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Found 2 results

  1. Sat Sri Akal everyone, I'm writing to you all because the situation at home is now unbearable. My elder brother was married to a girl, it didn't go on well between the two and they got a divorce. My younger brother got married to a girl (from India) and she came at home abroad just a year ago. The issue is that she, and her mother, go to pandits and pakhandi babe. We did not know that. Any issue happens, they go see the pandit, someone fell off the scooter --> they go ask the pandit why. And whatever the pandit says (put a coconut during 9 days in some place etc, avoid eating garlic etc) they listen. My sis in law suffered from some allergy, doctors have not been able to find out the cause, but their pandit did ! He says that my parents are not good and this explains why my elder brother got a divorce etc. We try not to get involved in my brother and her matters so that she doesn't think we don't support her or whatever. Yet she blames my parents for not being able to do whatever she wants at home (because we all live together) etc. Basically she wants my brother and her to live appart. That's okay, my parents will accept that, if it makes them happy. The issue is that she won't stop believing babe, anything happens she'll blame us for not listening to what the baba warned her about (for example : we cook with garlic, next day she has allergy (without even eating the garlic dish, or even touching it) she'll blame us). I'm afraid that when she and my brother will have children, she'll start refraining them to wearing some colours, or doing stuff (she won't let her niece wear red colour (??) Because baba said it makes her angry). Please, how to arrange things while keeping their relationships safe ? My brother is stuck in the middle, he does not want to separate because it'd hurt my parents to listen to 'lok kya kahenge' that no girl wants to live with their sons etc. My sis in law's mother and dad blindfoldedly believe pandits and spend half their money on them.
  2. From certain people I was told now your marriage is over through the passing of my wife, that your ties to the family are now broken and I should not communicate, go over to the house etc. So my question is this what happens or is this a punjabi way of thought or is this taught to us through Guru Grant Sahib Ji?
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