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  1. I agree with the quote, by making everything more advanced in this modern era it requires more work to maintain. Technological advancements come with their benefits but also with disadvantages. An increasing population throughout the globe is putting a strain on resources. Instead of all these big shopping centres if we just used that land to grow food etc it would be better, considering how most things can be bought online, the actual need for shops is rapidly decreasing. Simples lives are happier lives.
  2. yeah exactly, I don't feel I'm ready to take Amrit and if I did I feel I'd be doing a disrespect because of my lack of knowledge at the moment about prayer and Gurbani
  3. If more people are recognising Sikhism then that's good.
  4. interesting, thank you
  5. By reading Gurbani, reciting mool mantar and prayers and contemplating upon Waheguru's name, the soul is cleansed. It is written in Gurbani (not an exact quote) that if our clothes become stained, we can wash them out and they can become clean again, but if the soul becomes stained then the only way to cleanse it is through prayer. By accepting Waheguru and his will your wordly matters come to a conclusion, the only thing your mind becomes fixated upon is Waheguru so in a way you are rid of diseases because your mind no longer cares for it. With the True Guru's help the disease can be rid comp
  6. What will happen after kalyug? I understand that some of you will opt for an approach explaining how it doesn't matter and I should just focus on becoming closer to Waheguru. I agree but I would still like to get an idea, I have heard people saying it will be a world full of Sikhs and need extra opinions as to whether this is true or not.
  7. In life we all go through hard times, times where we don't know where to turn, we can't see a way out. Life is like that, a journey we take, in the forest of life we have to walk through the deep mud, the mud that can hold us back and keep us in the same place for years. When darkness falls upon that forest there is a light, a light faint to some, others a bright beacon, that light, that beacon, is God. The light is dim for those whom don't believe and it is hard to find the true path out of that forest but for those who believe, the light of God illuminates the forest, showing clearly the rig
  8. I think the bottom line is, people wanting to join religion these days is just the same reason people join gangs, they want to defend their beliefs with the option of violence, people who have grown up in fear or wanting protection seek out these groups to become protected. Sikhism is not a violent religion, we do not go out of our way to inflict pain or intimidation, only provoked or in danger may we think about something like that and because of that people feel they need to leave. These days people, whether it be in religion, careers, gangs, organisations all want to be part of a group, to
  9. Sometimes people won't listen, let them do what they want, if they want to leave Sikhism so be it, concentrate on your connection with God.
  10. I'm glad to hear you're going to try and strengthen your connection with God, I hope it works out for you and thank you Peace
  11. Thank you very much for that link I appreciate it. Peace brother
  12. Hey and no problem I'm happy to talk to you about it, It seems to me that you've done everything you can to try and change the way the marriage is working out but it's not working. You need to think about YOUR future, not your husbands right now because it seems to me he is being very neglectful to you for no reason. If you feel you need to leave then I think that's something you need to think about, but I'm not saying it's something you definitely should do. You need to love Waheguru and pray to him as much as you can. Wash your hands and sit in a crossed leg position on the floor, cover you
  13. You hang onto that hope, that hope is your light and without that light shining in the darkness that this world can bring, you will fall into a deep dark path and it's going to be so hard to get out, I know because I've been through it and still am. You keep that hope and focus your efforts onto whatever you want in life. You got the job you wanted now keep it, be the best you can be at it because at the end of the day when you're older and you look back on life you can say that you never gave up and you worked to your limit to achieve what you wanted to achieve. The ones around you can look a
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