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  1. Hi, Thanks for being dishonest in every way you conduct yourselves. The word fudu and pendu has been used countless times by poster @dallysingh101. Never once was he placed on quality control. This double standard will continue because you guys are shameless. I know one of you will blame a single mod for it. But this has been going on for more than a decade and none of you have fixed the issue. Instead you guys use it as an excuse for your double standard. For that reason I will call all of you fudus; its just a colorful word to say how incompetent your team is. Like it or not but there is no better way to say it. I salute you with a capital F.
  2. Hi, Dear poster may you please post Gurbani on Sri Chand and Bhai Gurdas ji vaaran on Sri Chand. Sant Baba Gurbachan Singh ji Bhindranwale believes Gurbani and Bhai Gurdas ji vaaran present an accurate description of Sri chand. Thanks. Also can you post the audio recording of Sant Baba Gurbachan Singh ji katha of Gurbani and bhai Gurdas ji vaaran on Sri Chand. Once again thanks.
  3. I put myself in @AcceptWill201 shoes and I saw he was trying to stop a good thread going in the right direction. He wants to flirt with girls at Sikh camps and you potentially were a block in his way. I took time out of my day to point this out to you because you couldn't see what his motives are. It's your not fault, you are young. But he could be an uncle or a young adult preying on teen girls at Sikh camps. Have you ever heard of an innocent looking Sikh musician preying on young girls? Well i have and its disgusting. So its better to make teen girls aware of this behavior than to send them into the mad dogs hands. Your welcome ?
  4. Knock, knock anyone there Original post is talking about Sikh camps and wrongs that happens there. Did you want to find a girlfriend at a Sikh camp and I'm crampin on your player attitude?
  5. When you want to kill a discussion. Say these exact words with the emphasis on telling the other you are judgemental. Some people want to see sikh youth go in the wrong direction. Let's not talk about all the bad that needs to be changed at sikh camps. Keep it under the rug until some girl gets pregnant and then we can sip on our cha and gossip about what happened. This is way more entertaining than telling No!
  6. You are right. It will be time consuming to go through Gurbani and find lines to support concepts i said Gurbani supports:
  7. Can you provide Gurbani quotes to back this statement up.
  8. You people need to live a little. White women also wear tents on their wedding day and its a white tradition.
  9. Do you actual think its a good idea to ask your wife if she has been or thinking about cheating? If you do, than you are very naive. The current generation has proven one thing. Their basic desires are the forces driving them further away from institutions like religion. Women have made it a righteous action to put their bodies on display by wearing skin tight clothes and/or clothes that cover very little. The percentage of women who are from the age of 16 to 45 who don't dress in this manner or behave like self entitled twats is maybe 10%. Then there are the ones who try to fit in but they also are a small minority, maybe 5%. Instagram even has the bibi with a dastar on her head but she is wearing revealing clothing or skin tight clothes to show case her body to men. Sikhi camps have been experiment centers. These camps have revealed how women have degraded themselves to objects because they put themselves on display for men. Human instincts like sexual appeal was hidden by older generations. Not for the current generations coming up. They completely put it on display in the open and flaunt it.
  10. The tent is also worn by the white chicks you idolize. ?
  11. You said the disrespect toward Gurbani on a public forum. I'm surprised the disrespect went unnoticed for this long. It should have been addressed right away, regardless of who said it. Your private amends doesn't mean much because you said it on an open forum. Members have every right to question you on the disrespect.
  12. Where have I narrowed the avasta of a mahapurkh to our level? Read my post carefully or you will go down a rabbit and come out with a bad taste in your mouth.
  13. Did anyone ask her which village, names, description of the so called sikh seperatists? Did anyone go to the village and ask did these guys live here ever, who are their parents, siblings, etc. Its very easy to track people down in india because in those days Sikh families lived in the same village for decades. Sant ji slapped his cousin for reading raagmala at Sri Akal Takht Sahib. Those who lived with sant ji and survived the initial attack on the Sikhs would have delivered justice to those who killed innocent people (hindus). Majority of the people who doubt Sikhs with Sant ji's thinking have never lived or seen how these Sikhs live. There dedication to Gurmat is unbearable to the general Sikh because all they do is read Gurbani and seva. General Sikhs like their fun time, going out, partying, etc. These Sikhs will have none of it.
  14. She had not even started anything on the Sikhs. She had finished her other research on tribes. After a dinner she was walking home and she was gang rapped. She equates the rape because she had brought up the topic of research of the Sikhs to an Indian researcher. Its not black or white. There could be various reasons on how she got it wrong. If I was going to blame sikh seperatists of killing innocent Hindus, I would get my fact straight before barking. I surely wouldn't rely on one source.
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