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  1. Akalifauj

    Tiger chasing Deer

    Go run along cheerleader. Make sure you wipe the brown off your nose.
  2. Akalifauj

    Tiger chasing Deer

    You are the biggest pandit on this forum currently. Others held this title as they too read a devi name in Gurbani and started to worship the devi, simply because the devi was mentioned. Now this is how simple minded you people are. Now you extend your simple minded clown college and say the pandits had all the gyan. Well others like you said the same unsupported garbage but for you child, it's new garbage. The pandits relied on the vedas and Gurbani says the vedas does not have the 4th state, which only Gurbani has. Once again your simple pandit clown college fails to accept Gurbani teachings. Why is that?
  3. Your peom is not written according to Gurmat. I only quote the last line because this was your objective, to lump every religion together. Gurbani says loudly without satguru/Gurbani grace no one can see Vaheguru. Japji Sahib says many are singing but they don't see Vaheguru. How do you know where to look to find Vaheguru in other religions? Anand Sahib says the naam is there in the vedas but they don't hear it. Why is this the case? Because they don't have satguru as their master/Guru. Other religions are teaching practice of maya and Gurbani points this out. The center stone of the Hindus the vedas are only able to tell about the three qualities/state. This is directly written in Gurbani. Why be so arrogant and ignore the true knowledge from Gurbani. Only through the teachings of Gurbani can other religions writing be objectively assessed. Without Gurbani, which you did not take into consideration, you can't make any such case for any other religion. Sikhi is distinct because Satguru is the Guru himself. No avatar or devi or devta could deliver Satguru. All and I mean ALL failed to deliver the message. Or you can follow empty shells like @MrDoaba who yells the loudest but could not understand bhai gurdas ji Vaar on aarti. Child, stop talking about concepts you can't even understand. Now he's on about sargun and nirgun. Take your hindu mat back to the dera where gullible people nod because they don't know any better.
  4. You jumped on this letter quick. You must not like these guys.
  5. You are a lazy person. We get it. I bet you don't even wash your hands before you cook your dad's food and after going to the toilet. The Guru is a gift? The Guru is our superior and must be treated with utmost respect. I know your the western raised whites of punjabis. Act educated, dress like a westerner to feel a belonging, need the constant approval of the white man. You think its impossible to do because you need to attend your western parties over learning how to respect Gurbani. You rather go to dinner and make sure you eat like a proper white woman and laugh at right jokes and follow those rules of respect rather than respect Gurbani/Guru Sahib. It's okay, your priorities are to please the world. If you had listened to even one word in Gurbani you would have heard the message, forget everyone else opinions and have fear in your heart for the Guru. Fear/love drives respect; you have fear of the world views, so you make sure you don't upset those who you fear. Sant Jarnail Singh ji Khalsa feared Guru Sahib and he is the example everyone wants to follow after hearing about his commitment and dedication to the Guru. Or people can follow you, who is full of emotional highs and lows. I know, now you will say what is wrong with emotions. You love the worldly rollercoaster as it helps you fit in the world you fear of losing. 24 hours in a day, if a person works/schools for 8 hours and sleeps for 8 hours that's 8 hours left to learn how to respect the Guru. How long does it take to wash hands and wrap a phone in a rumalla? 90 seconds. Over 90 seconds of respect you have ranted on this site for two days; when you could have followed a respectful practice. I have seen Sikhs do chaur Sahib over a computer screen because Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji was open on the screen. Its respect and anyone coming into the room will automatically know to bow and follow proper etiquette when Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji is present. Your thinking is very small. You have been brainwashed and are brainwashing others to think like a beast. Why beast? Because they are very rigid. Good or bad, it doesn't benefit me or I cant wrap my head around the concept so it must be wrong. I know you will present or think of the shabads of Gurbani that speak on rituals. Well your existence is only a ritual because you have not understood the message of Gurbani. To this, Guru Sahib says I might as well die because their is no use of living without the Guru. The western clothing you wear is a ritual because you are not utilizing them according to Gurbani. Instead you are wearing them to feel a belonging. To this, Bhagat kabir ji says, you might as well walk around naked. The western think tank that you have cherished for so long is actually killing you. It's sending you to your grave. Gurbani calls people like you and me as wild hunters. There is a whole shabad on us. Go and search for it and engrave it in your mind. Anytime you feel the desire to lash out at others think of that shabad and recognize your mistakes. You need to reprogram your mind. Now this is not a simple job. It takes time and dedication. Anand Sahib read with utmost respect and attention will also destroy your western views. Lastly, if you are still having a problem making a distinction between rituals and not. Well as you breath right now, it too is a ritual according to Gurbani. So should you stop breathing because you didn't understand the Guru's teaching? Bhagat kabir ji says never to leave the battlefield( world) even if you are cut peice by peice. So their is your answer to suicide as well. It's not a Gurmat practice and the Guru is saying respect and fear me. Remember don't be a wild hunter.
  6. Do even know the reason why pothi Sahib or gutka Sahib is wrapped in a Rumalla?
  7. Akalifauj

    Happy Ganesha festival to all hindu-sikhs .

    Calling someone a Sikh and saying the sikh worships Ganesh is a contradiction. Vaheguru did not take the form of ganesh. Devi and devta were sent to spread the word Akal Purakh but instead they established themselves as the one to be worshipped. Even the katha upanishads says not to worship devi and devta. They do back track but this speaks volumes how this truth was hidden in the katha upanishads. I say hidden because a few lines later they say worship one devta over another. A Gursikh would understand they made a mistake and only accept what Gurbani approves.
  8. Akalifauj

    Sikh man attacked in phuket

    This poster is pigg headed. No where does it say the attacker was white. But this poor excuse for an human being brings race into this topic because hes a piece of <banned word filter activated>. No one was blaming this pigg headed poster. Yet this clown writes "Betty white" in a post and nothing else and on a topic of a Sikh man dying. What the hell does betty white have to do with this topic. Go get lost. Racist punks like you are not welcome here.
  9. Akalifauj

    Sikh Youth Uk

    Teenagers on the bus were harassing a girl and the teenagers were dealt with. You always have an axe to grind with anyone who protects Sikhs and Sikhi. No one wants to hear your western fanatical views here. You are spoon fed by the queen who butchered Sikhs. What is wrong with you? Sikh youth uk have saved many people by putting their neck on the line, literally. These guys are doing the seva that others don't want to touch. Not even the police with all their firearms and power from the state have the guts to stand up to grooming gangs. Sikh youth UK are doing a really good seva. @MrDoaba what's happening you wannabe nihangs dont have the guts to stand up and do seva so you turn around and bad mouth those who have the guts to do it. You nangs are nothing but cowards. Where is your nang forces to protect the Kashmiri people. You nangs want to hold the high names of budha dal but you nangs only dress in the Guru's uniform. Keep looking at the goats but hole and cutting a defenseless animals head off. That's all you cowards can cut.
  10. Akalifauj

    Stages of studying gurbani?

    This is not true. Sri Dasam Granth Sahib ji Bani also is shaant and Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji is also bir rass. Sri Dasam Granth Sahib ji tells on history, true story of avatars, and gives us more Bani to read on praising Akal Purakh. Think about it this way. When Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib ji was fighting wars along side Sikhs. Did those Sikhs not have bir rass? Bir rass is obtained from the Guru and the Guru today is Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji.
  11. Akalifauj

    Harnam Singh Dhuma? Sant?

    K.P.S Gill was given a siropa by dhumma back in 1992. Gill mercilessly murdered Sikhs in india and unleashed the punjab police to do the same. Dhumma is a dog who has no ethics. He will run to anyone who will feed him. Badal openly gave siropa to Ram Singh because he knew it would cause further divisions in the one organization, Damdami Taksal that stands in his way. Dhumma has been a dog of the indian government for a long time.
  12. Troll, if I'm a chela of ajit Singh then I am a chela of his through one of your family members. Now go run along and tell your friends we don't tolerate your behavior here.
  13. Addressing the Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji comment he made is the least important! He got the teachings wrong and correcting him on his view is the most important. But you are a troll. So you are here to do troll business.

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