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Found 4 results

  1. Gurdwara Singh Sabha Surrey BC (known for being dhundha supporters) has recently raised a blue Nishan Sahib at the gurdwara sahib. This came as a shock to some of my fellow Sikh brothers, because they are always called missionaries and whatnot,and they didn't expect it to be blue. But then I did a bit of reading and discovered the original colours of the Nishan Sahib are actually Basanti (Yellow with a slight bit of orange) and Blue. Nowadays we have saffron Nishan sahib, and apparently it isn't even a khalsa army colour and it belongs to the hindus. Even the Panj at Nagar Kirtans wear saffron, along with the thousands of sangat who are encouraged to wear saffron on that day. I say next year we should start a campaign to change back our original colours before gurdwaras start doing Nishan sahib Sevas. Just an idea.
  2. While we are busy debating and dissing each other over trivial issues, our enemies are yet at it again desecrating our religious symbols and killing our people. I said this months back and I repeat, when Sikhs are about to be killed by dushts they are not asked whether they eat meat, believe in Kes or Keski as Kakkar... They are killed because they are SIKHS. Then why can't we unite as Sikhs instead of dividing ourselves? Now this might be a political ploy too, remember it is during the election period where parties can do anything to malign the other side.
  3. What is the signifigance of the Nishan sahib, what does it symbolize? and why do sikhs matha tek to it and do parkarma around it? I have seen many people do this, and i even do it to especially when i go to india, but i have never understood why i am supposed to do it, i just usually follow my parents and what other gursikhs do. thats the only reason why i ever matha tekked to a nishan sahib. I would really appreciate it, if someone told me the history behind it and the signifigance of what it is, and why i should pay respect to the nishan sahib (ie matha tek etc) thanks
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