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Found 9 results

  1. Guest

    Afraid Of Ghosts

    I am really scared of ghosts, just by the thought of it terrifies me. I am also scared to pray I have heard people that have seen ghosts trying to scare them while they are doing paath to simran. This fear is ruining my life. I can't sleep at night and I don't know what to do. I know most people will say this is a test but I am ready to fail the test if it means I won't see any ghosts ever. What do I do? I am sorry if I said anything wrong
  2. Guest

    Extreme Fear/Scared

    Hello, I am a 34 year old male from Canada. I was brought up in household were my parents believe in radhasoami path. I married my wife who's parents are amrit dhari. I by my own accord do not not believe in the radhasoami path. I have been going to the gurdwara on and off through out my life. I have been going quite often the last month or two. My situation is I am married with two beautiful daughters. I have extreme paranoia and fear of being hurt. I always see the same cars following me or sitting outside my house. In the mornings I feel sick to my stomach with the anxiety and fear of someone try to hurt me or my family. My wife is adamant that it's all in my mind. She dosent believe me and gets frustrated with me. I have been listening to path and trying to do the path I know in my head all day. She says guru ji is with you and everything is written, which you can't change. I have prayed and begged and pleaded for help with waheguru. There has not bee any change in my situation. I just want to know does waheguru have the power to save me and my family. Or do I have to take action myself? I have begged waheguru to show me a path I have cried, I have pleaded. I can't seem to shake the panic and fear of what is going to happen. It's effecting my marriage, my life and I don't know what to do anymore. The panic and fear of death everyday has broken me. No matter how hard I try to listen to path, recite path. It helps me only for a few minutes then the fear takes over. Please help with any in sight you can give me.
  3. Ever since i was little I've always been scared of the dark and i still have to sleep with the light on cuz its scary and what if a monster or ghost is going to get me so i have to keep a look out for them. What do i do?
  4. I am a student and I had always debated with my teachers about sikh rights. I had always proved my point with the grace of god. But once I was talking to my classmates about a sikh right issue and out of a kind of joke they told my teacher about my opinion. I had been never afraid to admit what I said. But on that very day instead of proving my opinion somehow out of fear or something which I had never encountered earlier I said to my teacher that I had not talked about any such thing. Even after this incident I had always debated with anyone for sikh rights and never had been afraid. But I am ashamed of that one incident that I had not been fearless. This problem may sound funny or weird to you but it is very serious for me. Its remorse is killing me. Every time I recall it, I feel that I had not been a true sikh. Am I a true sikh? And can I be forgiven??
  5. Hi to everyone in the Sikh Sangat community! I wasn't sure where to post this question, but I chose to post in this forum because I think the views of this community are the most closely matched to my own. I've never been a particularly fearful or scared person, but around 3 months ago I had an experience that changed all that. That day I was at the lowest point in my life, I felt as though nothing I was doing in life was working, no matter how hard I tried things were ending up a failure, this has been going on for the past 3 years with regard to my finances, ever since my old business collapsed, any new venture I tried ended up not working or failing again from circumstances beyond my control. In fact failure has happened so much these past 3 years that I decided it better not to bother doing anything than risk further failure and heartbreak in recent times. That day I was particularly low for some reason, I’ve always been the type to see the positive in everything, but i don't know what changed that day, I was moping around feeling sorry for myself, didn't have the energy to lift up my hand and had little desire to speak to anyone. That night, I went to sleep and when I awoke, I saw in front of me a small clown holding a knife chanting something at me (sounded very evil). I tried to get up and punch the entity, but I was pinned to my bed, so couldn't get up or even scream. Scared as heck, I repeated in my mind "Waheguru, Waheguru, Waheguru". After around 5 seconds of repeating this in my mind, the entity vanished, and where it was I saw my chair instead. After this I felt cold shivers going up and down my spine and inside my head. After that day I decided I’d never allow myself to get that low again for fear of attracting the wrong type of energy into my life, but since then I’ve been afraid to sleep, and to be able to sleep I’ve been putting on Kirtan every night on repeat before i go to sleep. I've not seen the entity again, but the fear remains, and I’ve been having bad dreams, during the day time in the light I feel fine, but when it turns dark I'm scared that something is going to appear behind me, especially when brushing my teeth before bed, or while i'm trying to sleep, I fear that something will appear next to me. I've always been heavily into meditation but now i can't go as deep into meditation anymore because I’m fearful when I feel "vibrations in my body" or when my 3rd eye opens... something I used to welcome before this experience. What's even more strange is that I’ve never been scared of clowns before (I know some people have this fear), I’m still not afraid of clowns, but I fear the unknown more than ever before. Anyway I recently (over the past 2 months) came in contact with a tantric healer. I wasn't looking for him, he came into my life through family by happen-chance. He works with good spirits and has been helping my family get rid of negative energy and dispel "Jaadu Tona" via Hindu mantras. Though he apparently can only heal females, and to heal males he must work through my sisters. But he told me something that actually made me more fearful than before, he said that some spirits are so powerful that even saying the lord’s name cannot stop them from coming. This goes against my beliefs, because I’ve always thought that God's name can stop anything that means to harm you or drain your energy from coming into your life. Though I’m torn right now, I wouldn't believe this normally, but I remember what happened to my Grandma in India once. They had a spirit in their house who was trying to scare them, my Grandma is heavily into prayers, way more than my family and I. She has taken amrit and lives by the Sikh principles, a spirit was trying to scare her while she was doing her prayers, she said to the spirit "go away, you have no power over me" and was saying the lords name to drive it away, but the spirit caught her tongue and twisted it so she couldn't say the lords name anymore. Not only does this scare me, but I’m also pretty disappointed if it's true that the lord’s name hasn't enough power to drive away these lowly spirits. I'm not even sure what I’m asking you guys, maybe I’m just trying to get something off my chest, maybe I want someone to reassure me (for what little it's worth). I just feel that Life on this planet is stupid, makes no sense and I hope that I’m never reborn on this crappy planet ever again.
  6. Guest

    Scared of death

    I am really scared of death, how do I get rid of that fear? I feel like life is just going so fast and I am justing getting worried and am staring to panic
  7. The first part of series 'Samaadhi Baare' in Punjabi (Audio)- topic on fear by Bhai Amritpal Singh Amrit. This very good video touches on easily missed topic called-FEAR
  8. Vjkk Vjkf. My question is: Why do we Fear something or someone? Also, how can we as servants of SatGuru be Free of Fear!? Many Thanks Gurur Roop Saadh Sangat Ji
  9. Guest

    First time experience fear

    So I'm in year 9 and I have started wearing a dastar and these girls started laughing at me and I got a small fear inside me after that my mom says that I was the girl that have her strength and now I'm get scared myself I need tips on how I can get rid of this fear
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