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  1. 1. One of the issues Sikhs face today is turning intellectual questions into ideological questions. The debates around dasam granth, meat, raag mala are a century old at least. Sant Gurbachan singh, bhai randheer singh all wrote about the issue or decided it was not solvable in the 1900s. Recently we had the calendar debate. It was something people should have argued about back and forth, thought about, deliberated etc. Instead it turns into an us vs them thing. And ppl are excommunicated and split into different camps over it. Its not even a theological issue, its worldly. About how accurate certain calendars are. Same thing with dasam granth. In the beginning people had legit questions. But ppl were excommunicated and panth split over it. Before the right side came up with answers and conferences. But it was too late. It had become too polarizing. 2. People either being too realist or too idealist. There should be a balance. The realist want to cancel langar and help to other communities because they think we should help sikhs first. While a valid arguement, they should realize the benefit of these charity langars. It unites most sikhs. From the most liberal, athiest sikh to the most traditional. All will say it is the greatness of sikhi. All will rise up to take credit, that yup thats who we sikhs are,.when its on the news, praised by non sikhs. It gives positive branding and awareness. Which we sikhs in the USA know the importance of post-911. And so will the UK ppl when the racist Right becomes strong. To be not lumped in with terrorists or muslims, I would pay any price. And khalsa aid is a small price to pay. And the idealist that believe muslims are no danger. That all religions are equal. That banning inter faith marriages is sacrilegious. Are also idiots. But can be fixed. Can be shown the light. Just show them how ugly the world is. Show them the muslims promoting love jihad, grooming etc. They will change. But the realist, narrowminded pessimist will bring down the panth to their low level and permeate it with misery. Thats why BoS bhai jagraj singh was a sucess. He brought hope that the panth can change be better, live up to its ideals with practical ideas. Also realist parents will not let their kids keep hair or get too religious as they think it will hinder their kids in life. The idealist parents will not teach their kids about harsh realities so they are gullible. Will trust easily. And be losers with 3 ft dumalleh. Will vote for referendum 2020 when it will cause economic collapse, or persecution of sikhs. They dont care abt peoples livelihood or lives only the 'sikhi' matters. These get most ppl disillusioned and turn their back on sikhi. 3. We dont have enough freedom of religion. We are for it for people of other faiths but not our own. Let people follow sikhi the way they want. Let them question it and leave it. Let them dabble. Just have some hard and fast rules they cant cross. No deh dhaari guru, no disrespect of the Gurus or SGGS. Let their be missonaries and nihangs and taksalis and akjs. The diversity is important. But dont try to convince the whole panth that only ur way is right. That everyone should eat chatka meat and being vegetarian is wrong. Or chatka is wrong. It should be,.that is how they do things. This is how we do it. But we still brothers. 4. We need to stop thinking and preaching that taking amrit is the goal. There are more sikhs who will never take amrit. We need to teach them how to still be sikh. Let have minimum rehit that every sikh, non-amridhari included, must follow. This will decrease the liberal sikhs who are clueless. And has the potential to create a strong sikh identiy like that of muslims Every sikh must not belive in anyone other than SGGS. Must do japji sahib or 5 mool mantar daily. Must teach their kids sikh history and panjabi ie panjabi classes or at home. Try to not defame sikhi and try to be honest, hardworking, etc. Dont give up but at least decrease fraud and other sins. Absolutely give up drugs. And alcohol. U cant call urself sikh if u drink. Say i will be sikh someday when i quit. (We need to decrease alcoholism and get rid of the thinking that sikhs and alcohol go together. So we need to be harsh abt it. So not passed on to next gen) And that sikhi is not just about giving up things. Sikhi can help you lead a more successful life without diseases and troubles. If u do this: (sukhmani sahib daily and not sure what else. Seva? Sikh scholars can figure this out) 5. The overlap between different culture and sikhs. Make it clear cut what is sikhi and what is not. If we do this, one day we will be able to.get afghan sikhs to give up cousin marrying practices. If we first get rid of all the panjabi baggage: drinking, jatt stuff ( not caste stuff. Thats not really relevant. Lets be honest. No one hates shudras or thinks tarkhaan should only do woodwork. The only caste stuff that is left is being proud of being jatt) bhangra, honor killings, female infanticide, dowry, treating womens side of family.as inferior etc. People can be panjabi and sikh. so can do bhangra as a sikh. Like someone learning karate or step dancing or zumba. But everyone should be clear its a nonsikh thing. 6. Thinking everything puratan is good. And should be emulated. Research should be done about the authenticity of things like sooraj parkash. More research into Dasam granth. Resolve the controversies with resesrch. Not just thats how it was always done. But without creating more controversies. 7. Hating people who are not to your standard. Like kar sewa babe. They dont have knowledge about how to preserve antique things. Instead of hating. Do a course on preservation and join them. They have made old small buiding accessible for massive sikh sangats. And the sarai are very comfortable and useful for qurantine like now. They did their best. Politicians will always be corrupt instead of voting in ur guy/team, learn to use them to do the important work. Yeah dhumma is terrible. But he is keeping taksal going. So that it still exists for when another revolution is needed. So when another Sant comes. Real world is ugly, willnever be perfect. Learn how to flow with it.
  2. I am sorry but it was your fault this time Ajeet. Yes it might be your wives duty to cook food. But it is not to hear criticism. Having a baby takes a toll on a womans body and she is tired for long time. It takes time to recover. Especially for vegetarian women. As we have to make heme, proteins,.and fats from iron and foods from plants which takes work. As plants do t have complete amino acids and nonusable iron which our body first has to convert. Also she is probably also breastfeeding, which requires more from her. In my opinion she should be on bed rest for a year with walks. And being fed panjiri and other animal products like dairy and honey and lots of nuts and other healthy, fattening foods with lots of ghee. What type of a boss do you like? someone who after your have done your work for the day, makes you stay after work to listen to a critique of everything? She did the work and asked to be treated nicely once and you just double the abuse. Get your mom and dad involved into a huge fight over a nonissue. Also i feel bad for your parents. Instead of the bahu, daughterin law creating fights Its you. If you had some sikhi gunn like dheeraj and santokh or just some commen sense and stayed silent, everyone would have eaten peacefully and left. But no, you got angry that someone refuses to hear ur criticism, and started a fight with your dad so ur mom had to get involved. And then ur wife got involved. You expect her to take the blame and abuse siently and not argur back when she is being yelled at. While you get angry that she denied your right to be nakhrelu. I was always sympathetic to your cause and never understood why people were always against you. But this time, it was completely your fault. My dad is always telling my mom that when he is eating, please dont yell, complain or nag. It gets into.the roti and creates a bad atmoaphere and bad health. That she can complain and nag afterwards. What type of environment are you creating for your kid? Full of yelling and you involve the grandparents too. And his mom will be upset for.hours now. And when she next goes to cook,.she will be so resentful. The least u should expect is banging of the pots and muttering, he is a big Shot who expects everything to be perfect and tasty. No matter the effort. Etc Also ig God forbid, u.lose ur job one day,.should ur wife stop feeding u and respecting you until u have a job again? As ur only function is to earn money as hers is to cook? Ur wife is ur family. They stick up for each other thru hardtimes and enjoy the good times. But u ruin the goodtimes with bickering and crying. When a real problem occurs, how will you react? You have already used up yelling and crying. Whats left? Wain pauna?
  3. Yes, knowledge of different schools og thought in india and even in islam is very helpful for Gurbani. Good taksaals/vidhaalye and steeks/tikakaar will teach you the background of every shabad. As the gurujis had many conversations myriads of people from all schools. And some of gurbani is those responses, background is very important. Even knowing the stories of Rama etc.
  4. Actually islam means submission. Not peace.
  5. We can help more if we knew what you asked Maharaj about when j took this hukamnama.
  6. According to Raghbir Singh bir, who had similar views to Christian spiritual scienceppl, global pandemics and natural disasters are due to cumulative karams. For example there r individual karams like accepting dowry and then there are the societal implications that go with a culture that accepts dowry like female infanticide, father suicide due to loans, burning of bahus etc. So its not that God is vengeful but actions have consequences and some have inadvertent outcomes like the vulnerable dying. Like the ants and bhai mardana sakhi.
  7. Also think of it from his point of view. Or how you would feel if ur child who u helped raise, and bought everything for, and worked hard jours for suddenly goes, Oh no its ok Dad. You need it more than me. I can support myself now. Dont really need ur help. I am richer than you now. You might not say it like that. But thats what it could come across as. So just accept it and be thankful
  8. Be careful witb the vegan diet. My sister became b12 deficient in 1 few months. Make sure to eat quinoa and supplements if vegan.
  9. We dont need masks or gloves when cooking the food. As the heat will kill the germs when we cook. And washing hands is better than gloves. Because ppl will touch everything with the gloves. And as for masks. Hazooriye r good enough.
  10. Seriously? If you have been eating, it is not good to go near or touch things on the counter where langar is for everyone. Our mouths have the most bacteria of any place, so If you spoon and glass has been touching ur mouth, they are very dirty. And so are your hand if you have been eating. So without washing them, do not go near the serving counter. Remember bacteria can transmit from the barest touch, droplets and even air. So stay away. Plus laxity, breeds more carelessness. So try to fight for more stringent measures, don't degrade the small measures that we do have in place. And have you ever worked in a research labs, where they grow cells? They use the exact same suchamta concept as us.
  11. Take it and show your appreciation. Like Thanks Dad. And then donate it to a charity, if u feel really bad.
  12. End of European culture. Of vacations and travel. But more spread of American. Where ur own ur own, hog supplies, compete with neighbors, dont send aid to other countries cuz ur country is number 1. Stay home, homeschool kids. Close borders, hate travelers and foreigners, blame the vulnerable sick and put them in quarantine. Dont allow back doctors who were treating disease in poorer areas like during ebola. Become all survivalist. Etc
  13. I agree with all you have said. But i think there r sakhis of ppl marrying out of caste. The one about the rani who wouldnt lift her veil and went crazy. Later on a woodcutter sikh married her. The sakhi where a poor sikh spilled spots of paint on dasam patshah. And guru ji said to slap him . All the niktvarti sikhs ran to slap him and ended up bearing him severly. Guru ji was displeased and said he was supposed to he slapped not beaten. The sikhs all pleaded we were just following hukam. Then guruji said, fine marrynur daughter to him. All were silent. Until one sikh stepped up. Also bhai manj that married his daughter to a badmaash.
  14. Also join sunday classes, panjabi classes, or any other activities like gatka, santhiya
  15. Actually cooked hot food is best. Kills all the germs. Raw food is more dangerous. Fruits generally get flies etc So its ok to cook without gloves etc if the food will be cooked. And we really do boil are stuff to the max. However serving food is where we need hygiene. So passing out roti with gloves on. Salad definietly should be dkne with gloves and or chamte. And any sick and coughing ppl should not do seva. Also leaving out rice and food on counters and not the fridge. Also can cause germs to grow in room temp. But most gurudware are using the heating pans. Using the hazooriya to cover beard and mouth/nose like the nanaksariye and taksalis do should be mandatory. As should be washing hands at least 3x before langae seva. 5x after using the loo. This is the norm in many samparda. And i like the icecream scoop for degh. Because random old buddhe like to come vartaa degh. Who dont have the best hygiene and always touch the hands. When the maryada is not to.
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