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  1. You don't know the family situation and who her bf was and what his motives were. Best to keep the assumptions to yourself, this goes for every punjabi munching on fast food as they analyze something they have barely any info on. What if, her bf was a groomer and making a cry for help from the family scared the groomer from trafficking her to another country? This is a big if, but it has happened. Whether she is 23 or 35, there are many scary ways to traffick women in the country and take them to a muslim country where she would be gone forever. Wouldn't you feel really stupid for judging the family if this was the case? Majority of punjabis are safe, tucked away from the dark side of the world. The cruelty that rest on the other side is kept separate by a paper thin wall by your parents. Be glad, be grateful this wasn't you (speaking to everyone who became sherlock Holmes). Daddy and mommy don't tuck you in (again speaking to everyone who became sherlock Holmes) at night but their protection layer is around you. It took a panthic effort to maybe put her on the right track. I doubt it her mom and dad would want to put their daughter on blast over social media just for having a boyfriend. Punjabis are big on izzat.
  2. Singhni kirandeep kaur khalsa is a fake account. Look deeper into her account and she has basically porn videos on her Twitter feed. Whoever has Twitter can you report this account: Singhni kirandeep kaur khalsa
  3. Sounds like she is bipolar. She is using social media to ride the high wave out. Soon it will flip and the dark and insecure person will come out. Don't feed the troll and she will have nothing to go on.
  4. If you had remembered Allah, Raheem, and Kareem you would have said sex rings of underaged girls run by muslim brothers is a muslim community issue. That's the way to remember Allah, to be truthful.
  5. Answer the questions. First it was one question in another topic and now its here with more questions because you can't answer it. Run to your brothers on SC and see if they can help you answer these questions.
  6. Pedophilia supporter aka muslim community why don't you condemn your muslim brothers acts of gang rapes and sex rings of underaged girls? Some loser draws a picture of Mohammed and you lunatics want to bomb everyone. Did your prophet Mohammed teach to run sex rings of underaged girls? Did he teach you muslims to rape girls? Muslim community is silent on condemning such acts, so Mohammed must have taught to rape and run sex rings of underaged girls.
  7. This is not a true muslim. He cannot follow the basic teachings of truth. Your pedophile brothers are more important to you than innocent underage girls who they rape over and over. This is without any doubt a muslim community thing. Your muslim brothers get together and groom underaged girls into sex rings.
  8. Answer the question I asked you. Don't be like one of the muslims on speaker corner who dodge questions they don't like answering because it shows your community true colors.
  9. Do muslims make grooming gangs to target young girls in general and majority of the time for young girls of other religions?
  10. Stay away from defining concepts in this manner. Putting them in a box limits the person's ability to understand them better. He also didn't explain what neutralizes the 5 thieves. Its Guru's Bani that subdues the 5 thieves. Remembering a shabad can take the mind from anger to Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji feet. Remembering a sacrifice made by the Guru's can also bring the mind to be humbled. Many of these preachers talk about calming the mind as the objective so they look for quick methods to teach and receive monetary gain. Guru Sahib teaches us to keep our focus on the Guru. Focusing your mind on the Guru brings true peace to the mind. Desire for the Guru is what we want to have. Once that intense desire is developed through countless hours of remembering Vaheguru you will not feel anger or greed. These 5 will be present in the world in the same manner, but they won't bother you. It will be like a poisonous snake is two inches away from your face but you are not scared of it because Guru Sahib is your protector.
  11. The dream can't be directly linked to your dad giving up the business. It's more a coincidence than anything else.
  12. I dont have the time to watch all of Sant ji videos and find where he says it. You can take on this task as you have a lot of time since you are writing on this forum everyday.
  13. Answer the question, what kind of power was Sant ji after? Sant ji built a mandir and helped Hindus out in various ways. Most famous case is when a girls in laws wanted dowry from her family.
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