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  1. Hey brother. I want to tell you don't worry about it, don't give up. But I went thru something similar so I know how you feel. Years ago, when guru sahib first came to stay in our house. I was really excited about talking to gurusahib and had learned that hukamnamas were.the way to have conversations. So I asked one day, Guru Sahib do you think im a good Sikh? And I got the hukamnama Bhanda att maleen dhota accha na hoisi. The dish is very dirty, it can't be cleaned with washing. Then the shabad went on to say, do not think you will be saved in the end, I was so disappointed and an
  2. That actually happened to me. Lol. I was with my Pakistani friend. And the taxi driver was like Salam alaikum, would you like some freshly butchered cow meat? I was like Salam but I'm vegetarian. My friend who looks normal was like I'm the Muslim, that's a Sikh. This was in Dominica, a small country next to Jamaica. So it's not just Americans who are ignorant. I think it's anybody not living in a multicultural city.
  3. If you are not amritdhari, you can wear jewelry. But Sikh females generally avoid the nose things and crazy piercings. Also nihangs had a tradition that women weren't allowed to take amrit. So I wouldn't use their wives as role model for amritdhari women.
  4. Good to hear from you. It's wonderful the difference gurbani makes. About your fear about falling off the path. Thats actually a good thing. It's a hard lesson to learn. That sikhi is not to be taken for granted. That it is not in our hands. Its the first step on the path to letting go of ego. Turn fear into gratitude. For now ur into sikhi, Thank mahraj, because to get out of mental issues and avoid maya is not easy. He helped you out. And if you fall off again, remember it's bhana. God's will. Each time you fall, you will learn something new. Just make sure to rise again.
  5. These questions will not be satisfactorily answered on a forum. We are not good Sikhs much less saints. I have heard that now all real Sants will be gupt. So anyone you hear of as a sant will not be the real deal. Also there's multiple sakhis about sants doing ardaas for rain and to help people. the sants are doing ardaas vs saying I will stop this. Doing ardaas still leaves it in hukam. And the pangti ur looking for is. MERi bandhi Bhagat shadaave etc
  6. One of the doctors who had a clinic in the farmer protests was Dr Sarwan singh an American cardiologist. He has an instagram. Contacting him about the need for medical facilities in haryana could yield results
  7. Another approach could be to have really good panjabi media. Many girls even Sikh girls are able to understand Korean from watching Korean dramas.
  8. It's possible. In fact I read somewhere that Jewish merchants settled in india in ancient times. Our merchant class could be their descendants.
  9. Yes vegetarianism is not feasible worldwide. Eskimos and those living in cold climate have to rely on meat. In fact due to availability Eskimos have started eating western foods and they get diseases like diabetes etc at a much earlier age like 30s and 40s if they eat the western grain based diet. Ofc it could be that they are getting the packaged junk food. I think we have to stop being like abrahamic religions about diet. They believe there is only way of doing things, we should be wise enough to realize that it's rarely the case in this vast world. I think that is why even Guru
  10. Let it hunt. Take it to a farm and let it hunt the mice and gophers. Perhaps like snakes, once they've fed they are full for a week or so. The trouble will be if it hunts on its own, why would it come back to the human? Also baaj are trained by feeding them Maas diya Botiyan. I think even after training it might need to be fed to reward ot and keep it coming back.
  11. Do you disagree with the editing? From what I've read so far, it seems beneficial. Like replacing word Hindu with Sikh. And removing references to chandi sacrifice. Also bhangu was writing panth Prakash with a biased reason. To prove to gorey that Sikhs have claims to indian throne. So he would make Sikhs seem totally hindu Just because it is an old granth doesn't mean it is accurate. It certainly wasn't contemporary
  12. I think it was totally justifiable for him to hate the Indian mutiny. We Sikhs ourselves were pretty against it as no Sikhs joined in. Also it was the Indian military against civilians. That's pretty horrific.. I think the Hindus and Muslims soldiers killed a lot of women and children of Lucknow. That would make anyone angry. Yeah his letter is pretty genocidal. But I can see why he would write that. He probably thought military trained men targeting women and families pretty despicable thing for a people to do. Also, i think we as Sikhs have been taught the lesson of balan
  13. I think it's great. If you want to make any lasting change in this world it has to involve economics. Look at Anandpur sahib resolution. Santji and intellectuals were fighting for normal panjabis rights. But they didn't join in much, only now that the government policies would affect their income, did all of panjab decide to do farmer protests and fight for those things in anadour sahib resolution again. If Sikh people, become a major source of income for Pakistan especially in the kartarpur corridor. We have more leverage. We can demand more and threaten to boycott. Also then ppl won't
  14. It's good to hear you are doing better. Your starting to do nitnem hopefully will motivate me to start again as well. Sangat should be about uplifting each other. Seeing the Gunn in others should motivate us. That's why 'dekh ke undith kita' is part of ardaas. We should focus on the good in others. It's too easy to see the faults in others and use that as an excuse. Also remember you are not your thoughts. Thoughts come and go. If they are negative, that means ur mind has been fed a diet of negative things. And when we are becoming good, that's when thoughts are the worst, because all of
  15. There was also bhai Nirmal singh uk. He was the first person to start doing English katha. He started BOSS camp. He also died of cancer. He left a blog post for his youngest son to read when he grew up. He was absolutely instrumental in starting parchar in colleges and universities throughout the UK and was one of the founding members of the British Organisation of Sikh Students (BOSS). During this time he regularly travelled up and down the country to visit universities and colleges across the UK in his capacity as advisor, helper and speaker. He worked tirelessly with many organisa
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