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Found 2 results

  1. Video showing attack on Leeds schoolboy at bus stop sends shockwaves on social media Police confirmed the sickening video, showing the teenager being violently bullied, is being dealt with as a hate crime By Anne-Marie Senior 17:20, 28 FEB 2020 News A video showing the shocking moment a Leeds schoolboy was brutally attacked and narrowly avoided falling into traffic on a busy main road has emerged on social media. The footage, believed to be of a 15-year-old pupil at Morley Academy, shows a boy wearing a traditional Sikh head-covering being violently punched nine times by another schoolboy close to a bus stop. The unprovoked attack begins with the bully laughing and taunting the schoolboy, whilst being filmed and coaxed by other children standing on a nearby grass verge. The thug then launches into a violent attack, landing up to nine punches on the boy - the impact of which can be heard on camera. As the Sikh boy tries to defend himself, he is pushed closer and closer towards the edge of a busy main road, dangerously stepping onto the carriageway at one point. Seeing the danger, the onlookers shout: "On the grass, get on the grass". The bully eventually allows the boy to walk off as a bus approaches the bus stop. The video was shared on Twitter by Sunny Osahn on Thursday and has already had 26,000 views and more than 720 shares. Accompanying the video footage, Sunny posted: "If this 15yo Sikh boy ends his own life, would you even care? "I’ve had a FaceTime with him for the past 3 hrs. "He has faced relentless bullying since year 7 (11/12yo). Now in year 10 he is petrified of going to school. He has nobody to turn to and targeted daily for being Sikh. "You have failed him @themorleyacad, because you blame HIM for his bully’s racist, hateful actions and you’ve given NO support. "Not only is this boy a minority in the fact that he is Sikh, but he is an Afghan Sikh. "His parents do not speak English (well) and are lucky to have settled here in Leeds... But imagine fleeing a war-torn country only for your child to be filled with terror every day of his life." Nearly 300 followers commented on the post, expressing shock and outrage and calling for action. Among those reeling was Kam Rai, deputy leader of Redbridge Council, who called on Leeds City Council and MPs. He wrote: @LeedsCC_News@LeedsCC_News@RachelReevesMP@RichardBurgon@alexsobel@FabianLeedsNE@hilarybennmp anyone of you willing to take this before it goes too far?" One user Rob @rancidnecro said: "Anyone locally with any decency should help the lad out, racists are all Billy big b******s when they have a numbers advantage, but they will soon melt away when confronted. Hope the lad gets some help." Simranjeet Singh @SimSingh101 said: "I can get some Singhs together and literally walk him to and from school everyday and help him in any other way." While another tweeter @MissCentury wrote: "What can we do from further afield or outwith the Sikh community to help and support? Heart breaking, please tell him that a lot of people DO care." Morley Academy said they unable to comment when they were contacted by LeedsLive. But West Yorkshire Police Superintendent Jackie Marsh, of the Safer Leeds Partnership, said: "We are aware of footage currently circulating on social media and a comprehensive partnership response is in place. “A hate crime has been recorded and we are working closely with the family of the boy. “As per their request, the matter is being resolved via the school concerned in conjunction with our Safer Schools Liaison Officer. “We will continue to monitor the situation to ensure there is no repeat and where necessary providing support to the local community.” https://www.leeds-live.co.uk/news/leeds-news/video-showing-attack-leeds-schoolboy-17834752
  2. Guest

    Pcos and hiritism

    Hi everyone, I'm a 19 year old female with polycystic ovarian syndrome and this is my problem. Ive never been on a Sikh forum before but I thought about sharing my story anonymously to get some much needed advice before I turn my back on the sangat. Ok, so ever since primary school I've had very hairy arms, legs , back and buttocks. I've been bullied to the point that no one should ever have to experience. I've had boys call me names like hairy mary, monkey, gurilla, the beast ect. I've had girls pull my sleeves up by force to laugh and draw all over my hairy arms, and boys push me in the playground so I'd fall over and graze my knees. I remember felling so hot and sweat in school and being unable to take my jumper off or wear socks to school instead of tights so the bullying would be low. Moving on to secondary school the bullying got worse, I'd have Sikh boys in ramals and gottis calling me moustache girl and hairy and telling me that they'd beat me up and kill me. A lot of the boys and girls would give me dirty looks, push me in corridors, not give me my school book when they were handing them out in class. All of the singhani girls who took Amrit also bullied me despite themselves bleaching their own facial hair and sideburns. Not even the teachers helped because frankly they didn't care about one student with a problem. My mom has no body hair neither does my nanny so they don't understand what I'm going through. Every time I mention my suffering with bullying and body hair as a female to them they clash with opinions. My nanny is amritari and says I should leave the hair alone and it would naturally (she doesn't understand the scientific hormale side of it) and my mom argues with me saying I should continue with the laser hair removal (I've had 6 sessions on my face last year which were not effective) despite my GP saying it was pointless since I'd need hundreds of sessions before it becomes even a bit effective as the excess androgens (male hormones eg testosterone) mean the hair follicles keep regenerating too quickly. I'm at my ends, I've cut my hair which was down to my knees in year 11 to take attention away from my facial hair to make myself look less tradition which I deeply regret as the pcos means I also have male pattern baldness so I have to use planter hair wash which is for women over 40 to stop the alopecia and thinning hair (it is currently chest high). I want to go swimming so bad but my hairy legs, buttocks and back mean I can't cover up those areas in a full sleeved bathing suit and I hate that I can't do one of the very few things that make me happy. What's surprised me the most I believe is that my own community, the sangat have let me down, instead of embracing a trait God has given and giving me support they have abandoned me, 90% of my bullies were Sikhs, most were boys who wore ramals and gottis and turbans, they all physically and emotionally abused me to the point were id cry every night to my mom contemplating my beliefs in God since I'd been given so much body and facial hair as a female. I'm looking for solutions and reasons to why the Sikh community were my bullies. I've tried bleaches, wet shavers, hair removal creams, laser hair removal, I'm currently on the dianette pill for acne and hiritism but it takes 8 months for full effects I believe and its side effects make my mood lazy, anxious, suicidal. I am an only child which adds to my unhappiness because I can't share my pains with anyone. My mom is a single parent who doesn't understand or want to understand pcos (I made full paged notebook full of my own medical notes of pcos and treatments from hours spent researching online and she hasn't picked the notepad up once) she is too busy talking about her ex bf to care about me, I have never met my dad who apparently lives in Canada with his new family, and my Punjabi isn't that great so I can't really talk to my nanny about it, I feel so lonely I have no cousins nearby or many friends to talk to because most of them think I'm akwardly shy since I'm only 4"11 so lack a lot of confidence and also because of the hair they don't want to be seen with me much so I'm very often at home alone in the summer holidays because my mom and nanny don't let me out of the house much anyway because they say it looks bad to the family if ppl see a girl alone walking outside as it makes her look bad to potential in laws in the future. My mom has bipolar disorder and she takes out her mood swings on me very severely, for example when I was 13 she told me because i wasn't studying 12 hours a day she was gonna wish God gave her cancer and that the next day I'd wake up without a mother and since I already didn't have a father or siblings I would have no one. She refuses medical care and my recent passing of my mama, her brother last year has triggered her depression and anxiety as well, so I don't know what to do. I've mentioned many problems, however I would like help with the hiritism side of pcos if any of the sangat would be kind enough to help me. Thank you if you have read my whole querry, I really appreciate it. Waheguru Ji Khalsa Waheguru Ji pateh
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