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  1. here is the excerpt from nidars 2016 letter lets not divert from the real issue http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-india-29593336 http://www.newindianexpress.com/nation/RSS-Indias-No.1-Terror-Group-Former-Mumbai-Police-Officer/2015/11/26/article3148195.ece RSS are a radical right-wing hindu nationalist organisation, Nidar has all these years called the Sikhs extremists, radicals, purists yet he has joined the most radical extremist organisation out there, implicated in scores of terrorist attacks on christians, muslims and sikh minorities in india. How will nidars christian and muslim students feel about his RSS LINKS ! how many times have we told his student that he is RSS, and they have defended him - how can they defend him now even when he dropped the Hindu from his Hindu-Sikh Shastarvidiya title - it was due to his students not being able to justify it to others. the cat is out of the bag - he has succeeded in turning you guys (his students) against his own people - you bunch of dumb muppets your people are languishing in jails and countless mothers have lost their sons to policies inspired by their ideology and you still come here to defend him. he is a joke - and anyone that sticks with him now will be a joke do yourselves a favour - scrape together any last ounce of dignity you may have left and make peace with your fellow sikhs and do some seva, rebuild lost links to sikhi, to make up for the damage that has been done by this RSS infiltrating scumbag. and if that isn't enough just go ask his wife and kids how they feel about him. to those that have realised nidar was dodgy all along, it is never to late to mend old friendships, and we are here to help not judge so please do get in touch if you want to talk about it there is no shame to admit a mistake and make amends through seva and helping others not to make the same mistake. we have always conducted ourselves in a peaceful manner and only sought to highlight and educate others with reason and evidence.
  2. hi guys i just released my kickstarter campaign for a Garja Singh Sikh statue would love to hear what you guys think as i think its a great way to bring our old stories back to life. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/610818206/statue-of-18th-century-sikh-warrior-garja-singh <iframe width="480" height="360" src="https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/610818206/statue-of-18th-century-sikh-warrior-garja-singh/widget/video.html" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"> </iframe> affordable high quality 12 inch statue, of the famous 18th century Sikh warrior Garja Singh. The sculpture will be 12 inches tall and will be cold cast in resin bronze. There will also be a real bronze version which will be limited to 10 casts only. I have researched and carefully crafted each and every component in 3D. The images below show my reference source material used to recreate Garja Singh. Sikh history and art are my passion and I have always been inspired by stories about the brave Sikh warriors who who rose to forge their own Sikh empire in Punjab during the 1700’s. I wanted to create something that would remind people of their bravery and celebrate their inspiration sacrifice. This is my way of sharing their story with the next generation. The three quotes below are written by Qazi Nur Mohammed, a persian war chronicler who accompanied Ahmed Shah Durrani during his invasion of India in 1764. During the invasion he wrote about their encounters with the Sikhs. INSPIRATION This character takes inspiration from the story of the martyrs Bota Singh & Garja Singh who were legends who awoke the punjab with their audacious acts of defiance. In 1739, Zaikriya Khan, the Mughal governor of Lahore launched an all out campaign of persecution of the Sikhs. Rewards were offered for the capture and extermination of Sikhs. It was declared lawful to plunder Sikh houses and to seize their property. Thousands of Sikh families were murdered. Cartloads of their heads were taken to Lahore for obtaining rewards from Zakariya. When Bota and Garja Singh were passing a mughal checkpoint they heard mughal soldiers mocking the Sikhs saying that the government had wiped them out and they now hide in the jungles like dogs. Bhai Bota Singh and Garja Singh were deeply offended and decided to teach them a lesson. One of the only depictions of Bota & Garja Singh They took over the checkpoint and sent a letter to Zakiriya Khan that they would now be charging a Khalsa tax from anyone who wants to cross as they, the Khalsa army of two, are the true sovereign kings of Punjab. News of the letter passed far and wide and the people were amazed by the brave act of defiance they had displayed. This embarrassed the Mughal Governer and he immediately dispatched a battalion of Mughal guards to deal with them. The battalion sent forward 10 guards who were dispatched swiftly by the two Singhs. Fearing death the battalion charged forward and the brave Singhs died fighting in battle. The whole of Punjab heard of their sheer grit and determination and they knew that the Sardar Khalsa were still alive and would rule this land one day. Within 60 years the Sikhs forged the first secular Sikh Kingdom where people of all backgrounds and religions could prosper in peace. I hope you like the sculpt and support this project. the statue is only £120 and available on kickstarter Taran Singh
  3. yes its actually very interesting - in those days nidar didn't seem so bad and was just trying to teach gatka but at the same time you can see signs of him forming his mythical legend that he is the 9th shastarvidiya... sorry 5th budha dal chatka gatka master. :biggrin2: and the main word here is GATKA - that all of nidars students scoff and jeer at like arrogant fools ... Thieu own ustad was a gatka teacher HAHAHAHAHHAHA... brilliant i told one of his ex students recently and his face was like " what!!??? " he said "your lying" i said " nah its on his own website". after this he added the escrima, kali and silat stuff and then said its an ancient nihang art of sanatan hindu sikh shastarvidiya - so when the nihangs from budha dal ranjti akhara saw it they thought what the hell is this and he never even met baba giana singh while we lived and learnt from him. its ok to mix arts but why LIE ? and claim it to be ancient and pratan and then pass yourself off as the LAST Sikh warrior of this fake art. Only a charlaton does that no matter how knowledgable or skillful you think he is - he is a proven LIAR ! the book is brilliant and all we need to prove hes been lying and changing his story. his cult members obviously will ignore the anomalies and errors, and just concentrate on everything else its like when you tell followers of fake babas that he lied about this and that and he has been accused of this - they say "NAHEEEE !!! he helped us and we have seen his miraculous powers you are evil haters...." so you just have to leave them to it. His students are deluded into thinking a mythical martial art will protect them in a brawl in the street it's anyone's game - i seen Seasoned martial artists &lt;banned word filter activated&gt; whooped in just a street fight, too much ego you cant be in a false sense of security no matter what martial art you learn there's always someone out there who will kick your arse cisco can you ask nidar to answer the call to fight - we have some mma fighters who want to challenge him and see how good he really is. We are going to push for this now publicly and call him out just like he did to the gatka artists many years ago.
  4. that dadhi vaar my brothers is Gian Singh Surjeet if i'm not mistaken - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BwTWELiwaak some badass lyrics in that dadhi - hearing the roar of the lions the mountains shake !! on another note we found a book called "The Fighting Traditions And Fighting Arts Of The Traditional Sikh Warriors" written by Nidar from 1998 when he hadns created teh sanatan cult and guess what no mention of SANATAN hindu Sikh Shastarvidiya actually its used to be called Chatka Gatka. there is actually no mention of the word sanatan anywhere i searched the document except for where he recounts one story where snatni vegetarian hindus were shocked by dead flesh. :blink2: So as you so evidently can see is that nidar used to teach gatka and then developed it into Chatka gatka and the whole sanatan last ancient master of the arts came about many years later in the UK when he realised he could market it to the west if he faked his own lineage and backstory. whats more interesting is that no mention of him being a 9th generation shastar vidiya ustad he also writes some strange stuff about his ustad that he never really knew the guys name or the master never gave him a lineage. and this is the bit that is SHOCKING :wow: nidars ustad didnt have a name and never gave nidar thapi and never even told what who his lineage was (until he made it up) thing is if you ask the Nihangs Singhs in budha dal they never mention anything of chatka gatka so why all the seminars and his sudden change of heart that this shastarvidiya is open to everyone etc when in the book he states his ustad and nihangs were secretive and private of the art. there's just so much &lt;banned word filter activated&gt; to sift through i don't know where to start - his students will never see sense because they want to believe the fantasy and are completely deluded like people in a cult. No matter what proof you give of his obvious lies and fraudulent misuse of nihang ideology and past military successes they just wont see sense because their egos are better served when nidar goes up on a you tube video dancing in a rave video and foreigners go WOW because its a bit exotic and he shows some swords. the best thing is the evidence is right up on their own website so they cant claim we have changed or doctored it http://www.shastervidiya.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/The-Fighting-Traditions-And-Fighting-Arts-Of.pdf its there for the meanwhile they might take it down because it proves hes been concocting the story over a few years adding bits here and there.
  5. For years Nidar has claimed to speak for and belong to the Nihang Sikh order and used their history and reputation to legitimize himself, yet they excommunicate him and in this video interview they state clearly that he is not a nihang, but a fake and a charlatan. these are respected singhs of Tarana Dal and have lived and studied their whole lives in the dals. nidar has again reared his ugly head by promoting himself as "the Last Sikh Warrior" as if the rest of us are all dead, including all the sikhs fighting in armed forces across the world and not to mention the nihangs in India and the rest of us who are tyaar bar tyaar. http://www.bbc.co.uk/guides/z9rpsbk -could you be the next last sikh warior ? they askwell his students must be well lacking if he has to advertise on the bbc for recruits. - again promoted and supported by parmjit singh of ukpha and gt1588 fame with their £450,000 worth of heritage lottery funding to promote sanatanism.
  6. Bulleh Shah (1680-1757), was a sufi, who lived in the heart of Punjab, in Kasur, as a contemporary of Guru Gobind Singh, a reformer and mystic in his own right. Both of them had to face the wrath of a radical Muslim Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb in their life. When Aurangzeb banned the music and dance, declaring it as haram in Islam–Bulleh Shah, following instructions from his teacher, defiantly went from village to village in Punjab, singing and dancing to his Kafis. As Aurangzeb beheaded Guru Tegh Bahadur, Bulleh Shah dared to call the slain Sikh leader as Ghazi, a religious warrior. ” Kitay Tegh Bahadur Ghazi hay ” much to the disdain of the muslims of his time. Bulleh Shah hailed the revolutionary spirit of Guru Gobind Singh, calling him a ‘protector’ of those who believed in right to follow their religious belief. He said in a subtle satire: Nah Karoon Ab Kee, Nah Karoon Baat Tab Kee. Gar Na Hotey Guru Gobind Singh, Sunat Hoti Sab Kee. I talk about neither yesterday nor tomorrow; I talk about today. Had Gobind Singh not been there, They would all be circumcised. Hence, mentioning that had the tenth Guru not been there, Aurangzeb would’ve forced all to convert to Islam( implying Sunnat as circumcision). so really the snatan hindu warriors had to rely on guru tegh bahadur and guru Gobind Singh ji otherwise they would have all been forcefully converted just the shaheedi of Guru Tegh bahadur shamed AURUNGZEB AS IT SHOWED THE WHOLE COUNTRY DEFIANCE
  7. i think comparing the shaheeds and gurus to someone like waris alhuwalia is completely out of context and doesn't make sense at all i could say why you driving a car - the shaheeds never would have a done that you shouldn't watch movies as none of the shaheeds ever watched movies why are you playing xbox when have the Gurus ever played xbox ????? what you work in a superstore? no guru ever worked in tesco ??? or why do you live in a semi detached house? none of the shaheeds ever lived in Semi Detatched houses - get a tent or a mud hut why do you use a mobile .... etc you get the idea i mean its ridiculous..... the singh is portraying Sikhs in a positive light and the female is totally respectable and any eroticism is induced by the viewers own perceptions, and not intended. This is also evident by the fact that it doesn't come across in a negative way to a majority of NORMAL people. And i do agree its not a crime to be handsome - i have had to live with this affliction most of my life and i will make no excuses for it - its just the way Guruji made me Singhs should have ROAB, look handsome and look like princes and why shouldn't women feel attracted to Singh's
  8. I have to agree Gursant Singhs campaign against 3h0 is bordering on obsessive and veangeful He's seems to be quite a scary character who has a very dark side to him that is extremely bitter towards the world.
  9. an overwhelming support for human rights in outside countries like canada and uk has an influence in India also the media and internet revolution in india means it harder to keep people in the dark about whats going on, they have access to free media coverage which wasn't previously available. People are more able to communicate news and whats going on in retain areas. the indian governments lack of action further pushes people to dissent and speak out, and the fact the whole indian system is corrupt and based on money doesn't help there is not any Sikh who can look at India since independence and not feel any pain for how our people have been treated.
  10. gap smashed it with that ad..... beautiful sikh couple look amazing - people who are taking offence to any perceived eroticism are just reflecting their own sexual insecurity jeda shisha ganda onoo sara ganda deedaa one who's glasses are dirty - sees everything as dirty
  11. Sanatan outlook and beliefs, when read, do not initially give cause for concern and can seem quite acceptable to most open minded people. While i am sure there are genuine Sanatan Sikhs out there unfortunately there is a darker side to the current resurgence within the UK. It all sounds great on paper, but in actual practice there are some problems with the rehni behni (lifestyle) of the sanatan groups within the UK, which has caused great concern amongst the rest of the sangat. I have spent a great deal of time amongst some of the fringe members so have a good understanding of how things work. I have also had the pleasure to sit and talk with many of nidar's ex-students who have given us a very good understanding of Nidars practices. Some Sanatan followers use of alcohol and casual use of drugs has caused a lot of cause for concern in the UK and some Sikhs think that it is better to confront and curb the growth of these practices by educating young sikhs who are potential recruits for the sanatan Cults. their main preachers within the UK are Jagdeep Notay (Nihang Teja Singh) and Surjeet Singh Bains (Nidar Singh), a controversial Martial Arts teacher who claims to be the last and only living master of the art of shastarvidiya. His bold claims have been proven to be false as baba pritam singh an elder generation student of Baba Giana Singh(nidars grandmaster) still teaches in Patiala. Nidars master also did not spend much time with the grandmaster - Baba Giana Singh lived and taught amongst the Nihang dals for a majority of his life. Therefore it is very unlikely that there are were not other practitioners of Shastarvidiya. A more plausible scenario is that Nidar was the first to market the art to the west by embellishing it with various other martial arts and a tempting origin story. An attempt to make it more palatable to a western audience. Surjeet Bains first came to fame 12 years ago when he very egotistically offered to challenge all other Gatka ustads. A challenge that was neither legally possible nor the rules enforceable by any judge or martial arts body meaning he could claim himself unchallenged. Surjeet Bains cleverly claimed himself to be a Nihang and sold the sanatan ideology as the way of the Nihangs philosophy. News of his exploits soon reached back to india and the Nihangs rejected his ideology and do not accept him as one of their own. The Nihang groups in India wrote a letter disowning him and called for him to be reprimanded by the Akaal Takht Sahib. The letter was confirmed with 4 of the 5 jathedars who signed the letter. Surjeet Bains also upset a majority of the Sikh Sangat by ridiculing and insulting their traditions and beliefs therefore ruling out 95% of the sikh population from ever learning his martial art. His criticism of well known and respected shaheed Singhs such as Bhai Fauja Singh and Sant Jarnail Singh has further offended a majority of Sikhs who celebrate and respect their sacrifice. This has distanced them from from the wider sangat and caused many Sikhs to actively campaign against their movement. to this day they refuse to take down these offensive comments. He has been known to make spurious claims that Sikhs are not a separate faith but a part of the wider Hindu religion. He even named his martial arts school"Hindu-Sikh Shastarvidiya”. His previous Shastarvidiya website took many quotes from gurbani out of context and even changed some meanings to claim the Sikh gurus where in fact worshipping hindu deities. Once these were brought to light his classes were banned from various sikh Gurdwaras. As he realised he was losing support and students he proceeded to drop the "Hindu" description from his name and then replaced his website with one containing content that would be more acceptable to the sikh audience, in a bid to regroup lost numbers. They seem to place a large emphasis on the physical and are very sceptical of spirituality and mysticism, which is why they cling to history and are obsessed with what some people might have practised in 1800's rather then what the Guru prescribed within Gurbani or Rehitnamas. They have been known to reject spiritual practices altogether stating that they are unnecessary for a soldier. These type of Sanatan group are very small in number but they are supported by organisations such as UKPHA, Kashi House and GT1588, which are 3 diferent names for the same organisation, who promote sanatan ideology by covertly implanting it in their books, publications and exhibitions. They recently won £430,000 worth of Lottery funding to do a project on Sikhs in the World Wars. Essentially anyone that believes in the timelessness and universality of Truth can claim to be sanatan. I believe as per gurbani that the devtey and rakhsish existed and Gurus wrote about them in gurbani as examples. But we do not worship them we only worship akaal purkh who is aad sach jugaad sach habhi sach nanak hosi bhi sach. I believe that truth has always been but it is named different in all ages, so there is no Hindu or Musalmaan or Sikh in Gods eyes. I believe that every form has Gods light including the prophets, devtey and all people and beings that have existed. I am quite open minded and liberal in my views, so in a way I could call myself sanatan aswell. The flavour of snatan ideology taught by nidar, seems to be more of a ploy by Nidar to mislead the youth and grow the ranks of his personal cult which opens up reht maryada to an epic level of looseness - virtually no rules whatsoever. Further evidence of this is that he is only surrounded by young people as there are no respected elders who join his group or who endorse him. His students also tend to avoid contact with normal sikh people or reading and singing of scriptures, instead choosing to distance themselves and claim superiority over them due to them knowing the "true" version of Sikhi. we still have no hatred for Nidar and his students we just hope they will see sense and take heed of gurbani and work for the support of the sangat and betterment of the panth rather then being so narrow minded and only serving his own gain through martial arts. More detailed information can be found here www.shastervidiya.org. this website was setup to counter Nidars views from his website - nidar and his students often claiming to be universal and against fanaticism or fanatical Sikhs, but we received the same sort of fanatical threats and offers of duels and fights to the death to prove ourself from his own group. When asked what the parameters of the challenge would be we received no reply. various underhand tactics have been used by nidars group such as reporting us to counter terrorism unit and calling the workplace of a fellow researcher claiming him to be a gang member.
  12. the problem is That he is condoning is the profiling and deliberate screening of people wearing turbans, that sikhs for the past few years have been campaigning against throughout world airports. its already a hassle as it is - so this guy wants to give airports the power to make me take my turban off and prove theres nothing inside every time i want to travel ??? how about they have a reason to be suspicious first or have a valid reason to search innocent members of the public just travelling and going about their business how many turban wearing sikhs have been caught with bombs or drugs in their dastar that this is such a BIG ISSUE ? what next - sikhs shouldn't wear kirpans because they might use it as a dangerous weapons ?????????????
  13. Other then warning him that Guru teaches us is that any happiness within the world is always short lived and ultimately we must leave this world, and leave it all behind and to encourage him to be thankful everyday to Vaheguru for everything he has been blessed with. there is not much else you can do to convince him, and he is being very honest this is pretty much what everyone does, including religious people, when his partner passes away, or his time comes then everything he has will be slipping through his fingers.... Vaheguru is the ultimate teacher of all and he teaches us through things that happen in our life - our lives are filled with happiness and sorrow at different times and event teaches us something this man's karam is his own and his lessons will be his own and they will happen in their own time. We should not look down on him or insult him, as we have all been on our own journeys of realisation and still are - there were many things before that we did not understand but understand now - there are many things that we ourself do not realise at this moment in time, but maybe in time we will. ultimately the Gurus words are very powerful, they can change peoples minds there are countless other shabads like this http://www.sikhitothemax.com/page.asp?ShabadID=124
  14. Just because we have electricity now we should not dismiss the importance of candlelight and divas/lanterns They may have no spiritual value but they were extremely important during the gurus period in the absence of electricity, society would find it very hard to function for a major part of the day if it were not for candlelight and fuelled lanterns. countless nights of dictation and writing of gurbani would not have been possible - and to scoff at it now, just because we have electricity and artificial lighting is not right. we shouldn't just abandon every tradition as being ritualistic, The Gurus respected old traditions but rejected the idea that they alone will get you closer to God Guru Nanak still placed a nareeyal(coconut) and paisey and did parkarma of guru Angad Dev ji - and for us to say that nareeyals have no significance to us is like saying Karah Prashad is futile
  15. this programme aired yesterday and was a very interesting watch http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b03ghfyp http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QEYKgKOv7-c&feature=player_detailpage It's good that Tommy Robinson has distanced himself from racist elements and EDL and is understanding that there are still good people out there. It is important to engage with people regardless of how extreme we perceive them to be, as it is only through dialogue and sitting together that conflicts can be resolved. it's interesting to note that majid anwar of Quilliam foundation was a convicted extremist in al-mahajiroun and now campaigns against extremism, so if he can reform then maybe tommy can too. would like to hear the sangats views on this programme.
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