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Found 2 results

  1. Ssa g , My boyfriend is ramgharia sikh (age 28) and i m jatt sikh ( age 27) and we are in 4 years of relationship. We are very much compatible to each other. He is in india, in IT field earning gud salary. Doesnt eat meat or drink and is in sikhi with beard and kesh. I m living in canada and i m also in IT field. I have been trying to convince my parents from a long tim now but they are not ready to accept because of caste issue. My parents feel they will be disgraced in society and what people will say that instead of going upward you are letting your daughter mary in a lower caste. His family is very coperative and have tried every single way to convince my parents. On my parents visit to india they (his family) infact tried to meet and talk to my parents. But all in vain. They than tried to go directly to meet my parents but my parents didnt opn the door. I tried to convince my parents as well by say just gp and see them once and then make a decision but they arent agreeing to it. Finally i told them that i dont wana live with them, then came back and said ok we will talk to my eldest sis and bro in law who by now have no clue about all this. I know my family and i know its a trap for me. My bro in law is strict and no one likes him in my family but anyway they wana ask him. On the other side my boy friends family is all set to welcome me and fix my wedding. They have asked their relatives if they have any issue with this matter and plus if i go there without my family supporting me. I m in this pressure where morally i dont like the idea of eloping and getting married. I always wanted this to happen with my parents consent which doesnt seem to be happening. I told to chose him or ny family. If i chose him i will be happy but my parents may not be able to accept it. If i chose my family, i had to live with regret throughtout my life and it will be too shocking for his family abd relatives who supported me from last 2 yrs. Can you please help me what should i do. I love my parents and i love him too. He is one of a kind. Please help me as this pressure is killing me day by day.
  2. Jat Sikh discovers wife is Dalit, kills self days after marriage He had allegedly taken the step after he came to know that the girl, whom he married a few days ago, believing that she was a Jat Sikh, turned out to be a Dalit. Updated: May 31, 2017 11:57 IST HT Correspondent Hindustan Times, Sangrur Manpreet Singh Manpreet Singh, 22, a resident of Khai village here, who had consumed a poisonous substance on Sunday, died on the same night. He had allegedly taken the step after he came to know that the girl, whom he married a few days ago, believing that she was a Jat Sikh, turned out to be a Dalit. He wrote in his suicide note,“I am Manpreet Singh Brar. My matchmaker Gurtej Singh Baba arranged my match for marriage. I am a Jat boy and my father-in-law is also a Jat, but his wife is a Ramdasia… I was told that they (his wife and mother in-law) are also Jat.” Manpreet’s family also alleged that matchmaker Gurtej had told before the marriage that the girl is from a poor family, but they are Jats and he also took Rs 45,000 for the role of a middleman. “After the marriage, his wife spent two days with him and after that she went to her parents. When he had gone to his in-laws, he came to know that his wife is a Dalit instead of a Jat. He brought her to his home, but after some time he went to the farm and did not return to home. He consumed some poisonous substance” said, Piara Singh, the deceased brother-in-law. Meanwhile, police have registered a case under the Section 306 (abetment of suicide) of the Indian Penal Code at Lehra police station. “He might have committed suicide due to caste issue. We are investigating the matter and Gurtej Singh will be arrested soon,” said Jagbir Singh, station house officer (SHO), Lehra police station. http://www.hindustantimes.com/punjab/jat-sikh-discovers-wife-is-dalit-kills-self-days-after-marriage/story-0HEATz2Sx59feWzU6TMI1L.html
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