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Found 6 results

  1. I came across this website which states that Sikh Gurus believe in Vedas. I cannot find the interpretations of the shabads in relation to it's comments. http://agniveer.com/sikh-gurus-and-vedas/ On the other hand I came across this booklet which says Sikh Gurus did not believe in Vedas. http://agniveer.com/sikh-gurus-and-vedas/ Can anyone explain what Guru Sahibaans take on Vedas was and why there are pro-Veda shabds and anti-Veda shabds in Gurbani? And how would you refute someone saying Sikh is a branch of Vedic dharam?
  2. Bhai Sahib condemned Dhumma and Dhadrianwale on how they have been behaving. He used very strong words toward both by calling both Sants of the government. Many supporters on both sides have taken offense. Showing typical chela behavior. Not too long ago Dhadrianwale ran away under police protection during the peaceful protest for the beadbi of Sri Guru Granth sahib ji protest. Rest of the peaceful protesters were thrashed by the police, shot at and treated worse than animals. Panthpreet 'singh' was another who received police protection in their car and taken to safety. These details should not be forgotten. Bhai amrik singh ajnala remembers these details. Bhai amrik singh ajnala addressed why dhumma attacked Dhadrianwale and it was not because Dhadrianwale attacked Taksal. Bhai amrik singh ajnala says if this was the case then why didn't the dhumma clan shoot Panthpreet dhunda ghagga Kala afghan who all have slandered Taksal in the past. Ajnala said Dhadrianwale spoke out against dhumma. Dhadrianwale has said in the past he is not scared in general and of dhumma. Bhai Sahib used sharp language saying you ran, had guns didn't use it and the police had to save you after you hid and you soiled yourself. Bhai Sahib says these are not the characteristics of a Sant. Rightfully so they are not. Dhadrianwale sits with the enemy of the Khalsa Panth, Panthpreet singh dhunda to discuss what the Khalsa Panth should do to unite under one flag. These missionaries are looking to burn Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji bani and wipe out any historical record of Sri Dasam Granth Sahib ji. Sooner or later they will start taking specific words they don't like in Sri Guru Granth sahib ji like devi and deva names. Ram rai was kicked out for changing Gurbani. Sikhs didn't associate with him and forget about bringing him to the forefront to address Panth issues. Bhasuar was excommunicated for taking Bhagat bani out and printing a saroop without Bhagat bani. Our history tells us not to bring Panthpreet singh and associates to the forefront because they have the agenda to attack the Khalsa Panth roots. The sanatan clan have lost their eagle eye vision and non dual ultimate reality since their birth but today they are showing their true colors. The sanatan clan is using harsh words toward bhai amrik singh ajnala because he called out all the listed people in the current events.the sanatan clan wants bhai amrik singh ajnala to climb a mountain and stand at the edge to show to them ajnala is not scared. When ajnala thrashes dust of Sri Guru Granth sahib ji for beadbi he is called Taliban and terrorist by the sanatan clan. The sanatan clan will criticize anything Panthic singhs will do because they want to keep up the chaos in the Panth. Their teachers were slandering Sant jarnail singh ji throughout the dharma yudh morcha. the sanatan clan pick and choose when to twist sikh history. They scream at the top of their lungs to slander akj bhai randhir singh for being with Bhasuar at one point in time. Yet today they favor Dhadrianwale for aligning with missionaries who attack Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji bani. They attack the man who speaks out against Bhasuar behavior. Ajnala is a thrown in the sanatan bowl of food. If today a sarbat khalsa is successful with missionaries part of the leadership. They will destroy Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji bani as they attempted in the early 1900s and became successful of removing Sri Dasam Granth Sahib ji Prakash from Sri Akal Takht sahib. To prevent such destruction from happening again ajnala is right to openly call out those who support missionaries. The sanatan clan has in the past bashed the singh saba movement but today they are supporting their current people with the evil intent to get rid of Dasam bani??? Sanatan clan does not want true unity because then they are also going to be targeted for going against sikhi. They are banking on the false unity where they can change sikhi to their liking which means placing the vedas equal Sri Guru Granth sahib ji and bringing back devi and deva worship to the masses. They placed moortis of devi and devta in Sri amritsar parkarma to be worshipped. They currently like Dhadrianwale because he is not aware of the politics being played by using him as a pond. They use him to keep the Panth split. They hate ajnala with a passion because he sees through their master plan and is directly challenging them. Plus they are banking on Dhadrianwale to keep the missionaries at bay for them. The sanatan clan are just as bad as the missionaries. Dhadrianwale needs to wake up and follow and lead with Panthic people.
  3. Its a pretty old video but I thought I'd share it What do you guys think? Its pretty funny and true and I guess Niddar had it coming too.
  4. Heres another retard. http://sanatansikhi.blogspot.co.nz/2011/06/myths-against-sanatan-dharam.html His whole blog is dedicated to the myth that Gurbani is nothing new and it's from Upanishads and Vedas. Plus Guru Nanak Dev Ji created nothing new and Sikh is just a word.
  5. How do you refute the second comment on this website: http://neo-sikhism.blogspot.co.nz/2008/11/does-khalsa-look-like-shiv-ji.html How doe we refute people saying Khalsa and Shiv Ji are same/ Khalsa is a copy of Shiv Ji.
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