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  1. here is the excerpt from nidars 2016 letter lets not divert from the real issue http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-india-29593336 http://www.newindianexpress.com/nation/RSS-Indias-No.1-Terror-Group-Former-Mumbai-Police-Officer/2015/11/26/article3148195.ece RSS are a radical right-wing hindu nationalist organisation, Nidar has all these years called the Sikhs extremists, radicals, purists yet he has joined the most radical extremist organisation out there, implicated in scores of terrorist attacks on christians, muslims and sikh minorities in india. How will nidars christian and muslim
  2. hi guys i just released my kickstarter campaign for a Garja Singh Sikh statue would love to hear what you guys think as i think its a great way to bring our old stories back to life. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/610818206/statue-of-18th-century-sikh-warrior-garja-singh <iframe width="480" height="360" src="https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/610818206/statue-of-18th-century-sikh-warrior-garja-singh/widget/video.html" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"> </iframe> affordable high quality 12 inch statue, of the famous 18th century Sikh warrior Garja Singh. The sculpture w
  3. yes its actually very interesting - in those days nidar didn't seem so bad and was just trying to teach gatka but at the same time you can see signs of him forming his mythical legend that he is the 9th shastarvidiya... sorry 5th budha dal chatka gatka master. :biggrin2: and the main word here is GATKA - that all of nidars students scoff and jeer at like arrogant fools ... Thieu own ustad was a gatka teacher HAHAHAHAHHAHA... brilliant i told one of his ex students recently and his face was like " what!!??? " he said "your lying" i said " nah its on his own website". after this he added the
  4. that dadhi vaar my brothers is Gian Singh Surjeet if i'm not mistaken - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BwTWELiwaak some badass lyrics in that dadhi - hearing the roar of the lions the mountains shake !! on another note we found a book called "The Fighting Traditions And Fighting Arts Of The Traditional Sikh Warriors" written by Nidar from 1998 when he hadns created teh sanatan cult and guess what no mention of SANATAN hindu Sikh Shastarvidiya actually its used to be called Chatka Gatka. there is actually no mention of the word sanatan anywhere i searched the document except for where he re
  5. For years Nidar has claimed to speak for and belong to the Nihang Sikh order and used their history and reputation to legitimize himself, yet they excommunicate him and in this video interview they state clearly that he is not a nihang, but a fake and a charlatan. these are respected singhs of Tarana Dal and have lived and studied their whole lives in the dals. nidar has again reared his ugly head by promoting himself as "the Last Sikh Warrior" as if the rest of us are all dead, including all the sikhs fighting in armed forces across the world and not to mention the nihangs in India
  6. Bulleh Shah (1680-1757), was a sufi, who lived in the heart of Punjab, in Kasur, as a contemporary of Guru Gobind Singh, a reformer and mystic in his own right. Both of them had to face the wrath of a radical Muslim Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb in their life. When Aurangzeb banned the music and dance, declaring it as haram in Islam–Bulleh Shah, following instructions from his teacher, defiantly went from village to village in Punjab, singing and dancing to his Kafis. As Aurangzeb beheaded Guru Tegh Bahadur, Bulleh Shah dared to call the slain Sikh leader as Ghazi, a religious warrio
  7. i think comparing the shaheeds and gurus to someone like waris alhuwalia is completely out of context and doesn't make sense at all i could say why you driving a car - the shaheeds never would have a done that you shouldn't watch movies as none of the shaheeds ever watched movies why are you playing xbox when have the Gurus ever played xbox ????? what you work in a superstore? no guru ever worked in tesco ??? or why do you live in a semi detached house? none of the shaheeds ever lived in Semi Detatched houses - get a tent or a mud hut why do you use a mobile .... etc you get the idea i
  8. I have to agree Gursant Singhs campaign against 3h0 is bordering on obsessive and veangeful He's seems to be quite a scary character who has a very dark side to him that is extremely bitter towards the world.
  9. an overwhelming support for human rights in outside countries like canada and uk has an influence in India also the media and internet revolution in india means it harder to keep people in the dark about whats going on, they have access to free media coverage which wasn't previously available. People are more able to communicate news and whats going on in retain areas. the indian governments lack of action further pushes people to dissent and speak out, and the fact the whole indian system is corrupt and based on money doesn't help there is not any Sikh who can look at India since indepen
  10. gap smashed it with that ad..... beautiful sikh couple look amazing - people who are taking offence to any perceived eroticism are just reflecting their own sexual insecurity jeda shisha ganda onoo sara ganda deedaa one who's glasses are dirty - sees everything as dirty
  11. Sanatan outlook and beliefs, when read, do not initially give cause for concern and can seem quite acceptable to most open minded people. While i am sure there are genuine Sanatan Sikhs out there unfortunately there is a darker side to the current resurgence within the UK. It all sounds great on paper, but in actual practice there are some problems with the rehni behni (lifestyle) of the sanatan groups within the UK, which has caused great concern amongst the rest of the sangat. I have spent a great deal of time amongst some of the fringe members so have a good understanding of how things wo
  12. the problem is That he is condoning is the profiling and deliberate screening of people wearing turbans, that sikhs for the past few years have been campaigning against throughout world airports. its already a hassle as it is - so this guy wants to give airports the power to make me take my turban off and prove theres nothing inside every time i want to travel ??? how about they have a reason to be suspicious first or have a valid reason to search innocent members of the public just travelling and going about their business how many turban wearing sikhs have been caught with bombs or drugs
  13. Other then warning him that Guru teaches us is that any happiness within the world is always short lived and ultimately we must leave this world, and leave it all behind and to encourage him to be thankful everyday to Vaheguru for everything he has been blessed with. there is not much else you can do to convince him, and he is being very honest this is pretty much what everyone does, including religious people, when his partner passes away, or his time comes then everything he has will be slipping through his fingers.... Vaheguru is the ultimate teacher of all and he teaches us through
  14. Just because we have electricity now we should not dismiss the importance of candlelight and divas/lanterns They may have no spiritual value but they were extremely important during the gurus period in the absence of electricity, society would find it very hard to function for a major part of the day if it were not for candlelight and fuelled lanterns. countless nights of dictation and writing of gurbani would not have been possible - and to scoff at it now, just because we have electricity and artificial lighting is not right. we shouldn't just abandon every tradition as being ritualis
  15. this programme aired yesterday and was a very interesting watch http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b03ghfyp http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QEYKgKOv7-c&feature=player_detailpage It's good that Tommy Robinson has distanced himself from racist elements and EDL and is understanding that there are still good people out there. It is important to engage with people regardless of how extreme we perceive them to be, as it is only through dialogue and sitting together that conflicts can be resolved. it's interesting to note that majid anwar of Quilliam foundation was a convicted extremist in al-mah
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