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    hi it is winter now and cold. request to adults who read this forum to find out what facilities /help are available in your local area for homeless people and also people with no money for food (food banks). this so you can help any homeless people you see.
  2. I've been thinking a lot lately of how to help people with little to no Maya. We usually either ignore or help the homeless with charity. But what if instead of doling out x amount of "barely going to help to them", what if we went and asked them to help? Instead of being the problem what if we invite them to help themselves be the solution for others? I'm off to a horrible start lol. I guess it's two things. First. How do you help them with info alone have access to bathing, laundry, cooking, food, safety, sleeping space etc? The money to start a giant free bath house or laundry is something I'd love to do but that is major cash. So how do people shower with no shower and no dignity? You can bath in the river, it's cold usually and that causes problems freezing the skin. You can oil yourself but do you have oil? You can rub yourself with sand or certain dirt textures to sort of "clean" yourself. Along these lines how did Purtan Faujs do all these things? Bath, cook, clean, laundry etc. What is the bare minumum required to accomplish these things? So hypothetically we showed up and talked to some of the more rightous downtrodden and we have a bunch of survival info for them. We use this as an opportunity to talk about Degh, Tegh, Fateh and what Sikhi is and who the Guru Sahiban are. We urge them in the same direction as everyone else, to give their Sis to Guru Ji. Those that take to it, which we will find in Kalyug, as his enemies are among them. We empower those select individuals to help the others. Why not collaborate and combine Chakarvarti wisdom with what the homeless already know to improve their condition without anyones help or approval? Why not cultivate a Fauj within the homeless? Once in theory you had health practices and Sikhi spreading within the homless and they have some Sangat could they then start to coordinate their benefits? All the homeless are eligible for some form of social security or welfare or disability something. Food stamps. What if their Sangat helped make sure everyone got signed up for benefits, many don't as it's hard, and then what if they pooled their benefits? Like if you take ten homeless, who currently have no, or misuse their benefits, and a Singh from within their own community helps them all get benefits, and then focuses those benefits on renting a house now we have bungas. If these bungas served to further ramp up these "by them for them" programs maybe they could be a bridge to reintigrate homeless people into society and Sikhi. What are the thoughts. Can we spiritually and physically uplift the homeless with information about Purtan Gursikhi? The streets could be cleaned much better here. Really it's the city's fault for just not cleaning and denying the homeless any access to bathrooms or water anything. They turn off all the fountains. Public restrooms are all locked and it's been that way for years. They hate the homeless so much even standard citizens can't get a drink of water in public. It's rediculous how filthy the city has become, and they can't blame the homeless any more if the homless start sweeping the streets for everyone and doing better for themselves. Really the homless rely entirely on benevolent shop keepers for bathroom use and water and it's almost entirely the Sikh stores that allow it. The ho eless population here is exploading. Outside of one catholic government subsidized shelter they have nothing really. Some food banks. But no dignity, protection, or chance to really put anything together. They get arrested for loitering, run out the emergency rooms. What little food they get they can't cook. And there is no way for them to stay clean and yet society hates them for being dirty.
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