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Found 9 results

  1. vjkk vjkkf, I just wanted peoples view on this. Is it ok to talk to another Girl/Guy even if you or the other person are married just as a friendship or because you get along?
  2. So no one in my family is amritdhari. We were proud of our caste (which i realised once coming into sikhi it didn't make any sense). Let me be honest. I loved my life when I wasn't a amritdhari. My family and loads of my friends and people would call me attractive and I loved all the attention from girls. From all this attraction from girls, I got with the most popular girl that everyone likes apart from me and had sex with her. It was a dare and I was young!! And that really didn't help with me after taking Amrit. For some random reason I woke up one morning and thought I wanted to take
  3. Many of you would have seen these videos before but I saw them for the first time a few days ago and I don't mind telling you that they have played on mind ever since, leaving me feeling unbelievably sad. On many previous occassions when people here have started threads about the drugs situation I have been very critical of the fact that Punjab counts things such as a 'beer' and 'cough syrup' as drugs. I stand by that criticism because what we can clearly see from the videos below is that the masses there do not see any difference between a beer and heroin, a glass of wine and Ice, a cough sy
  4. Changing face of Sikh Society Who is a real Sikh (Singh and kaur) ? To Whom should we call Sikh NOW? Why Sikh girls want clean shaven to marry? Wha'ts wrong with the Singh of GURU ? Why we are making 12th guru ? Are Sikh lost trust in them> Why Newly Singh don't wanna live in Punjab ? Why they always go out of india to settle ? What makes singh to cut their hairs ? Are Sikh girl ashame of Singh's Appearance ?
  5. Alright. I am going to start a potentially controversial thread here so all those who feel offended by it please accept my apologies in advance. Obviously, the intent is not to offend anybody here. Over the years,I have been reading about all the reports and articles about the muzzies targeting Sikh girls for conversion and sexual assault. This is not something new and has been happening for nearly twenty years now. You can find these dirty camel jockeys bragging openly about how many Sikh girls they have "scored with". You would be surprised to know that this has started in Punjab too while o
  6. WJKK WJKF I am a Sikh guy from Delhi. I want to ask a question about Sikh girls, virginity and sex before marriage. But first, I want to tell you about what has driven me to come here and ask this question. I used to like a girl in the final year of my school. She used to like me too. We used to blush a lot while talking to each other and We used to talk to each other a lot. We told each other about our feelings and felt good about it. Later we went to different colleges. One day there was a cultural event in her college, I came to know of it from my friends in that college, and th
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=4E2s3mj0IEg
  8. A few years back there was this massive outcry about Sikh girls being deliberately converted into Islam through fraud, fake love and so on... I came across this link in which the person claims to be an ex Sikh but has converted due to some reasons. Basically if this person was a Sikh then she has no knowledge whatsoever about Sikh ithiaas. I personally belive it's just another way of getting Sikhs who are ignorant about their faith to convert, heres the link: http://www.whyislam.org/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=4820 Is this still continuing? And if so what can be done or is being done to stop suc
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