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  1. So last time BJP had 31 AAP had 28 and INC had 8 seats. However this time things are different survey polls are all over the place. Do you think BJP being in power will have an large effect on the outcome?
  2. Anyone fill me in on the upcoming Delhi elections and what it means for the sikh people as well as punjab.
  3. Wow that's amazing, respect for your service A personal opinion I believe all the immigrants who have come to punajb to seek jobs and work on farms should not be treated as sub-class but rather we should teach them about Punjabi culture so they can integrate.
  4. I have heard the letters and the alphabet are very intelligently created any one got any Katha or videos on this subject ?
  5. The difference is the whole "rule" seems very condescending its as if women are the only ones who break rules
  6. yeah, this is total wrong. I condemn this action taken by those people.
  7. All of you seem all smily faces and all jitter. I for one believe this to be negative, the way the article is worded seems to be an attack on women. The title could have been ban on hair dyes but nope.
  8. Today I was walking around uni club fair. And was talking to a person who said something (nothing negative, just how he said it seemed rude). Why cant I get over it ?, my mind keeps thinking about it.
  9. Very disrespectful post wow -back on topic, Though there was little resistance from Brahmans and other hindu sub-sects, The rajputs did put up alot of fight against the mugals and even won many battle and controlled their on land etc. more info http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rajput_resistance_to_Muslim_conquests
  10. I wore a jus reign pagh in high school and it was fine in gym class etc http://i.ytimg.com/vi/i6gBwv4fjDU/maxresdefault.jpg
  11. Media is heavily sensored in india. Pro Sikh party mmmm not possible as of now not much insentive as aap is the runner up. Best option to change the future is to educate people about the past,present and future so people widen up and don't fall for false promises every time.
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