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Found 4 results

  1. Watch this video of this stupid woman who exposes the true mentality of muslim and pakistani women instead of attacking the muslim men and muslim culture for breeding filthy minds they target the so called "easy non-muslim women" or "easy sikh women" who are sexually groomed, abused and converted by devious Muslim males. You guys should download this video and share it with your sikh female relatives and friends so that they see what what secretly desi muslim women really think of them
  2. Khranjit Nijjer, formerly of the E16 area - which includes Canning Town and North Woolwich - was sentenced today having previously pleaded guilty to two counts of funding terrorism. Woolwich Crown Court heard how the 32-year-old was arrested in August 2016 as part of an investigation by the National Terrorism Financial Investigation Unit, which centred on payments made from the UK to people suspected of carrying out terrorist activity in Syria. Officers traced a payment of £1,500 that was made in January 2015 to Nijjer’s husband – a man whom they believed was fighting for Islamic State. The payment was made by a London-based man, but when officers spoke to him, he explained that he had been asked by Nijjer to make the payment on her behalf. Initially, although she admitted sending the money to her husband who had travelled to Turkey in 2014, Nijjer denied that she was aware of his terrorist activities in Syria. However, when officers examined her multimedia devices they found conversation logs between the pair with reference to him supporting Islamic State and images of her husband holding an AK47 rifle – contradicting Nijjer’s account that she didn’t know about her husband’s links to the terrorist group. Further enquiries revealed that in July 2015, her husband had also asked Nijjer to purchase and send him items including chargers, solar panels, battery packs and clothing – all of which would help to support him carrying out his terrorist activity in Syria. Her online shopping accounts showed Nijjer, now of south east London, had purchased these items as requested. Officers also found that £5,500 had been sent by Nijjer to her husband between January and August 2015. Det Chief Supt Alexis Boon said: “Whilst she initially tried to deny she was funding her husband’s terrorist activity, the evidence that the investigation team pieced together meant that ultimately, she was left with little option but to plead guilty to the offences. “Anyone involved in this kind of funding activity can expect to be investigated, arrested and brought to justice.”
  3. Hi I am not sikh but hindu punjabi however I do have Sikh relatives and learning about sikhi online. I came to this forum to ask for advice my older sister whose over 21 now and has run off with a muslim guy of pakistani origin and rumors are that she was pregnant so felt she had to run away and converted to islam for him. She is currently living in a flat on rent with him but she wont tell us where exactly they staying. We live in a muslim dominated part of the UK where muslims out number non-muslims in schools and colleges and it was at college that she started to secretly date muslim guys but she never told me about this until recently. Recently I found out she was seeing a guy secretly who she had met from instagram, our family isnt very religious but they believe in pundits and babay and go mandir and bhawans time to time. So to find out my sister might have converted to islam is a massive shock for us and has put added trouble in the family where we have got a bad name now in the community. When I last spoke to my sis she said she loved this guy and she wants to marry him. I feel as if I should have stepped in sooner to stop from all this happening but now i think its too late. What if anything can I do to make her see sense or bring her back into the family? Our family isnt the only one who are experiencing this crisis I have learn many other british indian families also are suffering the same thing happening to their daughters and sisters.
  4. I was just looking at social media networking sites and seeing the comments and tweets of girls/women of punjabi sikh background and saw they mostly were being targeted by non-sikh guys for interactions and conversations especially pakistani / kashmiri muslim guys. Who as we already know look for non-muslim girls for sexual exploitation / grooming and ultimately conversion to islam by devious softly softly approach and also see it as part of their jihad against the kafir unbelievers and their faith. So was wondering are any of our Sikh organizations and leaders know what is going on? And how do we combat and raise awareness of this problem which has and will impact our community in years to come.
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