternative is to kill me, which is w.e To start The facts: 1. System exists with our consent. 2. The system is based on a lie. 3. A lie always has some truth in it 4. A lie cannot ever win against the truth 5. A truth is a more efficient and stronger version of a lie (read on this is an edit in ref. to a point about system can't fight itself and a point later on at end of situation section). Preamble: The real rulers and elites are those with IMF, world bank, etc. the ones who control money. Countries using a fiat currency are by definition bankrupt, as their currency is not backed by anything. This is why they freely give away their wares, and have people signing up as wards of a corporation (non-living entity). A corporation does not have to be commercial in nature. Therefore, aiming at the government is not the long target but is the main one to do. With Raaj you can control your financial system. There is not a government conspiracy, any conspiracy is at a much-much higher level. (no conspiracy, bankers know how money works i.e just a signature but just keep it hidden from public, and restrict banks from exhanging promisorry notes for 'dollars' as an example) TL;DR Government doesn't rule, and while taking down alone is an effort; using even peaceful but offensive methods (prosecution, liens, etc.) numbers much higher than most terrorist cells are not required (3-4 per town/district targeting highest people). However, just like insurgencies mass support is required and the more the merrier. The knowledge must be spread, or you turn into high-value easy to take-down targets yourselves. Section 1: The Government: 1. If we analyze the government we see that the shield of ignorance cast over our eyes, is on their eyes as well. I would doubt if cm's knew about the real nature of law, or even the Indian constitution as India being a very connected, and young country has not had time to build a political class that is socially separated from the people the same way as Canada for example. The rural nature of the country could also account for this. (i.e governmental workers are much more known and connected to poplace than other places) (apne are with them). TL;DR they are not smarter than you. 2. The untouchability the higher-ups feel will put them in legal trouble, as they may they do not need to reply to legal notices. 3. They are incompetent. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Principle 4. While they are corrupt and incompetent, they are not knowingly working against themselves. I.e will not purposely promote duffars if they can help it. 5. They are already selfish people, with corrupt interests and 'There is no honor among thieves'. Easy to make them fight against each other. See 6 6. The system, (government) is designed like any corporation, with limited liability in mind. However, you are ALWAYS personally liable for any crimes you commit. See 7 for why this is important. 7. It is the default course of action, to discard a worker who is too expensive in up-keep (i.e scandals, too much cases against, liens, etc.) 8. Previous cases etc. have not worked because the system is designed to handle small amounts of dis-content. 9. Channels to vent dis-content and dis-arm it exist in all places no exceptions (all countries). (I.e regulatory bodies, de facto statutory courts, etc.) 10. These are only to mis-lead, and mis-direct people in order to dissuade them from acknowledging and realizing their own range (i.e can target top to bottom, anyone, anytime, everywhere). (Shastar Vidhiya: Understand Range) 11. System is designed to function regardless of leader-ship changes, and power is spread throughout to mitigate disaster’s such Indira/Rajiv killings. Strategy: An armed populace (both knowledge, and physical) who is able to overwhelm the walls of the system is the best course of action. This group must be ever open, and expanding in order to prevent a complete clamp/stamp down of it. A traditional structure of intelligent leaders, and dumbed down recruits will not work as each must be able to to conquer alone. (sava lakh seh ek). Cannot discount value of moral victories, and structures must be in place in order to train new people who join as it is much harder to teach a person gyan than it is to load rockets, and bullets. The system has worked by being rigid and un-moving, a principle that has earned it respect and fear in the eyes of people; it is not designed to be able to counter a threat which is directly a more refined version of itself i.e using focused over-whelming force, to destroy leaders while sparing followers who are not immediate threat. They themselves after slowly having their turtle break away, will submit and come to you giving you rule. At thatpoint, it is up to the Sikh to make correct decision based on gurmat. An example of this is, Baba Baghel Singh and Delhi. Situation: The MO of government has changed from being overwhelmingly based on violence, as it runs contrary to the myths and assumptions this society is based on. Also, a west vs. easy dichotomy is there with India acting alone but wanting/needing to stay on west's side and vice-versa. They play off each other, India acting a bit nicer, west a bit meaner to give a world-wide view of 'democracy'. I hope my points have come across, I'm tired and I understand what my next correct actions have to be (hopefully). Past that, I hope you understand you have to start in your own neighborhood, in order to gain skills, experience, and people. Realize everything is connected, and that an ounce of freedom in Canada is worth a pound elsewhere. --- The system is the same everywhere, same structure same EVERYTHING. Everything, is connected so breaking it here, breaks it elsewhere. However, we don't have to free the world to free the Khalsa (or The Punjab) as we are people of unlimited liability free in their actions and therefore able to have focus, and vision. The system, is more like a hammer able only to strike out at random, and the actions people within that structure are able to take are limited by: 1. their own morals vs. situation 2. their posts 3. public support, etc. We don't need the support of the public, or any of that as Truth always wins vs. lies. -- When I said before that system is not designed to win against a better version of itself, I meant that a lie always has some truth in it, but can never stand up to the whole thing. VJKVJF Can't find original white paper anymore read it a few months ago: http://apdforum.com/en_GB/article/rmiap/articles/online/features/2012/04/05/india-terror-strategy edit - this may be http://journals.hil.unb.ca/index.php/jcs/article/view/4293/4888 what I read not sure now, but yea just google counter-insurgency doctrine to see how they will deal with this stuff. Paper details here: kept at bottom to improve readability of my own points: which uses a four point strategy for counter-insurgency: 1. Suspend demo gov. start president rule Reason: Respect/Fear from stable centre rule, as well as the obvious things (deploy force, etc.) because of internal processes see 11. 2. Flood area with security forces Reason: Forces severely under-budgeted, under-equipped, and under-trained. Do nothing more than resort to thuggery, and eventually something happens. Also, fun-times for commanders and show of force to rest of public for respect/fear in order to win support for continued budget increases. Third point, to limit AO of insurgents see point 3 3. Target Militant Leaders but spare followers Reason: Causes dis-array, and lowers morale as often the most knowledgeable ones are the leaders, and due to point 2 as well as infrastructure of country avg. people are not at full potential. (true with any army, including lok sabha) 4. Force elections, return to 'normalcy' Reason: Show of power, that I can do this and that. To exhaust people mentally, not full analysis. It's their own bs pretty much, can look at it in many ways: army, and police want new kind of females to do mass rapes of, they want 'democracy', keep out of eye of western public, w.e w.e They act without reason, they are still human, and due to being sheltered and focused on tyranny the saying that criminals have low iq applies. What is definition of insurgency: Let us define it as actions taken to change and/or topple the current infrastructure and government. Therefore, a peaceful action such as prosecuting police officers with a certain mind-state is in fact insurgency. edit- Spelling edit2- Dam, word messed up my formatting fixed now hopefully but not orig way I meant it to read. :C
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