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  1. Gurfateh A gursikh who follows harkhowal told us that it's sehaj the maarag. Don't focus on chakaras just do simran and they open up. But if you want to do Chakra meditation, do sant gurbachan singh method. Where you do divide waheguru into 4 parts. Say WA at the naabi/umbilical area HEY at hirda/ heart area and GU in throat area and RU between eyes. While you say it, you should feel the vibration at that area. But it's better to not worry about Chakra and just do simran.
  2. You are right that sangat is your only cure. Because logic does not seem to work with your mind. Also tell your mind, what will watching gandh and living a nihilist negative atheistic life do anything for anyone? Isn't it better to believe in something positive, as it will stop you wasting your life. So where are you located so we can help you find sangat. Also discipline and action can also save you. Thoughts alone will not. Read posts by someone named Sat on here. They say get up at 5. Do 1 hour simran and japji sahib. Then go to work. Then work out for 1 hour. Then rehraas sahib and listen to 30 mins of kirtan. Then go to sleep early. Do this for 1 week. Avoid internet. Instead of sangat of people, you can do sangat of guruji. Which is by hanging out with guruji. Which occurs by listening to kirtan, looking at God's creation (going out in nature) and listening to katha and reading gurbani. Check out dodra samagam website and akj.org for places to attend sangat. Use Google maps to find closest gurudwaras.
  3. Where can I find more info on this. So far I've heard about this intergalactic stuff from matias stefano
  4. Don't worry about the children. As a respected and fun uncle you will have more influence on them than their mother and her superstitious beliefs. Also the kids will be growing up in the west, attending gurudware which will make then more like us westerners. Also when hanging out with the future kids you can build tolerance in them by inocukating them against the pandit stuff. Like pandits think they can predict human behavior from planets that is the fake study of astrology. Don't disparage the mom though when discussing these things. Just say our Gurus have taken us out of this mess of fear and connected us directly with the source. And say we are lucky to be born in the age of science. We can look for explanations etc Keep the peace in the family. Your brother does need to speak up. But the rest of the family should not. So just let it be. We don't need broken homes or high divorce rates in the community. Sabar is a good quality. Let the mother do the hard work of nurturing the kids. Then you take over the kids mental, spiritual education. Also don't teach the kids to go against the mother. Teach the kids to humor her. Like she wants you to wear a red thread on Tuesdays, how funny. Try it kids what's the harm its useless. Panjabis are our biggest asset. They are good at making money and having kids. Most of us in the west ain't getting married or have depression or 1 kids max before we done because we have lame jobs or are not willing to work hard. Let the panjabis multiply, we can recruit kids from that during camps etc
  5. Go to a doctor and have tests done. Seems like a hormonal issue. You are not producing Testosterone is my guess . Hopefully due to a reversal cause like tumor in your pituitary gland. Or your body making to much of another hormone like prolactin.
  6. Gurbani speaks soo much on this topic. All the shabads about how i have a thousand faults and sins still you forgive me. Your kindness is more vast than my sins. How God protects anyone who dares to come to his Sharan. How countless sins eradicated from doing simran. Look at rehraas sahib. Jap tap Sanjam dharam na kamaayia... Just tell yourself that your Guru is more wiser than you're stupidity. Also look at bhai gurdaas jis vaaran. IK CHARAN SHARAN GUR EK PAINDA JAI CHAL, SATGUR KOT PAINDA AAGAI HOY LETH HAI. Also Bhagat bani: HUM SAR DEEN, DAYAL NA TUM SUR. Forgive me the mistakes in writing these pangtis Go dive into the ocean of gurbani to learn the true meaning of gratitude, self love, and forgiveness.
  7. Why can't your brother do IELTS? Why does he need to be married? Tell him to go work in Mumbai or Dubai and support himself and his mother like a man. Where is his anakh? Why are visas and women the only way out? It's sad panjabi boys who have never left panjab or seen beaches of India, want to go to canada...
  8. Ok then I agree. By the way, have you heard sufi music? The Nooran sisters were recently going viral. I think that is the folk type, appealing to the masses type of music that harmonium was meant to convey. Esp for the rural ppl. Because tanti saaj has been and still is something that requires years of practice and only available to the leisurely rich ppl. Which is great that guru sahib ji gave us such a great cultural heritage and we should cherish it. But also not stop the more easily accessible way to connect to gurbani.
  9. So did Maharaja Ranjit Singh take Pahul from Buddha dal? And what maryada did he follow? Also Guruji themselves created new instruments. Guru Arjan dev ji created a new style of tabla. So they weren't considered with authenticity. And Guru Hargobind Sahib used dilruba which wasn't used by Guru Arjan Dev Ji. I am not aware of any hukam of Panjwe patshah about using tanti saaj. Only about reading gurbani as much as possible. Aavo Sikh satguru ki pyare, gavi Sachi bani. And shabad chaunkis have been a part of the Sikh tradition where they don't use any tanti saaj to sing. Except maybe dhol. Also about dal khalsa, do you know their views on bhagauti?
  10. Depends. On future prospects. Would you be ok being rural farmer, ignorant of technology when people of other castes and religions are becoming more educated due to opportunities provided by govt to them. And you are humiliated in your own land for dreaming of independence by your neighbors. Also you can see the writing on the wall, that farming income will not be enough to sustain modern lifestyle and no prospects for marriage
  11. Can't the police use your phone to track down this person? I know phone companies can use location to detect any phone as long as it is not turned off. 1. First use samsung account or apple ID account to remotely erase everything on that phone. Or get your phone company to do it. I think if you report it lost or stolen, they can do it for you. 2. Tell the police he stole your phone and that it was worth a lot of money and has your bank account and your identity documents. And that he is threatening you and you are receiving death threats . Then I think the police have a duty to find him 3. Try not to contact that guy. But if no other options, let him know about point #1. That you have let the police know and as soon as he accesses your phone, he will be able to be tracked. Also that the police has been looking for any clues to human trafficking gangs. And so the police are secretly watching you so that if he comes near you, they will capture him to gain more info about this gang thing. 4. Try another country besides Canada. Maybe Dubai or Australia or Malaysia for work reasons. Or get married in America. Or even better get a job in India's tech centers. Like Bangalore or Mumbai or Calcutta. The fact that you have experience in the west will help. In india, salaries and lifestyle is really good. 5. Please warn other girls not to play with fire, especially those going 'bahar/West for the first time. Not to get involved with guys. It will backfire. That there are many predators in our community who will befriend you to steal your identity etc. Maybe the good karma of that will help you in God's court. 6. Be brave. Go back to Canada. And learn Street smarts. Google how to make your self safe online, how to hide your location online. (Mostly will involve not using any social media, using tor or VPN or duck go websites). Only have a flip phone with 911 on speed dial so if anyone follows you. You can call police right away. Walk with a weapon pepper spray etc. Always stay with a group of people. Lots of ppl learn to live safely in crime ridden neighborhoods. Call your parents everyday at 7pm. If they don't hear from you, tell them to report you missing to embassy and police.
  12. We are accepting the English meaning. The real meaning of Nanak name chardo Kala tere bane sarbat da bhala. Actually means In your hukam, everyone is well off. It means whatever you do is good for everyone. It's another way of saying Tera bhana Mitha laage. That with naam I am in chardi Kala and I accept that your hukam is best for everyone. So I don't need to ask for anything or try to change your hukam. Just accept it as all is well. It does not mean I ask for the welfare for all. It's the exact opposite. It means I don't need to ask or do anything as you already do the best and take care of all.
  13. She spoke bhai veer singh type of panjabi. Hosi. Etc. It is a sad letter. Both her and her son came to a bad end.
  14. There were always sects. The beauty was we could still be united and respect each other yet be different. Just look at dasam pitas time. He told bhai nand lal ji not to fight, supported bhai khaniya ji's anti-violence agenda. Had hindus and muslims and mercenaries in his army. Send most women away from the fight (including mata jis) but allowed mai bhago to fight. Contradictions and opposing views everywhere. And also had a vaishnav and meat langar at the same time. Then later there were the sikhs who lived in jangals and fought. Then city sikhs like subheg singh and shabaaz singh. Then farmers like bhai taaru singh. Village dwellers like the singhaniya in mir mannus jail. No time was there when all sikhs were shastardhari, living in jangals. In fact there were udasees, seva panthis, bedis, nirmale, tarna dal vs budha dal division, then misls, followed by sikh rajas vs akalis. Then naamdhari showed up. The arguments in the 1900s were numerous. If sachkhand is an actual place vs avastha. If meat is allowed. If padshed is allowed. Dasam granth. If dakhani onkaar is actually called Onkaar Bani (pamphlet on that by Bhagat puran singh) And dont just blame the akjs. Many other sects dont believe in brahm kavach as part of dasam etc. I think the vaaja should have an important nostalgic place in our gurudwaras. It is a symbol of how sikhi spread to the masses, how it triumphed under colonial rule. How when the british were busying destroying our culture, taking away kaide/books and shastar away from our ppl. Sikhs co-opted their instrument and spread sikhi. Like the miniature saroops of SGGS used in the world wars. Part of our history of how Sikhs kept sikhi alive in hard times. And should be revered. Puratan is important so we don't lose any of our magnificent history and culture and skills. But it shouldn't stop us from adding more skills to our repertoire. Like maharaja ranjit adding cannons to his army and learning from the European soldiers about military training. (BTW most of those Europeans were french/Italian who having lost the napoleonic wars fled east and their hatred of the English is what attracted them to ranjit singh)
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