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Found 2 results

  1. I've come across some wrong translations of Gurbani on apps such as Gurbani anywhere and also on the website searchgurbai.com - From what I understand they all use the same translations as the same mistakes are on a lot of different apps etc. This is unnaceptable and such applications which portray Gurbani in such a way should not be available. I'm going to display 2 examples of worrying mistakes that I have come across recently. Example #1 http://searchgurbani.com/guru_granth_sahib/shabad/3260/line/2 (You just have to read the translations for a few tuks and it becomes clear what i'm on about) Example #2 (A more dangerous example as this is changing Gurbani itself) On the android Gurbani Search app if you search for this shabad : http://www.sikhitothemax.com/page.asp?ShabadID=10073 It changes a word on the 2nd tuk. Instead of Gur Simar, it changes it to Gur Daas. This needs to be checked out, all the Gurbani displayed on apps made available to the public need to be reviewed by 2-3 panthic bodies who take their time to check the Gurbani and make sure its translations and the Bani itself is accurate. If you pay attention to the first example, that seems pretty deliberate. I'm sure many others have had similar experiences, would be great if you could also contribute and hopefully somebody who is in touch with the people who put such Gurbani sources out there can get this looked at.
  2. Different sounds By the GurmatSangeet Project youth (From somewhere in USA) Tuhi Tuhi ******************** Charan Kamal Prabh Ke Nit Dhiavoh {On January 6, 2013 an extraordinary collaboration took place at the First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church of Arlington. The First Parish Choir, under the direction of Dr. Laura Prichard, sang this shabad at the church, accompanied by the young kirtaniye of the Gurmat Sangeet Project. The shabad was Charan Kamal Prabh Ke Nit dhiavoh in Raga Bilaval, the first shabad that all young children are taught in the Kirtan program at the Milford Gurdwara Sahib. The Choir's performance was quite remarkable, particularly given the fact that that had just one rehearsal prior to the event. The shabad had been introduced to them by Mehr Kaur and Leah Raczynski (Leah Kaur) a scant two days before the event.} ************************ Gur Ka Bachan Base Jee Naale Mehr Kaur sings Gur Ka Bachan Base Jee Naale in Raga Bhoopali on Dec 31 2012 at the Mills Gurdwara Sahib ************************* Jaisee Mai Aaveh Khasam Ki Bani ***********
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