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  1. mahandulai

    Sikh Prayer and Meditation

    good luck finding teh answer, but one thing, dont get stuck on rituals
  2. mahandulai

    Books that predict the future

    the essential writings of ralph waldo emerson.
  3. mahandulai

    My current situation now

    im saying facts only, motivation is comes and goes.
  4. mahandulai

    My current situation now

    hold on youre asking the question, and i am here answering your question, be grateful
  5. mahandulai

    Do you believe in Mahapurakh?

    so i can read of miracles, just like jesus and all other prophets. cmon i need something more please.
  6. mahandulai

    Facial hair problem

    vanity, selfishness
  7. i think its the same. nothign else to be said, dumb question.
  8. mahandulai

    Looks over heart

    lol exactly. bs feminism
  9. mahandulai

    My current situation now

    rubbish answer, tbh paji, spend your time doing something for other people instead of yourself. This "lust" as you call it, is just you being really selfish thinking of yourself.
  10. mahandulai

    Police Told To Get Out Of Gurdwara

    theyve taken the inititative to and try to speak on behalf of all sikhs.
  11. mahandulai

    Police Told To Get Out Of Gurdwara

    fact: lets stop insighting hatred for the sake of it.
  12. mahandulai

    Lessons from the past

  13. disagree, some people dont know whats best for them. he is young and still malleable.

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