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Found 3 results

  1. Answer, with the following prompt ... - can there be a gay anand karaaj in a gurdwara? is it only to have children, and overpopulation is happening so whats the point? is divorce allowed? polygamous marriages?
  2. Guest

    Sexuality Life...advice?

    Im not here to discuss what Sikhi or anyone has to say regarding homosexuality. I just want some honest advice, less of the preaching. So I am in a relationship with a guy. I also happen to be kesdhari. A decision of my own, not forced upon by parents etc. Long story short, I was on a path, decided being gay was "curable" or "forgettable", decided to keep my kesh and then i met my partner and now im stuck. Erm basically i have come to accept who and what i am. And the way i see it, my actions, my consequences. "Ohdi o jane, minu apni tohr niba lehn de". But...as a kesdhari guy i also represent millions. And though i dont see being gay as a bad or wrong thing, i just dont want any related stigma being linked to sikhi. For example, "hey your gay and sikh, so its allowed in sikhism...etc". I dont want that. Sikhi has and always will be an integral part of me. I can and will not let people associate my actions with those of sikhi. Similar to a kesdhari drinking or smoking or hanging out in brothels etc. I would never do that. So i guess what im asking is, what should i do? Please dont give me quotes and preaching etc sorry but its no use trying to talk me out of my sexuality. Try not being straight. Live and let live. Thank you.
  3. Guest

    issues regarding sexuality

    Hey I am 25 old young man from a sikh family . My family is not that religious I have always felt attracted towards men physically emotionally and sexually . I dont feel desire for women . Infact I feel I am being cheated because my parents want me to marry off to a girl They dont know that I am not into women at all What should or can I do ?
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