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  1. The Sikh Federation and other community groups urging government to consult them over deaths By Ben Perrin 08:33, 17 APR 2020 Updated10:42, 17 APR 2020 We will use your email address to send you newsletters. Please see ourPrivacy Noticefor more information on how we use your data and your data protection rights. Almost half of Sikh deaths in the West Midlands over the last fortnight have been victims of COVID-19, community groups claim. The Sikh Network, Sikh Council UK and Sikh Federation (UK) is now calling for government consultation after collecting data from Gurdwaras and funeral directors. The groups claim their own data showed 47 per cent of all Sikhs deaths in the region came from the deadly bug. Wolverhampton has one of the largest UK Sikh communities outside of London. Downing Street has announced an inquiry into why ethnic minorities may be disproportionately affected by COVID-19. It will be led by the NHS and Public Health England and will look at both the wider community and those working for the NHS. Bhai Amrik Singh, the chairman of the Sikh Federation (UK), said: “Specific health vulnerabilities have been reported by leading medical journals about people of Sikh background i.e. diabetes, heart conditions, etc. "Therefore, the inquiry looking at ethnicity should examine if public bodies and decision makers provided timely and appropriate advice to those at greatest risk. “We hope the NHS and Public Health England that are leading the inquiry will reach out from the outset to us and other ethnic minority groups that best understand the combination of age, medical condition, social habits, religious practices and extended families." The latest Office for National Statistics (ONS) data released this week based on registration of deaths confirmed 21.2 percent of deaths in England and Wales were a result of COVID-19. The ONS data indicated 22.1 percent of the deaths were COVID-19 related in the West Midlands. The ONS data for London that has seen the highest proportion of deaths from COVID-19 was over 46 percent. On the day of lockdown on March 23, Preet Kaur Gill, the first female Sikh MP and Shadow International Development Secretary asked Heath Secretary Matt Hancock how many Sikhs had been diagnosed with COVID-19 and died because of the disease. The Sikh groups said that weeks later Health Minister responded, stating that “we do not collect data on cases or deaths by ethnicity or religion”. The Sikh Federation (UK) said they wrote to the ONS at the start of the month about the data they release every week on deaths. They claim the ONS responded: “Our data is taken directly from the Death Certificate, ethnicity and faith are not recorded as part of the registration process and therefore we have no access to this data.” Mr Singh added: “Government must consult leading Sikh community organisations on the continued restrictions on places of worship and produce specific guidance in a number of different areas tailored for individual ethnic minority communities knowing their precise needs.” https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/half-sikh-deaths-west-midlands-18104644
  2. London, United Kingdom (July 24, 2014): The Sikh Federation (UK) notes with concern recent developments following the formation of the Haryana Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (HSGPC). Bhai Amrik Singh, the Chair of the Sikh Federation (UK) said: ‘We appeal to the Sikh masses to remain vigilant of politicians on all sides that will go to any length and use the situation to their own personal advantage.’ ‘Parkash Singh Badal knows Sikh voters in Punjab in very large numbers rejected him and Congress in the recent Lok Sabha elections. To his surprise many voted for a party (AAP) that had little or no party structure, finances or history in Punjab and incredibly took 4 of the 13 seats from Faridkot, Fatehgarh Sahib, Patiala and Sangrur, defeating some heavyweights on both sides in the process.’ ‘Badal and his family are now fighting for their political futures. He is playing with fire and doing his utmost to use the formation of the HSGPC to play on Sikh sentiments and try and be seen in Punjab as representing Sikh interests. Sikh masses should be wary of the role of Congress as well as Badal’s crude political motives to retain power and control within his family at the expense of Sikh institutions.’ ‘’It is obvious that Badal will use any tactic. He sees nothing wrong with overtly exerting political pressure for the unprecedented speedy excommunication of several Sikh leaders in Haryana. His actions are distasteful and he has once again undermined the institution of the Akaal Takht. This will prove to be a costly mistake.’ ‘Due to the formation of the HSGPC he has threatened to resign as Chief Minister to put pressure on the Centre to intervene and forced the SGPC to send its staff and task force to Gurdwaras in Haryana. The pressure on the Centre has had limited impact, but the possibility of a violent clash in Haryana remains a real possibility. We appeal to all sides to show restraint and maintain calm.’ ‘Badal has now convened a so-called Panthic meeting at the Sri Harmandir Sahib complex in Amritsar on 27 July. This is only for show and to rubber stamp his course of action. As far as we and many Sikhs in the Diaspora (UK and the rest of Europe, Canada, USA, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand) that have been consulted are concerned the meeting on 27 July is a dangerous political gimmick and it has no Panthic legitimacy or credibility.’ ‘Instead it is time to put in place a process to consult Sikhs worldwide and call a Sarbat Khalsa to fundamentally review and strengthen the supreme Sikh institution of the Akaal Takht that must at all costs be independent and sovereign. It should never be under the control and be accountable to any political party or the central Government of India. Legislation was first imposed in 1925 by the British to control Sikhs and the SGPC and similar bodies are inherently under the control of the central Government of India.’ By SIKH SIYASAT BUREAU+
  3. PLEASE KEEP THIS TOPIC HERE SO ALL CAN SHOW THEIR SUPPORT TO THE PANTHIC LEADERS & JATHEBANDIA WHO HAVE DONE SO MUCH WORK OVER THE LAST 25 YEARS+ Most people in the UK will have watched tonights live discussion show on Sangat TV in which many Panthic leaders who have done sewa for the last 25 years+ came on live TV (along with many phone calls) to show how hurt and upset they were with the discussion show that happened yesterday on Sikh Channel - absolutely disgusting. In that show, members of the newly formed International Panthic Dal, some gurdwara committee members (Guru Arjan Dev Gurdwara Derby and stage secretary of Guru Tegh Bahadur Gurdwara Leicester - not committee), old ex members of jathebandia (eg Raghbir Singh) and Baba Baljit Singh Dadu Wala (who has flown in to the UK from India especially to support Sikh Channel and attend Dastar Day) etc were all sitting there for two hours, basically putting down the drain 25 years worth of work of respected panthic leaders and jathebandia. This was not a normal discussion show, this was beyond civilised and respectful discussion where phone calls were set-up and every person was pretty much speaking against panthic sikhs as if they are enemies. The likes of Sikh Federation, Sikh Council, Babbar Khalsa Singhs, AKJ leaders, Bhai Joga Singh, Bhai Kuldip Singh Chaheru (brother of Shaheed Bhai Manvir Singh Chaheru), Bhai Amrik Singh Gill, Bhai Avtar Singh Sanghera, Jathedar Bhai Balbir Singh Babbar, FSO, GNNSJ and Bhai Sahib, Bhai Dabinderjit Singh, Dr Inderjit Singh, pretty much every single panthic Sikh and leader out there was called a traitor.... Okay, I don't agree with some of these people, but there is no doubt they have done good work for the Panth over the years in their own capacity. The Sikh Channel presenter (forgot his name?) basically sat there laughing and waiting for the panel and audience to speak more negativity and nonsense. They said that whoever does not support the Sikh Channel Dastar Day is not a Sikh at all. They said these Sikh organisations are asking for 3 years of accounts for Sikh Channel, but they ask them for 25 years worth of accounts from the jathebandia who have taken all the money (even the good ones!!!). This is what was said on a Sikh television channel and live to the world as well. Baba Baljit Singh Dadu Wala sat there listening and supporting them all. In the end he even said what everyone said was really good?????? Most of the things said cannot be repeated but the discussion show was disgraceful. A recorded broadcast was shown from India of Baba Harnam Singh Dhumma of Damdami Taksal who has supported Dastar Day, along with the traitor Jasbir Rode who has recently gone public and now openly supporting Akali Dal of traitor Badal. These recordings were brought by Baba Baljit Singh Dadu Sahib Wala from India (as he is close to both of them). Apparently an email sent from Mr Bal of Sikh Channel to Sikh leaders about Dastar Day was read out on Panjab Radio two days ago and Bal had said that no "anti-Indian element" or any talk of "Sikh Sovereignty" (ie Khalistan) would be allowed at Dastar Day (D-Day). What is this saying??? On todays Sangat TV discussion show the Sikh leaders cleared their points. Many phone calls sympathised with Sangat TV and the jathebandia about what was said at yesterdays discussion show on Sikh Channel. Some phone calls came in from people who were directly trying to speak against Sikh Channel and their presenter and those who were at the discussion show, but Sangat TV presenter Kulwant Singh had respect and did not allow this and even cut calls off. Hats off to him and Sangat TV for taking a more professional, civilised and Gurmukh approach. Callers, panel and audince on Sangat TV today were disgusted at Sikh Channels show and those involved (new to the Panthic scene, congress type people or those kicked out Gurdwara committees and jathebandia). Everyone was particularly upset and angry with so-called "Sant" Baba Baljit Singh Dadu Wala who has took one side and also spoke against panthic people and jathebandia (he supported all those who did this) and people asked why was here as he does not know anything about Dastar issues in UK/Europe. Someone also questioned his close links with traitor Paramjit Sarna of the Delhi Gurdwara Parbandak Committee who has also given a siropa to the grandson of the enemy of sikhs Lala Jagat Narain (he was killed by Sikhs years ago)...etc. Please all post, not to speak against Sikh Channel and those present in their discussion show as enough has been said now, but to support the Panthic leaders and jathebandia who have been and are doing a great job for the panth, in their own particular way - those like AKJ, Babbar Khalsa, Sikh Federation, Damdami Taksal, FSO, Sikh Council, GNNSJ etc. Also, if one does not support and attend Dastar Day, it does not mean they are not a Sikh but an Indian Government agent! That was a ridiculous statement as well!!! Most Sikh Youth in UK are clear on their stance! (Also see this topic which is interesting about D-Day - http://www.sikhsangat.com/Index.php?/topic/63373-great-news-for-panth-sikh-council-sikh-federation-have-already-secured-dastar-rights-in-italy-like-uk-should-be-announced-on-monday-congrats/)
  4. Have just been watching Sangat TV live discussion tonight and got great news that apparently after meetings for months, the UK Sikh Council and UK Sikh Federation after a final meeting yesterday with the Italian Embassy have already secured Dastar rights in Italy!!! Italy will be adopting the same system as the UK!!! A Sikh Council/Sikh Fed rep called during the discussion today and said both Sangat TV and Sikh Channel were told yesterday about this breaking news but only Sangat TV have reported it, Sikh Channel did not report anything (as their Dastar Day is tomorrow, but the Italy problem has already been sorted!!!). Apparently there are just a few formalities left and Italy should be formally announcing this on this coming Monday I think they said! This is months and months of hard work by these individuals and jathebandia (Sikh Fed/Council) finally paid off! Now what will happen is after "Dastar Day" happens tomorrow, Sikh Channel will try to take credit on Monday for work done by others (it is the hard work of Sikh Fed and Council and other jathebandia who have been campaiging for years, in particular over the last few months). Politics? This is what will happen and is the reality, just watch this space and see what will happen now.... BUT THIS IS GREAT NEWS FOR ALL SIKHS AND ESPECIALLY THOSE IN ITALY!!! CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone from Sikh Federation or Sikh Council may want to give us more updates and news about this in this topic...........
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