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Found 3 results

  1. Check this out he blames Sikhs from aboard for sarbat khalsa and real punjabi Sikh leaders peacefully speaking out for their basic human rights as anti-nationals. Basically he is a Hindurstani atheist taliban terrorist who is oppressing the voice and rights of Sikhs. http://www.hindustantimes.com/punjab/punjab-govt-to-crack-down-on-provocative-sikh-sites/story-ESSNTFyHq66VoEfIxiRqTM.html
  2. By Jagtar Singh- CHANDIGARH: The Sikh radicals in Canada have scored a major victory by forcing Punjab Deputy Chief Minister and Shiromani Akali Dal President Sukhbir Singh Badal to cancel his visit to that country for the second time. Although there is no activity in Punjab, the radical Sikhs continue to be active in USA, Canada and England in particular. His 10-day visit to Canada was to start from September 13 and was scheduled to meet Canadian Prime Minister Steven Harper besides attending a number of meetings in British Columbia and Alberta. The visit has been cancelled on the advice of the Ministry of External Affairs as the Canadian government has expressed inability to provide security that is not permitted under the protocol to a Deputy Chief Minister. This is for the second time that Sukhbir had to cancel his Canada visit. Last year, he was to attend the Canada India Agriculture and Food Processing Forum 2012 in Vancouver on September 10-11 and later in Saskatoon on September 12-13. A reception had also been planned for Sukhbir in Vancouver to meet local business and community members on September 10. However, he cancelled his visit in the wake of threats from pro-Khalistan faction there. It may be mentioned that the human rights organisations active in US had lodged a complaint in the court during the visit of Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal to California last year. However, summons has not been served to Badal so far. Embolden by that action, the Sikhs for Justice and other human rights organisations, besides planning massive protests, had decided to lodge a complaint against Sukhbir for human rights violations in Punjab during his Canadian visit. These organisations had recently organized a meeting on the agenda of Sikh home land. It is learnt that a section of the supporters of the Akali Dal in Canada were also not in favour of the visit as the apprehension was that it might result in vertical division in the Sikh community. Traditional Akali leaders in general and the Badal family in particular have been targeted by the radical Sikhs and their supporters overseas. What had provided all the more provocation to these sections was the patronage extended by the Badal government to the very police officers whose names had been linked to gross violations of human rights and fake encounters during militancy. According to knowledgeable sources, apart from those Sikhs who had migrated abroad fearing state repression and now carry on the Khalistan propaganda, a new class has emerged, especially in Canada. This is the generation that is borne and grown up there. It is a section of this generation that is totally convinced that the Sikhs have been and are being persecuted in India. It may be mentioned that the persecution and discrimination had been on the agenda of the Akali Dal for years. This section is engaged in carrying on the struggle at the ideological level. Badal has been under attack by the radical section abroad for not only betraying the Sikh cause but also siding with the forces of oppression. In the cyber space, a systematic campaign had been launched in favour of Sukhbir but this has not cut much ice going by the way the radicals have succeeded in their design in forcing him to cancel his visit. At one time, the Akali Dal had strong units in England and USA but not anymore. Earlier, attack in London on Lt. General K S Brar (Retd) who had led the assault on the Golden Temple complex known as Operation Bluestar, was also indicative of the anger prevailing in a section of the Sikh society overseas. The militant movement in Punjab has been wiped out but there has been no closure. The wounds continue to fester. Badal has failed to take any initiative in this regard. Rather, he had backtracked even from his promise of ordering a judicial inquiry into the turbulent days. That could have been a step towards closure. http://www.punjabnewsline.com/punjab/radical-sikhs-score-a-major-point-sukhbir-cancels-canada-visit/85275
  3. Many will have seen that in a live discussion show last night, 25th September 2011 on the Sikh Channel, Baba Baljit Singh Dadu Wala has officially and openly admitted having meetings with Sukhbir Badal of Akali Dal and Paramjit Sarna of the Delhi Gurdwara Parbandak Committee. He also gave both these enemies of the Panth a siropa!!! He admitted they have both also visited his dera. The live show was hosted by Raghbir Singh of the International Panthic Dal (made by Badal's poodle Jasbir Singh Rode and Dadu Wale) and in the panel was just Dadu Sahib and a Singh from his jatha. For the last few days people have been debating this rumour cannot be true as Dadu Sahib portrays himself as a "Panthic" leader, but a caller on Sangat TV also made this accusation in a live discussion show on that channel (he was however cut-off by Sangat TV at that time). It was after this when Raghbir Singh asked Baljit Singh Dadu Wala in Sikh Channels show last night whether this accusation was true. Dadu Wala admitted he had meetings with Sukhbir Badal and Sarna. He tried to cover this after by saying it was for "Panthic issues" etc, which is ridiculous!!! Why behind closed doors? Why was this not made public at a date prior to when the sangat questioned him about this? In regards to Sarna, it a well known fact he has been very close to Sarna for some time, which was shown last night, but he even tried to boast on live television the "good work" Sarna has done which is better than the SGPC and that Sarna is better etc etc etc. He was showing his love for that Panth enemy on live air. Both SGPC and Sarna are bad, but Sarna is pure POISON and much worse than even the SGPC! What a sad state of affairs...so-called Sikh leader...not a Sant, just a good politician. The lies are being exposed slowly automatically. The links in the chain are all connected, all are working together. Making foos out of the sangat. Corruption. Deciet. This is FACT.
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