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  1. Can you tell me the source interested in reading more.
  2. We dont know the history of panjab beyond a 1000 years ago. Look at britain, they had so many different peoples and cultures, the anglos, then saxons, then normans, were pagans to roman catholics to anglican christians. Look at spain from having moor overlords to baltic ppl. I think those arratas were probably eventually conquered and replaced by aryans. So only the low caste probably have arrata ancestory.the low castes may includes jatts as well. Or replaced with other ppl. Im sure panjab had waves like aryans, greeks, turks, arabs, mongols, rajasthani. Panjabi ppl r the most mixed, in one family you can have a black looking kid, arab looking, chinese looking and south indian looking and whitish.. My family does. Or this person is only talking about kings and city folk. Maybe rural folk were ok? Also remember Ashokas kingdom stretched all the way to afghanistan, so at one time he may have had pathans being pacifist Buddhists and then they reverted. So im sure panjab had many civilizing influences of which islam could be one as well. Thats probably what turned made the now recent panjabi culture. Of women being modest and hidden. One of our first ancestors were probably tribal folks. You know practicing human sacrifice ans rain dances etc. To be honest, panjabi culture still creeps me out and reminds me of tribal things. Like hanging leaves on the doorway when a son is born, inviting khusre to dance, burning patole/dolls for rain, the kala jaadu.
  3. I think it has to do with city life and media and immigration. We used to live in villages where you knew everyone since childhood. And could be disciplined by any elder (takes a village to raise kids etc) All the oldies say that boys and girls used to play together till seventeen eighteen, no bad thoughts anywhere. But moving to cities and the media have changed the dynamic on how to relate to ppl and no elders to pass on dharmic values. And most indian cities have immigrants from all over. And i think the rurals have the wrong image of city women and are probably frustrated that their Moving to the Big City dream hasnt materialized. This is not only an indian problem. Most ppl in the west say the same, that they used to play outside and roam anywhere in the small towns. But once different ethnicites moves in, the unity of a city, the trust in the neighbors disappears. Also, statistically, i think rape is less in india than in western countries thats why it makes the news so mucb. But this whole gang rape thing does seem to be prevalent in the Middle Asia only( middle east counties plus india). Europeans were shocked by it when the 'refugees' moved in. I think its cuz only in crowds can they forget that what their doing is wrong, and they need the mob madness to get over their inhibitions. So in a way, prevalence of gang rapes over rapes in a society shows that it isnt that dangerous/fallen?
  4. It was to get the same rights as jewish people. Judaism is a religion but their ppl are recognized as an ethnicity I never agreed with this but some sikhs (i think it was jagsaw) explained the benefits we could get. Fight for khalistan, less discrimination, mlre protection as a protected class. So i realized even if i dont agree, but there is a benefit to some sikhs somewhere,.then i should support the sikhs fighting for it. Or atleast not sabotage their attempts. In all big families/communities, all will not be on the same page nor same morality/thinking. But to be united means you compromise and see their point of view. Sikhs dont do that, they become righteous and start protesting. And we get nowhere due to inner fighting.
  5. Its due to grammer. Its called vyakaran in gurmukhi. The silent sihaari and aunkard tell is if the object is possessive or plural. Gurmatbibek.com has some articles on this. However taksaal believes you should pronounce every thing. So you would say naaaamuh. Stretch out the first vowel so when u pronounce the second vowel shorten it so it doesnt change the meaning. Like sssssssti. This is called lagu and deerag. They teach this in santhiya. Take santhoya classes.
  6. No its a phenomenon in panjab. That low caste ppl adopt high caste last names. So now its a thing in jatt circles to say this name has been totally corrupted or ur guyss last name has been totally converted to low caste or nowadays one cant tell the caste cuz anyone will take any name etc
  7. If it was hukam, u could not prevent it even if u tried. Hukam is not so easily changed. For us normal beings, we r in hukam, there is no way to circumnavigate it. Except for suicide. But as that becomes our karma, its still part of hukam? Our instincts, fears, desires, level of intellect is all predetermined. So how can we make a decision outside of hukam? So many times, we forget things, take the wrong route, press the wrong pedal accidently, woke up late and missed the accident on the freeway etc Its hukam leading us to our karma. Our control is so fragile. Only those with superpowers that can raise the dead, heal ppl. They have the ability to change hukam. They are usually cautioned not to interfere. There r multiple stories illustrating this. A sikh gained the ability to heal ppl by passing a green light thru his hands. So he became famous for it. But in the end, he lost that ability and suffered a horrible death. Also a sant raised his dead father i think it was, he was fine for a couple of dies, but then his body started to rot while he was still alive. And then the sant and everyone was praying to please end his life.
  8. Not sure.but i think it has to do with our locus of control. Whatever we can control or change is not-hukam. Whatever, is beyond us is hukam. Also we should always do effort, but the result is hukam I think bhai jagraj singh said hukam was the past. Because it was meant to be. But thats too simplistic.
  9. Standing up and for ur comrades in arms is also a good quality, that turns to peer pressure and cowardiceness. But its not only police who are guilty of it. Moh attacks everyone. People will lie to protect their family, their cult, their religion and their brothers in arms. In fact, thats what happened in panjab during kharkoo (militant) times. If you read Khalistan by cynthia mehmoud, that was the only crime she could find done by sikh seperatists. That one sikh would take bombs into crowded marketplaces to kill hindus, and none of the members of his team condemned him. She asked them if it was wrong to kill innocents, they said yes. But they wouldn't comdemn him. They said he is one of ours, a brother. Panjabi Sikh people will be the last to support any ideological movement. Because they have suffered from ideology alot. First in 1947, they were promised a better nation, just for sikhs. And how many innocent sikhs got butchered? Then in 1984 to 1995, while the kharkhoos and rebels enjoyed glorius shaheedis, it was the common folk who suffered dehydration, curfews, torture, army rule, becoming orphans and a loss of economy. Most sikhs at heart are secularist and scared stiff of religious ideologues who can ignite another doomed revolution and entice their children to early death. That is why most sikh people judge movements by their effect on the common people not their ideology. It doesnt matter what equalities are promised,.what wrongs will be righted, look at the actions. So to sikhs, BLM is terrible. It comes for their businesses and livelihood. And one cant even try to defend against the looters: https://anncoulter.com/2020/09/23/innocent-until-proven-trump-supporterxxxx/ Thats the general panjabi thought about BLM. Heres mine: i support Black Lives Matter Too. That was the original name by the founders. I think it makes a lot more sense. Also im after the truth, but between the nbc and cbc whitewashing and fox news fearmongering, its hard to know whats true. I dont want to be lead by the mainstream media which is supporting ppl like biden, using all this unrest to paint trump bad. Its been wrong about the russian fraud, to trump impeachement to so many things. They have been calling the protest peaceful. Big games are afoot and i dont want to be a pawn. First the media was like social distancing. Shut down gurudware and churches. Then they allow and encourage ppl to attend these huge protests.which even though they included looting and burning were called peaceful. They wont condemn anything, even though many videos show black people angry cuz their kids got shot and killed, their businesses looted. One one sided narrative is being pushed and of anyone even criticizes a little bit they are canceled with shouts of racism. So while i support BLMT, i wont let that turn me into a passive bystander. Its not only the end that matters, its also the means to get there. Anyone can commit crimes under a movement, so be vigilant. A protest can easily be turned into a mob. And a mob is dangerous especially if it inevitably goes to loot rich places. As sikhs are rich, and have businesses and big houses, they can be a target. As the koreans were in LA riots. Nobody supported the koreans. The media and artists celebrated the rioters. But the koreans who had to defend their homes and stores with guns were all alone during the riots and the damages too. Also the rodney king riots, did they solve anything? Will these protests? In the beginning BLM was smart. They knew doing peaceful protests werent gonna do anything. Ppl and governmwnts only pay attention when property is involved. So they were smart, they tartgeted police departments, governemnt buildings.and even big stores were ok. And in war and big movements sometimes bystanders get hurt. I mean it was the sikhs tweeting 17 better 10,000 in support of rajoana. That the 17 bystanders killed in suicide bombing by rajoana was good because the guy who was killed wouldve killed many more sikhs. So i understand if some innocents get killed or some sikh businesses looted. What i dont like about BLM is thats its becoming cult like. The media wont report anything true about riots vs peaceful protests or anything negative, and if anyone is critical they are canceled. These are not just fox news talking points i have noticed it. Shutting down disagreements, hiding the truth is leading to propaganda and authoritarianism. That is more worrisome than racism.
  10. I like the ending of chobis avtar when it says waheguru is above all. And the avtars and vishnu brahma are negligible.
  11. Until the satkar committee also filled with 'lesser sikhs' and gets corrupted
  12. Its hard being a bystander to someone else'stragedy. Theres no right thing to do or say or to help. You dont want to pry or bring up sad kemories and make them cry. You also cant crack a joke or talk about the weather, its callous. Being silent is awkward. Like at a funeral, what can you say? So civilized ppl are smart, they came up with ritualistic words that can ease the awkwardness and keep things moving along. I think its great. If someone is sick. I can say i hope you feel better and you can move away. If someones relatives died you can say Im so sorry to hear about your grandma. If you meet someone, Hello Nice to meet you. For a mildly autistic or atleast socially impaired person, these phrases r a god send. They let me know the right thing to say and express with my facial expression as well. It really makes socializing easier, i have a blueprint for every occurence. And then i can ask them what i need and go on my way. Without endlessly agonising how do i approach a grieving person, will asking them for a favor now be callous etc
  13. This is a good idea. Ive thought of something similar. Sangat is divided by area and jatha/affiliations. So the akj in toronto get 5 representatives as do taksalis, nihangs, nanksariye, missionary, and 1 miscellaneous in toronto. And akj, taksali etc in BC will have their own 5 representatives. So to make decisions for toronto, each group will choose 1 of their panj(the jathedaar) to make the city wide panj. As they will be from different jathas, but each jatha has representation, what ever they decide applies to every jatha. And then the state or province panj will be made when the ecity panj each choose one from within them to be jathedaar and represent them in state council. The fact that the different sects have to choose someone they all agree will represent them will hopefully make them chose the best character, honest, kamaii wale persons. And every jatha will sent their best as they would want their representative to be chosen as the jathedaar. Similarily nationally, all the states have to choose the best 5 to send to national council. And the national council will choose the best 5 to send to the international council. I dont know if that makes sense
  14. Sun Tzu art of war Raj niti shakat by chaukiliya Books on ayurveda Meditations of Marcus Aurelius Books on vedant or adaivata
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