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  1. Not2Cool2Argue

    Chest sensation throughout simran

    It coukd be ur chakar opening up. Or something to do with enerfy. Dont worry about it. With naam, many yogic and spiritual things happen naturally. PS im not speaking from experiwnce.just knowledge so u might want to speak to a naam abhiyaasi gursikh
  2. Not2Cool2Argue

    Patiala "royal" family

    Theres 2 sides to every story. Why did Ranjit Singh become a maharaja when it was all misls? Because he fought and took over other sikh sardars territories. He tried to fight the patiala raja and take over his raj too. So the patiala raja aligned with the english to protect his raj. Finally, the sikhs decided they would not fight each other and so decided to spread to the west. Afghanistan, peshawar, past the Atak river. Are u sure about the patiala raja aligning with abdali? Because all the misl used to come together to fight invaders. If currently, the patiala royal family head is an <banned word filter activated>, u cant judge the past. The akaali party and taksal and sgpc used to be good instituitions too.
  3. If people dont police thwmselves. Then society has gotta do it. Like in muslim lands. And that turns out very bad. So teach ppl the stricter version any maybe 5% will follow it to the letter. But will still benefit others.
  4. Not2Cool2Argue

    Sikh Youth Uk

    No the Jews were being smart. When living in a foreign land full of racists, its smart to be a coward. Now that they have a land, they are giving they're all to protecting it. Because it will be a lasting victory. whatever they fight for, they can keep and defend. Whatever you win, however successful you become in a foreign land, it can be back to square one, when a new ideology takes the land. Grooming gangs and any other issues faced in the uk, is not gonna be won by physical fights. (most of the time)
  5. Not2Cool2Argue

    City Sikhs Network - London

    Do clarify. Lots of these types of organizations are starting to pop up in america. So i am curious.
  6. Not2Cool2Argue

    Harnam Singh Dhuma? Sant?

    Because some sikh think it is a panthic duty to act before they think. People like that have done damage to the panth. Like telling ppl to boycott elections in panjab during the 80s so that beant singh won who tortured and killed many sikhs. Have some niti ppl. If we all put pressure and get dhumma deselected as the mukhi. There will be fights abt who is gonna be the next jathedaar. Taksaal already has so many factions. They grow every time the time to select a mukhi comes because ppl disagree. If dhumma steps down, how many factions will there be? And they will all fight to control mehta. Not just peacefully start their faction else where. Also taksaal cant do anything without govt support. After 84, they are under lots of surveillance. But the pact betwwen badal and dhumma have many benefits. Someonefrom america was being haraased and followed by police when he went to india. He asked for help from dhumma. Who called badal and had it resolved. If sikhs were smart, instead of alienating badal, make him ours. So he will happily do what we want. During rajoana protests, he had to go ask for his death penalty to be revoked even though he didnt agree cuz he was afraid of being againsy collective sikh opinion. In kalyug, it is not smart to look up to ur leaders and politicians. And want them to be dharmi and outstanding individuals. Instead treat them as ur servants. Use them to fullfill the needs we want or threaten to discard them. We cant do that with dhumma because mukhi is a lifelong commitment. And lets not turn it as powerless as jathedar of akal takhat is, by removing whenever the whim strikes. Instead plan ahead, dhumma only gonna be alive for another 25 years. Who do you want the mukhi to be next? Get enough pressure so that dhumma has to select him. Also dont expect a sant jarnail singh bhindrawale as the mukhi of taksal. Those high caliber ppl r very rare in kaljug. Yes dhumma did very dumb stufff. Like shoot at another sikh. But it dumb to think he will peacefully step down. And its even dumber to cause the respect of taksal to go down, by ppl constantly hating on taksal and dhumma.
  7. Not2Cool2Argue

    Wearing a Sari

    I think many things in sikhi are a reccomendation and most wise ppl will follow that reccomendation. Sikhs need to learn to stop policing other sikhs esp on things that are not mandatory. My opinion about your sari: Its only smart to do extracurricular activities when ones main activities are done well. Learning another cultures language when u dont know ur own is foolish. But if u know ur own, its very good to learn other ones. I have learned to read hindi, even though my pare ts thought it was a waste of time. But it would be stupid for a sikh to learn hindi if they were not fluent in panjabi. Same way, if you are fluent/totally comfortable with ur own panjabi clothing, is it smart for you to move onto another cultures clothing. Heres why: 1. There is such a thing as cultural appropriation. 2. In this world of globalization, many cultures are disappearing. So we must do our best to preservr cultures. And its common sense to preserve one own before lesrning clothes, language of another. Since most ppl wear western clothing at work, weddings are one of few places to wear cultural clothing and so preserve it. And so each time u r making a choice on what to save and continue on for prosterity. And u r showing that u dont prefer ur own cultural clothing so it must be lacking. 3. Your children are likely to get confused about what is sikh identity. They will have a mix of identities unless you clearly show which parts are from different cultures. Also then they will ask, then why are we doing things from other cultures 4. By wearing something, u r showing solidierty to what it symbolizes. And for some sikhs, a sari symbolizes terrible things like indira gandhi, the panjabi suba movement, panjab turning into haryana, the replacement of panjabi by hindi in all private schools and cities and panjabi being seen as rural backwards. Im not condemning u, but saying that u should view things from other sikhs point of view. 5. Sari or makeup or any too feminizing thing sort of looks bizaare with a distaar. Unless u wear a colorful, very african style turban that has ur joora way in the back of ur head. My opinion ofc. My reccomendation would be for u to not stop wearing the sari, but 1. Make sure u learn everything about ur own cultural clothing. Like lehnga, ghagra, salwaar, pajami, chola Many different types. Maybe even learn to sew 2. Make sure u r decent and not showing skin in a sari so that 3. If anyone approaches u to condemn for ur sari, u can politely and humerously say i understand ur concern, but i am experimenting with all cultural clothing. I already have tried or know about lehnga ..panjabi clothibg. And there is nothing wrong with trying out different clothes. I mean we wear pant shirts all day. If they say its not battle ready. Say, yes it is if im going as a spy. You know our current enemy is the indian state. And we must know all abt tbem to infiltrate them. ALSO, please be nice to people who tell you off for wearing a sari. They have legitimate concerns and its not easy confronting strangers. As sikhs we must learn not to police each other, but also we must also learn not to be offended too easily and not speak too harshly. Most situations can be resolved with humor and respect. Lets not lose our ability to take criticism and respect the elderly. Lets not become like gore, with their political correctness, being offended all the time, and the feminazis destroying all culture because of their belief that they have the right to do anything. My favorite response woukd be: If sari is soo anti-sikh i must remove it at once. Help me take it off right now. They hastly back off with wide eyes..
  8. Not2Cool2Argue

    Unwanted hair

    I am sayin do ardaas that u will be cured of the excess hair. I dont see how peshi comes into it. About going to a doctor, if u have hormonal imbalances, they will prescribe u meds. And that will stop more hair feom growing. And after a while, ur old hair might just fall out. So no need for peshi again.
  9. Hey Ajeet! I personally like reading your lifestory...its quite entertaining. Although most of the time its you getting mad at your wife. Dont you know you are supposed to treat her extra nicely? So that if she finds out about your orientation, she wont hold it against you nor leave you. Also, now your goi g to be a father. So please dont make a household where the parents are always angry with each other or putti g each other down. Its sad for the kid. Also my mom used to be one of those ppl who blames people for any kind of tragedy. Like the tire got flat, it was because you drove it over some thorns, weeks ago. And if you get sick, its because you had icecream 5 weeks ago. And if you had an accident, because you ate at the aunts house that does bad magic. Its really annoying. My dad is the opposite. He wont blame you but try to find solutions to the problem. Like i get in a car accident, my mom panics, yells how could it happen, can you run away from there? I was like No my car is smoking and someone probably called the police. And she goes, oh why r u so stupid, couldnt you have driven off before? My dad calls says, ok u had an accident. Dont leave. Stay. Police will come, tell them what happened. Use a tow truck to get home. Ofc when i get home, he will grill me about what happened and how i can drive better. Basically, I am saying when your a parent, dont be one who always blames and panics and yells at the kid. Instead be calm, offer solutions, and later on find ou what happened and where the kid went wrong. I feel like you have the panicking personality, which is terrible and makes a horrible home atmosphere. Work on it. Also, why dont you go take a hukamnama everytime you have a crisis? Lots of people I know do that here.
  10. Its not a symptom of the original culture. My grandmother talks about her mom was all about work hard and look after your own and dont stay away from the gossipers. Theres a lack of sabar and something else in our lot. It seems they have got the vices and Bad things of both the east and west in an awful amalgmation. They let go of the easts good things without adopting the west good qualities. I hate to harp on colonialism, but that is another effect. I was reading the book by bhai veer singh, who was experiencing this at the time of the british raj, and details it very nicely in the book Baba Naudh Singh. About how along with suoerstitions our ppl got rid of the good stuff.
  11. I think it also has to do with British culture especially the mores present in the aristocracy. The class/caste system and their disdain for middle class morals. As long as a poor/lower class exists from which you can bribe to sell themselves or their children. Or they didnt really have a recourse to the law. Because of this, as long as you confined your proclivities to these people and kept it from being a scandal. The upper crust didnt really care. Also, with the seperation of private and public life, the thinking was prevalent that what you did in your private life, we the elite arent like the middle class to go prying into or being moralistic about it. Also until recently, sexual assault was only considered bad if it was against girls. No unpleasant side effects like pregnancy etc. But then again its not only the British, it seems like all th rich and elite do this. Like the cronies of the Afghanistan president before 9/11, millionaires like Epstein in America...
  12. Not2Cool2Argue

    Unwanted hair

    This is abnormal in a teenager. So you should get your hormones checked. You might have pcos or some other diseases. Also you can do ardaas to guruji and ask for help. Say that you know it is hukam but that it is really uncomfortable for you and interfering in your life. Abnormal hair growth is like a disease, so its like you are asking to be cured of a disease. This is acceptable to ask from guruji. Also say, I dont want to break rehit so please help.
  13. Not2Cool2Argue


    This post didnt appear until after we already replied. Its a good there was no kurehit involved. But you must get married. And if your husband can take amrit, that would be best.
  14. Not2Cool2Argue

    Why do we cremate?

    Can you imagine the land issues if we had cemeteries? What with land prices so high, everyone would turn to cremation. I think it was France where they were running out of places to bury ppl and they have found catacombs with hundreds of skeletons. Also they say burning the body, helps the soul move on. Otherwise it likes to linger close to its familiar body.

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