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  1. Very good point. And in india cow was the most common pet. Only cows were tamed and kept inside houses.
  2. There is definitely a hand of the media. In the US its very biased reporting. The end seems to be a 1984 type society. All must agree with the dogma or be shunned and their livelihood affected. I dont know if this is deliberate to become such a controlling soceity or just a side effect of hatred for the other side and a desire to keep ur side winning. Esp listening to Dr. Gold the ED physician turned anti lockdown anti govt. No dr dares say anything against the vaccines for fear of being ostracized. There is definitely an agenda. However i dont know if she is right about the experimental vaccine being a way to track us.
  3. Lavaan.com. they even had a discount going on for joining. Ask your local gurudwara sangat for help.
  4. Yeah but 1984 is very murky. So is ranjeet singhs downfall era. We need ppl who lived thru it. Their accounts
  5. You should really record these events as told by your family. Either as voice recordings or even better in written form. As we rely on bhangus account so will futute generations. And if you dont tell the real true story and the glory and the fairy tale accounts of 84 will be remembered. About how 200 singhs fought a whole army and the kharkhoos were these supermen. We need the truth with the nitty, gritty details to survive. The plight of the commen ppl must be known.
  6. I have sisters and cousins who as westerners have married indians. So please share ur advice openly. I think it can help a lot of people. There is a big cultural difference. Like i know an indian women and her only condition upon marriage was that yhe husband not yell or humiliate her in front of people. If he wants to yell her or hit her he can do so in private. I was shocked. As a westerner that is such a low standard. Most women here would expect the husband to he constantly asking about their welfare and being kind. And showing his appreciation through gifts and helping with the housework. I think indian women have low expectations and know they are getting another relative/relation which will be filled with problems. Also to the OP. There was a divorce lawyer i think. She believed divorce was was good. But after years of getting women to divorce, she realized she had made a mistake. She wrote a book about it and said the only reason divorce should be done is abuse, and adultery. Because the women were always worse off after divorce. They would not find a better person to marry. And being a single mom is hard.
  7. Yes. In fact it is the maryada for many jathas and sampardas such as gurmat bibek a type of akj. It speeds up the heart kind of like aerobic exercise. Gets the blood moving stimulates stress response lol. And it really wakes u up and get the simran going. Wahegurrru And look up wim hoff, he made a career out of this. When gore get into something they go all in.
  8. You are doing great. Consistency matters more than quantity. I dont have personal experience but these r some sakhis i have heard. One was a women, who heard the importance of naam simran and told her family I will do all the work but I will not talk. U can write ur requests down. So all day say would go about loudly saying waheguru waheguru. Without pause. Kids and family heard it constantly from the time she woke and to when she slept. She chanted it as she did all housework. This went on for months. Then suddenly there was silence. They wrote why arent u saying waheguru anymore? She said no need anymore, it is inside now. Ofc u cant do this. But at home after work, before work in the car, chant loudly. Then while talking to ppl, try saying in ur mind. At first it will be hard to do 2 things with mind, listen to convo and say waheguru mentally. But with practice u can. Another way to practice this is while doing gurbani paath. Say gurbani outloud and mentally chant waheguru. And when saying waheguru outloud, think of gurbani pangtis that describes him. Takes a lot of effort initially.Bhai randheer singh talks about this. He has many books online. Check him out. Ofc this is in addition to ur 15 mins. This is throughout the day as u work, not as a replacement of ur dedicated simran time. Secondly, is bhai veer singhs method. Also a great writer found online. He says try to remember waheguru throughout the day. Whenever you do, say waheguru 3x in gratitude and smile while thinking shukar hai, mainu yaad kita, te karaya. And as time goes u will remember more often.
  9. Thats why some things are forbidden while some are just frowned upon. There r different restrictions and different types of bad things. The things that are considered the worst will affect not only ur spiritual life but also ur physical life such as health and society and ur family as well: such as stealing, using drugs, lust, bf gf stuff. If u look at people who are poor especially in developed coungries like america is is because they have indulged in these worst things and ruined their life and their families and future generations. Like having kids out of wedlock, stealing and going to jail, drugs etc. (Excluding mental illness) I know you are going to say, thats not what im referring to. Masturbation wont ruin ur life to that extent, but it is a cop out. U r taking the easy way out. Instead of fighting one of the grandest hardest fights against ur mind, against mahabir lust, ur giving in. Like bhai jagraj singh of basics used to say, sikhi doeant have too many rules, thats why we have a lot of grey areas and these questions arise, because each person can decide for themselves based on their goals. People who are really strongly on the path of spirituality will want to avoid movies, songs, sports. And will try to restrain their mind at all times. But as grihisti sikhs if we arent going to go to that extent. That doesnt mean we give in and allow anything. Just youtube it, so many ppl talking about no fap and its benefits, cold baths, dopamine fast, meditation. Shouldnt sikhs be of a higher caliber? We r forgetting, more than saint soldiers, we were made monk householders, grihisti yogis. We were supposed to strive for mukti, liberation while raising family, living in the world and trying to save the world. Any of these goals is hard to do and takes a lifetime, so as sikhs how can we have time for pleasures when such heavy duties await us?
  10. What you waiting for @KoiBe the first. Try it. Let us know the pros and cons. Is it free?
  11. I know ppl who had covid. Its like the worst flu ever. They said they wouldve taken the vaccine because the illness was so bad even though they all got over corona and are fine now. On the other hand, this vaccine was rushed. Usually drug testing takes at least 10 years, so... But on the other hand, if you dont take the vaccine you have to keep social distancing and being fearful of being infected or actually get infected by corona which is painful. Fever and chills. Body aches and fatigue lasts at least 2 weeks and racking dry cough..
  12. So who did the holocaust target if not the descendents of jews in europe?
  13. If we want sikhi to survive long term into centuries, then yes we need panjab. Because we have panjab,.we can safely neglect teaching our children panjabi, keeping copes of our sceiptures, teaching our kids santhiya or maryada. Because we can rely on ppl from panjab and babas in deras to do all that. Imagine, the future was only in the diaspora's hands. Would we be able to do what the jewish ppl did for over 2 centuries? Keep their torah, hebrew, passover holidays, sabbath maryada etc alive? Look at the threads we have: is it okay to let our kids celebrate christmas, during the time of shaheediyan? In theory it is possible to keep a religion alive without a homeland as the Jewish ppl did. But honestly, I dont think we panjabis or sikhs could do it. The jewish ppl in the beginning were known for being niaareh, different. They did not assimilate and were hounded for clinging to their different language and traditions in Europe. I think this lasted as long as they were nomadic and leaving as groups. But when they started to settle they started to become lax. Sikhs already are assimilating. Intermarrying. Forgerting their traditions. Also in most sikhs, panjabiyat is stronger than sikhi.
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