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  1. mahandulai

    Punjabi or Sikhi breaking ties with in-laws

    this is a question a robot would ask if it was trying to learn human behaviour
  2. mahandulai

    Amritdhari eyebrows

    this is just as bad as trimming them lmao
  3. mahandulai

    Would you marry someone whose not virgin?

    I was thinking about this. is it seva? someone told me it was good seva to marry a freshy from india, and give them a good life here in the uk, and teach them English and stuff. idk tho
  4. in my past life I think I was a dinosaur, I have dreams of dinos all the time, no kidding
  5. what will a 'sorry' do, who will it give closure for? a few hundred people families in india, who wont even watch the apology on tv/ who is giving the apology? some random general who wasn't there ...? sigh
  6. mahandulai

    Leader of the Sikhs

    what if, the hukamnam/sggs is read by us, and we feel it is guiding us to look for a leader, as of right now.?
  7. mahandulai

    Leader of the Sikhs

    right, but what it sggs, telling us to do rn, maybe man up and start leading
  8. mahandulai

    Leader of the Sikhs

    someone, whom, when the UN has issues, or the government has issues with Sikh stuff, there is a specific someone to talk to and rely on to relay the message to and have a message for the SIkhs. idk if we need one either
  9. mahandulai

    Is Ronaldo a saint?

    are you telling me, of the 0.1 percent of the earth that are Sikhs - there can only be saints from india....?
  10. mahandulai

    Leader of the Sikhs

    Out of all of these, in the options on the poll, who would do the best JOB? whether you like them or not, who would do the best JOB, to lead Sikhs to their best times....?
  11. mahandulai

    Why are sikh orgs defaming NKJ?

    you can always go back to your family, they will always be there
  12. mahandulai

    UK out of control

    appreciated and understood
  13. mahandulai

    Is Ronaldo a saint?

    saints exist, all around the world mate, people will always be accused of this and that. someone could make rumours right now, of baba deep singh, and find some rubbish evidence, don't you think?

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