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  1. It's a fantastic book. And shows how corrupt the whole foster care/guardianship system can be.
  2. This is terrible advice. Most homeless are drug addicts and/or have psychological issues. Even people with degrees, experience and government resources are both able to help people with such serious conditions like addiction and mental issues, and you expect the average householder who has so much on his plate to waste his limited time effort and money on this? Akali deejai Daan. Better to help where your help will make a difference. There is a website that lists the most effective charities in the world
  3. Are you sure? The theme is different. Music, lyrics, taal nothing is similar
  4. At the end of each astpadi itsays how to be forgiven. Usually it says if a sant forgives you, you will be forgiven. So try to find a sant. Do ardaas to find a sant. If you can't find one, bhai pinderpal singh said you can choose one of the historical ones. He chose sant ishar singh ji rara sahib wale. Then you read about their jeevan and try to think about them and try to learn lessons from their life. Basically revolve your life around the sant. So that you should dream about them. And then if you ask them for help, they will help. Also satguru is all powerful. So try to do chalisa at amrit vela, sukhmani sahib paath. It should help. Visit baba deep singh gurudwara
  5. Normal Jameen prices are 20-25 lakhs per Killah. Buy near a pind and not near the main road
  6. Most of our ancestors with families were like this. During the misl periods it was mostly unmarried men running to the jungles. And most families were afraid that they sons would join in. Same during 1984, most panjabis are still so scared of khalistani Sikhs that they might entice their young ones. I don't think it's an alpha, beta thing. If yiu have daughters and young children, would you really want to leave them fatherless. You've seen the haal of the Shaheed singhs children in 1984. A granthi singh told us that in a certain area of panjab, dastaar wearing women were considered to be characterless women. Because as they were wives of the akj babber khalsa, they would constantly be harassed and picked up by police. And they ended up doing anything to survive, to feed their families if you get my gist.ofc no one would want to help them for fear of being associated with khalistanis. Also a military person has noticed revolutions mostly happen when there is more single men in society. Or something really truly humiliating must have happened to increase hatred of invaders over fear and survival. Or faith and bairaag is strong due to dharmic upbringing. Also it's not easy to join a revolution. To avoid surveillance and find the rebels. The blog mentioned that her father was on the black list foe his whole life, could not apply to any govt job. Always under surveillance. Family land also usurped by govt.
  7. Ok. That was not a accurate comparison But again what is wrong with being a guard or prison warden or police officer? Also how are we different than these ancestors? We also work for the British govt now. And if some youngsters want to join the British army or police, there's nothing wrong with it. What's wrong foe supporting or giving or life for the society that supports you? I know ur gonna say that imperial war against the middle east and badly handled grooming cases by the police. But that does not mean all police officers were complicit or even guilty. It's not always easy to tackle real life problems like poverty and trafficking with limited resources. Also with politician scared of race relations and their votes. What is your opinion on bhai subheg singh and shahbaaz singh ? They worked for the mughal government.
  8. Try website vidhia.com It has many pdfs. Can't say what level they are..
  9. I don't see what's wrong with this. Being a guard or a prison warden is a honorable job. You think natives couldn't be criminals? Even Hari singh nalwa had to hang multiple ppl daily in peshawar as a message to the native criminals.
  10. The best ppl to know would be our elders. Someone did write a blog about how their father attempted to join one of the independence movements in college and how his whole life was destroyed. Because at that time the British empire essentially ruled all of Asia. The father attended a secret meeting. It was busted. He managed to get away but a list of names was leaked. Was picked up by the police. Multiple times so parents shipped him out. But he had to work labor jobs his whole life because he Was banned from school and he could not attend any university anywhere as Britain owned and credentialed. Man it must have been so cool to live in those times. There were so many movements going around. Communism, independence. Nazism , science was exploding,
  11. Youtube? Google? Also websites like gurbani seva ikatha.com and sikhnet
  12. You can call your phone company and have all data deleted remotely.
  13. Do you know about pantheism? Good is his creation. Souls are just small parts of the Great soul. So everything merges back into 1 small atom. It's in chaupai sahib. Jab udkarakj Kara kartaara parja dharat tab deh apaara. Jab aakharh karat ho kabhoo.Tum mai milat deh dhar sab hoo
  14. Keep it up. Ups and downs happen. But you are judged on your effort on not giving up. Welcome to the khalsa brotherhood
  15. Ask your nephew. Also mention that he would not understand the teachers or other kids as they will speak panjabi. Food will be different. Might even get travelers diarrhea. Ans there is also more mosquitos and chances of dengue and malaria. So I would ask your nephew and his parents. And also see if Dylan is resilient and of a hardy constitution. Would Dylan not miss his parents or his friends in Canada? Or become homesick? It would be great if Dylan went and learned panjabi and got to travel at such a young age and c experience a different religion and culture and land. But would he be able to handle it? Just ask him do you want an adventure? And tell him adventures are not fun but are exciting. There is danger and trouble and terrible odds. But it's never boring. Look in books adventures are usually disease getting lost almost dying and fighting wild animals to dangerous ppl etx
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