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  1. Purva could be poorab which is east And pukhsa could be pakhsh which is side/related to So the eastern viewpoint
  2. Beautiful! I think Islam is probably the first step after human birth. It teaches one about faith in One god. Then perhaps christianity it teaches one morality like be kind, love etc. Then buddhism teaches us about spirituality that there's more than just pain and pleasures of Earth and heaven and hell. Or considering sikhs state these days. Buddhism might even be the ultimate. So true lol. Those very rule adhering, only one way is correct prolly have a sunni muslim background. Whereas the dil saaf Hona chaheeda have a Sufi one. Jk. But I wonder if that's why there r different sects in sikhi too. Cuz everyone's at different levels and different things resonant with them. We are all judged based on our actions. If you are a sikh and are a robber , you are not forgiven just for being sikh. There are four options: temporary hell, temporary heaven, then you go into reincarnation. If good deeds then as a human. If bad then back to joona, animals. If you are very good, saintly, then you get to meet God and escape reincarnation. If you believe in a religion, maybe your prophet can intercede for you. But mostly we believe in karma. As you do to others, so will you reap. Basics of Sikhi YouTube channel has videos that answer this question
  3. See? Here is one woke man Due to his experience of oppression. If everyone had a chance to feel that. Balance would reassert itself
  4. Indian ppl esp hindus dont really care about religion. That's just knowledge and beliefs. They care about caste/ethnicity also called roti-beti di saanjh. People only married and shared food with certain ppl due to rules by brahmans and their families. and that became a distinct ethnicity. Even now,my aunt says that she hopes when her aughter grows up she chooses someone in the same caste. Being same caste means panjabi sikh jatt. My Asian studies teacher was also saying that indian ppl use 2 descriptions to describe ppl. The state their from and their religion. Like gujarati Muslim. Panjabi sikh.
  5. Patriarchy in my opinion is when power and wealth is determined on a person being Male. For example inheritance laws that favor males only. Education available to males only. Divorces can only be finalized by males and offspring automatically belong to father. All income belongs to husband. Fate of women decided by father or husband. You know all the things suffragettes fought against. I know most of them could be beneficial like offspring belonging to father in a divorce so raising them is not a burden on women only. But they became oppressive laws. Inheritance to male is to offset dowry and property remaining in bloodlines etc Balance will be restored firstly because If women get a chance to be so high up that they became oppressive. That hopefully means feminism spread to every corner of Earth. Even traditional countries like Africa, Saudi Arabia, villages in poorest india will get the message that women can be in power. Are not a burden and drain on resources only. Can have another purpose besides marriage and breeding. And maybe even clue onto the fact that in this day and age can be just as equal and worthy as sons. So basically the feminist agenda is not shut down before it has spread everywhere. Not just knowledge, but actual experience and shift in thinking. Secondly, once women become oppressive. They can stop using the victim card. All those theories about women being better Rulers, kinder, less prone to warfare can be debunked. And they can stop saying women suck because of patriarchy. And men who defend women because of previous injustices will realize they are human. For example Israel, even though they are committing atrocities, their previous victimhood is protecting them. And until they commit a crime that is so heinous or effects more than just the current despised ethnicity, the world isn't too bothered. Same with women. Let them win. Accomplish their feminist agenda. And let it fail. Sure ppl will suffer especially men. But karma. Also, only after failing will ppl realize how unrealistic feminism is. Like communism. Although I believe communism and feminism will be possible in a far far future when technology is way more advanced. Human race just isn't ready for it yet. Like it took an educated and affluential middle class to make democracy work. Although all of Europe was convinced democracy is mob rule and bound to fail after the French revolution.
  6. Yes. Women have been considered lowly creatures of low intelligence, morals, and hygiene for centuries. To change culture at a massive scale, hyperbole and pendulum swings are needed before a balanced view comes into being. So praising women for being women and respecting women in general is needed. Respect for individuals can be withheld People think it's a tragedy that feminism is winning, that women have more rights in divorces, more women are graduating from college than men, media portrays women as leaders, sensible with men as comedic characters, affirmative action for women etc. It's not a tragedy, its justice or even karma. Let women rise so high they become oppressive. Then balance will then be restored. Unless it swings the other way and we are back to patriarchy. But it takes a few swings of the pendulum before things settle down. As happened with democracy and monarchy in France.
  7. Well of course. It is a more moral and noble thing to respect someone just for existing than to demean them for existing. Which has been the attitude toward women in india for many centuries.
  8. They say never marry with the expectation that your spouse will change. What if he never gets motivated by you? He wants to party and hates how you don't want to go. Or doesn't like that you don't wear make up. It's better to wait to find someone compatible before hand. You can also take a hukamnama to see if this person is right for you. Not to be offensive. But it has been my dearest wish to be a matchmaker. So if you are in the UK. I suggest you would be more compatible with the fellow user Puzzled on this site. He is not amritdhari yet. But is heading there. No offense to anyone. Forgive my forwardness.
  9. Go to another area to get pesh So none knows u. Go to india or Australia or another region in ur country. Perhaps being anonymous will make you less scared. Another thing to do is th o think of the panj as Guru sahib. And Guru sahib is merciful and kind. If you go pesh, you will be forgiven and can start all over. If you don't go.pesh, you will suffer in afterlife
  10. BS Academic culture is great in panjab. It's just that like all people we have a percentage of very smart ppl, average ppl and mentally slow ppl. And most smart people from panjab leave. Either to Mumbai, Delhi or other countries. Most ppl get an education in panjab then apply elsewhere. That leaves only the average and below average ppl behind. For the average people, our culture only thinks of doctor, engineer or professor as good job. Which leaves people who are not book learners out. Like business people, sportsmen etc. Also panjab has default jobs so ppl don't really look for or invent new ones. Like farming, joining a religious institution (becoming a baba), singing, truck driving or running for politics (sirpanch to CM), leaving to another country.
  11. Yes that's why the kids should only meet them in a controlled environment. At the panjabi class or in when kids are together in groups
  12. That's a great idea! We can invite bazurghs to come tell about their childhood for 15 mins in older kids punjabi class. Or have students go interview the bazurghs about their life in india. Or have kids ask grandparents to complete a family tree. Or have a sewa where kids volunteer to go talk to any elder person they see that's alone.
  13. Because they were changing more than one aspect of humanity. They did things beyond spirituality. Like built cities, invented musical instruments, started revolutions, turned a conquered ppl into rulers, United many different types of ppl, and traveled many many countries and distances. Like Guru Tegh Bahadur focused on east India. From Nepal to UP (patna). Guru Gobind Singh the mountains area of anandpur and then Hazoor sahib. Guru ramdaas the Amritsar area. Did u know each Guru built a city? Kartarpur, khadoor, Goindwaal, Amritsar etc. They built water sources like wells and baolis, invited skilled workers called kalikaars to adorn and merchants to set up shop. Taught sikhs kirtan, weaponry and warfare, how to read and write (invented an alphabet), changed culture( no sati, no evil, widows can remarry) created sikh rituals, wrote Gurbani, fought wars, traveled, taught sikhs the arts and literature (via calligraphy and dasam granth which has many translation of famous poems and stories of the time), etc The Gurus did not just want to spread the message but actually wanted to implement it.
  14. These days class can be different than education level. Since education is so freely available. Most of the time though, education correlates to class. There are educated ppl who follow illogical religions and cultural rituals like not letting their daughters study, female genital mutilation, racism. Or are beset by vices of gambling, alcohol, greed, drug addictions, shopping addictions, harming the environment to make a few more bucks, oppressing people. You know the wealthy ppl in most undeveloping countries who educate their kids in UK US but are robbing their countries like dictators. I think class is how well you can speak, having a large vocabulary, fitting in with any type of person and environment. And raising ur family well so ur children avoid drugs etc without coercion. Having knowledge of history, arts, of one's lineage, of the world. But most importantly not being a sheep. Not following popular culture. And not being manipulated by other ppl to become angry and start fighting. Most ppl who think they are not cowards are classless because they can be easily provoked and start needless fights. A person with class should be able to diffuse most situations, retreat with dignity and fight to death when no choice.
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