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  1. Not2Cool2Argue

    Timurs autobiography of invading india

    I dont know where to find the rest either. Bit one important thing I learned is that oppression of nonmuslims and their death is promoted in islam and has been part of their faith for centuries.
  2. I dont know. I think nations are beautiful. Its like a family on a grander scale. Its ppl who you share identity with, people who understand u and among whom u can walk without standing out. There is no mistrust. If u share the culture withthe nation then u understand the unspoken rules and its easier. I think sikhi has nothing to do with nations. If society is elevated beyond nations. Thats great but sikhi should not demolish nations until society is ready for it. And not advocate for open borders, until society itself forms them. When we try to enforce a good and noble concept, it never works. It backfires. Think of america forcing democracy and freedom on countries not ready for it. The french educated elite forcing democracy in the French Revolution. Democracy is good, but ppl werent ready for it. And it set democracy back for years as ppl used the french revolution to mock democracy and call it mob rule. Same thing with communism. It is a great concept, that we should all be equal etc. But in reality, it has never worked, as it was forced and the population was not ready for it. I think only in satyug can communism work, as capitalism is so engrained in us. Currently with brexit and the refugee crisis, and the mexican-US border wall issue, its showing us that most nations dont want open borders. Although politicians have been trying to implement it and it is back firing and ppl r become more and mlre racist and nationalist to counter their governments open border policies. I do recognize the feeling ur feeling. The expansive love for humanity and for everyone and the variety in ppl seems beautiful. This feeling is beautiful but fleeting. Enjoy it, go volunteer. But dont base politics around it. In fact, sikhi is very practical and against open borders. Its important for sikh ppl to be in power and to maintain that power thru force. Raj bina neh dharam chale hai, dharam bina sab dale male hai Because if u have a ooen border policy, the few bad ppl can ruin it for the majority, so ots always important thay good ppl (hopefully sikhs) always have power. If the good become powerless, dictators and bad ppl will jump into the power vacuum.
  3. I dont like his policies. And i think he just follows the crowd. But as a sikh, its important to support other sikhs. We shouldnt be pulling each other down all the time. If u cant count on sikhs ppls help, who else is there? In an ideal world, ur race and creed shouldnt matter esp in polotics. But in reality it does.
  4. I found a really cool account of Timur relating how he conquered india. He was brutal.but he lists in detail every city he invaded and how many people he killed. But one can see how islam motivated him and his hatred for idolators: https://www.ibiblio.org/britishraj/Jackson5/chapter09.html Heres an excerpt from his infamous sack of delhi: For these various reasons a great number of fierce Turkish troops were in the city. When the soldiers proceeded to apprehend the Hindus and infidels who had fled to Delhi, many of them drew their swords and offered resistance. The flames of strife thus lighted spread through the entire city from Jahan-panah and Siri to Old Delhi, consuming all they reached. The savage Turks fell to killing and plundering, while the Hindus set fire to their houses with their own hands, burned their wives and children in them, and rushed into the fight and were killed. The Hindus and infidels of the city showed much alacrity and boldness in fighting. The amirs who were in charge of the gates prevented any more soldiers from entering Delhi, but the
  5. Not2Cool2Argue

    Naam Simran/Jaap Naam

    Its a fascinating topic. You can find lots of topics on it on this forum. Heres one: Heres some broad things which you probably already know: (an article) https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.sikh24.com/2015/12/10/inspiration-bhai-vir-singhs-thoughts-on-meditation-naam-simran/amp/ And if u want to go deeper: (a book) https://www.vidhia.com/index.php?q=f&f=%2FBhai+Raghbir+Singh+Ji My favorite sikh scholar. Alot of his letters and books are on youtube check them out. This is a short 2 min video. https://youtu.be/WsUNTEBqgEI
  6. Not2Cool2Argue

    How do i stop wanting attention?

    Maybe therapy? Try journaling to see why u need attention. I hate attention, I love being an observor and gettig other ppl to open up and talk abt themselves. Maybe i can tell u wat i get out of it. Stay quiet, and just listen to ppl, sometimes u can predict what they will say or do next. Its pretty cool. Otherwise see if theyre body language matches what they are saying. People watching is more fun in a crowd with strangers, u can make stories about them. Also once u get attention, notice how u feel. Happy? And why? Just notice how u feel. Start observing urself. Dont judge. Dont try to stop urself for 2 days. Just botice wat u do and how it makes u feel. People say when u start noticing and paying attention, u realize wat the root cause is. And it helps breaks bad habits and addictions. At first, u will notice after u already did something to get attwntion. But if u keep at it, u will start to notice before u do any action. And then u will ntoce when the thought e ters ur head to get attention. Then u have to work on defeating that thought. Sometimes u will lose, dont get sad or mad at urself. Just notice it and why it happened. And say next time, i will beat it. It will work. I used to have intense anger problems. Where when i wohld try to control my anger, it would build up and just explode and i would lash out. Now im more relaxed. Also remember to do ardaas, every time u fail, do ardaas. And each time u di sarshan of guruji, do beanti.
  7. Not2Cool2Argue

    Defending the non muslim world

    Hey! welcome back!!
  8. Not2Cool2Argue

    Defending the non muslim world

    I dont think we should hate on the already hated. Or those already fighting a losing war. Most ppl hate the muslims or are a little distrustful. The best solution is to stop immigration into western countries. Because the immigration is not stopping and most ppl want it to. Ppl think the govts and laws are broken and take things into their own hands. And thats when things like attacks in New Zealand etc happen. However with syria and iraq destroyed, its gonna be very hard to stop immigration. People dont really have a place to go back to. Also it seems like isis is gonna lose. But in its death throes, they will cause lots of damage like in sri lanka.
  9. Not2Cool2Argue

    Amrit and dishonesty/fraud

    He has not broken his amrit. Bur t he has sinned and he will have to pay for it. Also our scriptures say that the Guru does not help those who cheat and steal.
  10. Not2Cool2Argue

    Newly married, divorce issue

    You are in a big dilemma, dharam shankat. But if u think clearly, it can be solved. 1. Dont trust the girl, until u r completely sure. Find out more about the case that is against the family. Ask the girl, about it, then have ur family in india investigate. Find out if her version matches. If it is true, then forget the past and move on. 2. Recognize u lived a priveleged life. You were born into a sikh family and in a rich country. Some of us have parents, that beat us up if we dont lie, like they tell us to. Some of our parents, yelled at us, if we gave money to a begger. Children of these types of parents, dont have strict morals, we act on a survival instinct. We do what is easy for us, not what is right. Or we dont believe the law to be right, but.only its implications. Lots of our parents, had to do hera feei to get their relatives to the west. Like sham marriages, fake birth certificates etc. While they are lying and breaking the law, they are also helping people. So for people like us, we didnt get a chance to be good. We werent given a clean slate. You have met and seen ur wife. Do you get along with her? Does she have good manners and habits? Is she a good person? I think the fact that she admits that she lied and that due to parental pressure, means she is a good person. She had to decide between listening to her parents or lying. And her parents scared her, saying she will be rejected. And you are mistaken, if you think people tell the truth to vichola or during engagement. People hide allthe bad things, so they are not rejected. It is practical and normal. One of my au ts had epilepsy disease or seizures. Her husband family only found out after 2 kids. They were mad, but what could they do? As I said u lived a privaleged life. You did not have to choose between poverty and goodness, or being rejected and telling the truth. I have noticed people that are good. That have never sinned. They have 1 big flaw and 1 sin they always commit. They judge other people alot. And they deem people who sin as worthless, disgusting human beings. You know as sikh people, forgiveness matters. And not thinking low of ppl. Also, maybe the reason you havent sinned yet is because you havent been tempted. Maya is very powerful, one can only escape her clutches, by the grace of God. So you have only been good, because you didn have hardships. Also, before divorcing her, please take into consideration if the girls life will be ruined. Will anyone else want to marry her? And will she not have to hide and lie abt her divorce from you to get married again? Will this one mistake if not forgiven, make more mistakes? Will not you, also be known as a divorcee? I am not saying ruin ur life, to save the girls life. But if u leave her, do something for the girl, so she can survive.
  11. Not2Cool2Argue

    Women dressing more provocatively

    1 reason is that its like an arms race. As women try to outdo each other. So each has to dress more and more crazier to stand out. Same with makeup, if a women doesnt wesr makeup, she will look the ugliest. So just to keep up with the beauty standard. Another reason could be that, people are becoming desensitized to the amt of skin being seen. And it doesnt seem bad to them Also it seems so true that sharam and dharam has totally disappeared from the west. Even our youth are becoming the same. Some of the pda shown in marriage pics is so cringy. And the extra makeup vs the ghund of the past. They say u need sharam for dharam to exist.
  12. But that is the point. Meat grown in the lab is not from a violent death. But personally, the composition of meat is very high protein and fat. So i think that has an affect on the body
  13. Not2Cool2Argue

    40 Day Sukhmani Sahib Ji Paath

    Salok is the beginning. And astpadi the end. So each time start with a salok and then when finishing repeat the last 2 lines of the astpadi 2 x and thwn say fateh. Next time begin from the next salok. Hope i wasnt too late
  14. Not2Cool2Argue

    What if Punjab was in Pakistan ?

    It would be terrible. How would we have fared in a military ruled state? Pakistans always have military coups where dictators rule for 10+ years. Plus we would fear suicide bombers. I think pakistan was listed as the country with most suicide bombings in public places. Also taliban stopped women from attending schools in the frontier areas. And we would live in a place where paan would be spit in the streets.
  15. The movie chaar sahibzadey part 2, i think its called banda singh bahadur. The 3D one. Shows the saakhi from sooraj parkash. Its nice saakhi abt how guruji teaches mataji to deal with her grief, i call it the choori saakhi. You can watch the movie or read the original from sooraj parkash. Sooraj parkash is the history of the 10 gurus and the khalsa written in 1800s. Its one of our most authentic and oldest historical sources. You might be able to find it on ikatha.com or vidhiya.com. they might even have english translations. You will have to search through it tho. Its at least 10 volumes. Or u can buy the hardcover books in english version from turiyacharity.com

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