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  1. Stop 'This' While You Can This article appeared in the Punjabi vernacular daily " The Rozana Pehredar" . The article is written by its editor S. Jaspal Singh Horan alerting the Sikh community to beware of the machinations of Badal Government. Source: http://rozanapehredar.com/node/5829
  2. Please listen to Sukhdev Singh Bhaur's view of present day Akali Party and the SGPC Part 1 Sukhdev Singh Bhaur on present Day Akali Dal & SGPC (Part 1) Part2 Badal Dal misuse SGPC?
  3. Please, listen to the comments of Dr. Iqtidar Karamat Cheema about Golden Temple being planed to be declared the World Heritage Site @about 23.55 in the video.
  4. According to news published in the newspaper, The Rozana Pehredar , the Cultural Minister of India has announced in the Parliament that the Sri Harmandar Sahib is now World Heritage site. Source: http://rozanapehredar.com/news/srii-drbaar-saahib-yuunaiskoo-dii-vishv-viraast-suucii-c-shaaml Sri Harmandar Sahib has been put on World Heritage Site list. What does it mean? It means that Harmandar Sahib , in the eyes of rest of the world is only a historic site. It means that world community would give its approval to any action that the Government of India thinks is necessary to “(so called
  5. Resolutions of Sarbat Khalsa 1986 [Copy of the Resolution] Source: http://sikhsiyasat.net/2015/12/15/resolutions-of-the-sarbat-khalsa-1986-copy-of-the-resolutions/ Sikhsiyasat.net has published the copy of the Resolutions of the Sarbat Khalsa 1986. ( It is taken from the book tited: “Panthic Dastavej”. The text of the resolution is 8 pages long in that book.)
  6. This policy of fake encounters seems to the official policy of the Central Government of India regarding the treatment of Sikhs in India . The OUTLOOK magzine of December 14, 2015 has published a letter (classified as secret) fromV.G Vaidya, special director of IB (Intelligence Bureau) to KPS Gill that indicates that the Centre Government of India knew all about it. In that letter V.G Vaidya is telling KPS Gill to be careful in not letting the foreign media know about it. Seems like condoning what KPS Gill was doing. The photo copy of the letter is is at the Outlook web site ( To see th
  7. PART 2 Instructions from the top Pinky also recalls how, in 1989, they had chanced upon a person belonging to a Hindu militant outfit who was carrying an illegal weapon. His interrogation revealed that he was part of a wide network of Hindu radicals and led the police to recovering three sten guns, 35 pistols and a huge cache of ammunition. As the police were about to lodge an FIR, Ludhiana BJP leader Lajpat Rai barged into the CIA office to protest. “SSP Saini also arr­ived and we were told not to file the FIR and release the ille­gal weapons,” recalls Pinky. Pinky also claims that man
  8. Source: http://www.outlookindia.com/article/confessions-of-a-killer-cop/296046 Confessions Of A Killer Cop [This article appeared in the magazine The Outlook(India) December 14, 2015 edition . I encountered some difficulty in loading it in one piece. It could be because of the large size of the data and the pictures in the original article . So, it is being posted as the text only in two parts . The full article can be read on the URL given above] ********** PART 1 Cover Story Confessions Of A Killer Cop A former ‘encounter specialist’ reveals in chilling detail how the Punjab Po
  9. Al Jazeera To Screen Ensaaf Documentary “ The Last Killing” Ensaaf documentary “ The Last Killing”
  10. Gen. Secretary of SAD talks about the secret of Badal regarding what he thinks of Sikhs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9mo7Y1rcsY8
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