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  1. Does anyone know where I can buy the Maharaja Ranjit Singh piece?
  2. Over 10k likes with lots of Muslims rejoicing. ... only for the Sikh to 'leave' Islam 5 minutes after Shows how genuine their 'street dawah conversion' videos are. They only like to intimidate non Muslims by giving an illusion that their numbers are rising, praying in public places and so on.
  3. Show me historical source which says 'Akaal Takht'. It was higher than Delhi Takht but was not known with the Takht terminology as such. Nor were there four other Takhts during the times of the Gurus or shortly afterwards.
  4. Historically the nomenclature 'Takht' was probably not there in early Sikh history. Even the Akaal Takht was known as the Akaal Bunga until recently. If you believe otherwise, name me the earliest sources that mention the 'Akaal Takht' or the '5' Takhts ? (So to answer your question: Buddha Dal is no takht.)
  5. Few Jathas of Singhs have been camping in the village and feeding the cows. They've openly challenged the Gujjars and said they will kick out Gujjars even if this issue gets settled. Luckily this incident woke up some in our nation. See the Muslims chickening and using taqiyaa to ease the tensions and safeguard their future in Punjab... And foolish Sikhs are falling for it (nearly 7k likes). Also shame on the commie farm leaders who 'regret' the killing of the 2 attacker Muslim Gujjars and are being cucks to these gujjars. 5:21... there you have the magical word coming from the 'Sikh' f
  6. Watch bhaicharak saanjh (interfaith brotherhood) Live from Ludhiana, Punjab https://www.ronakmela.com/archives/1396?fbclid=IwAR2qQRIHIvFgo4MEFAsBBdRlGb40TLCX6M6ldLHHZmFTOWr4aYCOkOYZ4KA
  7. Just see how British took our empire and yet used us to be their servants. See how they used the strategy of divide and conquer to make Hindus fight Sikhs, Sikhs fight Muslims and so on. Manipulation that worked wonders for them. Just see how Indian govt uses Sikhs everytime they need them and then kick them in their tattey (balls). Manipulation that works in their favor. Just see how Muslims praise Sikhs when they save them but criticize the same Sikhs when they talk about grooming. Manipulation works. Just see how Muslims present another image when they are a tiny minori
  8. Read my post before commenting. I said that Gujjars are physically fit and can give tough resistance unlike the other Bhaiya or Bangladeshi Muslims. You clearly have not read about politics or chankya niti, Sikhs will continue to suffer till they do not master the art of manipulation. Hindus and Muslims are apt at it, while we have fools like you who are afraid to use RSS or Pak whenever it may suit us because we are afraid 'to get used' or to 'the enemy will become too mighty'. Mark my words. I predicted all of this happening more than 10 years ago on this very forum. I know what I'm talki
  9. Oh comeon, Sikhs have been crying about RSS for decades. We have become a joke because it seems we have a psychological fear of RSS just the way Muslims have one from Jews and tend to blame everything on them and fear them for their intellect and shrewdness.
  10. RSS is already there. They are already handling Muslims at their own level. Last time they clashed with Muslims in Phagwara, Sikhs took no time to rush to that spot to support these Muslims. Is this what you want? Embolden Muslims ? The Punjabi Hindu does not have the spine to stand against Sikhs, therefore I do not fear them. But the Gujjar will not hesitate to attack, rape and commit mass murder of Sikhs. Thus I am asking to stop obstructing RSS when they attack Muslims or Christians. Use their cover and do what you have to do as well. If you send Singhs to surround villages her
  11. It is better to have an enemy you know than an enemy you don't know. While historically we know the Muslim psyche, most Sikhs in Punjab have forgotten what Islamism looks like because they haven't had direct exposure to it since 1947. Their only exposure is the Pak Muslim hospitality when yatrees go to Pak, which skews their perception of reality. On the other hand, RSS, Shiv Sena are known to us because we have fought them for decades. Therefore we will ensure that the Hindu RW does not get out of control. If you let them do your dirty work it does not make them more powerful because you
  12. The easiest and best solution is to get Hindu right wing involved in Punjab. This way you get your work done (taming Christians and Muslims) and BJP center won't say anything. Remember what we were doing when RSS was crying about Sikhs converting to Christianity 20 years back ? We were attacking RSS because we prefered abrahamic missionary religions due to the false notion of being common minorities than letting RSS do their job. We were in fact OBSTRUCTING RSS when they were doing ghar vaapsi of Sikhs who had become Christians. We are a bunch of fools and know nothing about chanakya niti, we
  13. I have warned about this since atleast a decade - the above thread by me is 7 years old. Way before any direct Sikh-Muslim clash happened. Just imagine what will happen in another 7 years if nothing is done. - Make laws which prohibits outsiders from buying land in Punjab. - Socially and economically boycot Gujjars, because they are very well off. (contrary to what one would believe)
  14. Impressed by this mona brothers speech. Pretty clued up for a Punjabi from back home. Watch it at 1.5x speed though.
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