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Found 9 results

  1. vjkk vjkkf, I just wanted peoples view on this. Is it ok to talk to another Girl/Guy even if you or the other person are married just as a friendship or because you get along?
  2. So no one in my family is amritdhari. We were proud of our caste (which i realised once coming into sikhi it didn't make any sense). Let me be honest. I loved my life when I wasn't a amritdhari. My family and loads of my friends and people would call me attractive and I loved all the attention from girls. From all this attraction from girls, I got with the most popular girl that everyone likes apart from me and had sex with her. It was a dare and I was young!! And that really didn't help with me after taking Amrit. For some random reason I woke up one morning and thought I wanted to take amrit. It was hard the first time I wore a patka to school. I lost all of the attention from everyone and loads of people would come up to me and say I looked way better without it, which wasn't really helpful. Anyway I had strong faith in maharaj and just let everything brush past me. Infact, even my dad would tell me that I looked way better without it and he told me that all my uncles and aunties etc had come up to him and said i just looked like a <banned word filter activated> and way less attractive and that I wouldn't even get married. So, I took amrit about a month before my 16th birthday and took it way too lightly. Soon after I had realised how hard it really is, but with maharaj kirpa it soon became much easier. I was EXTREMELY STRICT. I would keep a chola on 24/7 and at that time I was going to secondary school in year 11 with a cholla, kambarkasa and 5 shaster on underneath my uniform. I had all my baniya kant (memorised) and would experience a lot of things during simran. I would eat out of sarbloh bate and not eat anything not prepared from amritdhari, which includes takeaways. I would wear a 13 meter dumalla everywhere even to bed. I just loved this sort of life at that time and I wanted to do it properly with all the rules and regulations to make maharaj happy. I think it went downhill because of that. I was just way too strict at a young age and just made it way to hard for myself. I started going to a more densely populated gurdwara, where there was a heavy population of sangat that was my age. I started to gain that attention again from the girl sangat and it really felt good. I guess I'm really insecure and weak. Anyway I started to slowly drift away from the gurdwara and became a Patit for about a year and a half. As my hair wasn't as long so I would stop wearing a dastar and style it up. I had actually gone to school with this hairstyle and a lot of people that had cussed me behind my back for looking ugly had now come back to me and hugging me and I started to realise a lot more popular girls coming up to me and being nice. Infact, in the space of about 7 moths I had been with 3 girls! And I'm not even proud of that, which Is why I think I went to a Sikh sangat for advice rather than other patits like myself. I think I am writing this thread because I don't really want to leave sikhi but at the same time I do. I guess I just really need someone to talk to. Even though I am a Patit I always hear simran in my mind. When I wake up, go to bed or even at school. Sometimes I just get really angry and listen to music with the volume up. And sometimes I just let myself merge with the simran, and I get a feeling of pleasure that felt way better than the lust type. I have just received my a level results and I am actually going to a top uni (oxford) to study law. I don't understand why maharaj is gifting me with all of this when I am thinking of leaving this path. I all scared of going to uni as there will not be any Sikh amritdhari sangat I can go to for advice, it will just be partying and lectures. Sometimes I just cry and I hate looking the way I am. I just wish I looked normal with no attention from anyone and everyone will just stop telling me how I now look better without a dumalla on. Even now it has been about a year and a half since I have left Amrit. My relatives still say "oh you look so much better without that massive turban" at party's infront of everyone. and my dad would always say how he used to get these comments when he was young and he would say "I bet you love it" when I say no he would shout at me and just tell me to go away and be greatful. Sometimes I get jealous when I see a person in bana and wish I was like them, and then sometimes I hate seeing anything sikhi related because it gives me the feeling of coming back into sikhi as I want to stay the way I am because of all this attention and to make my family happy I just don't know what to do.
  3. Many of you would have seen these videos before but I saw them for the first time a few days ago and I don't mind telling you that they have played on mind ever since, leaving me feeling unbelievably sad. On many previous occassions when people here have started threads about the drugs situation I have been very critical of the fact that Punjab counts things such as a 'beer' and 'cough syrup' as drugs. I stand by that criticism because what we can clearly see from the videos below is that the masses there do not see any difference between a beer and heroin, a glass of wine and Ice, a cough syrup and cocaine. The official Punjab anti-drugs campaign doesn't help either. They're slogan is 'Stop doing Drugs.....They are Injurious to Health'. Injurious to health ? :omg: My word that is the understatement of the century. These drugs that are now spreading through the people of Punjab like wildfire ane not just injurious to health they are destroyers of lives and whole societies. Now think about it, the only people we here in the west see smoking heroin are those decrepit junkies who are at the very bottom of society, usually dirty homeless bums. I listed to katha from a baba, I forget his name, last year at Park Avenue Gurdwara, and he was telling the sangat how now in Punjab the boys and girls had also become addicted to the next thing sweeping across Punjab. He said it is called 'chita' in Punjab. I didn't think any more of it but one of the videos below clarifies that it is in fact cocaine and it, along with crack cocaine, is now widely available and mainstream in Punjab. We here in western Europe with our high population in tightly packed urban areas have largely been spared the scourge of methamphetamine (ice), but our friends in America, Canada and Australia (with their large open spaces needed to cook the drug) will tell you of the sheer devastation, both physical and social, it has brought. I have been told by many people that Punjabis from America and Canada have been using their rural family farmhouses in Punjab to both cook and distribute ice across Punjab and now it too is spreading like wildfire out there. I dispair. I truly do. When our girls and our dastar wearing long bearded babas are like this...what hope for our boys ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XzkzR1_8Jtw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YShZpCZOPxw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YOzAA0KESBA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=viaT5iqN7nE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_X11WZ_YQw We (in the west) are not and never will be in as bad a situation as Punjab but we should also not forget that things are not that rosy here too, especially our den of inequity: Southall.
  4. Changing face of Sikh Society Who is a real Sikh (Singh and kaur) ? To Whom should we call Sikh NOW? Why Sikh girls want clean shaven to marry? Wha'ts wrong with the Singh of GURU ? Why we are making 12th guru ? Are Sikh lost trust in them> Why Newly Singh don't wanna live in Punjab ? Why they always go out of india to settle ? What makes singh to cut their hairs ? Are Sikh girl ashame of Singh's Appearance ?
  5. Alright. I am going to start a potentially controversial thread here so all those who feel offended by it please accept my apologies in advance. Obviously, the intent is not to offend anybody here. Over the years,I have been reading about all the reports and articles about the muzzies targeting Sikh girls for conversion and sexual assault. This is not something new and has been happening for nearly twenty years now. You can find these dirty camel jockeys bragging openly about how many Sikh girls they have "scored with". You would be surprised to know that this has started in Punjab too while our people sit ideally with their heads buried in sand. I was recently on a flight from Amritsar to Dubai when a dirty musla swine from Malerkotla from sitting in the seat behind me started having a conversation with his Hindi speaking co-religionist, He bragged how beautiful the women in Punjab are and how easy it is to get a Sikh girl. He kept on before I turned around said to him " B****C**** tun vapas mur ke Punja hi aona, kehra tera katte hoye bharawan ne tainu pakka rakh laina Dubai vich? Mera naam yaad rakh la te main Patiale ton te tera Malerkotla mere shahron 70 km hi door a. A ke tainu te tere tabbar nu hala kar deyange, vekhda tera allah kiddan bachaonda tainu" Dirty malecch could not utter a word. His name is Tausif Iqbal and he is working as a labourer in Sharjah UAE and I am keeping tabs on him. Sacche patshah di kirpa nal ehda vi soda la dena ikk na ikk din. Now back to the point- what is stopping Sikh guys from responding to these camel jockeys in the UK? Why cant you lost just hit them back? They are bunch of wimps and retreat easily when dealt with force. Hit them back. Attack them. Chop a few of them down and they will see the light. Of course,, blood will be shed but then sometimes it is necessary to shed blood when your survival is at stake. Now here is the can of worms- just like mulleh target our girls, we should target theirs too. Yes, I am advocating this and yes I am a Sikh. Now before the liberals, apologists for secularism, pseudo-Sikhs, supporters of universal brotherhood etc get on their high horses and start condemning me from a moral high ground, I would like to say that I am sorry that I offended your sensibilities but I stand by what I say. Unlike you lost, I am not going to hide behind the curtain of morality, equality etc and start quoting bani to hide my unwillingness to take action. We are in the middle of a war. Yes these onslaughts are a part of a war against declared by these camel jockeys. In war everything is ethical- nothing is immoral or wrong. Surely they see it this way and so should we. It is time to pay these b******* back in the same coin. This is where our monay brother can help the community. They should start targeting their girls and start dating them and slowly introducing them to the pleasures of material world. Once you sow seeds of doubts in the minds of their women, it is easy to break them away. Use them just like they use our girls. Let our boys give them a new generation of kids. Don't worry about morality friends because you committed the biggest sin the day you shed your hair but you can still do the community a great service by using your current appearance to target the women of the enemy. Now I don care if the moralist/apologists for secularism delete my thread or ban me. It wont change anything in my life but it would definitely convince me that members of community have now become self serving hypocrites who like to conceal their cowardice behind a veil of morality.
  6. WJKK WJKF I am a Sikh guy from Delhi. I want to ask a question about Sikh girls, virginity and sex before marriage. But first, I want to tell you about what has driven me to come here and ask this question. I used to like a girl in the final year of my school. She used to like me too. We used to blush a lot while talking to each other and We used to talk to each other a lot. We told each other about our feelings and felt good about it. Later we went to different colleges. One day there was a cultural event in her college, I came to know of it from my friends in that college, and thought I should surprise her. I went there with my friends and saw her with some other guy, dancing, laughing and having her fun. I felt awkard and bad seeing that but I tried to ignore having seen what I had seen. When I asked my friends about that guy, they said he was her guy, and they had seen them making out quite a few times. I couldnt believe it. She used to say she liked me, loved me, wanted to be with me. I was heart broken. I spoke to her about it and she confessed to it. I stopped talking to her. That teenage love ended then and there. I was depressed for a very long period of time. After 1.5 years I came across a girl through a mutual friend. She was amritdhari, looked kinda cute and had approached me herself. I started to like her company. She was studying at a college in Gurgaon. After some time of our friendship we both felt attracted towards each other. But she had bad company, had ONLY guy friends, used to go with em to hookah bars, pubs and all other kinda wrong places. I myself am an amritdhari and i personally do not like going to any such places as I feel that Sikhs must not go to these kinda places. (Kutha, hukkah, charas, tambaku, ganja , topi, taadi, khaaku.. inki ore na kabahuu dekhai rehetvand so sikh bisekhai) ... also came to know about her alleged physical relationships with many of her friends. So, we broke up. And I was shaken up again. After another year of staying depressed and aloof, I came across one extremely amazing girl. She looked very decent and adorable and belonged to an amrirdhari family. Her mom ties dastar, her dad is a great man and knows a lot about gurbani and sends amazing vibes whenever you look at him. But she has had a past too and has been with 2 guys, both of them were hindus and "bihari" and i came to know from a friend who was there in her college that she has done "it" many a times with her guys and there were several pics of her floating around. Now, By the Guru's grace, I am a Six feet tall, somewhat buffy, fair, pochviin pagg tying, amritdhari Sikh guy and I get plenty of compliments and attention from the opposite sex. I have completed 5 years of my college life at two of the most happening colleges in delhi and have had plenty of chances myself to be 'up, close and personal' with the most adored girls in my colleges. But I have made sure to not to commit any of the four 'kurehits' all these years. I consider any kind of physical intimacy as something sacred which must occur between two people who are life partners and not a mere source of pleasure which can be done with anybody. Thus, I am still a virgin. Yes, 24, male and still a virgin. And yes, I will get married sooner or later. As anybody would, I too want a Sikh girl of good morals and a high character to be my life partner, Someone who knows Sikhi values to the core, hasnt fooled around with guys and of course has her virginity intact. But seeing the current state of Sikh girls (encountering those 3 in my life, seeing Sikh girls in my college and hearing about them from my friends), Seeing all this, I have developed a negative image for girls in my mind and i do not even feel comfortable talking to them. I dont think there are many left who still stay virgin till they get married. Sometimes when sad and depressed, I feel like I should get even and feel like falling for the advances of girls around me. But when I get back to my senses I feel bad for even thinking that ways and I do not want to defy my Guru. I want a decent girl to be my life partner, bit it now seems a rare possibility. I am utterly disappointed and worried. Please help me out. I would like people who are married or in relationships and especially bibiyaan, matawan, bhainaa to please understand my problem and help me come out of it. WJKK WJKF
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=4E2s3mj0IEg
  8. A few years back there was this massive outcry about Sikh girls being deliberately converted into Islam through fraud, fake love and so on... I came across this link in which the person claims to be an ex Sikh but has converted due to some reasons. Basically if this person was a Sikh then she has no knowledge whatsoever about Sikh ithiaas. I personally belive it's just another way of getting Sikhs who are ignorant about their faith to convert, heres the link: http://www.whyislam.org/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=4820 Is this still continuing? And if so what can be done or is being done to stop such incidents?
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