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  1. The comparison is wrong as others have said. Also Gurbani says there is only one Guru who is Akal Purakh himself. Maybe read Gurbani and your mind will not travel into atheist thinking.
  2. This guy will not admit his mistake. If it was just a Granth. Then Sri Guru Arjan Dev ji would not have carried adi Granth on his head. For this guy Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji is a book of philosophy that he agrees with. So he will say page as Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji only holds value because according to him it's right.
  3. This sounds like a personal attack on a person the AkJ recently kicked out by making a public announcement.
  4. Come on now, it means the tomb he worships. The guy who is dead and buried at a 3ho burial site. The guy who draw the ling and worshipped it and got other gullible people to worship it. @Pallav2015 worships Shiva ling. For him it lives forever
  5. Yup, your a yogi worshiper. Do you go to yogi bhajan tomb and worship with rest of the 3ho. Or are you worshipping him in top secret mode. Make sure the blinds are closed, smart tv is facing away from you and then you pull out his toe nails to bath in milk and feed them sweet indian food. I think he liked white women that he can force himself on. So maybe try that next time you worship him. you pull his picture out from under the bed sheets and coerce a white woman into your livingroom.
  6. You have started a topic on this multiple times. So yes, you have an agenda. Can you tell me what is a fake Guru. Start off by naming your dera baba.
  7. This right here is a statement made without any evidence. It's one person talking out of his you know what. Credibility will only be assigned to such statements if they can provide evidence. Has he examined all saroops or know where all saroops are? No! Yet he makes a huge statement. This is the ego of a man. When you don't know, you get scared and may look unintelligent if you make statements of saying, I dont know. The correct statement would be, I dont know if we have an original saroop written by Guru Sahib or by a Gursikh scribe as Guru sahib says the Bani or a hand written saroop of the original saroop. But this much humanity and humility doesn't lie in these type of people. They like making stupid comments because their ego cant fall. Hes trying to cover his tracks. In doing so, he made a huge mistake.
  8. It seems as you have an agenda here. But prove me wrong by answering one question. According to Gurbani is Satguru Ramdas ji satguru? Not a tricky question. Let's see how honest you are.
  9. Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib ji did not stick his neck out for Hindus. He stuck his neck out because a group of people were being slaughtered because of their beliefs. That could have been any group, it just so happened at that time it was Kashmiri pandits. So, in the correct context, you have no point. Massaging a pandits legs will get you no points in God's book, but you will continue to do it because you are blind. I can just see your head spinning as you read the word "book". I wonder which way you will twist this word now. If my post about cow jhatka is read in context of previous post made by pro hindu posters, then it's well understood the comment was made to ignite a fire that challenges their ideas. A goat also gives milk to its offspring and humans for consumption. So why is it that the goat is allowed to be chopped up by some Sikhs for food? Are these people a disgrace? The goats blood is used in a ritual, while the cow is respected? Seems to me the pandit just didn't get his legs massaged from you, he gave you the house special. What about the people who close their eyes to how their veggies came to the market? Some poor person was exposed to chemicals over a long period of time and will get a illness that will eventually kill him. Is a cow's life more valuable than goats and a poor human? But you are God, you get to choose what you value and don't. The rules are made up as you are pulled and pushed by your pandit. Why use the word hate? I know because you're an emotional mess and that's your way of trying to label someone as bad. Well after reading the above post you will not be calling me bad, but more colorful swear words will be coming out of your mouth because your God and everyone else tells you what to do.
  10. This is pure comedy. Singhs are lions in the aspect of fighting. If you look at who is the hunter in the lion family it is not the lion. The hunter is the lioness. Lions control their area and protect the family from attack. First learn why Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib ji called Singhs lions then apply the analogy.
  11. The whole shabad doesn't need to be posted because its already understood in context. For everyone info, dolly is originally from an atheist forum that refers to themselves as sikh forum. So he is a atheist at heart pretending to be a Sikh. Bhagat kabir has laid out the context and said it perfectly.
  12. Here bicep and child, I will repost the initial post of mine that gave both of you a nervous breakdown. Now the idea here is to read and read and read and read and read, well keep reading the post because you two are Larry and moe from the three stooges. Gotra´╗┐ were used in 10th Guru period to identify people. Rattan Singh bhangu makes this clear in his book. Its not due to the west. Only thing the west did was make people write it down on documents. Famously the Brar gotra is mentioned in rattan Singh bhangu book. And it's done to identify that group of people. It was already prevalent. In English it's called last name and in india its call gotra or clan or however they classified themselves distinctly from other people. The west again, just made them write it down. People not writing it down in india is irrelevant because some wanted to classify themselves´╗┐ as proper Sikhs so they dropped it on paper. Like the lap dog of Indian government balbir Singh jathedar of buddha dal. However they had a deep connection with the last name/gotra and were very proud. Guru Gobind Singh ji was Guru Gobind Rai before taking amrit. Rai identifies him to a specific clan. There was nothing wrong with the Guru keeping the last name/gotra/clan as Rai. The Guru didn't attach any spiritual or ´╗┐emotional value to it. It was simply there as a pointer. So disregard this child's ignorance. Hes talking out of his you know what.
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