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  1. Bhenji I honestly dont know. All I can say is this is a common thing.I doubt it is a condition.I myself have been like that before.In my school couple of years back I used to get bullied and had no confidence.I used to think I am nothing,but over time Vaheguru ji gave me the confidence and strength.I dont really know how to put this in words but just trust and have faith and Vaheguru Ji.Vaheguru Ji helped me alot.Now in school I am much more confident , I am able to lead group projects and stuff like that.So just have faith in Vaheguru. Maybe you can try increasing simran.Do simran of moolmantar or just Vaheguru simran.Do it as much as you can it will definitely help.It will give so much of Anand.It solves everything.This is something I have experienced and I can guarantee you.Do simran it will get rid of confidence problems,anxiety,fear.Its really great. Bhul Chuk Maf
  2. ??? I dont think that being humble is related to mental health? Dont lose confidence.It is ok to be confident.It should not affect someone from being humble. Our main purpose to come to this earth is to connect to Vaheguru Sahib Ji.Its ok to be confident.We are supposed to have good values like compassion, honesty, responsibility, integrity and humility, but by being more confident it does not affect us from being humble. A person can be a confident businessman while at the same time helping the needy without boasting and being arrogant Bhul Chuk Maf
  3. Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh Bhenji to be humble means to not be arrogant over what we do in our daily live.Let me give an example of 2 people, Person A and Person B. Both are sikhs.Person A has had Kirpa and is able to wake up at Amritvela and do his Bani, but Person B has not had Kirpa yet and has not woken up for Amritvela. Now if person A mocks person B and insults him for not waking up Amritvela then he is being arrogant. If Person A tells Person B not to worry as to be able to wake up in Amritvela is all due to Guru Sahibs Kirpa and that eventually Guru Sahib will do Kirpa in Person B too.Then Person A is being humble. Basically being humble is to do something good selflessly without taking credit and without boasting.Let me give 1 more example. If person A decided to do a good thing and give money to charity, after which he boasts to people that he is very good as he gives money to charity.He is being arrogant. If person B also gives money to the charity but does not tell anybody or boast.Then he is being humble. Bhul Chuk Maf
  4. Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh No veerji. Yes of course woman are capable of terrible things to like what indira gandhi but there are other woman like Mata Sahib Kaur,Bibi Nanaki,Mai Bhago and countless other shaheed Singhanis whose greatness cannot be described.But when Guru Sahib is saying this,it is to those people who have negative stereotypes against woman and claim that all woman are like that and that only a woman can do such a kartoot.This is wrong as this would be an insult to other good woman.Its like imagine saying all Man are cunning.Then this would insult all good man.Another example is that many people abort children just because the child is female.Thats why Guru Sahib says why condemn a woman whose Greatness CAN be so powerful.But this does not apply to all woman.No it is not wrong to call Indira Gandhi bad or Rajiv Gandhi bad or a person like Wazir Khan.But it is bad to give an example of evil people and judge a whole gender or religion based on that. Bhul Chuk Maf
  5. Relax mate I only downvoted the posts I disagreed with.I already answered you.Honestly I have nothing personal with you.I respect and agree with your other posts but now you said something wrong so I gave you the answer based on Gurmat, i did my part.If you wanna continue that's on you mate.Go on with the Name calling.Doesn't make a difference to me.I will just put a laughing face on your post .
  6. Agreed, nowadays people just treat Guru Sahib and Our Pavitaar Bani like nothing.
  7. Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh No that would be me. Bhand Janmeeai Bhand Ninmeeai Bhand Mangan Veeahu From Woman,Man is born,within woman,man is conceived,to woman he is engaged and married. Bhandahu Hovai Dhosathee Bhandahu Chalai Raahu Woman becomes his friend,through woman, the future generations come. Bhand Muaa Bhand Bhaaleeai Bhand Hovai Bandhan When his woman dies, he seeks another woman,to woman he is bound. So Kio Mandha Aakheai Jith Janmehi RajSan So why call her bad?From her kings are born. @MisterrSingh the female Kartoota you are talking about comes from a group of people.Do not call all woman bad due to that group.
  8. Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh Welcome to this forum Veerji
  9. Malaysia has about 100000 sikhs.Muslims are a majority there but theres still a good amount of sikhs.There was a Mahapurakh in the area he used to go to Malaysia and my country and some nearby countries too.So there are a good amount of Sangat in those particular areas.
  10. We never had a Nagar Kirtan in my country before.I had to go to Malaysia to see one lol.
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