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Found 9 results

  1. Can someone pls give me a link to shastar mala paath because I am confused when I am checking on YouTube it shows very short video but when I am checking pdf It shows pages after pages . Also can I do shastar mala path 11 times for 40 days ? Any Bhul chuk maaf
  2. Guest

    Help needed

    Can someone pls give me a link to shastar mala paath because I am confused when I am checking on YouTube it shows very short video but when I am checking pdf It shows pages after pages . Also can I do shastar mala path 11 times for 40 days ? Any Bhul chuk maaf
  3. I am a uni student and have to decide my career path . What path should I do to seek guidance from Waheguru and make the right decision .
  4. Guest

    —— and Lust?

    So allow me to introduce my self (anonymously) I am a 16 year old boy. In Sikhism Lust is considered a sin. But I have been confused. People say ——- is wrong because of Lust. Lust is a sin because it takes your mind away from God, basically it makes you forget about God. And that is why it is considered a sin. And that is why I don’t ————-. But, I am confused because if Lust is considered a sin because it makes you forget about God, then isn’t technically anything that makes you forget God a sin? For example When I play video games, I tend to forget about God, but not permanently, I forget about God while playing video games, but playing video games isn’t a sin. But Lust makes you forget about God and me playing video games does too. So what’s the difference between those two. I know this discussion is all over the place , so let me simple it down. I ask kindly for people to answer these questions 1. As a Sikh, do we have to constantly think about God, like every second or minute of the day? 2. What’s the difference between temporary forgetting God through Lust and temporarily forgetting God through other things such as Video Games, watching movies, doing Homework, playing a intense sport, etc. ? 3. ——- 4. ——- 5. finally, is forgetting God while doing other things, is forgetting God during those times a sin? 6. Finally, If forgetting God is the sin then Do I have to remember God every second or minute of the day? Or can I remember God throughout the day while spending time doing other things ? To everyone I mean no disrespect, I am just confused and curious. Please don’t ignore this form.
  5. Hello All, I have a very close friend that just ended a very long term relationship and I'm probably going to direct him over to this forum - but was wondering if anyone has any wise words from the SGGS to share that can help motivate him. Breakups suck and they really suck the life out of you and get you down. Any wise words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated.
  6. I grew up in a punjabi household, who like most held strong values/respect rooted to Sikhism, but never fully following its teachings. Like for example my father wears a turban and full beard, volunteers as much as he can at the gurudwara, but still eats meat. My mother prays every morning, listens to religious things all day on the radio, but has never taken Amrit. I am 24 and spent most of my life doing the Canadian lifestyle. Working, drinking hard on my days off, and forged a huge "I dont care or respect sikhi" attitude. I would laugh in my moms face if she said "say a little prayer" or something. When I would be at parties drinking and the topic of religion or politics came up for debate, I would always laugh and boast about how there is no god, just to seem cool and edgy. Afterwards I'd feel so stupid and anxious at the things Ive said or made jokes about, because even though I am not a practicing Sikh, as a Punjabi I was always taught to respect the religion as it is rooted in us in a way. The thing that makes me so disgusted in myself on the flip side is that with all this filth that Ive said, I still always ran back to god to help me when things were going badly in my life. Like a fool worthy of nothing, I'd say "waheguru" a few times to help me get through something. I really hate what I have become. Rude, obnoxious, disrespectful, attention seeker, procrastinator, and many more can be added to this list. I feel like I need some spirituality, some guidance. I really want to be a good person. Thats all that I want. Now for my question. As a punjabi, and not practicing sikh, are we even worthy of spirtual acceptance in Sikhism? Are we wasting our time? My father is a good man, who has a strong connection to the faith, but doesnt practice it to the fullest as he eats meat, is he wasting his time? How does sikhi apply to punjabis? Are we all just wannabes who only fit sikhi into our lives when it is convenient for us? Can we look to it for guidance or should we not even bother? Thank you and outmost respect to all.
  7. Daas has a very busy life and not enough time to do sukhmani sahib paath, in the day, is it okay to recite it before going to sleep followed by kirtan sohila sahib? Buuf chuk maaf karni!
  8. Guest


    I want to start praying but im confused ... I know the ideal prayers you should do daily are 'japji sahib', 'rehrass sahib' and 'kirtan sohila'. When I wake up im tired, its too cold to change yet alone have a shower.. so how do I do japji sahib? * I wash when I come back home, and that's when I do rehrass but im not constant with it.. kirtan sohila I don't do I wanna do all three but like is it ideal you wash? and I am a meat eater, sometimes I eat meat sometimes I don't? what do I do if I ate meat on that day? PLEASE CAN YOU TELL ME HOW'D YOU FIX UR LIFE ROUND ROUTINE WITHIN SIKHI. im a teenager.
  9. WJKK WJKF Brothers and sisters I need your help, I fear I am leaving the path of righteousness. I have a muslim friend and he keeps telling me about Islam and it all just seems to make sense. He told me that Guru Nanak dev ji was a muslim and went to Mecca, is this true?!! He also said in Islam only muslims go to heaven, but in Sikhism it says you just need to be a good person. Is any of this true, I need to know before its too late!
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