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  1. Jaggaa

    Coding tutorials in punjabi?

    I'm a fullstack c# dev, sounds quite fun - if you need an extra set of eyes I'm more than happy to look over
  2. Can sikhs eat cakes? You eat gulab jaman while I'm having a bite of that tripple chocolate with vanilla ice cream.
  3. I was actually about to write out a reply to that particular post (even typed it out) but I refrained from doing so because I thought he's probably someone really young and going to take it personally but the whole post was very childlike, defensive and was an unnecessary contribution. More importantly like you mentioned it's a biography written by his successor - although a very inspirational read (SeKinehya) it is not scripture or Sikh history. It's a shame people are unable to have a healthy dialog with people asking questions about the Sikh faith, perhaps the lady who opened the topic will be able to appreciate that on this forum anyone can come and write a post and that if she wants a more clear answer she is better off discussing the religion with people in real life that are more educated and representative of Sikhi and therefore are somewhat qualified to answer questions.
  4. Sikhism is more than just a religion, that is just a part of it - I would say it has been made for the people to protect their freedom and to save them from oppression which I regret to say is usually caused/manipulated by the stakeholders in a religion and those that influence it's direction. Sikhs do not believe in the abrahamic definition of a devil as an entity but instead refer to the negativity in this world as a collective (what we call 'Kalyug'). We believe everything is the creator including existence and so it wouldn't make sense for there to be a God vs Devil stereotype. The Sikhs have been tempted during many strenuous episodes of war/betrayal and a good example of this would be the two younger children of the 10th leader (Guru Gobind Singh Jee) - both under the age of 10 who were offered riches and kingdom-ship however they stood by their faith resulting in their demise (martyrdom) by being bricked alive. Again, the mughals who tempted and then killed them would not so much be referred to as the DEVIL but certainly the evil amongst men.
  5. Hey, welcome! I'm sure nobody will have a problem with you. Sikhism is a Dharmic faith. We respect other faiths (which would include Christianity) and their freedom to practice these faiths but do not regard Jesus Christ as a prophet in any special regard. I think there is very little if any mention of him in our scripture or even in any historical literature of ours.
  6. Poll rigged, my favourites not on there
  7. Jaggaa

    Inspirational Black Sikhs

    @puzzled ima have to steal some of those moves from the guy in the video, dayum
  8. Jaggaa

    Tiger Skin?

    how else would they create unique exclusivity for their separated group? if they told people that it was just a nice looking furniture gifted by people who had either collected dead animals skins or hunters - why would that attract any sheep? No lets reframe it "ONLY A SUPER HUMAN CAN MEDITATE ON A TIGER SKIN, ONE THAT IS CELIBATE OR ONE WOULD BE DESTROYED". Listen to yourselves, you're literally saying everyone else would be destroyed, the Gurus weren't celibate either.. I grew up around people who are like this, they turn almost any small detail in their sad validation seeking life and justify it with a higher purpose.
  9. Jaggaa

    Were your ancestors farmers?

    we should monetize this and have westeners/non-farmers pay to experience them
  10. Jaggaa

    Why did the Guru Ji build a mosque

  11. I don't think the Sikhi way of things is to just wait for some planned out destiny to unfold and instead is to create it (free will). This sort of advice although may make someone "feel" (keep them in an uncomfortable situation longer) better in the short term in the long term does nothing but delay them taking charge/responsibility of their actions and the outcomes they bring. You want to start a business but you need a 100k investment, you work hard on building that 100k so that you can start it. Nobody is going to hand that to you, no matter how hard you pray. Having faith in Waheguru is having faith in the opportunity we have been given and in yourself and not waiting for handouts or in this case fairy tales. Also, the sjw people aren't going to like this but you deserve the truth. To the OP or whoever else is reading this topic. Don't take advice from women about women.
  12. @Redoptics - No matter how hard I couldn't empathise with someone losing the love of their life as I have yet to experience these emotions but I know for a fact that you're going to get through this despite it being such a deep injury. From the way you write - it comes across that you are a very giving person and as a man this is what your purpose is. It is great that right now you are having thoughts of looking out for your wife - but in some time I hope that you will find that as a man you're capable of giving to everyone and all scopes of creation, once again. Also, do not seek any help on an online forum - it isn't the right place. If you find that it's difficult to rationalise and gain your focus back again then seek counsel - I'd suggest seeking counsel of someone who is able to relate to your culture as they will better be able to make sense of why you're feeling what you're feeling.
  13. Jaggaa

    What is Sikhi?

    You guys need to relax, he's young and a little annoying but you're over-thinking this. Stop throwing words like ego and belittle and stop being over-emotional. If you can't deal with the way he responds then I don't get why you feel the need to pull up on his topics. It's not productive. If anything, I read his posts and read your responses - I'd say you perceive him as a kid and when he says something total opposite to what you expect you see nothing but red. @GuestKaur2 @Redoptics
  14. Jaggaa

    What is Sikhi?

    @GuestKaur2 - not enough emotion, might want to pretend he just cut your tail off anddddd GO.

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