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Found 5 results

  1. Do most people just end up in hell or some other low lifeform? And just small % of people actually make to a heavenly abode and even smaller actually make it to sachkhand? Read some Buddhist writing and it said you can be tortured in hell for a million years though in earth days it's just a couple of days.
  2. How do i Not go to hell? I don't want to suffer in hell.
  3. So how many of you guys have heard stories of someone having had a experience of Hell or Heaven and then came back? My mums friend, her mother lives in India, she basically died, the doctors proclaimed her dead! next morning when they were about to do her daag, cremate her and stuff, her toes started twitching! one of the village folk saw it and started screaming that he saw her move. Long story short she described what happened in the time that she was dead. She basically went to the next world and saw a lot of stuff! She said that it is very hot and humid, and very hard to breath, there is this narrow corridor that everyone needs to walk through, in this corridor it is pitch black and one can not breath. Everyone is in a line, and the people that misbehaved are dragged out of the line and tortured with whips and canes! People are screaming and begging for forgiveness. one jamdoot then came up to her and said what are you doing here, its not your time yet you still have a couple of days left, and she then woke up on the cremation wood! My mums friend told my mum that her mother then told everyone to do waheguru simran, and that only simran can save you, nothing else can save you. She gave her husband a simran mala and said only this will save you. she then passed away on the number of days the jamdoot had told her she had left! I also remember hearing another terrifying story from the same town as me. It was some punjabi man. Two "people" visited him, one of the ladies that came was a gori who he knew but she had died a few years back. They came through the the gap between the door and floor. There was a third person who came with them, that person was on the floor and they both were torturing him/her ! They then said to the punjabi man that they are gnna come back on this date -- -- ---- and take him. He then shared his story with all his family and many local Punjabis visited his house to hear it. The date that they told him they will come back he was found dead in his house! waheguru! My nani who was a amritdhari used to tell us before she passed away that she has visions of this Singh in white chola, long white dhari and a white dastar. He didn't say anything to her but used to walk past her. Soon she passed away. Some people on here will find this funny lol! and some scientists on here will not believe it and probably call it imagination or something. Has anyone else heard such stories? May Waheguru ji guide us all and protect us from all evil, Waheguru
  4. Out of interest was Muhammad a good logician? He established his own criterion (apparently from Allah) via which he commanded Muslims to recognize his so called divinity and integrity, but where is the subjectivity in that? What non-Islamic principles can prove his authenticity? Put simply, other then Muhammad's word what else is there to say Islam truly is the veracious path to God? Isn't it a defeatist mentality when da'wah givers penultimately proclaim that for not accepting Islam you will burn in hell?
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