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  1. If you think bhai Santokh Singh's book and Rattan Singh bhangu book are gospel then you will have a lot of issues with accepting Gurbani. Sants don't fully accept Bhai Santokh Singhs book. The book has errors and pointing out these errors does not discredit the whole book. There is a middle ground and both sides don't want to admit this is the best position because they are h€ll bent on proving the other side wrong. Rattan Singh bhangu alludes to that Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib ji told Nihang Singhs to take whatever they find and he says Nihang Singhs started looting people. This is very damaging writing to the Khalsa Panth because impressionable youth and even young adults will take this fabrication up as the truth and act on it. Nihang Singhs after the attack on Sri Akal Takhat Sahib in 1984 started to harass and take whatever they wanted from the villagers. We saw on this site how a gullible teen wanted to enforce on women that they are second class and can't take khande bate da amrit. Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji is the Khalsa Panth Guru. If you can remember this one simple fact when reading books. You will be able to tell from truth and false.
  2. Akalifauj

    Chandi di vaar

    Do it at anytime of the day. Best time is dead time because it p1ss off the people who make up stories. Then go to sleep and watch how peaceful you sleep.
  3. Rattan Singh bhangu book is not a factual history of the Sikhs. In his book he starts telling how Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib ji thought. No human can say what the Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib ji was thinking before going into battle with the Mughal forces. He does this in episode 14 starting at approximately at paragraph 13 to 18. In episode 15 Rattan Singh bhangu writes Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib ji called upon learned Brahmins and astrologers to pick a date when Guru Sahib will select punj pyare. Gurbani says there is no auspicious day as all days are equal. Yet Rattan Singh bhangu says Guru Gobind Singh Sahib ji practices such falsehood.
  4. There is a level of arrogance coming from his speech. Remembering Gurbani is one of the most helpful act anyone can do in their lives. By remembering Gurbani a person can repeat the Shabad throughout his day. Whenever the person is able to catch the mind drifting away from gurmat, he can repeat a certain shabad to bring the mind back on remembering Vaheguru. Think about those people who have lost themselves in anger or lust or greed. Had they remembered Gurbani they will be able to direct their mind back to the truth. I don't agree with his interpretation of Jaap Sahib either. It's too focused on his current state of mind. He needs to step out of his train of thought and listen to Jaap sahib without contextualizing Jaap Sahib to his mind frame.
  5. Akalifauj

    Bhagat Namdev jis mandir

    The shakti of harmandir Sahib sarovar can't be understood. Go with faith and you come back better than before.
  6. Voting for sikh interest means not being discriminated against because of being Sikh and because of skin color. Only an oreo would not vote for sikh interest. Since we got the stupidity out of the way let's talk about jagmeet Singh. Hes the leader of a party who has a horrible past. They have put the people of the provinces where ever they ruled into more debt and slowed down the economy and the middle class suffered. If he was running as a liberal party member he would have won in the since of having a minority government which will not allow conservatives to rule as a majority government. Majority of Sikhs dont vote ndp because of its history. If Canadians don't want conservatives to gain a majority government, vote liberal and this will level the playing field. If you vote ndp, you are wasting your vote where there will be no gain for Sikhs in business or labour market or immigration. And Sikhs dont want conservatives to get a majority government. And the reason, Jason Kenney. Look up what he did to us.
  7. Akalifauj

    Indians worship bin

    You are still unable to understand the difference. I think you are upset because you worship a monkey statue and the light may have turned on in your brain after seeing it's wrong to worship a kangaroo statue. There was also no mocking being done. How much are you getting paid to divert topics on this forum?
  8. Akalifauj

    Women dressing more provocatively

    Another loser moment for this poster. Any sensible man would lower their gaze because not to divert the mind and also not to let the woman feel objectified by a man.
  9. Akalifauj

    Indians worship bin

    A sikh buying an expensive car compared to a statue of a kangaroo that is only there to be worshipped are not the same or even close. Many people praise their car for the features it has and how expensive it is but it does not equate to worshipping a statue in a building. The statue is worshipped because it is told the kangaroo statue has certain worship values where something is provided in return. Cars are praised for their actual features that they have and can demonstrate by using the car. It's usable product.
  10. Akalifauj

    Advice please

    There is nothing flippant about this post. Even the tone is not flippant. You have no intelligence because you choose to run away from discussions.
  11. Akalifauj

    Advice please

    Woah, how arrogant you are. Had you spent two seconds to think my comments through. You would have understood I was calling you weird because you sound desperate in wanting this one poster to stay. Your post came off as if you were on your knees begging, "please stay Christian girl. I can't live without you". I dont care if she stays or leaves and I have not told her to leave. You like making things up. It's in your nature. You want this forum to be about intelligence. Well show it when I directly ask you to prove your claims. Instead of being intelligent, you run away. So this would make you as the fool and a coward.
  12. Akalifauj

    Advice please

    I have said nothing to you to receive such a response. I was very clear and you didn't want to hear what I said. Peace lies in being honest. Peace doesn't lie in creating fake stories to present the Bible as something it is not. Jesus did not write the Bible. Jesus wrote nothing about accepting the old testament, yet Christian accept it. Who is jesus? Very little is know because he wrote nothing about his teachings or who he is.
  13. This photo has nothing to do with the khlasa Panth celebrating Vaisakhi. Or are you saying you want to see a woman dance on the beat of a drum?
  14. Akalifauj

    Advice please

    You are the weirdest person on this forum.
  15. Akalifauj

    Kirpan Use

    Sometimes just having it can be a deterrent because now the aggressor might think that sword can be used on me. Many times this can be the case but we don't even know it happened.

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