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Found 4 results

  1. When it was required God sent people into the world, but all of them (however high) had limits. For example Sri Ram was 14 Kalaa Samrath (all powerful in 14 things), Sri Krishan was 16 Kalaa Samrath (all powerful in 16 things). But what about Guru Nanak Dev Ji? Guru Nanak’s level is Sarab Kalaa Samrath (all powerful in all things). But what does it actually mean? Each of us has a human body and we can measure it’s power with fitness tests. But each of us also has an internal (sokham) body. The power of our internal bodies depends on which chakar our energy is at. Each chakar has limited number of kalaa (power). Most people (with no simran) in Kalyug won’t move past the base chakar. People who do Kundalni yoga waste their time here too. Prophet Muhammad’s level was the abdominal chakar, from here he saw 7 paatal, 7 akaash. At the heart chakar there’s power to control others health, to control ghosts and spirits. Like any power it can be misused (what we call black magic). Those who have no Guru to teach them sense, no surprise they will abuse power! But the chakar in between the eyebrows, the power here has no limit, it’s Sarab Kalaa Samrath, it’s also the place to experience God. In previous yugs with long lives and very strong bodies people started from the bottom and spent thousands of years meditating to reach the top chakar and meet God. In Kalyug (with short lives and weak bodies) Guru Nanak Ji gave Gur-Shabad and told us to attach our surat with this. Automatically and in short time gur-shabad will take you directly to highest chakar to experience god. Instead of climbing the stairs to the top, Guru Nanak Ji gave us a direct elevator. This is the job of a Guru - to make hard thing easy. Gur-shabad came from God, if you attach with it, like a magnet it will pull you towards God. Dhan Guru Nanak
  2. Guru Nanak Dev ji, visited Srilanka in 2nd udasi as said in our Sakhiyan. I started a research to track my Dhan Guru Nanak traces in Srilanka. Research is conducted to reach the depth of every aspect and here we are sharing our research till now. Waheguru Ji da khalsa ...Waheguru ji di Fateh!!
  3. So just a question, on how we think these days, do you think 'Sikhi' is Devine coming straight from Waheguru or just made up from 'Guru Nanak Ji' for me and my learnings they are one and the same. Would be interested in your thoughts.
  4. I would also like to add lucid dreaming is not the same as astral projection. Lucid dreaming may have an element of truth but I believe real TRUTH lies on the astral planes. This isn't to say one couldn't have an OBE astral projection once sleeping, but the distinction between a lucid dream and the former is like night and day. To prove that the astral plane is VERY REAL with empirical evidence, scientists conducted an experiment where people who had frequent astral projections/OBE's where able to read a number they would not be able to physically see in this realm. It is not easy reaching this state intentionally, it requires full control of your body, energy centers, and executive function. I have only achieved it twice, and both times it happened with no forewarning or attempt on my part. The first time I was lying on my back conscious and experienced sudden paralysis. Next thing I know I am out of body shooting through the sky like a star. At that time I came away from the experience feeling like I was being shown something. The second time I believe I was in REM sleep state and I heard this loud "bang bang bang" (that apparently never happened on this physical plane) on my wall and was startled awake but my body was still sleeping, resulting in another OBE experience where I literally jumped out of bed all startled, tumbled to the ground only to realize I wasn't in what we describe as our physical dimension. This repeated 2 times until I was finally able to re-enter my physical body. I have now willingly tried 4 times now to reach this astral plane and I believe yesterday my 4th time I was on the very verge of leaving my body but chickened out as the sensations of the vibration stage almost brought on a panic attack. My heart went out of control racing, rapid breathing, ringing in ears, and primordial vibrations. This was accompanied by this intense electromagnetic polarity feeling from the top of my head, a very primordial feeling that while intense and even scary, felt oddly familiar in some way. It is said once you can reign in the fear of the unknown at this stage, you can essentially leave your physical body for the astral plane. Here are the steps that worked for me to reach the vibrational stage: 1) Find a dark and comfortable spot on your back, can be a recliner or your bed. 2) Flex muscles from head to toe to relax your body. 3) I personally put on headphones with OM mantra 4) Once in comfortable position you CANNOT move anymore. 5) Focus on your 3rd eye 6) Allow your body to metaphorically "melt" away while chanting the mantra in your head, maintaining focus on 3rd eye. This could take some time to reach sufficient level. 7) Once your body feel extremely heavy and numb, imagine yourself rising, then melting, then rising. 8) Then alternate 7 with imagining that you are rocking your body back and forth. 9) Along the way you may have itching sensations. This is natural and your body is attempting to regress your progress, do not scratch, do not move. What I do is imagine I'm raising my arm to scratch and itches will go away in due time. 9) Keep focusing on the mantra, with each repetition you should be falling in a deeper and deeper state. I equate it to the feeling of going backwards through a tunnel. 10) Eventually you will reach the vibration stage and there's no mistaking it because of it's primordial feeling and intensity. One way to know is you will have a ringing in the ears. At this state there will probably be an element of fear of the unknown. I haven't gotten past this state willingly yet as yesterday was the first time I reached it... and like I said I chickened out because of how intense it was. So you know it took me on hour in a meditative state yesterday to reach the vibration stage. So don't give up right away keep going. I just gotta let go of the fear now and take the plunge because I feel I now know how to reach the vibration stage as there is definitely a method involved that I now understand and have tried to outline.
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