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  1. Guest

    Forgiveness for serious sin

    When I was young everything was good and I had really good time doing paath and attending gurpurabs. When I went to college I became worldly and started drinking as well. Then I started to become atheistic and started to question religion. I became increasingly angry towards religion and on one night I became so angry that I didn't think about the consequences and said some really bad words about Gurus. I other word I did beadbi in my mind. After that things became really scary and strange. In my dreams I saw amrithdhari sikhs with Kirpan on my necks and with very angry look in there eyes. I became really scared and I started asking forgiveness to Gurus about what I have said. One night I had a dream where I was in a court and was surrounded by amrithdhari sikhs on all sides. I was being judged and even I heard one sikh saying that " this boy used to do paath and what happened to him( in punjabi). I am changed man now and hopefully if Guru will would try to become amrithdhari but I feel like a lost cause and destined to go to hell. Is there anything what I can do to make things right or its too late for forgiveness. I just wanted to share it and ask opinion of other sikhs. What can I do to make it right?
  2. Guest


    I have made fun of a pagri(im not a sikh) I regret it I have apologised to guru gobind ji. I feel terrible. I'm very sorry, I swear to never repeat it again. How to get rid of this guilt and seek forgiveness.
  3. Is there any crime or sin in Sikhi that would be seen as unforgivable? I know in the janamsakhis Guru Nanak Sahib Ji is mentioned to have forgiven and reformed alot of infamous evil characters even mass murdering man eaters. So I was thinking if the Guru Sahib can forgive and reform evil doers is there any crime us Sikhs would not forgive? and how would we justify harsh punishment for heinous crimes if our own Guru's forgave mass murderers?
  4. Vaheguroo Jee Kaa Khalsaa Vaheguroo Jee Kee Fateh!! Sadh sangat ji, I am looking for some direction/advice. I took Amrit at a young age but ended up doing kuraits such as drinking alcohol, smoking and cocaine at one stage. It was a tough time I was going through but no excuse as I still had love for Sikhi. Whilst doing this I never slaughtered my Kes in any way. I always had a deep feeling of guilt whilst doing the above and hid it from everyone (the activities and guilt). Later I met someone also Amritdaari and she had done a kurait as well. I did not disclose my kuraits although she as aware that I was 'Amritdaari' and had taken my Sri Sahib off but kept all other four kakkars. We become a couple and one thing led to another. Anyway, we are no longer together as she passed away in a fatal accident when she was in India. I have upped my Gurbani and Simran so much with Maharaaj's kirpa since. I went to do pesh 2 years ago and took Amrit again. I wasn't able to fully explain all the kuraits I had done as one of the Panj Piyaaray just began shouting at me for the first thing I explained which is fair enough but I still feel my pesh was not complete becuase I didn't get a chance to have a word again due to the amount of praani's taking Amrit that day. Since then I have been in touch with someone and we are really close. Problem is she is married and not happy. Kaam has always been a BIG weakness of mine although I have only been with one person. I have failed again Sangat ji. Having so much knowledge of Gurbani and doing so much Simran and Seva I have still fallen. I want to sort myself out again but need to wait until I can really keep on track and get my avasta to that level. Amrit is priceless and I still remember the Panj Piyaara saying "amrit baar baar nee mildha". I would like to know if anyone has been or is in the same situation or how many times people have been to pesh and taken Amrit? Sorry for the long story but I thought I would explain the situation(s). Thank you very any answers, feedback and guidance in advance.
  5. Guest

    Help - full of kaam

    Fateh sangat ji, I am in a dilemma with myself and my Sikhi. I would like to ask a few questions from knowledgeable people on there, both Gursikhs and non, and also get some advice. Please don't just slander me as I don't need that right now. I took amrit aged 15 but then went down the wrong path at 18 when I moved out for uni, but secretly. I started drinking (usually on my own at home), occasionally smoking a cigarette when in the pub low key and I also dabbled in some weed and coke here and there. I did not become an addict or alcoholic by any means. I have always had a major problem with kaam. I got together with my best friend but this was an on off relationship and a distance one due to areas. Mostly based on phone calls, emails etc. I never told her about what kurehats I had done. She was amritdhari. During our last off period which was about a year, she had met someone else. I called her one day to say I still love her and later down the line she told me that she met someone and their wedding was arranged and date set. This broke me and I still wanted us to be together as we always spoke about. Anyway, we met a few times and one thing lead to another. This lasted up until her wedding. She didn't call off the wedding due to being afraid of her parents etc. Now, I was obviously heartbroken and lonely. I have always been a horny chap and with the regular physical activity no longer there with her it was difficult for me. Anyway, I went to pesh and retook amrit but my heart wasn't in it as I could not speak openly to the panj piaare due to time restraints and as one was hell bent on telling me off without me fully explaining all my kurehats. I still done the seva they said but just felt I was not forgiven as everything wasn't disclosed. Then an old friend of mine got in touch but she was married and not happy. It had only been a year since her marriage. We got close on the phone declared we liked each other in all ways and met. Nothing happend as I knew I retook amrit and she is married. I resisted so much for a few years and had several "opportunities" with other friends and colleagues which I didn't do. But being full of kaam I couldn't any longer and had an affair with my married friend. Now, I have disrespected my Guru and Amrit twice now and cant give up sex with her but I know one day I will have to as she cant leave him. My conscious gets to me. Question, will I be forgiven?? I read plenty of bani and do seva. I don't plan on taking Amrit yet because I cannot fall a 3rd time and take the piss so will wait a few years and control.my kaam before going in front of the panj piaare. I need to sort my kaam out. I cant get married to someone I don't love otherwise that would have addressed the issue. Any advice and thoughts? Thank you.
  6. Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh! I have a personal doubt to discuss .. Lets start the topic (i m already sure a lot of you will have discordant opinions from mine but thats right all opinions are accepted). Before all i'd say i belong to a sikh family and i have faith in god (i sometimes do path and often listen to gurbani), but i m not amritdhari and i ve not even took kesh for the moment. My problem is that i have to deal with a nose which i personally dont like so much (a hooked nose, i mean a nose with a little hump, that is not really in harmony with my other facial features). Fortunately, people (in school,city,ecc) have never bullied me but i think that, during puberty, my nose got a bit worse due perhaps to two operations ( in childood i had two operations to the nose to improve breathing reducing my nasal polyps, that were harmful for the breathe, and extracting nasal adenoids). Anyway, the current fact (now i m 22) is that when i look up to the mirror i like my self and feel comfortable but when i look to my nose i always feel very down with mood and self esteem,, i think a nose job to ONLY REFINE nose will surely solve the problem so i will probably do it in future ( i will probably do this NOT FOR looking "better" around society but at first for my personal satisfaction and for my better psychological balance). In fact i am talking with you about nosejob after years full of doubts and paranoia (a very negative period): the last 2/3 years i suffered a lot, i generally was vulnerable , afraid of people/society opinions and criticism (also for stupid things, like a comment on my clothes or a majak about my shyness nature,ecc.) and consequently didn't like my self so much so i started to isolate from people, stay always closed at home and talk only with parents. My life was ruined. Fortunately, Thanks to god,to books,to my family support and also to the aid of a good psychologist (i had some sessions with her, despite my parents were wary at the beginning ) i understood a lot of my problems and i am realizing that first of all i HAVE TO to love my self, follow my wishes (of course with some limits) and live my life with passion, without thinking about other people bad opinions and be conditioned by them !! So one of my first wish as i said is to have a little change only in my actual nose (other wishes are for example to improve in my job, pray for sarbat da pala, help people in difficulty trough socialworks and internet, make my family and community proud, ecc.): i m not in favor of cosmetic surgery generally and i don't like plastic people but i think this surgery is right only if it is going to solve a serious estethic or pshicologically disease in a person who is mature, as in my case. On the other side i know that nosejob , being a part of cosmetic surgery, is against sikh discipline (according to the dharam, in fact, our body is a natural gift of god so we should try to mantain it the same till death) and as sikhs we should focus on our INNER peace/beauty and then reach guru grace. Me too, as i belong to sikh pariwaar (and one day with guruji kirpa wish to be baptized), i love gurbani and follow a lot of principles like be honest, respect others, do sewa, stay away fromdrugs,alcool, kaam, krod, onkar, and above all try to help people that are in difficulty (in fact one of my future project is to make as a passion instructive videos on youtube in order to spread POSITIVE VIBES and try to MOTIVATE people especially the young people who are in difficulty but have inside great hidden-talents!!) . So, in short words, i am a simple and educated person with a inner spirituality: I could seem a narcissist person just bcz i want to do this kind of operation (nose job) but i am sure i m not full of ego or a bad person (a huge "paapi banda") and i am also in good relation with the local khalsa community!! FINALLY I CAN EXPLAIN MY DOUBT: IN YOUR SIKHI OPINION IF I DO THE SURGERY BUT I STAY A GOOD AND HONEST PERSON FOR ALL MY LIFE , I WILL BE DEFINITELY CONDEMNED BY GOD DUE TO THE OPERATION OR I WILL HAVE ANYWAY THE POSSIBILITY TO REACH GURU GRACE AND GOD AFTER DEATH (TAKING MAYBE AMRiT AND FOLLOWING SIKH DISCIPLINE IN FUTURE)? i know a person who had hair transplantation some years ago and now he is a sardar and i also have an amritdhari excellent friend who in his young age got some permanent tattoos,, for me a nosejob is at the same PAAP LEVEL of getting tattoos, having hair transplant or going in the case of woman to hairfacial laser, isnt it ??? If i make some grammar mistakes i m sorry , i don t live in a british country.. look forward for any reply that can help me with my doubt . pulla chukka da maaf karna
  7. Guest


    I have done a lot of bad things in my life. Nothing like murder before anyone thinks that lol, but things which against sikhi. I'll be honest and say, mostly kaam related stuff which i am not proud of and deeply regret now. Recently ive been getting more and more in sikhi and making an effort to become a better person and sikh. Making an effort to read more about our beautiful religion and our great history. Ive read some rehitnamas recently which detail things which are greatly prohibited and what happens to those who have committed these things. That made me think, will the Guru/God forgive all the bad things i have previously done? Is it a case of that you've done x,y, z so x,y,z is going to happen to you? Or can our previous sins be erased by now living a pious life and doing simran/paat.
  8. This diseased worm has no words to describe the eternally supreme benevolence of Guru Sahib jee. But still couldn't stop myself from expressing my thoughts. (a.) Pandit Lal Chand Peshauria (from village Panjokhara near Ambala) did not understand the supremacy of Guru Sahib, and was irritated as to howcome a "little kid" can be called Sahib Sri Guru Harkishan Jee Maharaj. He tried in vain to test Guru Sahib, and Guru Sahib did kirpa on Chhajju who was able to do the meaning of Bhagvad Gita. Lal Chand fell on Guru Sahib's feet and became a Sikh. In 1699 he took Amrit and became Lal Singh, and a few years later in 1704 he was among those Singhs who were fighting 1 million enemy troops at Chamkaur Sahib. When Sahibzada Baba Ajeet Singh jee went out into the heat of battle, Bhai Lal Singh was among that jatha of 5 Singhs who went with Baba jee and attained Shaheedi. (b.) Syed Baig was the brother of Bibi Naseera who was Pir Budhu Shah jee's wife. He was sent by the Mughals to assasinate Sahib Sri Guru Gobind Singh Jee Maharaj. Bibi Naseera pleaded with him not to, but he didn't pay any attention. On his way to the battle, he kept thinking to himself "If this Guru is really something, then He will know what I have in mind and will show me His greatness". The scene of battle was set. Singhs and Mughals were looking eye-to-eye ready to strike. In the midst of this, Dasmesh Pita jee went all by Himself right in the middle of both armies and called out to Syed Baig, and said "Syed Baig, the battle will go on, but first you come and tell me what do you have in mind". Syed Baig mind was blown away. He got off his horse and submitted his sword at Guru Sahib's feet. It is said that he became a Sikh and was a Shaheed fighting alongside with the Singhs. ਕੋਟਿ ਪਰਾਧ ਮਹਾ ਅਕ੍ਰਿਤਘਨ ਬਹੁਰਿ ਬਹੁਰਿ ਪ੍ਰਭ ਸਹੀਐ ॥ Again and again, God puts up with the millions of sins of the supremely ungrateful ones. (c.) Pandit Kirpa Ram Dutt (from Mattan, Kashmir) came with a legion of destitute Kashmiri Pandits at the feet of Sahib Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Jee Maharaj seeking shelter from the attrocities of Iftikhar Khan. After Guru Shaib jee's Shaheedi, he became a Sikh and became Bhai Kirpa Singh, another one of the blessed Shaheeds of Chamkaur Sahib along with his brother Bhai Sanmukh Singh (formerly Sanmukh Das). (d.) Pir Budhu Shah ji, a very highly revered Sayyad Sufi saint met Dasmesh Pita ji when Guru Sahib was very young and Pir jee was pretty aged. They both had spiritual discussions after which Pir jee fell at Guru Sahib's feet. The first 2 instances are of those who came before Guru Sahib with arrogance and ill intentions. The other 2 came to His feet seeking in all humility. But see the blessed nature of SatGuru Patshah jee, He lovingly accepted every single one of them inspite of whatever intentions they had, and not just that, He showered them with so much love that they happily sacrificed their lives. What must they have felt seeing Him right before themselves? What must they have thought when they saw His eyes full of love and only love, inspite of the fact that they had so much negativity in their minds for Guru Sahib? ਕਉੜਾ ਬੋਲਿ ਨ ਜਾਨੈ ਪੂਰਨ ਭਗਵਾਨੈ ਅਉਗਣੁ ਕੋ ਨ ਚਿਤਾਰੇ ॥ He does not know any bitter words; the Perfect Lord God does not even consider my faults and demerits. ਪਤਿਤ ਪਾਵਨੁ ਹਰਿ ਬਿਰਦੁ ਸਦਾਏ ਇਕੁ ਤਿਲੁ ਨਹੀ ਭੰਨੈ ਘਾਲੇ ॥ It is the Lord's natural way to purify sinners; He does not overlook even an iota of service. Only and only SatGuru Patshah jee can do bakshish of such ilaahi prem! Please correct and forgive any mistakes. Mehtab Singh December 27, 2013
  9. Guest

    I Need Help. Please!

    waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh. I am 16 year old girl. When i was 13 i found out what porn was and since then i have been watching it. I do not touch myself in any manner but just watch porn and get the feeling of pleasure, even though i dont touch myself. I know it is a sin in sikhi. How can i stop myself. Just this week i had stopped but i did it again. i did not do it for 10 days and thats the longest i have gone. in the heat of the moment i watch porn.. but after I regret it deeply. A lot of times i have promised god and told him that i wont do it but i always end up doing it. I WANT TO STOP. I dont want to be punished and i DONT want god to hate me. I want forgiveness from god. I have tried everything possible. sports, excercise. i have tried to keep myself active but it doesnt work . I feel that everyone will hate me and i will be failure in life due to this. I want to grow up and become thing and become a good and positive person. Can someone please tell me what I should do. I know this has been posted millions times. But I need help!!! please help me. PLEASE!
  10. Guest

    Something for all of you...

    I have been feeling this way and I need to get it out of my chest. To start off, I'm a 20 year old girl who's recently just started loving my religion, Sikhi. I had to experience a major downlow in my life for me to have my eyes truly opened and get my head out of this life, all this illusion..However, I did make mistakes in my past which I took self-pity for over 1.5 years and then I realized "that's it..I can't sit here and be sad anymore, Guru Sahib has already forgiven me". I am now starting to understand that my past actions are in the past - and whatever I have done wrong (which btw were A LOT OF THINGS!) ..I have to simply let go. Now, I read a few posts on here about people that went the same wrong path as me and realized how badly they messed up and were asking for forgiveness. However, I came across RUDE people that told them "oh well, you should've known better" or "Well, thats what you get by doing that, or doing this", etc etc etc...The list goes on. I just want to let everyone know - and I mean EVERYONE - cause I know all of you have made mistakes..that it is okay to make mistakes. Some are bigger than others, but as long as YOU can feel it in your whole body and soul that you were wrong and you ask with a pure heart for an apology to God...he has already forgiven you my friend <3 The hardest part is not too get forgiveness from babaji (because let me reassure you that he already has forgiven you), sometimes it's about forgiving ourselves for what we have done. It is not easy to let go of our past mistakes and the past can be such a heavy burden to hold on too every day of our lives but I realized that life is just that - life. Don't take it too seriously...you're here for ONE thing and that is to go back home. Your time is NOW - not the past, not the future but right here, right NOW. If you can truly feel your unconditional love for God NOW then nothing else matters. Do good things NOW - don't repeat your mistakes NOW - Love God NOW...it's all about right now (hopefully, i've said now enough to make you guys understand hahaha) I just made this post because I know a lot of you are seeking some kind of comfort from your past..or something "bad" you did yesterday. No one else is gonna give you comfort besides our guru sahib <3 you have to feel the love flowing in your body for him and that is how you know your life is slowly changing..Go recite some bani, spend some 'alone' time with babaji, etc.. All I know is I'm not the same girl I used to be a year ago. Living in a westernized society, I made mistakes (boyfriends, intimacy) and even though God has always been there for me, I am beginning to truly see him. He's always been within me, I was just so caught up with illusionary stuff that I forgot to look inside of me, my heart, my soul. Okay this is getting super long (and I need to get back to studying lol) but I just wanted to write this out to everyone who needed to hear a positive thought today. God is there for you, he is NOT mad at you...we're all his children and he's seeing us fall and stand back again and one day..we will be back at our true home. For now, hang in there <3 Life is too precious - our Gurus have given us this life because we are one step closer to God..let's take this chance, yea? and to all those mean people trying to make people feel bad about their mistakes...STOP. You are not superior to anyone - we are all here as equal's. Let's offer guidance to those that need it & love everyone. Wow, I'm sorry for sounding like Mother Teresa =P but hopefully, this makes sense and I'm sorry if I said anything wrong.
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