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  1. mahandulai

    Man is not convinced

    He slanders and thinks it right? What is a saki or something to sort this?
  2. mahandulai


    Hi all, I am creating a large scale production. Can all those who want to audition, reply to this, via email or phone number, and we can arrange something, as in, links to instagram, or self-tapes. Peace. Mahan
  3. Just art in general, museums, paintings, movies, interesting photos .... is it considered maya or does it have a place in Sikhi ...?
  4. mahandulai


    wow taken right from the handbook, that still going around?
  5. mahandulai

    What if Punjab was in Pakistan ?

    oh ok so you get the milk from abused cows, and that is Prasad, can you explain this any further?
  6. mahandulai

    Terror attack in Sri Lanka

  7. mahandulai

    The Balance

    Can we get a thread going, of two sides of the same coin. Like Being able to be a warrior and still spiritually controlled.
  8. all your questions are bogus, who said we have to increase the number of Sikhs. tomorrow the same meteor that hit the dinosaurs might arise. waheguru
  9. mahandulai

    Sikhs in Shanghai?

    Any gurdwara there? Heard that all religions are banned there or something?! Going there in summer for few months
  10. mahandulai

    Height and Race

    hello my friend scientist
  11. mahandulai

    Height and Race

    this is by far the least accurate statement in the thread
  12. mahandulai

    Height and Race

    This is something I like to call the Dulai effect, where you only see tall Indians around, because the short ones, stay indoors, and don't venture out that much. Dynamicism of the data. is the data .
  13. mahandulai

    Height and Race

    omg kill me now
  14. mahandulai

    Punjab, and Renaissance?

    How did the two influence each other ... ?
  15. mahandulai

    Im scared of the dark

    I just imagine I am the thing to fear in the dark

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