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  1. thank you for your reply, very interesting! BTW WHY AM I STILL ON QUALITY CONTROL MODS?! ITS BEEN LIKE A YEAR!
  2. Go on fb/twitter, there r shedloads of goray/kaleh becoming sikhs. I find especially in america/s.america, sikh numbers r growing rapidly.
  3. Ironically from the daily mail, but its on otjer publications now.
  4. "Dhaliwal, who is married with children and converted to the Sikh religion five years ago, carried out some of gang's most sickening abuse."
  5. Message to all (message to all): 5 members are now under moderation. Do not use foul language. This forum will not allow any harassment towards anyone nor we allow any foul language.
  6. Anything is possible if effort is put in, just look at s. korea for example. 50yrs ago, there were hardly any Christians in that land, fast forward now, 2018, 11 of the 12 largest churches in the world are in seoul (s. korea capital) alone. There are approx 20k Christian parcharaks in that country, gone from less than 1% of the population 50yrs back, they r now 29%! Thats is huge progress! What has that mazhab got on sikhi? Nothing!
  7. Look at this pathetic tweet from a rapistan paper. Hardliner? When hindus were protesting a bollywood film for depicting a hindu princess wit muslim king, did these guys use words like "hardliners" to describe em? Doubt it.
  8. Absolutely! Another example is of that behsharam bollywood n indian media anti sikh propaganda in full works is with a new docu/film about porn star/actress sunny leone. If she want to create a film, sanu ki..... But the film/docu is titled as "karanjit KAUR". Nobody barely acknowledges her real name or even knows, but why title it as that? Her surname is malhotra i believe, y hasnt that been used in the title? Its plastered all over fb/twitter. Disgraceful.
  9. What i have noticed is, their behaviour aside, the pagh has been made "cool" again by some of these singers/actors. Sardars r centre of the attraction in films, sardars r shown to be what they actually are/have been in history. A lot of deliberate negativity and propaganda has been spread by these h@ramis in bollywood, where theyve made sikhs look like mugs/f00ls. This has had bad implications for us in the way we are perceived by others. Thankfully the resurgence of panjabi cinema, and new wave of hit makers in music has reversed this trend. Alot of these songs have humungous hits on them on YouTube, due to the fact that theyre mostly released on tseries label. Millions across S. Asia r viewing them, despite most not understanding the words.
  10. banda singh bahadur made mistakes no doubt.....however his shaheedi more than made up for his mistakes. as babbu maan says......."banda bahadur amar keetha ohdi wafadari ne".
  11. I was hoping they would release a statement, bcoz their name is spreading far and wide, and the paedo sympathisers r not liking it. I noticed how many blind f00ls n bacon dodgers keep accusing sy uk of being right wing/friends of tommy robinson, when in fact they have no dialogue/connections whatsoever. Tommy once turned up at a gurdwara in yorkshire (hudds i think) to see the unveiling of a grooming film drama. Sy uk were unaware of him turning up, n what u want them to do? Refuse him entry to a gurughar? This is a typical narrative from paedo sympathisers who will clutch at straws. I guarantee u, all these armchair moaners n paedo sympathisers, have not even once helped or rehabilitated rape/grooming victims, but think they can demonise those who r fighting against it. Clear cover ups goin on in the uk!
  12. The sgpc n the akali dal r british created organisations, who have been placed there to destroy sikhi from within. Theyve since been infiltrated by brahmins n indian govt n are not working in interest in spreading the panth. All the money they accumilate, but do nuthin with it, yet ppl like late jagraj singh, who with help of a camera, little public donations has changed many thousands of lives and gotten many non sikhs into sikh dharam. Compare that to the sgpc who r billionaires who cant even give sikh parchar to sikhs in panjab, let alone non sikhs in panjab and rest of india, or even foreign countries. Utter h@ramis.
  13. What rubbish, Guru amardas ji sent 52 parcharaks out far n wide all over india to spread sikh dharam, guru tegh bahadur didnt even see their own son, guru gobind singh ji, for their 1st 6-7 yrs, as they were busy doing parchar in places like assam/e.india etc. Look at giani ditt singh, they did so much parchar, in the 1920/30s, that sikh religion was growing faster than any other in undivided panjab via converts, high birth rates. Your type of weak pappu attitude, is there bcoz as the late great jagraj singh used to say "we have told by other communities, that sikhi is NOT missionary faith, so we dont grow". So who cares wat bandhar gujarati dhaal chebrahs say about us. Look at sant jarnail singh, they gave so many sermons/parchar, that thousands of non sikhs took amrit, hence y they were so demonised. Also who says any1 is forced to convert? Whole idea of parchar is to open ppl eyes, via knowledge of the gurus, not by opening their eyes with a kirpan in hand threatening spilt blood.
  14. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1418893011543786&id=875998769166549 https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1417087381724349&id=875998769166549 Read these posts.
  15. Couldnt agree with u more! Smashed it! I really dont wanna criticise ppl like ravi singh, he has a good heart, but at the same time, it doesnt make sense that u give so much time/money/effort towards ppl who i guarantee will NEVER be grateful for the aid, and all calling u kuffars on the inside. Its this particular reason i have never given any dosh to khalsa aid, where as Basics of Sikhi and Sikh Awareness Society i have given money to, as we know the transparency of the destination of the dosh. The worst is when ppl like us say something about the whereabout of the donations should go, we are often quoted some crap about bhai khanaiya giving water blah blah blah by some 5minute sikh. What these pappu sikhs seem to forget is, bhai khanaiya was also killing the same soldiers in that particular battle. Sort our own house 1st before we go running to others. I would say 90% of all khalsa aid money should go to sikh community 1st n foremost.
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