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Found 2 results

  1. I was speaking to a Sikh guy a few years younger than me who has a wife and two young kids. They'd undergone the Punjab > Italy > UK migration route that's proven to be very popular for the past years. They've been in the UK for a few years. The conversation started off as a discussion on house prices, then he starts grumbling about his wife always wanting to go into town on Saturdays and Sundays, meaning spending money for things they don't actually need in places like Primark, etc. I didn't realise Punjabi migrants were entitled to benefits when the husband is working full time. Apparently, the UK govt gives these families £600 per kid, which works out at £1200 per month for a family with two children. The wife gets some money per week but he didn't mention how much. The hilarious / worrying thing is that these migrants also claim 500 euros per month from the Italians, which is why the women jump on an EasyJet or RyanAir flight with the kids every four weeks, and return to Italy to claim their cash, then return on a Monday evening. Now, these families are placing deposits on new-build homes because they have the money from benefits to do so. I was shocked. I can't believe there's money being handed out like this for what? Having never got one penny from the govt even the many years I was out of action, I don't understand it, lol. When some white folk kick off about immigrants getting benefits and priority housing I use to think it was typical racism, but it's obviously not the case. £1200 for sitting on their ar5e, watching PTC, and wandering around a shopping centre. F*** that! In terms of Corona, now the borders are being closed, the monthly Italian scam will come to an end, because they won't be able to visit Italy.
  2. Are Sikhs and hindus the UK's best migrant community? Out of all the people that came to the uk over years throughout history. Are there any better then us. Ie think about all the migrant communities. Polish, Irish, Blacks carribean, black african, Europeans, Muslims, Middle eastern, Chinese, Jews, Porkistanis, bangladeshi, and others. Out of all these different nationalities, religions and communities. Sikhs and Hindus stand out as being the best. We have successfully integrated to the british way of life. You never hear of conflicts between us and whites like muslims are always having. We are highly educated and successfull.We have a great relationship with the white people who respect us. Many can now distinguish us from muslims and praise us as being law abiding and respectful community.
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