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  1. If u wake up late. It makes ur whole day late. So have 2 fail proof plans. Get up at Amritvela. Cuz u know if u dont u wont fo ur nitnem. So if u fail to do ur nitnem, ur punishment is u HAVE to wake up at amrit vela the next day. You HAVE TO. its the least u can do. But if u do amrit vela and nitnem and then start waking up late. Then habe a time like at 11 am i have to go to Japji sahib. No matter what.
  2. Also new finding was the muslims in Saudi Arabi that turned sikh. Their writings were recently found. Bahi pinderpal singh talks about them in his katha. Google it. A muslim who had turned sikh during guru nanaks time was buried alive or stoned to death. Sorry forgot the name
  3. Panjabis. Or girls from sikh families where the grandparents are amritdhari but their kids and grandkids are not. You can also marry amridhari girls. If you promise to take amrit soon.
  4. Yes. Science and the west are catching up to the East and sikhi. They have adopted yoga and in the process of taking over meditation too. And they have really learnt that the mind controls the universe and resukts not just hard work. So they are preaching the Law of Attraction etc. Lots of ppl have been interested in the east and eastern spirituality from the 1700s. So the west have learnt and are teaching it back to us. I have noticed this too and gives me the same reaction like we have the best religion, we dont need to learn from them. But God helps us learn thru life thru other people. Our scriptures are lessons, our sakhis examples, our sants/shaheeds role models. And life is our test, it helps us memorize and really understand thise lessons. So sometimes we will learn things better from outsiders. And thats ok. Just because we have the best religion doesnt mean we r the best students. Sometimes we dont pay attention in class, so God has to teach us outside the classroom, throw a pop quiz, have an outsider explain to us. Also we have lost alot. Like our artistry such as calligraphy, music, knowledge of vaidgiri/health etc. And some of it the gore know like yoga etc.
  5. My point was to explain why we must not kill cows or eat beef as sikhs.
  6. That is really good and deep thinking. It is true that some people get into addictions etc because of that loss their soul feels. No matter what they do, nothing brings happiness forever. So they try to nub it down. Others tho use alcohol to cover this life's trauma like abuse etc Our conscience that tells us to do right things and wants us to do the right thing is the soul. This is different from the ability to tell right feom wrong. Which is budhi. Like if u want to go to gurudwara but also club. One is desire of mann, the other aatma. There r different subconsciousness. There is one that records all we do and think and consume. Kind of like memory but we cant access it. Like if we watch bad songs. It has an affect. And then we have the other subconsciousness that holds a record of our previous lives. Not only memories. But our personality. Like why some ppl r born great artists, born scared of water. These r only some things from that subconsciouness that leak through. Beyond all that is the aatma. That is why meditation is important. It allows u to burn through all the different types of consciousness and subconscious. I dont remember their names. But you can probably find them in karm philosophy or a steek or vedant. There mann chit budh antishkaran, and lots more. Our psych has been very well studied by the old indian sages.
  7. Bijla singh and Mehtab Singh went to gurmatbibek.com forum N30Singh went to sikhphilosophy.net
  8. There is actually a sakhi of Guru Nanaks wedding.that kandh still stands. And the sakhi says Guru ji refused the fire and used the kitaab or books he carried in which he wrote his bani. About the laava sakhi, it might be that the pandit was needed to make it official like registry marriage or to do katha afterwards or to even say tue vedoc shaloks while sikhs did phere around a gutka? Idk but there is that sakhi of Guru Nanak Dev ji refusing the agni
  9. Paranoia could be sign of mental illness so do see a therapist, doctor or counselor Keep doing paath as well
  10. As for the kurds. They say turkey told the US to stop supporting them or Turkey will join the Russia/Iran alliance. So america agreed. And as kurds are in many different countries and dont get along amongst themselves.
  11. Hindsight is always 20/20 During gore times. The only way to get weapons and training was through the british army. They had confisticated all kirpans and allowed no training. So those who used to be faujis were the most able to protect themselves and others during 47. And most even simple farmers did alot to protect themselves and land. They say the jallandhar and amritsar area was full of muslims but Sikhs managed to kick them out without losing that land to them. Ofc some sikhs went overboard butchering even minority, innocent muslims in their pinds. The sikhs most at risk were those traveling from pakistan to india. They shouldve formed bands but as they were reluctant to leave land behind, they did at last resort and so were disorganized. Some sikhs like in rawalpindi and mountainous areas killed there womenfolk. All did what they could, it was a time of chaos. In these times, no plans or forethought help. So best not to be caught up in these things. For which we can only blame our leaders. As to ppl who joined army. They say the brits said help us fight the germans and we would give india independence so a lot of indians helped with recruitment. Ofc we can say they shouldnt be so gullible. But sitting at home wasnt gonna give independence. Better to try and fail.And once gore tried to weasel out of the agreement, they faced backlash and had to do it. And joining the british was propagandized as being desh bhagats. Also most sikhs were used to being in maharaja ranjit singhs army. And being laid off was hard. But even modern western ppl, like the guy who wrote saragarhi was the coolest battle ever, couldnt understand how sikhs could fight for their enemy a mere 30 to 50 years later. I dont either. But i think it had to do with our panjabi ppls ability to survive. Most panjabis who were born in india have a ruthlessness. Even amritdharis and they can put religion and other considerations to the side to get ahead. And sikhi wasnt a big presence in pinds. My dad says that his local pind gurudwara used to do katha of ramayan only. The gurudwaras were run by mahants and so anything went. Also they say the way a circus performer gets lions to listen to him is by targetting the lowest lion in the heirarchy. And when the alphas see the lowest lion performing tricks and getting treats. The alphas will follow and do the same tricks to not be left behind and seem weak. And traitors are also those people that have the lowest position or most to gain by downfall of current empire. So to keep our kaum safe, we have to make sure that there are no low people. No poor people, no mistreated ppl, and that all are educated. As for jutts being british loyal followers. The jutts think of the urban people as indian puppets. During 84, not many urbanites joined bhindrawale protests not the khalistani movements afterwards. When santji would say we sikhs are 2nd class citizens, the urbanites would deny it and claim to.their hindu neighbors and bosses that santji was just agitating and not to be taken seriously. When santji would say all sikhs should have weapons and be tyaar bir tyaar,.the urbanites ignored him. When the delhi riots happened, only then did the city folks wake up. They became anti-India. And saw santji as a hero and realized the importance of weapons and khalistan. Some sikhs i know were glad that delhi riots happened. Its a terrible position to hold as the rapes and tire burnings are sickening. I do not agree with them but i see why they think so. Because it finally woke up the other sikh communities and got them on th same page. Although even now some sikhs who lived outside of panjab,.hate santji and say all they did was create hatred of sikhs and create sikh terrotists. I dont blame them for thinking like this. They only got the news from panjab that was censored and propaganda. And they felt the discrimination and hardship.of living surrounded by hindus after 84 happened. That is what terrifies me. That we sikhs dont act with unity and dont take into account how our actions will hurt sikhs elsewhere. And other sikhs are just worried about their livelihood and not supporting sikh struggles elsewhere. It is disunity like this that makes some sikhs glad of atrocities like delhi riots. When we have big divisions like this, who needs enemies? Now sikhs are in all countries and joining any military or supporting army action,.sikhs have to take this into account. We have to support sikhs in afghanistaan, hong kong etc. Sikhs are good about helping sikhs in trouble. But we dont have the collaboration to help sikhs in war or chaos. We should form networks between different sikh communitties worldwide. So that whem WW3 happens we know what is the best position for sikhs. Because as patroitism and nationalism is on the rise. If war happens our host countries like US,.canada,.and uk are gonna demand we fight for them to show our loyalty. Or they may round us up like japanese in US in WW2 or kick us out like burma did, or hate us like jews were. So we as sikhs should already decide, what to do. Like if war between US and china/Russia/Iran. And india joins the china alliance,.where so.we sikhs stand?
  12. Vitamins are really important. Especially folate for women. Get your wife started on prenatal vitamins And you guys should take blood tests to see if you are low in any nutrients like iron, B12, vitamin K etc. And get checked if you guys have any health issues like thyroid, diabetes, high blood pressure. And get it controlled before having kids. Eat diverse foods that are many colored. More vegetables. And also many types of seeds and nuts. If you are vegetarian, find someone who can make panjiri. Your wife will need that after she gives birth. For lactation and recovery. Perhaps she can eat it before as well.
  13. Do the above and let the kids attend sikhi camps. And take them to wear a turban days on the streets. Where sikhs tie turbans on people on the street.
  14. I say stay. And have your mom move in with you for a bit. Invent a reason, like babysitting, while both parents work. or that your wife is sad about a parent dying, and she needs help. When your wife has to deal with your mom again, she will remember why she moved away. Best thing is to buy times, And then do this. Also, if you guys lived closer to your parents, would they come over more often? If so, your wife might have a point.
  15. It's from living in America and coming into contact with vegans that I realized the importance of respecting cows. You see, here in America, the most disgusting and sad places are places where animals are grown like dairy farms, pig, duck, chicken farms. The animals are kept in cages, with no room to move, and their bodily waste accumulates around them. They develop diseases but instead of washing them, they are fed a ton of antibiotics and hormones. And they are grown so fat, they can no longer stand or support their weight. Then they are taken for slaughter. But as vegetarians, we don't really have to worry about the karma of places like this...except we do. Dairy farms are the worst. The cows must be impregnated again and again to keep producing quality milk and if the child is male, it is sent to slaughter houses. And the cows become really week from years of milk giving until they collapse. Then they are sent to slaughterhouses for meat for dog food etc. And as milk drinkers, we are part of this sad cycle. It is the whole reason for keeping cows in captivity and impregnating them. As long as the dairy industry exists, beef will be made and sold as male offspring have to be used up somehow. You guys are lucky in India, you get your milk from cows which are not harmed. so less bad karma. Our ancestors or lets say the pandits, were wise. The only animal we domesticate and use in India is the cow and bull. So to make sure we don't get any bad karma, they told the peasants to treat the cow as a goddess. And to this day, that belief has helped cows not get killed. People protested selling cows to Pakistan, people let them roam free on roads rather then send them to slaughter houses. And this is for the benefit of us all. Ofc, people are bad too. They let the cows go free when they become too old for milk. The cow that served them the whole life is abandoned. Also, male children of cows are stolen from the cow and also let on the street. I think the reason buffalos and goats aren't as respected is because they are not domesticated. And can survive on their own in the wild and have terrible tempers and are not as defenseless as cows. We need to do more to support the cow and other domesticated animals. I know people who want to start a humane dairy, but there is one problem. What do we do about the male children of the cow? Bulls are no longer needed in agriculture. And it will get expensive to just house and feed them.
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