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  1. mahandulai

    Why didn't Khalsa have its field day ? Or is it yet to come ?

    the whole point is to avoid a field day - a field day is bad news
  2. mahandulai

    Sikh History

    i don't know, will get on it
  3. mahandulai

    Eat 3 times a day?

    ... just needed an answer ....
  4. mahandulai

    Eat 3 times a day?

    Is the rehat saying, to eat after panj bania - aka - once in morning, once in evening, and once in night time ...? had some strong evidence for it ...
  5. mahandulai

    Anyone doing gardening this year?

    several bonsai shallow planted in pots, in the greenhouse outside that I built, then got around 20 other trees and shrubs in there, bare root, and some other miscellaneous things like ficus, apple trees, pear trees and catnip, in there too. Then, have some seedlings, I am growing maple,with some other acers, mountain maples, and other things like beech, and some allround greens for good measure. thinking of putting them outside nowm because it is getting warmer, but my greenhouse has a window.
  6. mahandulai

    Sikh History

    I advise you all to listen to/ take the course via thesikhway.co.uk , naujwani i think his name is, so much to offer
  7. mahandulai

    Number 5

    oh, they didn't tell you. someone please inform him .... your community is very small, and in comparison, there will obviously be less. its still only 1 in a thousand, just like in hwood. cmon - CONTEXT
  8. mahandulai

    Michael J

    how do you know they aren't fake?
  9. mahandulai

    Family event

  10. mahandulai

    Favourite members poll

    why am I not on this list
  11. reasons? can go to sleep afterwards?
  12. mahandulai

    Number 5

    the sane stories come out from your own community, its not more or less in hwood
  13. mahandulai

    Your all time favourite music

    typical 1st gen and 2nd gen answers
  14. They ain't read for this deep info Keep going
  15. smashed it bro, 100 percent, correct sat meaning what tho?

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