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  1. TigerStyleZ


    Whats the key problem? The problem is MANY PEOPLE do not REALIZE that Porn /Masturbation is the SYMPTOM not the CAUSE.. .. You have to go deep within you and THINK ABOUT what really is the PROBLEM. What realy bothers you..? Do you feel lonely? Do you feel unloved etc..? Once you get there and you realize that... You are succesfully starting to FIGHT YOUR ADDICTION: Porn /masturbation excessively is AN ADDICTION. That why it is hard to quit. That why people keep failing OVER and OVER again after they start.. "no more fap"..
  2. Get to the root of your problem.. Masturbating is just a Sysmptom.. Get to the core of the problem.. What is it within you , thats stresses you, why arent you happy with life? What is your real desire..? If you dont go to core, you will never quit. You need to fight the core problem..
  3. You are "proud" to be a Sikh. What are you proud for? It is false EGO that you are carrying in yourself and displaying on other... We cant be proud to be Sikhs but we should be GRATEFUL to be Sikhs.. People fight because of THEIR EGO. Thats why there is no UNION or EGO. They always want to be RIGHT, no MATTER WHAT. They even ignore GURU SAHIB. Whilst GURU SAHIB ji gave us EVERYTHING AND EVERY ANSWER. We are not willing to take it as it is , because we DONT want to hear the TRUTH. Always adding our own SPIN and crazyness that we think is "right". No CRITICAL thinking at all. Just BLINDESS and fooling. Self focused. Not paying attention to others, not taking critism, because we ARE "ALLWAYS" right.. Its sad tho. We are NOT RESEARCHING /COMPARING and Compromising . Thats why we will NEVER get unity. People get distracted to fast from FALSEHOOD. They are on the layers of the ONION but not in the CORE. Due to LACK of COMPREHINDING UNDERSTANDING AND LEARNING.
  4. Dear brother, you are AS MUCH SIKH, as ANY OTHER PERSON ON THE WHOLE PLANET. Keep going that part , google for answers , ask questions in forums, but dont just limit your questions to this forum, check out other forums, because I dont think this is the right place to have intellectual and deep insight into SIkhi. Just keep researching! Never give up. Find out about Sikhi more.. Dont just read from one source.. Try to go deeper into the thing. And always remember , god is always with you. You dont have to do 10000x paths to get liberated or things like that, you just need to have interest, even when its frustrating sometimes just never GIVE UP. And you YOURSELF have to think critically dont just take everything PEOPLE say to you or any babeh or so called "saints" . You have a brain yourself and you can use it, If you have that curosity you will find your answers and you will find them all WITHIN SIkhi. Because Sikhi has THEM ALL.
  5. Why do you believe in Reincarnation.. Makes no sense.. Its only the here and NOW. Reincarnation was only there to explain to us fools, that the HERE and NOW is everything, it is heaven and hell, it is the thing that you YOURSELF make out of it. You can make your heaven.. You can make your hell...! Why do you care what will happen to your life after you die? Why do you waste your time? Just remember the one and only, follow your 'moral' and the prinicples of Guru Nanak.. Keerat Karo, Wand Shako, Naam japo... The total concept of HEAVEN and HELL is corrupt.. Its abrahmic...
  6. Read about Bibi Bhani. She was the closest women to attain Guruship but she herself decided otherwise.. And why do we need a woman when we have Guru Harkrishan Sahib ji! He was the youngest Guru ever. That always proofs that we seen anything equally.. Read up the about the big Kaurs in itheaas
  7. I dont care about body hair on woman . But facial hair. If she has more facial hair than me.. I am sorry.. Then you can call me superficial or whatever.. Abit facial hair is ok. But only a bit...
  8. No hacker would ever show up esp. on such insecure forums.
  9. Simple: Would you trust a men who slept around with woman , like a woman slept around with men? I dont think so. Too develope a strong realtionship you have to build that on trust.. And how you can trust someone who slept around? What if you give him/her a chance and then again he/she starts to sleep around?
  10. TigerStyleZ

    Hair Loss

    Hahaha, suffering from this as well. But you know what? Its sexy - woman love bald heads lol
  11. Its simple: Sikh doesnt means that you Khalsa. And we beleive in all Gurus from 1 - 11. The same light is in every Guru and Guru Gobind Singh ji created Khalsa - dont try to search for gaps in Gurbani. In Gurbani there aint Gaps. Only fools dont see what is written on their forehead...
  12. Lol, you are really selfish - firstly you do kukarm and then you want us to do path for you? You are a man.. You are responsible for your actions.. Doesnt matter if you are Sikh, Christ , Muslim or whatever.. I can only agree with the post above from Wingz23. I wish that your Test is negative . Hopefully if it is negative you learn from your deeds..
  13. No conditionier for your beard bro , just comb it nicely they way down apply some little little little little amout of Gel, and you will see it works out !
  14. I speak from experience when I say : Dont bother with friends.. If you dont care they will come from anywhere! If you are just happy and like you are open and friendly they will come !
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