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Found 30 results

  1. Hello So I was raised as a Sikh...I'm male in my early 30's...and during my life I've come to my own conclusions about religion and spirituality....and I am no longer religious....but am very spiritual.....having come to that age when things like marriage become more of an issue.....having struggled to meet any Sikh girls thus far...with that spiritual side without being meshed into religion....I wondered if anyone here believed the are similar like minded people out there..or whether I should just stop looking. I don't see myself settling down with someone who has opposing views as I do....so it would be nice to know if these people who are like me, do exist....I'm not asking for phone numbers of email addresses....just confirmation they do or don't exist....either way.... Thanks [ModNote] This is approved because you clarified you do NOT want any personal contact information. Just to clarify to the rest of the Sangat, it is not allowed to ask or give personal contact information and this is not a dating/matching website. Keep it Sikhi related.
  2. http://jezebel.com/sikh-temples-in-england-advised-to-beware-of-same-sex-u-857167306
  3. Guest

    I have something to say.

    Um, I'm not sure how to write this... I don't know where to start so.. I am fifteen years old living in Michigan. My life has been extremely depressing ever since.. ever. I was born in Canada and moved to michigan and everything got worse. I always thought I was different with my patka and hair and all that. I went to a catholic school in elementary (haha that didnt help). Recently I've been questioning religion. I've been studying other cultures and religions for the past 15 weeks or so and have been having different thoughts about it. All I see is corruption in the world. I was never really religious in the past. I have uncut hair so I wear a patka right now. I've always held my faith high and learned more about sikhi at a young age thanks to the internet. I've been studying some crazy religions... I just can't have myself following a religion. Most of these religions claim to be right and true. Which one can be true. I've been exposed to so many religions how can I dare myself to choose?! I don't want to call myself Sikh because I don't believe in a religion. A group. I feel like this group divides me and gives me assumptions from others. When someone says they are muslim a common person thinks the person to be of the middle east with certain morals and principles. I don't want to call myself anything. I want to have the ability to have my own morals and principles. I've argued with my parents a bit trying to explain myself but our language barrier and their love for sikhi is unbreakable. What I don't understand is how my dad cuts and shaves his beard but expects me to praise the pagh and dhari. My whole family is like this.. the parents shave and dont follow the religion yet expect the kids to be good souls. My parents even sometimes offer me meat.. I JUST DONT UNDERSTAND how they can do this and call themselves sikh. I know they aren't amrit but still. I hate meat but on occasion I do eat it being honest. I have a dhari and do trim.. Is it wrong that I don't feel regret anymore? My views are kinda-of like Bhagat Singh in his last years. All I see is corruption in other religions why must I be abide to even follow one. I cannot be religious anymore. I don't need religion anymore. I have great morals thanks to Sikhism and love this religion to death. If God can accept where I am coming from then I praise him. If not.. Im sorry. I don't know what to expect with anyone posting a comment below. I've been feeling really down the past year and just don't know what to do. Can anyone else relate?
  4. Guest

    other religions?

    what if you are a sikh and like other religion.I want to say that the destination is same but the paths are different.what will happen if i want to change religion budhism for example. Pls cmnt
  5. Guest

    Question About A Quote

    I posted this under the anonymous section as I couldn't seem to start a topic in other sections. My question is simple, and not in need of anonymity. I visited the Golden Temple a couple years ago, it was for the first time so we visited the museum aswell. From the museum visit, a quote stuck in my head, and has been in my head ever since, yet I haven't been able to find it on the internet anywhere. I was therefore wondering if anyone here had any background on it for me, for my personal knowledge. The quote was, i think; ''your religion is dear to you, mine is dear to me'' by Guru Gobind Singh Ji Any information would be helpful, for my personal knowledge. Thanks.
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