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Found 6 results

  1. An eyewitness account of Dara Shikohs execution. Its a detailed account of the execution and captures the peoples mood and reactions. reading the account you can see how much people loved dara shikoh, they were all crying and cursing the mughals and even throwing rocks at the pathan that captured dara. The mughals often paraded the person around on a weak looking animal around the streets of delhi to humiliate the person before executing them. They did the same to Banda Singh Bahadur. Dara was a lot more tolerant and had a gd relationship with sikhs and the hindus if he had become king then
  2. I found a really cool account of Timur relating how he conquered india. He was brutal.but he lists in detail every city he invaded and how many people he killed. But one can see how islam motivated him and his hatred for idolators: https://www.ibiblio.org/britishraj/Jackson5/chapter09.html Heres an excerpt from his infamous sack of delhi: For these various reasons a great number of fierce Turkish troops were in the city. When the soldiers proceeded to apprehend the Hindus and infidels who had fled to Delhi, many of them drew their swords and offered resistance. The flames o
  3. I'm sure most of you know the story of Bhai Lalo and living by honest means. I am trying to figure out which historical country it all occurred in, because I want to study the economy there (since Guru Nanak ji identified that Malik Bhago exploited Bhai Lalo's labour). This event occurred in Guruji's first udhasi, so it occurred between 1500-1506 in Saidpur (modern-day Eminabad, Pakistan). It couldn't have been part of the Mughal Empire since that didn't exist until ~20 years later. Can any of you figure out which historical country this took place in, because I'm lost?
  4. How and why Islamic ideology is the fuel behind ISIS. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/roy-abbas/think-isis-are-not-islami_b_8608048.html
  5. 'With one sword we will take authority as 'miran ki miri' (king of kings). With the other, we shall achieve 'piran ki piri' (spiritual supremacy). All those who come our way seeking refuge shall be saved. Those who oppose us shall lose both authorities.' -Sahib Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji. (1) In 1606 A.D., the Mughal emperor Jahangir ordered the execution of Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji in order to appease the radical Sunni orthodoxy at his court. In turn he earned the wrath of a fledgling Sikh nation which found a rejuvenation in the form of the executed Guru's successor, Sri Guru Hargobind Sah
  6. or were they just brainwashed? \I was watching a movie where a guy killed a soldier on the opposing army as he was surrendering, and I though that was justice done until I thought that the guy was probably just brainwashed by his ruler to attack them. It then got me thinking of our history, and how we fought the Mughals. Were their soldiers inherently evil, or just brainwashed? Would they do the things they did if they knew the real story? Cuz im guessing they wouldn;t had they known of the Guru's greatness. OR was it more like the police in 1984 where they knew what they were doing, where th
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