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  1. I highly doubt he's a family friend. I could see them becoming 'family friends' after the family paid him for favors. Friends like jathedar are bought not won because of personality are similar.
  2. Hes in the video. Forward to the Anadarko karaj part. Hes wearing his typical blue dastar and white kurta punjama
  3. It's no secret that money buys decisions made from Sri Akal Takhat Sahib seat currently.
  4. It seemed as former jathedar of Akal Takhat, giani Gurbachan singh made a special appearance to bless this couple. I highly doubt he is family. It's more likely this family would have paid Giani Gurbachan singh when he was jathedar. If true, real question that should be asked, why they paid him?
  5. Ignore this character. Hes here only to instigate and provoke a negative reaction.
  6. Watch the whole video, but the first bit third basic of Sikhi employee, kathavachik, and jugrags wife speak about sunny Hundal 'documentary '.
  7. We don't believe the same thing. He believes being a hindu, the person can do naam simran and then achieve mukhti. Gurbani does not accept this view point. Therefore I do not accept it is true. No, you could not be more wrong. Sikhi is about Gurbani. From Gurbani comes Gurmat teachings which are the truth. Truth comes from Gurbani. No such thing as universal truth. The truth comes from Gurbani. No other figure or holy text or person can say what is the truth. Gurbani demonstrated the truth and stated the truth. The bhagats were lost; they could not tell what was naam and hukam. Only when Akal Purakh took form and showed them Gurmat, did they come to realize the truth. The bhagats bani was included in Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji because it is dhur ki bani. The Bani came directly from Akal Purakh. The bhagats did not come up with any Bani. It was all Akal Purakh giving them the Bani. Not a single word is coming from their mind or thought process or trial and error. This is why the new generation is sinking. They don't read Gurbani. They rely on their minds to make up stories that they think has a perfectly tied bow on top. It's all lies, not a single peice of truth lies in here. What I wrote above perfectly shows your mistake. No bhagat knew what the truth is. They had to meet Satguru. Only after meeting Satguru did they know what Gurbani is and they followed Gurmat teachings to achieve mukhti by the kirpa of Satguru. Without Gurbani there is no truth. This is correct according to Sikhi. Don't put words in my mouth. Are you a 3ho cult follower? Because they try to capitalize on the work of others by taking what the person said and adding their twisted take to it. So it looks like the 3ho is in agreement with the other person but they add manmat to Gurmat teachings. Ganika was faithful person to Akal Purakh. This is what Gurbani says and this is what she is. Japji Sahib says, those who are faithful, will meet Vaheguru. Japji Sahib speaks to many others, but this will become a very long post. meditation is meditation!! What kind of nonsense is this. Where in Gurbani does it say meditation is meditation? Gurbani says remember Akal Purakh. Gurbani doesn't say touch the tip of the thumb to the tip of the index finger and repeat Vaheguru. This manmat practice is done by 3ho, which I can only guess are you friends or even spiritual teachers. Gurbani says remember Akal Purakh while sitting standing and sleeping. This is how we are told to meditate. Gurbani says learn from the Guru and forget everyone else. Yet, people want to sink, so they go to the 3ho cults, and babas, and others to find peace. Nothing will be attained from these people other than more misery.
  8. What are they experiencing? Sounds? Seeing the future? Obtaining what they desire? If they were experiencing something spiritual as Gurmat describes they would fall at the feet of Punj Pyare and take amrit.
  9. Present the full shabad/pauri. If you don't think its important to present the whole shabad/pauri. Then stop quoting Gurbani.
  10. The Gurbani you have quoted does not say only in kalyug. That is your own belief. Naam simran is not about some chanting one word. Vaheguru and the word Raam are no lesser or greater from each other. It is the Gurmat meaning that makes them great. In today's world the Mantar Vaheguru is being used in various ways. For example, Vaheguru is the baba lying dead in a tomb, but the followers chant Vaheguru to remember this dead fake baba. Vaheguru is gurmantar, but now it's meaning has been changed to praise a fake dead baba, who liked to draw Shiva ling. Others cults have taken on a similar method. Raam was given to remember the One Supreme Being, but the Hindus started chanting Raam for raamchadr, who was not Vaheguru. They focused on the dead as well. From age to age this has been the primary problem.
  11. Bhai lalo stayed with saroop of Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji. Bhai Lalo was a companion of Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji. Can you find Gurbani saying bhai Lalo was not a Sikh. We can find in Gurbani, Sri chand did not listen to Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji. So if Bhai Lalo would have done the same or similar. We would have discovered it Gurbani. Such Gurbani does not exist. To call Bhai Lalo a Sikh is not baseless or without merit. However to call ganika a hindu is completely baseless. By her job she was identified as a prostitute. Which religious text of the Hindus says to be a prostitute and you are still a practicing hindu? No where in Gurbani does anyone of the contributors say she is a hindu. Her behavior described in Gurbani does not say hindu or anything close. So it's fair to say she was not a hindu. I did not say or infer she is a Sikh. You have a problem with making assumptions to help your view point. But every time you attempt this foolish behavior you get caught on it. I have been asking you to provide Gurbani to say Hindus have Satguru and therefore can attain Naam simran. You brought up ganika because you wanted to pin her as a hindu. I asked for proof from Gurbani to say she was a hindu. You could not provide anything. Then you wanted to provide more names and I asked for proof from Gurbani and you can't provide proof. Soon as you say hindu your view point goes out the window. A practicing hindu will not worship Vaheguru (the one supreme Being). They will worship a devta or devi or like you add no God. All three worships is not of Vaheguru, therefore they are not remembering God and cannot receive mukhti. God did many things for Bhagat Naamdev ji. You should read about them in bhai gurdas ji Vaar and see where bhagat ji is referred to as a Gurmukh. Walking into a mandir does not make anyone a hindu. A hindu walking into a Gurdwara does not make them a Sikh. Why are you hell bent on calling these great souls as Hindu when they did not define themselves as hindu? Hindu being a diverse group means nothing. You say hindu includes even atheism. You made the blanketed statement hindus have Raam naam, so what is an atheist hindu remembering when he doesn't believe in God? Can you provide the information I have been asking for? That this diverse group as Satguru and therefore do naam simran? If you can provide this information the discussion would have been finished. The fact is, you have no information to say Hindus have Satguru. So you have been beating around the Bush trying to throw up smoke screens. None of this worked.
  12. Who was ganika Guru? Without satguru naam simran cannot be recieved. Gurbani is very clear on this fact. There is no difference between Gurbani and Vaheguru. What you meant to say was Sikhi was not openly known on a wide scale at the time. Sikhi always existed and will exist even when this universe cease to exist as Vaheguru absorbs it back into him.
  13. Does Gurbani say she was a Sikh prostitute? Gurbani says ganika learned to repeat the lord's name from a parrot. What makes a person a hindu; following the hindu system of religion which includes the vedas and worshipping one of the devta or devi's as the Lord. Gurbani speaks against this and only Naam simran on Akal Purkh is accepted. The Gurbani shabad of Bhagat kabir ji is clear. Show us anywhere in Gurbani that says any one of the names you mentioned identified as hindu. Gurbani is the truth and will not hide the true identity of ajmaal bhagat dhru, draupti, etc. None of them in Gurbani are defined as hindus. So why do you forcibly want to apply the hindu term on them?
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