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Found 4 results

  1. ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ ਕਾ ਖਾਲਸਾ ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ ਕੀ ਫ਼ਤਹਿ Daas, has heard credible news that a behind the scenes mission is currently going on led by a SAS and a gupt singh who had recently within the last few weeks donated a sum of money for the issue of the “NKJ Misconduct” allegations to be put to rest by paying a professional audio forensic investigation team near enough £2,900 to authenticate or invalidate the audio recordings we have all seen ciculating our WhatsApp’s and internet social media pages. Well audio and video evidence that has now been authenticated has come to the attention of the sangat over the last few years or so. The evidence is in the form of a conversation between Harry, of Nirvair Khalsa Jatha UK, and one of the many alleged victims (now estimated to be over 10). The evidence: i) Harry talks of touching (molesting) the victim and other members of the jatha in their private area + using a stick to beat other members of the Jatha and justifies it under the guise of a warped Sikh ideology. ii) Harry states that only those individuals who are at a particular state of meditation can start another person’s meditation with 5 blows in their mouth (kissing). iii) Harry states “Baba” Ranjit Singh Ji Dandriwala did this to him. iv) Harry mentions what whatever took place between him and the victim in this instance also occurred with Suraj and Ajaib, as well as “the jatha”. v) In the video evidence Harry can be quoted as saying, “feeding us willies”. He says this on numerous occasions. First, none of the evidence is edited. Anyone with a real life understanding of music/voice software will know that to create all of the audio and video evidence that has come to everyone’s attention would be neigh impossible as already proved. The amount of time, expertise and money required would be phenomenal. What would someone gain from going through such an arduous task wish to gain from this? Especially a kid. Second, it is not a setup. Why would someone go to such an extent to make these claims, create the evidence and have it go to the police just for it to be a setup. Operation Yewtree is a police investigation into sexual abuse allegations, predominantly the abuse of children, against the British media personality Jimmy Savile and others. It came about due to the allegations of sexual abuse, although mostly minors, against Jimmy Saville after his death. Most allegations were not reported to authorities before his death with victims stating reasons of fear of disbelief or distrust of the judicial system and so they would be considering the allegations now of politicians being implicated in the sex abuse. Read the findings of the Jimmy Savile Report. Third, the Sangat is waiting for an explanation from “Baba” Ranjit Singh Dandriawala. The evidence clearly shows that not only does Harry use a warped Sikhi understanding to justify his actions. Perhaps he was groomed by others; the evidence seems to suggest so. Fourth, so what if he’s gay? That’s not even the point. What we need to understand is that, if true, the case does not arise from the possibility that he may be homosexual. It will spring from the fact that he is a predator and abuser. Jimmy Saville was a sexual abuser of men and women and was therefore not just a sexual abuser but was also a bi-sexual child abuser. In this instance, given the evidence at hand, Harry seem’s to be a homosexual sex abuser. In short, the issue is not homosexuality but the fact that he physically abused and assaulted another individual. Harry can be a happy homosexual but do it the honest way and without having to resort to such distorted and twisted measures. Fifth, Harry states it’s wrong to kiss boys and/or kiss girls. The poor lad does not even make sense. He himself is most likely a victim of sexual abuse or he’s a homosexual who justifies it as a “lust test”. In the latter scenario that is fine but imposing that practice upon others under the guise of a distorted Sikhi ideology is dangerous and the trait of a sexual predator. Sixth, Who else is involved in this? Perhaps Harry is just one of many. Think about if someone inappropriately touched your brother, or sister, or even your son or your daughter. You would certainly want that individual to be held accountable and punished. We as the Sangat need to ensure everyone is rooted out. Seventh, we could write on and on about piecing together the evidence on facebook but one of the most important points is that Harry is trying to justify his practices under the label of Sikhism. Are we going to let this happen? Eighth, if anyone really has a huge issue with this go read a damn book. Blindly following “leaders” or “celebrities” ensured the victims of Jimmy Saville felt they would not be believed also it ensured the rise of Nazi Germany. Severe examples I do admit but the point is don’t get caught up in mind-religion and God-men. The video “statements” that Nirvair Khalsa Jatha have released are a blatant and horrific attempt to try and cover up the evidence with ludicrous suggestions. So we still await Nirvair Khalsa Jatha UK and “Baba” Ranjit Singh Dadriawala to explain as till date, they have not been able too. What’s people’s thoughts?
  2. Hi. Other religions such as Christianity and Islam give proofs to show their books are inspired. For example the followers claim there are scientific statements in them which at the time of revelation would have not be known. There are other types of proof too. Do you have such proof for a non Sikh to investigate please? Thank you.
  3. here is a very interesting article i came across http://www.sikhsundesh.net/gurugranth.htm where an anti dasam supporter is arguing with a namdhari over the issue of "wether gurgaddi was given to guru Granth Sahib Ji by guru Gobind singh Ji" the anti dasam supporter - charanjit singh bal uses sources to prove that guru granth sahib jis is the final guru that also support that guru gobind singh ji wrote dasam granth i will post some extracts.... please see above link for full conversation It is interestign to note that the writer (charnjit) has similar views to dasam bani as the namdhari has to guru Granth sahib ji THe key is what I have highlighted in RED - the sources he uses to prove gurgadhi was given to Guru Granth Sahib ji also support Dasam Bani was written by Guru Gobind Singh ji as they reference, mention and quote extensively from dasam bania like bachittar natak Bhai Nand Lall, - in rehitnama mentions japji sahib and jaap sahib for morning prayer Bhai Senapat, (Dasmesh Guru’s court poets)1711, mentions Conversation of Guru Gobind Singh and Akal Purakh, and written three of it's Adhyay on base of Bachitar Natak. Bhai Chaupa Singh - quotes various lines from Bachitar Natak, 33 Swiayey, Chopai Sahib, Jaap Sahib. Bhai Desa Singh (infant Guru’s Baby Sitters/nurses) Bhai Sukha Singh - mentioned compositions of Guru Gobind Singh in rehitnama Bhai Koer Singh - mentioned most of Banis written during time of Patshahi 10 Bhai Kesar Singh Chiber -mentioned history of Compilation of Dasam Granth by Bhai Mani Singh Khalsa on directions of Mata Sundri, as he was first who wrote history after death of Guru Gobind Singh. says that Dasam is younger brother or shota granthand guru granth is older and got the gurgaddi. Giani Gian Singh - in panth parkash writes that Bhai Mani Singh accepted the orders of the panth And he collected the banees of the Dasam Guru and Compiled in one bind also reference this article from Gurinder Singh Mann - http://www.sikhscholar.co.uk/2012/10/historical-sources-on-guru-granth-sahib.html which also highlights that the sources that prove guru granth sahib jis bani also support dasam bani. so the anti dasam crew are using literature that supports dasam bani - to prove on one hand gurgadhi is given to guru granth sahib ji yet they ridicule the same sources when it comes to Dasam Granth - this is surely the biggest hypocrisy and clearly maligning historic sources when it suits them...... --------------------- folowing is brief extract from the conversation Namdhari Gurbaksh Singh Charnjit (Anti Dasam) Namdhari Gurbaksh Singh Charnjit (Anti Dasam)
  4. Hello, can anybody tell me how to tie a FIGHT PROOF dastaar for martial arts like kick boxing , thai boxing etc ... How do I tie it the best so it hardly get loose or fell off? Furthermore I would prefer to make thejura in the back , because if someone hits the joora , the pulling is too hard... Please some input and serious help.
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