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Found 3 results

  1. Unfortunately as we all know, Sikhi, and our communities online have been under heavy attack, by intelligence agencies, and fanatic religous groups from all over the globe. I had no idea that I would discover this coming here some years ago now. However it became quite clear quite soon, and as time has progressed it has only increased to a fervent pitch. To anyone I've offended screening for trollery, forgive me. It's not for nothing, and there is a method to the madness. We do need to be careful, in general, and it is good we track disturbing online attacks as well as subversion attempts here. I am going to do my best, to return some benefit of doubt, and to step back...some...so as to let a new batch of trolls grow. I'll be re-examining and republishing my approaches. Also noteable is we have, verifiably, in these last few years defeated many fake arguments, many fake accounts, thwarted many attempts at gaining traction to lead Sangat astray. We have most definitely thwarted attacks from india, pakistan and the uk. We've even made friends with some. This forum had a problem with trolls, strawmen, etc before I got here and a lot of those heads are off. However it is never my intention to offend anyone innocent, or stand in the way of their progress, so as approaches go through revisions, may the trolls grow and prosper. Get fat for your harvest and please bring your best tactics and insideous arguments from which we will create this years antibodies. We have also discovered a significant amount of damage done by colonialism on the Sikh psyche. Racism. Servile thinking. White washed news fed mindsets. And cutting those sentiments down to size has been my sincere pleasure. Grow fat and happy my little troll brides. For harvest season awaits you. Enjoy the temporary free for all. Let's see what you can do with it.
  2. Guest

    Gurjant Gnostic

    Everyday at 1800GMT. He logs on Sikhsangat.com and starts to downvote all my posts. He thinks nobody knows, but he is being watched.
  3. There's a hindoo troll subreddit called Bakchodi, they talk a lot of smack about minorities, especially muslims. But they also attack Sikhs, the subreddit has 12,000 members. Meanwhile, We Panjabis don't have a subreddit to talk back and clown them. R/Sikh is a restricted mod controlled bore, r/Punjabi is dead. I think , someone here should make another R/Panjabi Subreddit and all the members from this and other Sikh forms can join. We could easily have 10k members. It pisses me off, every time I see those low lives talking bad about us.
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