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  1. Unnecessary bravery I've seen the most immature replies in this thread, honestly. "Our grandfathers did this, they did that" You know what? Our grandfathers did A LOT of things that we wouldn't do today. They did the best they could, based on what they knew and what they had available to them. Now we have seatbelts, airbags, covid masks, hand sanitizer, glasses, mobile phones and if our "grandfathers" had these available to them I'd like to think they would be wise enough to make use of them. Cricket During cricket adjust your hair/kes in a way which allows you to wear a helmet
  2. The panj pyaare to lead a country? Country: People from all classes, religions and backgrounds with hopes and dreams of a stronger economic future wanting a fair non-corrupt leadership so that their families have a chance at employment, a safer society Panj Pyaare, Akaal Takht / Any Takht: Employed reprentatives for a company which owns a collection of "historical" (plus other) establisments. Said employees belong to uneducated, poor and needy families who have managed to work their way through the bureaucracy of the above company and managed to be appointed. Current Leadership:
  3. Jaggaa


    You thought belonging to khatri roots were higher than belong to jatt roots? Tum ko tumara khoob hum ko hamara khoob. Girls are looking for a jatt man only? That's their choice, respect it or don't but don't cry about it and instead move on. Is being a khatri looked down upon? Subjective? My own opinion and hopefully other people (I hope !?) is that we have never even though about it? Chawla surname is hindu surname? Come on, who really care. There's definetly an element of tribalism but that's just because of familiarity. Everyone wants to belong/be part of those that are
  4. People will just go to a different Gurdwara.
  5. Jaggaa


    I've got a couple of weeks of holidays. If you can send me a ticket and a nice hotel to stay in I'd glady fly down.
  6. This is a medical issue and not one for you to be turning to Sikhi I'm afraid. You ask for a 100 views and you'll get a 100 views from "amritdharis" who don't have the issue. Go to your doctor and take his/her advice.
  7. What movie was this plot from? I remember watching it not so long ago?!
  8. I'm a fullstack c# dev, sounds quite fun - if you need an extra set of eyes I'm more than happy to look over
  9. Can sikhs eat cakes? You eat gulab jaman while I'm having a bite of that tripple chocolate with vanilla ice cream.
  10. I was actually about to write out a reply to that particular post (even typed it out) but I refrained from doing so because I thought he's probably someone really young and going to take it personally but the whole post was very childlike, defensive and was an unnecessary contribution. More importantly like you mentioned it's a biography written by his successor - although a very inspirational read (SeKinehya) it is not scripture or Sikh history. It's a shame people are unable to have a healthy dialog with people asking questions about the Sikh faith, perhaps the lady who opened th
  11. Sikhism is more than just a religion, that is just a part of it - I would say it has been made for the people to protect their freedom and to save them from oppression which I regret to say is usually caused/manipulated by the stakeholders in a religion and those that influence it's direction. Sikhs do not believe in the abrahamic definition of a devil as an entity but instead refer to the negativity in this world as a collective (what we call 'Kalyug'). We believe everything is the creator including existence and so it wouldn't make sense for there to be a God vs Devil stereotype.
  12. Hey, welcome! I'm sure nobody will have a problem with you. Sikhism is a Dharmic faith. We respect other faiths (which would include Christianity) and their freedom to practice these faiths but do not regard Jesus Christ as a prophet in any special regard. I think there is very little if any mention of him in our scripture or even in any historical literature of ours.
  13. Poll rigged, my favourites not on there
  14. @puzzled ima have to steal some of those moves from the guy in the video, dayum
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