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  1. Listen, you illterate <banned word filter activated>: I've already stated how, in the past, my grandfathers and fathers before him regularly took opium in order to work the fields and ward off malaria. That doesn't mean I would be justified in following the 'tradition' of my family in this day and age. If I did....I would be a low down dirty filthy druggie scum just like you intoxicant supporting pretend sikhs. That was then and this is now......now there are medicines that do the job. In the past, my Sikh forefathers pissed on each other's wounds when cut in battles. But that d
  2. You are very much mistaken. You're criticising me for using 'words' against you sikhs that love taking the drugs and in her example love pushing/dealing the drugs but I think at this point all of you filthy drugie scum should sit back and remember this simple fact: In the whole world, bar one or two countries, you so called 'Sikhs' here that love the cannabis, will not only be arrested and charged with a criminal offence for it, but, in most countries you will have your liberty taken away with a prison sentence and in many countries, such as Singapore, it is an offence deemed immoral enough
  3. Well now, this thread pretty much sums up the dire straits that the young 'Gursikhs' of the UK are in and pretty much sums up why many non-religious Sikhs in the UK see the 'amritdharis' as immoral and morally corrupt. It shows how all we fathers and mothers need to keep our children well away from a very large proportion of those in the UK wearing the garb of our Guru, dressing like him, pretending to be like him, but with all the morals and ethics of a common criminal from the council estate. The thread has shown how an extremely large percentage are drug takers. Now, as the above proves, w
  4. For someone who's been "reading jagsaw's comments for a while now on this forum" you obviously have the reading skills of an amazonian pygmy on acid. If you knew how to read, you will have noticed that I am this forum's most vocal critic of NKJ and see them as causing obscene long term damage to Sikhi. My grandfather...his father before him....and his father before him, as farmers in Punjab, regularly took opium. Not for the nasha, but because it "helped" them work the fields and stay awake. Thats "tradition" in eactly the same way you talk about the nihung's "tradition". The obvious differen
  5. Well, because a 'ball' by very definition, is a sphere shaped object and, by common sense, the thing Americans play with is obviously an oval egg shaped thing and the fact they use their hands to play with it rather than their foot........we call it 'American Hand Egg'.
  6. We don't have favorites. We have favourites. We don't have soccer teams. We have football teams.
  7. Remind me not to take you with me to a debating contest Singh559. You're about as useful and welcome as Jimmy Saville at a children's charity event. Oh and a little tip.....re; those little 'mistersingh' stylee vide clips. You might wanna limit yourself to the one in future. They work in a sort of double negative way whereby the humour and effect of the first is somewhat cancelled out with the inclusion of an unecessary second. Just a little tip to help you on your way.
  8. What you mean "they actually do it" ? What you telling me that for ? I'm the one here...on a previous thread....who gave a detailed account of my experience in my pend after being given it by the granthi in our Gurdwara while my family were having an akhand path here. I''ll repeat it again: They.....because they are a bunch of un-padh cretins who wouldn't know real Sikhi if it jumped up and bit them on the bottom...drink it. They gave me a glass. It was mixed with milk, almonds and spices and this ensured it will do the rounds in my body's digestive system before finally hitting my head in
  9. What ? What you trying to tell us ? Cat got your tongue ? Not have any views of your own ? Not capable of articulating your own views ? Your post is a complete mystery but......if you're trying to use a mortal 'man's' ideas and beliefs about our 10th master using drugs....and pass it off as definitive proof of the truth even though you know that all mortal men are inherently flawed, I will retort with some fundamental truths: Guru ji was clear and adamant about the strict ban on all intoxicants. Only a mentally ill mental inpatient of a facility catering for the mentally ill with a big
  10. Ummm.......you have to wonder about a man that is awake at 01:14 hrs on Saturday night /Sunday morning with nothing on his mind but marijuana. Calling it 'shaheedi degh' is just an attempt to give drugs a sense of respectability among those sikhs who are inclined towards narcotic substances. i.e..bani is not good enough for them......simran is not good enough for them.....sangat is not good enough for them. They need drugs in order to reach a stage that Gurbani on its own can take other Sikhs. It grows wild all over Punjab. You'll find it in other people's fields if not your own. It (bh
  11. You obviously didn't read the message directly above yours Cisco. The cost of adhering to very strict regulations is very very high in Singapore. The car scenario I gave you was just an example of it, i.e the fact that one needs to spend around $100,000 on car tax etc before one can even put a car on the road there. Thats why there's so few private ownership cars there and the environment is so clean. Once you've spent $100,000 you can then factor in the additional cost of the actual car. That example then, is how Singapore maintains an extremely clean and orderly society. Standards are very h
  12. Let me put my points in bullet order: 1) The BBC, time and time again, have been shown to totally disregard the existence of Sikhs in the UK, i.e people that pay for the BBC's existence with our licence fee. 2) With regards to international news from Punjab, they only employ Indian journalists from Bombay who naturally only write or broadcast news about their version of 'India'. 3) We, the Sikhs, have been trying to expose the BBC for a long while now. 4) In my opinion, looking closely at that 'silent man with a turban' constantly in BBC discussion programme audiences, he comes across as a
  13. Even before he was force fed he had still broken the world record for being on a hunger strike by some margin. In fact the margin was at such a level that it was actually physically impossible for a human to be on hunger strike anywhere near that long and still be alive. And therein lies the problem. The authorities there (India) see us as gimmicky sort of people not to be taken seriously and we do nothing to dispel that viewpoint when one after the other some (we had 3 or 4 in a row) some of or men go on hunger strikes that are not even hunger strikes at all.
  14. It was probably Muslims that did it. I say we ban all Muslims until we can "figure out what the hell is going on". Can I be President now ?
  15. "Already Islamified London" ? Really ? Which part of London do you live in for you to think that ? Oh yeah....you don't do you....You live in the Birmingham area and yet you think we Londoners live an "islamified" city. As a Londoner, let me tell you that this city is very black......very jewish....very very Hindu....extremely European.....increasingly hispanic south american and in these parts of west London very Sikh. But, unless you live in the cheap eastern part of London, it most certainly isn't even remotely 'islamified'.
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