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Found 5 results

  1. Guest

    Chamatkaar in Sikhism

    I am wondering that if guru nanak dev g was against people fooling others with there so-called supernatural powers then why do we believe that he himself did so many supernatural things like rotation of mecca with his feet, stopping big stone with hand and many more. Aren’t we disobeying him by believing in these stories?
  2. When a muslim man came and told news of shaheedi of younger sons of Guru ji, guru ji took his arrow and updated a small weed (useless plant) nearby and said "Mughal empire has been uprooted. Now its days can be numbered." So was this a karaamat ? Did Guru ji used his magical power to uproot mughal empire ? Because if he could just uproot a weed and use his spiritual power , then there would be no need to struggle externally with the empire or was it just guru ji's way of saying that this is how easily mughal empire will be uprooted. Secondly, Guru Teg Bahadar ji was asked to show a miracle as a sign of him being a prophet , but guru said "Karaamat kehar hai" (miracle is tyranny). So I can't imagine his son and actually Guru teg bahadur in next saroop doing a karamaat . This question will be questioned by some kids in future anyways lol.
  3. My life is complete: Punjab woman, aged 70, gives birth to first baby http://www.firstpost.com/living/70-year-old-indian-woman-baby-ivf-infertility-2774468.html
  4. Bijla Singh Another Miracle at Harmandar Sahib August 13, 2014 11:28 AM This is a recent miracle that occurred at Harmandar Sahib about a month ago. An eye witness personally told me this account. There were about 4 guys in their early 20s who made a bet that whoever was able to walk through the womens bathing place would get 200,000 rupees. The condition was that he must enter through one door and exit through the other. One guy touted himself to be brave enough to do it. This guy dressed himself as a woman, put makeup on and went to the holy place with other three guys who remained in their normal attire. They picked the bathing place near the Dukh Bhanjani tree and the guy dressed as a woman went to the entry gate. He covered most of his face with a chunni and proceeded to walk in while his three companions stood outside and watched him go in. The woman guard at the door could not suspect that the person walking in was really a guy. But when she saw the three guys standing outside, she suspected something was wrong. She had initially thought that the guy dressed as a woman was a relative of the 3 guys standing outside but when these 3 guys walked to the exit door and she saw the guy inside simply walking through the bathing place and rushing towards the exit, she apprehended him and grabbed him. She said to him, you are not a woman, what are you doing here? The guy felt very scared and fearing that he will get a good beating, he said, Forgive me mata ji, I am blind. As soon as he said these words, he instantly became blind. He started screaming that he could not see anything. He begged for forgiveness but of no avail. His 3 companions ran away and he confessed the whole story. Then few people from sangat asked him where he lived and he was taken home by a bus. His family tried to get him treated but it was all fruitless. He could not get his eyesight back and is still a blind person. Taken from Gurmat Bibek forum: http://gurmatbibek.com/forum/read.php?3,31954,31960#msg-31960
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