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  1. Yeah a family member had it shipped from UK. Yes there is a Tegh Kaur in the works. But someone was saying that we should have Sikh figures as nurses, doctors, fire fighters...but I don't know if that's a good idea. We don't want Sikh ppl to identify only with worldly success and consider some jobs as better...it just deeply cements the panjabi sociopathic capitalism...but it is hard for kids to relate to these warrior types when all Sikhs they know aren't ones. Then again superheroes aren't relatable either...
  2. Why? I used to think most amritdharis are from there.
  3. Have you heard of the organization atam pargas? They are trying to bring back the preclinical method of education back based on Leitnwrs work. Also I would say Leitner is right. My Nani can read panjabi because she learned at the local gurdwara. They would use sticks to right oora aira in the dirt when learning. So even women were allowed to learn before 1947. And another Bibi learned at a church. But she quit to make money from her embroidery on the Pakistan side of panjab. So I would say even the most rural and poor people were literate.
  4. Wasn't it Guru Nanak Dev ji himself who changed doing lavan around havan to around ptothi sahib? I think it's mentioned in janam sakhis maybe? Also lots of our ancestors were not strictly Sikhs so we shouldn't go by what they did. They just followed the local Brahmans and what their ancestors had done. And did not want to change to the new way of sikhi. Any even if the modern anand karaj is not puratan, is there any reason to go back? The modern anand karaj was made during 1900s when the Sikhs were going thru a literary revolution similar to Europe's great enlightenment when lots
  5. I think Jewish ppl are 1000 years ahead of us in history. Sikhs are only at the part where Jewish tribes were being exiled from Isreal at the time of the Egyptian empire. If we want to continue following their path and finally have success (ie Khalistan) then we have to do what they did: keep a distinct identity, a growing population, and a millennial long strategy of enmeshing ourselves into powerful positions in economic and scie tific centers of those countries we immigrated to. Although, I don't really buy the Jewish ppl are the mastermind behind the whole world economics etc t
  6. The concept of being sehajdhari and nanakpanthi was big. Religion back in the day was more about allegiance than following it to the letter. Amrit shako, kes rakho wasn't a big rally cry. Think about it a century before ranjit singh, it would be ridiculous to begging ppl to take amrit when they could be killed tortured for it. It was imperative that you do it of your own free will. And because ranjit Singh was from a Sikh family, maybe that was enough to be Sikh.
  7. Wow. You've grown up! I would never have expected such a deep insight esp a controversial one from you. I had pegged you as a really black and white, this is the one correct way poster. The credit goes to @dallysingh101 and Sikh awareness forum ofc. Showcasing of the puritan ithihaas thru olden granths, historical/contemporary accounts was a major wake up call to Sikhs. Ofc it might also be due to nihangs. Their bringing back all the things we had successfully repressed...time will tell if it's a good thing..
  8. While you are right, you are also too idealistic. Economic reasons will always be the most important. A starving person or even a person at poverty level just surviving cannot enact any change or even any respect, neither from their own community nor from another community. So yes being a soldier was for economic reasons. But it made sense. Maharaja ranjit had employed a huge number of Sikhs as soldiers. Once British ppl took over, all of these soldiers' were let go after confistication of their weapons including kirpaans. Some of these soldiers turned into daaku(bandits) rather th
  9. In your answer, u only mentioned what people think i.e. coworkers/boss or other Sikhs. But for Sikhs, it's most important what the Guru says. Yes what you mention is important. At least Sikhs should respect Sikhs. But a Sikh quickly has a downfall if he/she forgets to keep focus on guru and sikhi. Other people will always try to belittle those who try to be better or try to be good. Even the Gurus own brothers tried to hurt them. Also you can tell.the moneh, I keep my hair cuz the Guru says to. Not to be a good or better human. And my hair shows I put sikhi first esp before fashion unlik
  10. I was referring to Sikh extremism. Even across the pond we hear of the infighting, the different sects, like Niddar Singh, the chatke being done by the nihangs. Any sect in sikhi has a hard-core following in the UK, and has no tolerance for any other. They are able to whip up youngsters to follow them and to be intolerant towards others. Also the incident you were referring to is not the only one. There was one about a couple claiming to be Mai bhago etc and punishing people. So it's important all Sikhs learn not to take the law and punishments into their own hands. This gives an o
  11. As a Sikh, u have no authority to punish anyone. Unless ur part of the panj pyare and someone comes to you to confess or get help. There have been cases esp in that extremist haven UK, where individual Sikhs have taken the law into their own hands and thought they had the authority to punish other Sikhs. Some even got together 5 of there own gang and deemed themselves panj pyare and beat up a person for a transgression. Stop this nonsense. Stop trying to bring back puratan sikhi and stop trying to be arbitrators. Just go be pesh at an amrit sinchaar and get tankhaah of 21 japj
  12. There's lots in california... esp stockton... If u can't find any. Perhaps get a flight and fly out for a weekend. If can't afford flight or hotel. Many Sikhs will be willing to pay for it or host you.
  13. If you are not wearing a dastaar or Bana, and can't be identified as a singh then I think you can think abt being a bouncer. Our environment has a huge influence on us. So if u think that u r so unique and strong that you can be in a bar surrounded by drugs alcohol, frivolity and bad music and have no effect on you, then also think abt being a bouncer. We do kirtan simran so that our mind becomes calm and clean. Don't you think being at a bar, does the opposite? Makes our mind chanchal: restless, seeking excitement, aggression, drama, lust? Also you can ask gurusahib and take
  14. Hey brother. I want to tell you don't worry about it, don't give up. But I went thru something similar so I know how you feel. Years ago, when guru sahib first came to stay in our house. I was really excited about talking to gurusahib and had learned that hukamnamas were.the way to have conversations. So I asked one day, Guru Sahib do you think im a good Sikh? And I got the hukamnama Bhanda att maleen dhota accha na hoisi. The dish is very dirty, it can't be cleaned with washing. Then the shabad went on to say, do not think you will be saved in the end, I was so disappointed and an
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