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  1. Guest


    I have made fun of a pagri(im not a sikh) I regret it I have apologised to guru gobind ji. I feel terrible. I'm very sorry, I swear to never repeat it again. How to get rid of this guilt and seek forgiveness.
  2. Is there any crime or sin in Sikhi that would be seen as unforgivable? I know in the janamsakhis Guru Nanak Sahib Ji is mentioned to have forgiven and reformed alot of infamous evil characters even mass murdering man eaters. So I was thinking if the Guru Sahib can forgive and reform evil doers is there any crime us Sikhs would not forgive? and how would we justify harsh punishment for heinous crimes if our own Guru's forgave mass murderers?
  3. Vaheguroo Jee Kaa Khalsaa Vaheguroo Jee Kee Fateh!! Sadh sangat ji, I am looking for some direction/advice. I took Amrit at a young age but ended up doing kuraits such as drinking alcohol, smoking and cocaine at one stage. It was a tough time I was going through but no excuse as I still had love for Sikhi. Whilst doing this I never slaughtered my Kes in any way. I always had a deep feeling of guilt whilst doing the above and hid it from everyone (the activities and guilt). Later I met someone also Amritdaari and she had done a kurait as well. I did not disclose my kuraits a
  4. Guest

    Help - full of kaam

    Fateh sangat ji, I am in a dilemma with myself and my Sikhi. I would like to ask a few questions from knowledgeable people on there, both Gursikhs and non, and also get some advice. Please don't just slander me as I don't need that right now. I took amrit aged 15 but then went down the wrong path at 18 when I moved out for uni, but secretly. I started drinking (usually on my own at home), occasionally smoking a cigarette when in the pub low key and I also dabbled in some weed and coke here and there. I did not become an addict or alcoholic by any means. I have
  5. Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh! I have a personal doubt to discuss .. Lets start the topic (i m already sure a lot of you will have discordant opinions from mine but thats right all opinions are accepted). Before all i'd say i belong to a sikh family and i have faith in god (i sometimes do path and often listen to gurbani), but i m not amritdhari and i ve not even took kesh for the moment. My problem is that i have to deal with a nose which i personally dont like so much (a hooked nose, i mean a nose with a little hump, that is not really in harmony with my other facial feat
  6. Guest


    I have done a lot of bad things in my life. Nothing like murder before anyone thinks that lol, but things which against sikhi. I'll be honest and say, mostly kaam related stuff which i am not proud of and deeply regret now. Recently ive been getting more and more in sikhi and making an effort to become a better person and sikh. Making an effort to read more about our beautiful religion and our great history. Ive read some rehitnamas recently which detail things which are greatly prohibited and what happens to those who have committed these things. That made me think, will the Guru/God forgive
  7. This diseased worm has no words to describe the eternally supreme benevolence of Guru Sahib jee. But still couldn't stop myself from expressing my thoughts. (a.) Pandit Lal Chand Peshauria (from village Panjokhara near Ambala) did not understand the supremacy of Guru Sahib, and was irritated as to howcome a "little kid" can be called Sahib Sri Guru Harkishan Jee Maharaj. He tried in vain to test Guru Sahib, and Guru Sahib did kirpa on Chhajju who was able to do the meaning of Bhagvad Gita. Lal Chand fell on Guru Sahib's feet and became a Sikh. In 1699 he took Amrit and became Lal Singh, and
  8. Guest

    I Need Help. Please!

    waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh. I am 16 year old girl. When i was 13 i found out what porn was and since then i have been watching it. I do not touch myself in any manner but just watch porn and get the feeling of pleasure, even though i dont touch myself. I know it is a sin in sikhi. How can i stop myself. Just this week i had stopped but i did it again. i did not do it for 10 days and thats the longest i have gone. in the heat of the moment i watch porn.. but after I regret it deeply. A lot of times i have promised god and told him that i wont do it but i always end up doing
  9. Guest

    Something for all of you...

    I have been feeling this way and I need to get it out of my chest. To start off, I'm a 20 year old girl who's recently just started loving my religion, Sikhi. I had to experience a major downlow in my life for me to have my eyes truly opened and get my head out of this life, all this illusion..However, I did make mistakes in my past which I took self-pity for over 1.5 years and then I realized "that's it..I can't sit here and be sad anymore, Guru Sahib has already forgiven me". I am now starting to understand that my past actions are in the past - and whatever I have done wrong (which btw w
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