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  1. Having visited India. I remember talking to a few Sikhs. Who said that they did not consider themselves Sikhs. But more Hindu. Even though they were born Sikh. They said being in India. They were surrounded by mostly hindus, mandirs and what not. Mostly hindu festvials, culture and traditions. In essence they said they regarded themselves more Hindus. Their friends were hindus. the neighbours were hindus. The language they had to speak was hindi apart from talking to their family members. Is this common In india. btw I am talking from speaking to these people from big cities away from Punjab. Such as mumbai, dehli, calcutta ect. They also did hindu pilgrimages and had mata photos. How can we stop this from happening. This is nothing against hinduism. Hindus are great peoople with a great religion and culture. But under no circumstances should people be trying to mix Hindu beliefs and traditions with Sikhism. If you are a hindu be a hindu if your are a sikhs be a sikh. but dont go mixing it up. Trying to be some swami yogi man. that belives in everything. Its a great shame to see hindunised sikhs. That are confused and deluded.
  2. Gurfateh everyone. I hope most of the people on this site must also be using 'Quora.com'. Recenlty I came across the following question on Quora http://www.quora.com/Sikhism/Whats-it-like-for-a-Sikh-male-to-cut-his-hair-and-or-beard The Questions is "What is it like for a Sikh to cut his hair?" I do not know who asked this, but I did go through the answers. There are about 5-6 answers given by Sikh males themselves who got their hair cut at some point in their life. Yes, it did hurt me reading those answers, but I felt, as you all will feel that everyone has a right to express his/her story and there is not much wrong in that. However, let me describe some things here. If you look at the contents of the answers, you will find that mostly the people are describing that how difficult it was for them to maintain their hair, and how free they felt after getting it cut etc etc. They even mention that they felt 'proud' and 'free' after doing that. Now, tell me how many of us feel this way? Hair keeping is of course not difficult for us and we lovingly maintain it. Don;t you all feel that a wrong general idea is being circulated? I mean so many people read these answers; what information would they get? That all Sikhs are in great difficulty keeping their hair? I did have a one-one comment discussion also with one of those 'answerers'. Okay let us say that we ignore this and say that let people speak what they want to, we can't stop their mouths. But you know what is more disturbing??? I have seen answers there,in which the writer (a Sikh) addresses other Sikhs who want to cut their hair and narrates to them his act of bravery (of cutting his hair ) and even advises them to act!!! I have seen some Sikhs commenting and asking these people that even they want to cut their hair and how should they go about doing this? You know what reason a person was giving there? He writes that since he has cut his hair he has made many girlfriends , and before he had none. Such statements are being used to lure the youth to cut their hair? ( If you read one 'Jas Anand's' answer, you'll find this). Shouldn't we do something? I mean those people are advising other Sikhs that how to cut their hair/ how to convince their parents /how they will get girlfriends after that etc etc? What can we do? Atleast : 1)We should comment in opposition, that keeping hair has great benefits and we take pride in it, so that the readers are not misled. 2)We should report abuse the question( We never know if the answers are actually coming from fake accounts to demean the Sikh practices) 3) We should message the Quora admin in large numbers and ask him/her to remove the question as it is hurting religious sentiments. Here is the list of the admins (their names are mentioned in the answer http://www.quora.com/Who-are-the-current-site-admins-of-Quora Or we can send a mail to moderation@quora.com asking to do the same. Please everyone discuss and decide upon this.
  3. Though this has nothing got to do with Sikhi, the topic at hand is an interesting one. Of course lets begin with the usual focus on language. As of the current time period I've noticed a shift towards Punjabi in Bollywood though it is largely stereotyped. Many of the popular songs contain some sort of Punjabi beat, poems, or lyrics. And because of this many Punjabi artists have found their way into Bollywood. They may not be on the big screen or with in the spot light but nevertheless there work is certainty noticeable. Other than the obvious influence on music I've noticed the perception of Sardars has certainly improved in comparison to the 90's and 2000's. I certainly am not happy with the change. I'm concerned where this change is going, I'm referring too the recent poster of "singh is bing" and other observations I have made. I'm of course fearful the this situation seems like is becoming a jump from one hole to another. Now my next point may seem silly but truth is in it matters. Background dancers, if you view bollywood movies or any other sort of media from previous generations "Sardar characters " were included and if they were it was for more or less comedic purposes. Now the Paghs are well tied for the most part and Sardar character has a purpose other than the but end of jokes. Fashion; as we all known everything in this is world is just another trend. And so over the past ~2 years "suits" have had a noticeable increase in popularity not in bollywood, but also it has become more acceptable for the "INDIAN" to where suits vs saris or other things. So lets join together and have a decision about what YOU have noticed. Where YOU think the trends will go. I look for forward to you posts
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