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Found 4 results

  1. This bebe from a pind makes everything! cakes, pizza, pasta, jalebi, samosa everything, and massive portions of it too lol at the end they give the food to the poor children. i really wanna try and make some jalebis lol
  2. So basically I wasn't expecting a scene in our home today noon but it did happen. My mom wasn't feeling well today , and the little kid keeps my wife busy other times , but he was sleeping.So my wife made some food. When I asked if the food was done, she said "yes, but don't criticize it please . I have been in kitchen for 'n' hours now doing cookking" I honestly started losing my temparament . I mean can she not even do this much ! Do I have no right to criticize the food she made. what if its tasteless. I mean my dad has criticized and got dishes made from mom for long. As I started eating and saying as to why I cannot criticize the food she made. Thats the only thing she handles right now , if at all. My dad said I should not criticize too much and that made me fuming because here's the man who always got things made from mom. So I started shouting on him as well. Mom immediately came to my rescue and started shouting at dad. Then mom's outburst came at my wife saying why she can't handle criticism of food . Then past issues suddenly came into arguments. My wife has a habit of arguing. I told her its her duty to make wholesome, tasty food for her husband (me). Thats the least a husband expects from wife. I also said if she can't do that I will start eating in restaurants. All this discussions happened in front of entire family. I was crying a little. Honestly though, I deserve good food with a wife. What's wrong in this ? I know toxic feminists will say your housewife isn't a domestic thing, I would like to tell them then I ain't an ATM either. I never b*tched about having to earn for her.
  3. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh. I thought as a positive, informative post, lets share punjabi food recipes and channels to help educate the youth on our beautiful cuisines and dishes. One good channel I found was Punjabi Veg Recipes: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-ND4aBWR5mlYxxZVBZm7fA Below are some of the recipes we've tried and taste nice: Roti (the essentials ? ) https://www.youtube.com/embed/gOZb1LGO9cQ Curry: https://www.youtube.com/embed/AKPdjnt6_Go Barfi (to wash it down with? ) https://www.youtube.com/embed/hDEdyskQScc
  4. Dear All Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ke fateh. I am a qualified chef by profession with over 13-14 years of experience, And I was previleged to contribute my expertise in project Langar 2012 http://www.unitedsikhs.org/langgar2012/ . This uprala was actualy done by United Sikhs .org and I was given the responsibility to bring in idea in which we are able to serve langar to all the wel lwishers, and visitors those who gathered to support "Bhai fauja singh ji " ( A 101 year old Marathon runner ) on is relay of Torch in stratford London During London Olympics 2012. This time we were not preparing langar for only sikh coimmunity or for gurdwara visitors. This time we were going out of our cordon and was serving langar every individual from different backgrounds gahthered there to watch the relay of torch on that day. It was a huge amount of crowd estimated to around 40,000+ people to arrive. details of the event are given in the web link posted. During this event I had to visit various Gurdwaras to demonstrate the Vege-Roti Rolls and I realised each gurdwara is preparing huge quantity of langar for its regular sangat and with 'guru-ki-meher' during weekends the numbers are doubled o reven multiplied several times. And I have seen the langrees ( person assigned by gurdwara committee to prepare langar ) along with voluntary sewadaars moving these humungous pots and pans here and there for preparation of dal-sabzi or even chawal. And after observing all this I just thought if we can use some professional equipments such as Tilting pans, Deep fryer, or a pressure boiler they can make cooking of langar a bit more convenient, time and energy saving also as these equipments take half the time of our regular cooking methods. Pics of these equipments are attached please have a look and post your opinion on this. These equipments can be handled all at once by one person and are very easy to operate and clean as most of the are plumbed with a swivel water tap for cleaning and for water supply for cooking. they do not ask a lot of maintenance. most of these equipments can servive a decade without a penny spent on them if handled properly . The tilting pan is suitable for cooking large quantity of dal or sabzi etc it can also be used for frying purees and all. the fryer is ideal for pakoras and samosa, and the boiler is ideal for cooking rice and boiling of vegetables Hope nobody mis-understands me as a salesman for theses equipment I am just bringing in an idea to make the life of langris a bit easy and focussed. If the Almighty akalpurakh permits then very soon we will do the sewa of one of these equipments in one of the busy gurdwara sahebs of east London, which will work as example for sangat to see and experience and once successfull we will take it to rest of the gudwaras where they do high volume of langar or even we can encourage wealthy gurdwaras to invest in these equipments to utilize the advancement of technology of cooking large volumes in these Gurdwaras. I am just trying to bring some new Ideas from the expertise of my profession but if it has hutr anybody's sentiments ot religious beliefs in any way, then its purely unintentional and highly regretted. Guru Rakha Gurpreet Singh
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