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Found 3 results

  1. Guest


    Hi there, I'm 20 years old non amritari and me and bf (I know which is not allowed in Sikh faith) have had a very difficult relationship we have broken up various times in a short period of time and I have cheated within that timeframe however we are still together. I was wondering whether it is wrong for me to stay with him but then again we had so many breakups and then back together it almost seems as it doesn't count as cheating, due to not being together at the time. Also does cheating count before marriage as you are not technically together till you are married in front of Waheguru. I was to marry this Sikh boy but I'm unsure if it is the right thing to do due to the circumstances that have occurred. Surely God can forgive me for what I have done but I know he wouldn't.
  2. http://meanwhileinbritain.com/mother-who-recruited-her-son-to-murder-her-boyfriend-after-problems-in-their-relationship-jailed/ A ‘jealous’ mother and her son have been jailed for a total of 28 years after she attempted to have her boyfriend murdered when their relationship ran into trouble. 43-year-old Balbir Kaur recruited her own son, 21-year-old Manvir Singh, to murder her boyfriend after telling her son that her boyfriend had forced her into having sex against her will. Kaur told her son to arrange an ambush after inviting her boyfriend, Samson Masih, to her house. When both men arrived at Kaur’s home in Alfred Gunn House, Thompson Road, Oldbury, Kaur instructed her son to ‘Come and kill him.’ The two men left the flat and walked to another road where Singh had up to four men waiting in a parked car. The men handed a ferocious beating to Mr Masih with a machete-type weapon, metal bar and knife. Mr Masih sustained serious injuries including a fracture of the skull and several broken bones including in his back, leg and face and continues to suffer physically and psychologically nine months after the attack. Kaur was arrested days later and admitted to police she had told her son to kill the victim because he believed he was going to force her to have sex against her will. It was suggested in court that Kaur wanted him dead after discovering his sole interest was sex, and not marriage. A jury found Kaur guilty of soliciting murder and convicted Singh of attempted murder. Judge James Burbidge QC told Kaur: “Your motivation is still not clear but it may be you appreciated you were being strung along and the man was not being honourable. He was using you for his own ends but you then led your son into this offence.” He turned to Singh and continued: “She knew you would respond with gusto and venom, engaging in that course of conduct without hesitation. You led an attack that was merciless and ferocious but miraculously not fatal.” Kaur was jailed for 11 years while her son was given an extended 17 year sentence and must serve at least two thirds of that sentence. Waah kya baat hai, imagine having a mum like this sl@g, wat a beshahram....n then she carries a fagg in her hand too.
  3. So my marriage has completely changed since we had our first baby, we started to argue and not get along- i hear this is normal due to factors such as sleep deprivation, low social life and constant struggle of getting through the routine of cooking and cleaning... Anyways then I got pregnant again which resulted in a misscarriage. He wasn't there to support me and even after it happened he spent a whole weekend shouting about me sleeping and not pulling my weight (excuse me if the loss of gallons of blood have tired me out). Since then I just keep fanticising about other guys, can be off tv, exs, anyone but him. I feel like having a affair (but really if it came down to it i would feel guilty and couldnt do it) but I seriously am in the mood.... for anyone but him.. i feel regretful of this marriage now and sometimes seriously want a divorce! I've told him how I feel like going out there and getting under someone else cos our intimate life is dead and that's made us argue even more. I can't even do or listen to path anymore cos my mind is into sex24/7. Is how i feel a result of a hormone balance due to the misscarriage? Or am I ever going to go back to normal with him? I know how I feel is wrong, ask me 4 months ago and I would see myself devoted for life but right now i'm a different person?
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