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  1. I am a 20 yr old girl in US with a amritdhaari family who is very religious and respected. I fell in love with a guy who is mona, eat meat and drinks. I was never as religious as my parents but do value being a vegetarian and sikhi values. We were together for a year and half and Bc I thought I was going to spend my whole life with him we were intimate. I got pregnant and we went to many doctors appointments Bc we were going to have twins. I misscarried one baby and the other we had an abortion Bc my parents hated him and I never wanted to be a disgrace for my family. My parents explained to m
  2. We were all excited and upbeat , esp my parents over the pregnancy . My wife is around 9 week pregnant [first trimester] .But then our world came crashing down as she got fever . Her gynaec had told her on day one that no medicines can be given during pregnancy. This was when she complained of pregnancy-related body pains. She was all well since then. Her initial sonography gave us the glimpse of my baby's beating heart and we even got to hear it . We were all thankful to god. But then suddenly the night before yesterday she developed fever . Yesterday it keep alternating between hig
  3. Guest


    Need some advice please. I’ve fallen pregnant by my mona boyfriend but I’m amritdhari. I haven’t told my family but we want to keep the baby as I don’t believe in abortion. I don’t know how to approach the Panj Pyare about this and will they tell me to split up from my boyfriend and tell me to abort the child or give it up for adoption?
  4. There's A LOT of questions that Sikh Women have about what Paath or Nitnem they should do when Pregnant or what they should be doing before pregnancy, etc. There's also questions about what to do after the baby is born and just about family life in general. For example, do mothers have to observe Amrit Vela? Do ALL Sikhs need to observe Amrit Vela? Fortunately, there's a new non-profit organization that's completely DEVOTED to educating about Sikh family life... and it's called... Sikh Family Life (!): https://www.SikhFamilyLife.com/ There's a whole series on Mother's
  5. Controlling Muslim husband who forced wife to convert to Islam and wear a hijab before he killed her while she was pregnant is jailed for 17 years Mohammed Badiuzzaman admitted killing mother-of-three Sabeen Thandi He told colleagues he planned to kill wife and bragged jails were 'easy peasy' Forced victim into Muslim marriage and stopped her leaving house alone He was arrested on suspicion of making threats to kill but later released Within weeks she was found strangled at her home in London by police By Emily Davies Published: 16:05, 27 May 2014 | Upd
  6. VJKK VJKF My sisters due in a months time and I'd like to get her, the brother inlaw and the baby some Sikhi inspired gifts. so for example, I've gone out and got 4 square frames- I'm thinking of gurbani caligraphy? But I'm struggling on what to write...I'd like it to be about birth, baby, family, etc. so its really personal. Any ideas guys? Would really appreciate your help if you could kindly provide ang numbers with short quotes please. Thank you Also, I'd like to make a kirtan CD of calm, soothing kirtan to play in the babies nursery. Any favorites? Thanks in advance with all the rub
  7. With Akal Purkh`s blessing my singhni has found out she is 4 weeks pregnant wanted to know how to bibhia sit in darbar sahib at home with their legs crossed. As this can cause pressure on the stomach ? is there any tips should they sit on cushion?
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