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  1. The streets that we have to be smart about have moved to the digital world. Most scams happen online or through phones. Hacking, knowing your way around a computer, how to do effective facebook ads, use social media to get people on your side etc. Is the new street smarts
  2. People can legally only stop you at night. Dont worry, keep practicing kirtan. We have to listen to rock music and other nonsense all day. So be strong and keep going. Dont worry before you need to. If they complain,.then you can think about quitting.
  3. Do you have gurbani apps? If not get some. iGurbani is good. So is Gurbani searcher. As you read your paath. Read the translations underneath. And choose 1 pauri each day where you actually find the meaning of each word and then try to put it together. Then throughout the day, keep repeating that pauri and understanding it. Khalsa ji , on youtube is really good at helping kids do this. Look him up too. Also if you have time, listen to katha while driving to school or while doing chores/workout. And if in the summer yiu get time, take santhiya classes. They help. If none availab
  4. I am sure theres many sikh videos of weddings. Look at rainsbai weddings. Or akj weddings. There is milni. As the girls side of the family is in charge of the venue. They get their earlier and prepare breakfast langar ( cha pakore etc). Then when the groom and his family come over. They meet each other outside the gurudwara in the parking lot. Ideally the girls family should be doing kirtan with vaja dholki of Aye Mil Gurshikh... as they welcome the grooms family. but if noone from the girls family is a musician, the two families can just greet each other with f
  5. I bet the saura/FIL was quiet before marriage because his wife and daughter made him. I can just imagine it: The MIL "dont start foolish arguments, let the girl be married off first, with your incessant talking and debates, you have alienated all of our neighbors and friends. Stay quiet and dont ruin the girls life!" I am terribly sorry to say theres only 2 ways two deal with these type of people. Be extra strict or humble. 1. The amritdhari person can just say I have taken amrit and vows to the panj pyare and I intend to live by them. I just do what my guru says and am too dum
  6. Yes there is a product called TRS based on nanozoolites. It detoxifies heavy metals. I dont know too.much about it tho. Check out Vita Lives Free on youtube for more info
  7. Thanks Canada. Now the US can finally answer those gun control supporters everytime a mass shooting happens in the US. Canada has strict gun control laws i bet... Like the NRA says banning guns is only going to stop the good guys from having any not the gangsters.
  8. It can also point to the tek or asthaai which is the main line or first lines in music lyrics. I dont know the english word for it: the chorus line? The one that is repeated before every stanza? So it can tell us which pangti is to be the chorus line ( if thats the right word) when singing the shabad. It is usually also the main idea or topic of a shabad as Gnostic said. Or if the shabad is full of questions and examples, it will be the answer and main point.
  9. These woke people will also be curtailing gun rights which may lead to restrictions on kirpaans. And woke ppl support beadbi like inter religious and gay marriages. And may enforce them on religions. Like dally said, its best not to choose sides btw right and left. Best if we played both sides. So its good if we have sikhs on both sides as long as they dont bring those political divides btw sikhs
  10. Has the person been tested for all deficiencies? Sometimes a lack or excess of some minerals, electrolytes and vitamins can cause neuro-psych issues. Your friend has mental and health issues which maybe points toward something affecting his physical health. Too much calcium can cause mental and health issues as well as many other things. So maybe get tested for electrolytes sodium potassium calcium magnesium phosphorus ( a basic BMP or CMP lab checks all of them at once). Also the minerals (copper, zinc, iron, selenium, iodine) all vitamins esp B12 and D and hormones ( thyroid, cor
  11. Although some of the ideas like a library is pointless as she said noone attends. I think a computer lab or cafe would be better with monitored access to internet. The waste managment ideas were good. Although i dont understand the liquid one.
  12. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.vidhia.com/Bhai%20Raghbir%20Singh%20Ji/Bhai%20Raghbir%20Singh%27s%20Bandginama.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwiD6oTUgZTxAhVOuZ4KHdYoDZ0QFjAGegQIFhAC&usg=AOvVaw1W8MEtQev4U0tEUv5na20x This is a link to the book bandginama by bhai ragbir singh bir. Besides sant singh maskeen, you can also find bhai vir singh and se kinehya audiobooks on.youtube. But the best thing is to just watch 1 video and start. If you start, your questions will be answered along the way. Otherwise you will just keep gathering info.and never s
  13. On holidays at home maybe. Also non sikh students are allowed to wear patka, bandana type head scarf instead of turban.
  14. Im from the US. Never heard of Tulsa before. I was against reparations but this puts a whole new perspective on it.
  15. Seems like you were right, based on the fauci email leaks. Fauci was the american director of health dept in USA. It makes sense that it was made in lab. Because i have never heard of a virus spreading like that and year long. Usually viruses predominate in winter and cold climates. Most plagues have been bacterial. Yes theres swine flu and the normal flu, which does kill many ppl. But mostly the vulnerable. Because our bodies can usually fight off viruses. Looks like biological warfare is on the cards now. China started it and now most other countries will follow and secretly cr
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